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Racemixing — Worse Than Murder


Murder is Homicide; Racemixing is Genocide

by Kevin Alfred Strom

LET ME READ YOU a short article published in Harper’s Magazine, which is controlled by the super-rich MacArthur family, whose John D. and Katherine T. MacArthur Foundation is almost omnipresent as the opening and closing sponsor of so-called “public television” programs. The article, written by David A. Bush, is headlined “Ozone Anxiety: It’s a White Thing”:

A lot has been said recently about the thinning of the ozone layer. Interestingly, it turns out that the whole issue is really of concern only to fair-skinned Caucasians in the Northern Hemisphere, who are threatened with skin cancer and other problems associated with increased ultraviolet radiation. The peoples of the middle latitudes have always been exposed to higher ambient levels of ultraviolet radiation, but their naturally darker skin has acted as protection. It is entirely possible that “lard-white” skin just will not make it in this new world reality! Perhaps the era of the “classic” Caucasian is drawing to a close, and for completely natural reasons. Fair skin might eventually be considered an affliction and impose on those who possess it severe limitations on their enjoyment of the world.

The far-thinking Caucasian cannot help but realize that the best gift delicate-skinned individuals can give their progeny is a better chance of survival in the coming ultraviolet environment. Fair skinned individuals should give careful consideration to the selection of a mate who will contribute a darker complexion to the genetic makeup of their offspring.

I am not suggesting that the government should mandate changes, but it could do a great deal to encourage interracial coupling. First of all, the government could provide some financial incentive to encourage interracial families. Special tax deductions would mitigate some of the problems that these families encounter.

On another level, the government could organize summer camps, or even working camps, where majority children would encounter minority children in a relaxed atmosphere, away from social constraints.

Let me add that when the author says “away from social constraints,” what he really means is away from parents and away from peers of the opposite sex and the same race, whose instinctive abhorrence for interracial coupling might “inhibit” the results desired by the author and presumably by Harper’s magazine and the MacArthur family. Now back to the Harper’s article:

Majority girls would participate in camps where they would encounter only minority boys, and vice versa. In such an environment, children would not be subjected to prejudicial pressures or obsolete taboos. Even if relationships did not develop at these camps, the participants would gain a greater appreciation of people who are different from themselves. When they returned home, they might be more disposed to the idea of a different-race partner.

In addition, the public should be educated about the positive aspects of a darker complexion. When mainstream television programming promotes the existence of couples from different races and backgrounds, then cultural and racist barriers will fall and society will move forward. A major benefit will be the fact that the population’s general resistance to ultraviolet radiation will be enhanced.

The thinning of the ozone layer is just one more reason for Caucasian parents to bestow the gift of a darker complexion on their offspring. If we continue to lose the ozone, there may not be any options at all for fair-skinned individuals, as they will simply cease to exist. But if Caucasians do the right thing, how comforting it will be for them to look at their children and know they have done their best to ensure them a safe and comfortable future.

Harper’s magazine published that article in December 1993. It had originally been printed by a glossy magazine called Interrace, the primary purpose of which is to promote interracial sex and marriage. We do not know the source of the funding for Interrace magazine, but we do know that its reported owner is a person named “Candace Mills” and the list of its officers consists of only one name repeated for each position, and that name is “Gabe Grosz.”

Now David A. Bush may know, and the MacArthur family surely knows that what they are calling for is genocide of the White race. And all of them surely know that their moronic argument about reducing the rate of skin cancer by a minuscule amount is not the real motivation for their call to exterminate our people.

Here we have a major pillar of the liberal establishment calling far more openly for a genocide far more sweeping than that they accuse Adolf Hitler of calling for. And yet we hear of no protests against Harper’s or its owners, no Million Man Marches of White men and women concerned for the survival and welfare of their kind, no charges of “hate crimes” against the perpetrators of this outrage. No. We hear nothing except a few worried clucks from conservatives that, well, “they probably don’t really mean it that way,” and approving snickers from Jews and White liberals about how amusing it all is and how wonderful and advanced their thinking is on such matters. Well, I don’t think it’s funny, and I do think they mean it, and we ought to take this advocacy of genocide through racial mixture very seriously indeed. We must take it seriously because it is happening right now.

Under the title “Interracial Baby Boom,” the following data from the Population Reference Bureau was published in The Futurist:

Between 1968 and 1989, children born to parents of different races increased from 1% of total births to 3.4%. U.S. Census Bureau data show that, mirroring changes in laws and attitudes from 1970 to 1991, the number of mixed-race married couples increased from 310,000 to 994,000. PRB researchers observe that this trend is taking place among all racial and ethnic groups, but the patterns for each group are distinctly different.

The article goes on to say that although mixed marriages still represented less than four per cent of the total in 1989, the trend is definitely upward, tripling in less than twenty years. And that trend is probably accelerating. Carry that four per cent forward a few decades – three times four is 12, three times 12 is 36, and three times 36…. Couple this ominous trend with the fact that the White birth rate is now below the replacement level, and you see that use of the term genocide is not hyperbole. Also carefully consider this, according to the Population Reference Bureau report: “Most mixed births involve one white parent, but by no means all.”

Notice the use of the qualifying words, “but by no means all.” Why add them? Out of 994,000 mixed race couples, would anyone expect that every single one of them that had a child would have one White parent? Of course “by no means all.” But the extremely significant thing to notice is the report’s admission that most mixed births involve one White parent. What does this mean? It means that the majority of racial mixing involves the destruction of the White race – Whites mating with Asians, Whites mating with Blacks, Whites mating with Arabs or Jews, Whites mating with mestizos, Whites mating with the racially unclassifiable. You have seen it in your shopping centers. You have seen it in the street. You are a witness to genocide. You are seeing it before your very eyes every day. What are you doing about it? If you do not at least speak out against it, you are allowing yourself to be complicit in this horrible crime.

The crime is racemixing. It is a worse crime than murder – far worse.

For when you commit murder you kill one man, you end one life, you tragically injure one family and circle of friends. When you commit murder, if your victim has had no children you do cut off the potential existence of one small branch of the race’s future.

But when you commit the crime of racial mixing you are participating in genocide. The probable effect and possible motive for your act is to bring into the world hybrid young, who will not be clearly of one race or the other and which will, by their very existence, increase the probability of future racial mixing and dilute both the gene pool and the sense of identity of the next generation of White children. And don’t underestimate the importance of that instinctive sense of identity among our young Whites. Except for efforts like this radio program, which are growing but are still far too small, that sense of identity is about the only thing standing between us and total extinction of the European race. Our young people may be confused, but their innate sense of decency and racial identity has held amazingly firm so far. Even though the Jewish media have been strenuously promoting interracial sex for decades, and even though the so- called “White establishment” has provided no leadership and nothing but treason to our race for the last 30 years and more, about 90 per cent of them are still marrying within their race. This contrasts starkly with the results of a recent Washington Post poll on the subject. According to the poll results, only 47 per cent of White men would not be willing to marry a Black woman; and only 60 per cent of White women would be unwilling to marry a Black man. Quite clearly there is a gap between what White people say and what they actually do. Why? Even among those intimidated into responding to the question in a Politically Correct manner – even among those who have at some level convinced themselves that they would mate with any arguably human subspecies – the natural instinct to cleave to your own kind is still a powerful determinant of action. Thank God that it is! And to Hell with those who are working in the media and in the schools and in the churches to destroy that healthy natural tendency in our children. They are worse than murderers.

And yes, you heard me right, some of these murderers of our future generations have weaseled their way into positions of influence in the churches. That many of these have hidden Communist sympathies or are actually in the pay of our enemies has been documented by many others, and I do not have the time to recapitulate those data today. But their words speak for themselves. Let me give you a few quotations from the March 1994 issue of Christianity Today, a mainstream Protestant publication.

..Is it possible God actually calls some Blacks to fall in love with Whites, and vice-versa? If that is true, then we should celebrate.

Yes, celebrate! Let’s rejoice over the beautiful children born to interracial marriages and do everything possible to make them fully accepted. Let’s recognize the contributions intermarriage can make toward breaking down prejudice. And though we may not necessarily promote interracial marriages, let’s take the lead in defending, protecting, and supporting them in our churches.

..The entertainment industry has attempted to keep pace with the increasing number of intermarrying Americans. Television shows such as General Hospital and L.A. Law and major Hollywood releases like Jungle Fever, Mississippi Masala, The Joy Luck Club, and The Bodyguard have all highlighted interracial romances.

This is one area where the media may be morally ahead of the church.

.. American churches can become havens of safety and support for interracial couples….More creative heterogeneous churches may emerge, becoming places that feel like home to interracial families….We should rejoice over the barrier- shattering potential each Christian interracial marriage brings to our churches.

That is what it says in the March 1994 issue of Christianity Today, the chairman of the board and founder of which is the Reverend Billy Graham. No comment should be necessary. I invite you to obtain a copy from your local library if you think I am misrepresenting their position.

Every White man who commits the crime of marrying a non-White will not be fathering any White children. Every White woman who pollutes her body and her spirit by marrying a non-White will not be giving birth to any White children. And by their actions they will be committing the crime of misleading White boys and girls to follow their example. And all those who do not speak out against their racial treason will be complicit in the crime. When your four-year-old sees a Black or an Asian or a mestizo with a White mate, and you do not condemn this, that child will believe that what he has seen is normal and that his mommy and daddy approve of it.

Nature – or Nature’s God if you prefer to express it that way – created our race through hundreds of thousands of years of incredible hardship and rigorous selection. We have survived the Ice Ages. We have fought against invaders for thousands of generations, from the Moors to the Huns, again and again and again, back beyond the impenetrable mists of history of our race. Our ancestors gave their all so that we might survive, so that we might live. And we do live. We did survive. Thanks to them. Our race extends back continuously to the mysterious beginning of life itself. It can extend into the infinite future. And its continued existence would undoubtedly be assured by our superior intelligence and unmatched technology, if it were not for those who practice and promote the genocide of our people through racial mixing. By their actions they are killing us. They kill not an individual. They kill the infinite generations of our future. Their crime – the crime of racial mixture – is far, far worse than mere murder.

As long as I live, I will be shouting this truth from the housetops and doing everything I can to encourage more and more of my people to see this truth. And I will applaud the growing numbers of members of other races who understand that racial mixing means death for their race and culture as well. This truth is the one factor that the promoters of the one world government called the New World Order fear. They do not fear the constitutionalist and the legalist “patriots” who avoid the issue of race in order to gain for themselves a measure of “respectability.” They do not fear the sellers of gold coins on radio station WWCR. They don’t care how many sacks of gold and silver coins you have salted away. They don’t care if the front men for their secret government call themselves conservatives or liberals. They don’t care if there is prayer in the schools or not. The one thing they fear more than anything else is racial consciousness, because they know their history, because they know that national and racial loyalty threaten their plan to establish the ultimate multicultural construct, a world government. For this twisted dream of world dominion, they are attempting genocide against our people.

* * *

From Free Speech, January 1996, Volume II, Number 1

Source: National Alliance

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Gingrich Hortenhiemer
Gingrich Hortenhiemer
17 November, 2018 11:20 pm

Race mixing doesn t last long. It has been recorded among many pre-order science that racial mixture isn t consistent. If a black and white crossed their offspring would be fine however if the offspring mates with a similar offspring the children will be weaker and less fertile and so on until they are extinct. It was even noted that the australian aborigines and white prisoners often mated but couldn’t produce children for most of the time

26 February, 2021 5:12 am

Yes, it’s a surprise Christians are wiggers. If you overlook the cohencidental Yiddishness of it.