It was the Law in a Saner Time

by Charles E. Weber, Ph.D.

THE RACES OF MANKIND have developed in biologically different ways for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of years. It has long been recognized that a biological mixing of the races (miscegenation) has produced undesirable results in the children thus procreated. Since there are profound, genetically transmitted differences in the human races, including differences in their mental abilities and temperaments, mixing the genes of different races can lead to incongruities, even, for example, in their skull structures. Psychologically, the children that result from miscegenation have the disadvantage of not being able to identify themselves with one group or another. By the way, designating the human races simply by color has the misleading tendency to imply that racial differences are only a matter of skin color. Terms such as Caucasian, Aryan or Afro-American are preferable.

Generations ago, there prevailed much greater lucidity and common sense with regard to the disadvantages of miscegenation. Many states of the United States enacted laws which forbade miscegenation. The legislature of Oklahoma, for example, passed such laws in 1910, the texts of which are given below and taken from page 1425 of the 1941 edition of the Oklahoma Statutes:

By 1969 so much confusion had been promulgated in thinking about racial matters that the Oklahoma legislature repealed laws pertaining to miscegenation.

For further reading on these topics we recommend the following:

The Biology of the Race Problem (1962) by Wesley Critz George, Ph.D., who was Professor of Histology and Embryology, emeritus, formerly head of the Department of Anatomy, University of North Carolina Medical School.

Race, by John R. Baker, New York and London: Oxford University Press, 1974.

* * *

Source: Racial Realism

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Alex Wells
Alex Wells
27 June, 2018 12:08 am

The book pictured with the chapter titled “The Races of Mankind” looks good. Does anyone know the title and the author?

Daniele Bettini
Daniele Bettini
2 July, 2018 7:13 am Una Ahnenerbe casalinga, settantacinquesima parte – Fabio Calabrese NEWS VIDEO SOCIAL Platone, Sparta e il Nazionalsocialismo Ancora una volta torniamo a esaminare il lavoro dei gruppi facebook sul tema della ricerca delle origini, un lavoro complesso che punta in una grande varietà di direzioni, e con il quale è obiettivamente difficile stare al passo. Riprendiamo da dove ci eravamo fermati la volta scorsa, ossia poco prima dell’ultima decade di maggio, un periodo in cui l’attività dei gruppi ha, come vedremo, presentato una serie di spunti davvero interessanti Cominciamo naturalmente da MANvantara, segnalando un post del 24 maggio di Maurizio Cossu che è una brevissima recensione di un testo vecchio di vent’anni, Le colonne d’Ercole di Sergio Frau, che però solleva una questione di interesse estremo. “Il mondo si impigliò… Read more »