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Rapists, Race, Crime, and DNA


How many women have been raped and how many innocents have been killed because the police and the media will not accurately describe the race of criminals? DNA racial testing holds great promise in police work and in society at large, but only if we have the courage to face the racial realities it uncovers. Racial ancestry tests can now distinguish between Europeans and Middle Easterners, too.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE CHARLOTTESVILLE RAPIST case brings race, crime, and the establishment’s lies about these things into clear focus. Today we’ll look at the deadly consequences of these lies — and at new developments in DNA testing which have already helped solve many otherwise insoluble crimes — and may well bring us closer to a solution to our racial problems. (ILLUSTRATION: Charlotte Pace, left, was brutally raped and murdered by Derrick Todd Lee, center. But the public was told the killer was a White man as shown in the composite sketch, right.)

There is a vicious Black rapist at large in my home town — Charlottesville, Virginia. He preys on young women, all of them White. He’s been at large for years now, and they still haven’t caught him. Here in the city which is home to the University of Virginia, there are a great many young White women who are his potential victims.

He’s been repeatedly described by his victims as not only Black, but as particularly dark-skinned — a person for whom the word ‘Black’ is close to being a literal description, and whose eyes, by contrast, are described as unusually white. This description would rule out all Whites, Asians, Mestizos, and even the vast majority of males of mixed-African-ancestry (like most American ‘Blacks’) as suspects. The only descriptions of him which vary from this are one in which the lighting was very poor, and another which police are not sure is the same perpetrator. But the composite drawings — featured in the press and in police warnings and wanted posters — have consistently shown an individual with a light skin tone. This is truly a bizarre artifact of Political Correctness — even when the fact of a criminal’s Blackness can’t be hidden, it is obscured by making his official depiction less Black than it should be.

The Charlottesville rapist first struck in 1997. He’s committed at least six rapes. One of the victims was beaten so badly that she needed re-constructive surgery. And the rapist still hasn’t been arrested. The police are so desperate they’ve even considered bringing in a “psychic” to work on the case.

The police know the Charlottesville rapist is Black because his victims say he’s Black. And — seven years into the case — they’ve also racially analyzed his DNA and it comes up “85 percent sub-Saharan African, 12 percent European, and three percent Native American”… in other words, somewhat more African than the average Black in the U.S. They have compared it to samples voluntarily obtained from several hundred Black males who, the police say, “resemble a composite sketch of the suspect or who seem to be acting strangely.” There have been no matches so far.

Some of the Black males approached to provide a DNA sample have complained about “racial profiling” and have refused to give a sample. I’m sorry, but when “Black male” is part of the description given by victims, ignoring that in the investigation is not an option.

But, you know, some of these complaining Black males have a point. If the composite sketch had been made to accurately match the victims’ descriptions, many of these lighter-skinned Blacks would never have been tested. And, more importantly, police resources would have been concentrated where they were more likely to bring results. Another thing which hampers investigators is the current multi-racialist “moral climate,” which makes many people believe it is somehow “immoral” to even say anything that might be construed as being negative toward non-Whites. This has allowed some suspicious behavior by Black males to go unreported by White females who witnessed it, as the local media admit: “In other cases, potential witnesses say they didn’t report anything because they didn’t want to appear racist.”

So far, the official police sketches — their original and an ‘updated’ sketch made last year — show an individual with a skin tone not much different from Colin Powell’s; which doesn’t match the victim’s descriptions and which is very unlikely to match anyone with the Charlottesville rapist’s DNA profile. Late last year the police finally admitted that the composites may be inaccurate, and removed them from their Web site — instead of creating a more accurate version.

But at least in this case authorities have been forced to acknowledge, if imperfectly, the race of the criminal. In our insane multiracialist society, officials often avoid doing so for as long as possible, even if lives are being lost. Consider the case of Derrick Todd Lee.

As reported by National Vanguard last year, the power of DNA testing for racial ancestry

‘…was dramatically demonstrated …when a 34-year-old Negro, Derrick Todd Lee, was arrested for the brutal rape and murder of at least five young women (most of them White) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana over an 18-month period. DNAPrint’s test of crime scene DNA samples indicated that the perpetrator was 85 percent Negro and 15 percent American Indian.

‘The information caught the police and media establishments totally by surprise. Until then, based upon “behavioral” profiling (in reality, racial profiling of Whites) and other factors, but undoubtedly due also to institutionalized anti-White discrimination, police had focused solely on White males. Often employing coercive techniques, they collected DNA samples from more than 1,000 Whites, and TV stations broadcast police sketches of White men. However, not one of the hundreds of samples matched that of the killer.

‘Based upon DNAPrint’s prediction, however, “police broadened their search to include Black males and obtained a DNA sample from Derrick Todd Lee, a 34-year-old area resident with an extensive criminal record. Lee’s DNA was an exact match to that found at the crime scenes. A warrant was issued and Lee was apprehended on May 27, 2003.” [He was tried, convicted, and given the death penalty — but his lawyers are arguing before the Louisiana Supreme Court that his sentence is disallowed because, like many ordinary Blacks, Lee’s IQ is very low, and the law bars the execution of “the retarded.” — KAS]

‘It should be noted that “Many police departments have submitted known [to the police, but not to the company] samples to assess the accuracy of the test and a few departments have used the service to track criminals in active investigations. So far, no known errors have occurred, according to the company.”

Susannah Chase

Recent tests by the company on semen collected after the brutal rape and murder — unsolved, like so many murders of Whites — of 23-year-old University of Colorado student Susannah Chase in Boulder in 1997 point to a Mestizo or American Indian as the killer. (Unsurprisingly, the Establishment is keenly aware of the danger posed by scientific advances to its anti-White ideological agenda, and Yale University geneticist Kenneth Kidd, who is himself anti-White, has tried to publicly discredit the company’s work in the Chase murder case.)

Leaving a Boulder pizza parlor alone late at night after celebrating the end of finals with her boyfriend, Chase was across the street from her home when the vicious attack that brought her life to an end exploded upon her. The Daily Camera described what happened:

“Having reached the southwest corner of 18th and Spruce streets, Chase needed only to cross the street to make it to the safety of her 1802 Spruce St. home when she was attacked. The corner became the site of a grisly crime scene, where police found a trail of blood leading south down the 18th Street sidewalk and a bloody aluminum baseball bat — believed to be the murder weapon — between the sidewalk and a neighbor’s fence. The scene indicated that the suspect could have struck her, then dragged her down the sidewalk several yards, before pulling her over some shrubbery and grass into the street, possibly forcing her inside a vehicle at the point the blood stains end. At 3:40 a.m., nearly a block away, Boulder police officers Kate Elin and Tony DiGiovanni found Chase half-conscious, badly beaten, her face covered in blood. She was fully clothed, lying on her back near a pool of vomit. Bloody hand-swipes on a garage door and on the door of a rust-colored BMW showed signs that Chase could have been seeking to hide from her attacker.

“After she was taken to Boulder Community Hospital, doctors found that Chase had suffered four skull fractures as well as scratches and bruises all over her body. The top of her left hand was swollen and bruised, possibly from trying to defend herself from crushing blows to her head. Sometime before 8:30 a.m., she was pronounced brain dead. Members of her family, most of whom lived on the East Coast, quickly flew to Colorado to say good-bye. Chase was removed from life support and pronounced dead at 11:35 p.m…”

‘Although we can hope that DNAPrint’s lead will help solve this 6-year-old murder, we have no hope that thousands and thousands of identical rapes and murders will not continue to occur throughout the West annually.

‘Only the overthrow of the anti-White ruling class — the unseen accomplice in Susannah Chase’s murder — will put an end to that.’

In the case of Derrick Todd Lee, it was already well known that the rapist and killer was Black, even while the media and the police were still sticking with their false “profile” of a White killer — shades of the DC snipers. Some neighbors of one of the victims even put out their own ‘wanted’ flyer showing a Black perpetrator while the ‘offical’ composite drawings were still showing a White man. I ask again: Why must our people be put at risk of injury and death to prop up the false religion of racial equality?

* * *
Now let’s take a closer look at the new — and constantly improving — technology that has solved crime after crime by telling us about the racial ancestry of suspects and victims. National Vanguard has already covered the development of the AncestryByDNA test, which provides a highly accurate analysis of an individual’s ancestry as defined by continent of origin. The classifications are: “1) Native American (those peoples that migrated to inhabit South and North America), 2) Indo-European (Europeans, Middle Easterners and South Asians such as Indians, 3) East Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Pacific Islanders) and 4) Africans (sub-saharan).”

When National Vanguard first published information on AncestryByDNA, the test, though still highly useful in determining the major race to which an individual belongs, and in showing any Asian, Amerindian, or African admixture in Caucasians as broadly defined, was still unable to distinguish between different strains of Indo-Europeans — such as Middle Easterners and south Asian Indians versus Europeans. But that’s changing now.

In January 2004, DNAPrint Genomics, the creators of the AncestryByDNA (ABD) test, upgraded their ABD 2.0 test to the new ABD 2.5, which allows far lower levels of racial admixture to be detected. From the company’s press release we learn:

‘”ANCESTRYbyDNA(TM) 2.5″ provides increased power and enhanced sensitivity for genealogists because it is powered by 175 rather than 71 Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs). The test is an augmented version of ANCESTRYbyDNA (TM) 2.0; 104 new AIMs were added to the core set of 71 used in the old test. Like the 2.0 version, ANCESTRYbyDNA(TM) 2.5 provides a customer’s proportional Native American, East Asian, Indo-European, and West Sub-Saharan African [BioGeographical Ancestry] (BGA), but the increased number of markers allow for more sensitive and accurate determinations of low levels of admixture (such as that which may have been contributed by a single great grandparent). The enhanced sensitivity and efficiency allowed DNAPrint(TM) to also upgrade the presentation of results for the 2.5 version.

‘The human genome has millions of markers, or genetic variations, but only 1-2% of these markers (0.002% of the genome) are ancestry informative. Because the AIMs measured by the test are among the genomes best, and due to the enhanced coverage of 8 AIMs per average chromosome, ANCESTRYbyDNA(TM) 2.5 represents the most powerful test of its kind ever developed. The new test sells for $219 per test.’

This is indeed a welcome development, not only for an understanding of race and potential future use in a racially-progressive state, but for the solution of crimes in the here-and-now reality of violence and lawlessness which multi-racialism has brought us.

But even more important than increased accuracy in the determination of ancestry by major race is the development of an entirely new test by the same company — a test which can make finer distinctions among those of Indo-European ancestry, revealing not only variations among Europeans but also showing the level of Middle Eastern admixture, opening up the possibility — though the company doesn’t say so in any source I have come across — that Jewish admixture may be detected even if not distinguished from other Middle Eastern strains.

Last August, DNAPrint Genomics launched EURO-DNA 1.0, billed as “world’s first genetic test for determining intracontinental subpopulation (i.e. `ethnic’) admixture.” The company itself states, in part:

‘EURO-DNA™ 1.0 provides customers their percentages of Northern European, Southeast European (Mediterranean), Middle Eastern and South Asian ancestry and is appropriate for most customers who obtained at least 50% European admixture with the ANCESTRYbyDNA™ 2.5 test. The new test, which works in the same manner as the company’s ANCESTRYbyDNA™ 2.5 test, is powered by 309 proprietary Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs) distributed across all 23 human chromosomes. The AIMs were identified from a screen of approximately 12,000 candidate AIMs obtained from DNA chips and public genome database resources. Research conducted by DNAPrint™ suggests that for the average customer, the test is accurate to within about 7 percentage points.

‘Since the test looks back farther in time than most genealogical records extend, EURO-DNA™ 1.0 provides a different glimpse of a person’s heritage than most genealogists are accustomed to, and thus might be better described as a personal anthropology test rather than a genealogy test. In fact, since the test reports anthropological identity, not necessarily geopolitical identity, some customers may be surprised by their results. For example, a blond haired/blue eyed Italian whose ancestors migrated from Scandinavia 1,000 years ago might describe him/herself as Italian or Mediterranean, but share more in common genetically with Scandinavians; such an individual would demonstrate relatively polarized Northern European ancestry with the new EURO-DNA™ 1.0. These results are important to genealogists tracing lineage and can also help reconstruct human migration patterns on a recent evolutionary timescale…. EURO-DNA™ 1.0 is the first test ever developed and commercialized capable of telling the “whole” ethnic story from each persons DNA “book.”

‘DNAPrint™ will employ the test as a consumer genomics, forensics and as a tool for the development of more specific, better tolerated and more effective drugs.’

(By the way, the story of racially-specific medicine — and, if DNAPrint Genomics has it right, even subracially-specific — is really the final nail in the coffin for multiracialists who claim that race is a ‘social construct’ with no biological reality. The fact is that race is real, measurable, and has huge social, biological, and medical consequences. It is the lunatic flat-earthers of today — the racial egalitarians — who believe in a fantastic ‘social construct’: the utterly false idea of ‘racial equality.’)

The National Alliance is a racial organization. We work to restore the independence and self-determination of Whites, in accord with the traditions of our race and civilization. In the United States — while totally rejecting the slave system of the past just as we reject the cheap non-White labor system of the present (and all other forms of multi-racialism) — we would rebuild with even greater strength than before the immigration and citizenship laws that made America great, that made America as recently as 1965 a 90 per cent.-plus White nation… a nation which was in fact heading toward becoming a 100 per cent. White nation (something that’s almost never talked about even among racialists). That’s our goal, and it is a quite reasonable one. We know that negotiation with other racial groups will be required, and that some new boundary lines will have to be drawn, but the goals of White self-determination and living space are not negotiable. As such, the percentage of northwest versus southeast European ancestry shown by the EURO-DNA test is not politically significant, since all regions of Europe are compatible with and have contributed admirably to our civilization. But the determination of Middle Eastern admixture — especially to the extent that it reveals Jewish ancestry — is of potentially gigantic significance.

As most American Dissident Voices listeners know, it is the Jewish supremacist power structure, which has infiltrated or taken over huge parts of the ruling elites of the West, which is — by far — our people’s most dangerous opponent and the greatest obstacle to achieving self-determination for Whites. The Jewish supremacists also pose a great danger to many other peoples of the world — and even to human life itself — through their advocacy of globalism and racial panmixia as well as through their warmongering.

And the Jews are masters of mimicry and disguise. They often fool many among their host populations into believing that Jews are merely a “different religion.” Whether through a certain amount of biological mimicry having nothing to do with mixing, or through a controlled level of racial mixture combined with natural and cultural selection for Jewish ethnocentrism, they often pass for members of our own race. Until now, all we had to distinguish them from us were their own statements and geneological records and that “certain Jewish appearance.” None of these even approached scientific accuracy. Never before have we had a commercially-available and economical ($399) test that could help distinguish between us and them.

True, the test as described needs refinement before Jewish ancestry can be distinguished from other Middle Eastern ancestry. But, since significant Middle Eastern ancestry would — even if that ancestry were not Jewish — preclude one from being entirely White in any case, the test’s failure to make that distinction at this time is not crucial.

(I would advise you all to read “Race and the Genetic Woodpile” cited above for some important caveats on using such tests: detecting and rejecting those with admixture at a low and indistinguishable level is not the be-all and end-all of what we are trying to do in the cause of White self-determination and racial progress.)

But the test is a huge step forward — and, properly used, the technology holds great promise for the future.

Now, I don’t expect that we can institute racial testing for citizenship, for media ownership, or for positions of responsibility quite yet. We need a revolution in the hearts and minds of the problem-solving White elite before we can even think about that. That’s what the National Alliance is working for every day. Once the problem-solvers are focused on solving the racial mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, what the problem-causers think won’t matter much anymore. Genetic testing will be a powerful tool in our arsenal when that day comes.

* * *

American Dissident Voices broadcast of August 27, 2005

Source: National Alliance

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Darlene Wanstall
Darlene Wanstall
15 May, 2017 9:12 pm

U hit the nail on the head in every area. Enjoyed reading ur articles & found myself agreeing out loud.