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Is Tara McCarthy White?

Tara McCarthy, l., unknown man, and Lauren Southern. Is Tara McCarthy White?

by Andrew Hamilton

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IT IS A MISTAKE to assume we always know who’s White and who isn’t, that it is an easy thing to discern, something we don’t need to think about and can just take for granted. Replacement migration, rapidly changing demographics, and considerable miscegenation are radically altering the population structure.

These changes affect race far more quickly than most people realize.

A single reproductive cross can remove an entire line of descent hundreds of years old from the gene pool.

Conversely, whether or not hybrids “look White” or nearly White (as many do), non-White genes are also being absorbed into a rapidly shrinking gene pool.

Thus, on a large scale, White genes are simultaneously flowing out of the gene pool even as non-White genes are pouring into it. The consequence: Whiteness is becoming compromised and diluted at an accelerating rate.

Too many people still think in simplistic Negro-White terms, but the issue is far more complex than that. It is time to draw explicit lines again, as our forebears did.

YouTube personality Tara McCarthy, a proponent of White ethnonationalism, provides a good case study. She is 80 percent White and 20 percent (1/5) non-White. The latter includes 6 percent Jewish ancestry.

She is one of several articulate, attractive, conservative young women who materialized very recently as minor Internet celebrities on YouTube and Twitter. They are typically in their late teens, twenties, or thirties.

Most espouse “alt-lite” or mildly “alt-right” views, placing them in a tiny minority vis-à-vis the Establishment and the general public whose beliefs it molds, though they are not White racialists and conspicuously do not criticize the Jewish power structure. Several travel internationally in connection with their activism and YouTube videos.

Exactly what is behind the abrupt presence of all these pretty young women on the identitarian scene remains unclear. However, for purposes of argument and to illustrate my point about admixture, I will assume they are what they appear to be.

McCarthy, then, is part of the effective breeding population—still young enough to reproduce, and planning on doing so. (This phrase sounds crude, but is a technical term that sharpens clarity of thought when applied to the conservation of a human population conceptualized as a living organism.)

The reproductive cohort among Whites is rapidly diminishing—vanishing, even. The question “Who’s White?” becomes especially critical when the overall population is collapsing, as opposed to expanding or remaining stable at an acceptable level.


McCarthy has dual Irish and British citizenship and was raised in London. She and her White fiancé plan on moving to the U.S. because this country retains, at least nominally, the First and Second Amendments.

Ideologically she is alt-right rather than alt-lite. She has hosted many YouTube podcasts promoting ethnonationalism and opposing globalism and replacement migration, and interviewed many people associated with the alt-right and alt-lite. She has co-hosted some podcasts with glamorous alt-lite personality Brittany Pettibone.

Tara McCarthy’s YouTube channel was established in June 2015 and recently had 51,000 subscribers. Her Patreon account had 89 patrons, so she was not “getting rich” posting YouTube videos. You’d have to be pretty ignorant about White nationalism and the alt-right to think that she was.

The powerful anti-White corporation Apple, owner of iTunes, censored the distribution of her Reality Calls podcast to prevent people around the world from hearing the ideas expressed on it.

She is preparing a book, Irreplaceable: How and Why We Must Save the West (2018), to be published by Castalia House, publisher of libertarian or alt-lite figures Vox Day (Theodore Beale), Mike Cernovich, and Stefan Molyneux.

Beale is, or was, the firm’s managing editor. He states that he’s of English, Irish, Mexican, and Amerindian heritage, with the latter at least not being minimal. If correct, he illustrates the theme of this essay as well.

It is difficult to judge McCarthy’s age exactly. I assume she is in her 20s.

She advocates “traditionalism” but says, “I don’t fit any label precisely and I do change my opinions from time to time as I learn and consider new information and ideas.” She favors truth over Political Correctness. Though not a libertarian, she prefers freedom to authoritarianism. Religiously she is agnostic.

The mild and inoffensive McCarthy was harassed by racist Left-wing trolls (an Internet activity Jews, megacorporations, and governments rigidly prevent Whites and right-wingers from engaging in) and ruling class outlets like Salon.

Powerful Jewish hate groups including the ADL and People for the American Way fingered her as a propagator of ideas Jews and governments want censored, while the far more prominent Lauren Southern is absent from their blacklists. (Some people “should” be on official hate lists but aren’t.) The Jewish SPLC provided a link to PAW’s list. Like McCarthy, Brittany Pettibone is included on these blacklists, though she is not treated as negatively as McCarthy is.

What appears to have driven McCarthy into recent silence is a storm of abuse she received from two different elements: degrading Left-wing Establishment trolls who disguised themselves as rightists, and well-known “Nazi,” anti-woman, alt-right Trump cheerleaders, one of whom is evidently Jewish or part-Jewish.

She blocked her Twitter account with 25,000 followers (it was public until recently) and deleted virtually all the videos from her Tara McCarthy YouTube channel, representing several years worth of effort. (I am assuming that Google, YouTube’s owner that heavily censors enormous amounts of individually-produced Internet content on racist and ideological grounds in partnership with the ADL, did not remove the videos.)

Is Tara McCarthy White?

A handful of McCarthy’s videos remain online because other YouTubers have reposted them. One, made available by an anti-White Leftist who thinks that race is not “real,” supplies the information needed to evaluate her racial background.

I’ve embedded it for readers who might want to watch it. Called “What’s it like being a mixed race ethno-nationalist?”, it was livestreamed on May 15, 2017 and is 40 minutes long. McCarthy answers questions posed by 380 viewers who were listening to it live.

Note that she describes herself as mixed race in the title. That is the subject of the video.

Some White nationalists have dismissed her admixture, insisting she’s White and that her non-White ancestry is unimportant and must be ignored. Others accept her as White without giving the matter even that much thought. Since these polemicists are race-conscious nationalists, imagine how befuddled the general public is about White race mixture.

In light of existing social policies and population dynamics, McCarthy’s awareness of admixture is more subtle and discerning than that of many White racialists. She has a better grasp of the underlying problem.

In what follows I focus primarily on the biology of race.

Fundamentally, races are physical populations and our basic task is first to save ourselves and our posterity—an act of conservation biology. (“The branch of biology that deals with threats to biodiversity and with preserving the biologic and genetic diversity of animals and plants: ‘Conservation biology was created to deal with the crisis of maintaining the genes, species, communities, and ecosystems that make up earth’s biological diversity.’”)

Race and Self-Perception

Even so, a fascinating feature of McCarthy’s video involves racial self-perception: How do individuals perceive themselves? (As a matter of principle, self-perception cannot form the basis of citizenship.)

McCarthy does not condone race mixing and understands if Whites want to exclude her. Race mixing “wasn’t a decision I personally made, and I would not make it. But that’s what my great-grandparents did, and I am the result here.”

This is somewhat mitigated by her later statement that she does not have a problem with interracial marriage (for others), instead stressing IQ and other factors. She believes that if Whites knew about IQ, crime, and similar race-related issues fewer such marriages would occur.

McCarthy identifies as White. If you listen to her explanations you can see that this is almost inevitable, free as she is from prevailing anti-White hatred. From McCarthy’s perspective, despite her admittedly mixed-race heritage, if she’s not White, what is she?

Psychologically and behaviorally there is a vast gulf between her and the Rachel Dolezals of the world, indeed between her and the vast majority of contemporary Whites who, like Dolezal, though in different ways, fanatically loathe and attack their own people, giddy with the excitement of engaging in socially-mandated and –legitimized crime and destruction, not to mention getting their palms liberally greased at the same time.

McCarthy writes:

Regardless of my own race, how I’m classed by others, or whether it benefits me personally, I view ethno-nationalism as the healthiest way for our world to function in accordance with nature as it has done since the beginning of humankind, and also as the most desirable way for it to continue.

Ethno-nationalism is the only sustainable way to preserve ethnic diversity. Multi-culturalism (the opposite of ethno-nationalism) is unnatural, and the cause of great strife in every country that attempts it.

I stand by this on principle, not because I think I will personally gain from it.

Physical Appearance

McCarthy looks somewhat non-White or off-White.

Illustrating contemporary culture’s over-obsession with Negroes, somebody asks if she is part-Black. She is amused by the question, but only because she knows she has no Black ancestry. Her appearance does not absolutely preclude it, and of course Black male/White female copulation is promoted heavily by the System and is therefore widespread. But admixture possibilities are now much broader than that.

In day-to-day life—that is, usually—appearance is all we have to go by. Assimilation quickly erases other differentiating markers including language, accent, attire, and religion. McCarthy’s language and clothing are not foreign. There are no immediate clues about her race other than physical appearance.

There was a time when people could safely ignore subtle variations in physical appearance and still be reasonably certain they were dealing with Whites. But not today.

Time magazine Fall 1993 Special Issue—a quarter-century ago. A good illustration of what’s been happening for a long time now, underappreciated by White racialists, not to mention the race-blind public.

Look at Time’s 1993 magazine cover, or at photos of Tara McCarthy herself.

There has been so much immigration and race-mixing for so long that Whiteness can no longer be assumed or taken for granted.

To complicate matters further, McCarthy’s siblings and some of her mixed race cousins have lighter complexions, hair, and eye color (including blue) than she does, despite possessing the same degree of non-White admixture.

Looking at the next generation, her fiancé is a “White, blonde, blue-eyed” American. The couple intends to have children. “My kids are going to be almost completely White.” McCarthy thinks it “unlikely” she will have “brown babies” due to the relatively low and remote level of non-White admixture. “It’s likely our kids will be fairer than I am.”

She is probably correct about her children’s appearance, but off-White offspring are still possible, just as her own appearance differs from that of her Whiter-looking siblings.

Since race is more than appearance, physiological, anatomical, psychological, and emotional dimensions cannot be ignored either, because Jewish or Asian Indian traits can be transmitted via those pathways as well.


“Indians,” she says, alluding to her Asian Indian great-grandfather, “are Caucasians, so I’m 100 percent Caucasian.”

White Europeans are a subset of Caucasians (also known as Caucasoids or Europids), a major racial division of mankind marked by fair to dark skin color, straight to curly hair, and light to very dark eyes, that originally inhabited Europe, northern Africa, Southwest Asia, and India.

McCarthy has ties to Ireland and England, but none to India apart from one migratory great-grandparent. She does not know any Indian languages. “It would be strange to identify with my Asian side.”


“I’m 75 percent pure Celtic [50 percent Irish and 25 percent Welsh], so it would be a little weird for me to identify as Indian.” “I’m clearly majority White. If I have to identify with any particular group of people I’m going to identify with Celts.”

Her 23andMe Ancestry Test

23andMe is a Jewish gene-testing firm in Silicon Valley that has ties to Jewish Internet behemoth and censor Google. One of its products is a genetic ancestry test. McCarthy’s results indicate she has 2 percent Ashkenazi genes—“which I consider practically irrelevant.” She did not mention any other results.

Genealogical Ancestry

According to the video Tara McCarthy is ancestrally:

50% Irish (Irish father)

25% Welsh

6.25% German

= 81.25% White

12.5% Asian Indian

6.25% Jewish

= 18.75% non-White

In effect she is 80 percent White and 20 percent (1/5) non-White. The latter includes 6 percent Jewish ancestry. Her great-grandmother was half-Jewish and half-German.

The Jewish Question

“No Jews I’ve talked to consider me to be a Jew. I don’t consider myself to be a Jew.”

Like the other women I mentioned, McCarthy generally keeps mum about the Jewish problem. She says she doesn’t know much about it and isn’t too interested in it.

Did the Holocaust happen?

“My great-great-grandad died in Auschwitz. It’s true. We have the death certificate. I believe they [the Jews] were put in concentration camps. I don’t know much about it apart from that.”

Is she Zionist?

“I’m against foreign interventionism and pro-ethnonationalism for all people. Make what you will of that.”


We must 1) explicitly define who belongs racially (biologically) to the community and the breeding population, and 2) deflect non-White gene flow away from the core Aryan group. (Gene flow: “The movement of genes into or through a population by interbreeding or by migration and interbreeding.”)

For example, if a White northern European woman produces progeny by a communist Kenyan tribesman, the child, though objectively half-White, is 100% non-White as far as we are concerned. Citizenship is a matter for us to decide, not Jews, not Leftists bent on genocide, not mixed race people, and not evil governments.

With some reluctance I classify Tara McCarthy as White, recognizing that in doing so some non-White genes, including Jewish ones, are drawn into the Aryan gene pool at a time when the population is imploding.

This is a judgment call that could go either way. Until the population is stabilized this sort of question will continue to arise.

I’m not advocating attacking her, or rejecting her presence and insight. I’m restricting myself to the question of citizenship and the propagation of future generations.

It is ironic but enlightening that someone as pro-White, level-headed, sensible, and sympathetic as Tara McCarthy (except, probably, on the Jewish question) presents an objective classification problem (which she herself acknowledges) due to a mixed race background for which she was not responsible, whereas hundreds of thousands if not millions of creatures like Rachel Dolezal, the Bushes, Clintons, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and rank and file Whites in communities throughout the land who are morally irresponsible, selfish, reprehensible, and even deadly to our race, pose no biological classification issue.

But the fact remains that even non-White or racially mixed individuals who are genuinely perceptive, understanding, and dedicated to our cause, and morally superior to 95 percent of Whites, are not thereby magically transformed into biologically White persons.

An actual White population is needed to propagate our race and Western civilization. How to deal with our diminishing group’s psychological perversity, pathological anti-White hatred, and fanatical determination to commit genocide remains a conundrum.

* * *

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Max Musson
Max Musson
20 December, 2017 4:23 am

After an arguably necessary, but torturously convoluted explanation, Andrew Hamilton has arrived at the only logical conclusion and one that I would support. Tara McCarthy appears to have been entirely honest in her statements about her ancestry, which is commendable and I hope she is not perturbed by all the intrusive analysis of her ancestry and genetic composition. Until such time as we White nationalists have the resources to do our own accurate genetic testing and have installed a pastoral eugenic programme to uplift the White genepool, we must adhere to a common sense approach that: if someone looks White, self-identifies as White and acts to promote White interests, they should be considered White. Right genes, right thoughts, right actions, or to put it another way, White genes, White thoughts,… Read more »

Reply to  Max Musson
20 December, 2017 2:10 pm

I understand your point of view, but we simply cannot leave an issue as serious as this one to whether someone looks White or not. Most European jews look White and use it to their advantage to undermine us and infiltrate our movement. We must practice greater due diligence outside of the sight test if we are to survive as a distinct group.

Max Musson
Max Musson
Reply to  ZachP
22 December, 2017 2:17 am

Most European Jews look White because they are predominantly White. There is within the European Jewish gene pool a significant non-White element, which creates a racial dimension to Jewishness, but Jews are not a race, they are an hereditary masonic community that traces it’s genetic line not through nuclear DNA (which determines an individual’s phenotype) but through mitochondrial DNA, i.e. the DNA contained within the mitochondrion which is only inherited from one’s mother and which determines genealogy rather than genetics. Please see the following article which will give you some insights into what I’m talking about here: When an individual is described as having an Asian Great-Grandparent, it is often assumed that the Great-Grandparent concerned was 100% Asian, which might not be the case, especially if the Great-Grandparent concerned… Read more »

Andover 8
Andover 8
Reply to  Max Musson
22 December, 2017 6:33 pm

When jews were thrown out of 109 countries since 250AD, no one bothered to stop and ask them “how jewish” they were. To parse such minutia over a topic as serious as this would easily lead to our own peril and us being cursed by future generations for the same disaster we find ourselves in today. Have we learned nothing from the European royalty who took the “good jews” into their courts and confidence, even while expelling the rest? I couldn’t disagree more. jewishness isn’t an attitude or identity; it’s biology with real and significant psychological, physical and political consequences.

Max Musson
Max Musson
Reply to  Andover 8
22 December, 2017 8:07 pm

I’m sorry Andover 8 but we have not been talking about ‘good Jews’ and ‘bad Jews’ here, we’ve been talking about someone who had one great-great grandparent who was nominally ‘Jewish’, but who may not have been a pure Jew either from a racial standpoint or by any other objective measure, and someone who neither self-identifies as a Jew nor is regarded as a Jew by other Jews. In his calculations above, Andrew Hamilton states that from a genealogical perspective Tara McCarthy is 6.5% Jewish, and this is consistent with having just one Jewish great-great-grandparent. However Tara tells us in the video posted that 23andMe identified that from a genetic standpoint her composition is just 2% Ashkenazi Jew, which tells us that the nominally ‘Jewish’ great-great-grandparent concerned was genetically actually… Read more »

Reply to  Andover 8
8 February, 2020 11:38 pm

Would you consider Ivanka Trump’s children 100% jewish? In terms of identity they will be unfortunately, but genetically I would assume they will be overwhelmingly white.

Sic Semper
Sic Semper
20 December, 2017 12:00 pm

Our jew overlords only care about the preservation of their own heretic bloodlines. Any of their blood mixed with other bloodlines is seen as contaminated and lost forever.

Though a sad state when any pure European stack is despoiled, these bastard hybrids share the same fate of jew overlords. They are marked as subhuman cattle to be butchered and milked to they are dead as well. The jew cancer afflicts all of us.

Andover 8
Andover 8
20 December, 2017 2:06 pm

This girl is NOT White. Even describing herself as a mixed-race ethno-nationalist is an oxymoron. Mixed race civic-nationalist? Fine. Ethno-nationalist? Never. I’m also shocked the author would consider her White in spite of her jewish admixture. jews would never consider her jewish, so why would we consider her White? Remember that the jewish genome is biologically and diametrically opposed to ours in the battle for survival. It’s far too dangerous to consider anyone with any jewish admixture “White”. The one drop rule must apply in such situations. When will people realize that no one is half this, half that or 1/4 such and such when it comes to race? Race is destroyed the minute it’s mixed or bastardized/adulterated, as they used to say. The end product of two races mixing… Read more »

Reply to  Andover 8
25 February, 2018 9:45 am

That is the worst purist absurdity, I have come across.

Reply to  Andover 8
13 December, 2021 2:09 am

What if someone were to check your “genetic report”? What would one find?
The fact she appears “blatenly” honest about hers lends some credibility her way.
The spirit comes from within up and out of the mouth. One could argue if it comes from dna or not, not the point. What a man or woman says and does is more relevant.

20 December, 2017 4:07 pm

I for one agree with your analysis, Andrew. I linked this article to a similar one over at Counter Currents: Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down –

…although it appears that my comment/link was removed.

Norvin Hobbs
Norvin Hobbs
20 December, 2017 4:31 pm

I’d like to hear your thoughts on Nick Fuentes and James Allsup both of whom have some admixture.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  Norvin Hobbs
20 December, 2017 5:34 pm

I’ve seen both these names, but otherwise don’t know who they are or what they believe. It doesn’t surprise me that admixture is present, though. Race mixture happens very quickly once it is underway.

Robert Browning
Robert Browning
20 December, 2017 4:59 pm

Yeah she is white. But Faith Goldberg and Lauren Simonson are both Jews.

The war is Team Jew versus Team white.

Axis Sally
Axis Sally
20 December, 2017 6:39 pm

Why would we want to preserve, much less propagate, Western civilization, which is already dead and gone and should be? Judeo-Christian liberalism and capitalism got us into the mess we’re in today. It seems to me we are overlooking the prime prerequisite to Aryan resurgence: territory, of which we now have none. Until we have settled new or resettled former territories and made them ours to defend, any attempts at meaningful Aryan eugenics will be problematic at best. When we control our own territory, the expedients of exclusion and transportation will be available to us. Then, and only then will our women have the necessary conditions under which to build the bridge to the Übermensch.

Sic Semper
Sic Semper
20 December, 2017 8:02 pm

President Kushner pardons jew money launderer and child slaver – ny jews jump for joy
Trump commutes sentence of kosher slaughterhouse boss who was in the clink for financial crimes
Free to enslave more goy children to ritually torture animals to death and launder money

21 December, 2017 8:10 am

Beware of the jew. Ashkenazim jews may look very very white, but often times in the inside they are very very jewish, the mixed breed jews and “fake converts” (the marranos) have been a problem since forever.
Marrano in spanish is synonym of pig and filth, and when someone does a “marranada”, it means someone has done a very filthy, treacherous, low, abject thing. Beware of the marranos!

PS: The real “self-hating” jew is on the other hand, a great asset, history is full of accounts of jews expelled from the jewish community that turned to be the foremost prosecutors of their fellow jews.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
23 December, 2017 10:25 am

My thoughts on some points raised in the comments. Keep in mind that these are my personal opinions, the way I look at things. Also, my views tend to evolve over time. Though particularized, the main point of the article is abstract: is someone with this racial background White? Because it is fundamentally a general proposition. We do not actually know firsthand Tara McCarthy’s genealogy apart from what she tells us. We know even less about her genetic test results. I do agree that she sounds honest and candid. Most people do not know who their eight great-grandparents are, much less the ethnicity of those individuals (when mixed), so it is striking that McCarthy does know this. I place more weight on the genealogical information she provides than I do… Read more »

26 December, 2017 2:57 am

This woman looks Indian.

Max Musson
Max Musson
Reply to  Ian
27 December, 2017 10:41 am

She has colouration that would be unusually light for an Indian woman, but yes, she could pass for someone from very pale skinned, light-eyed Brahmin stock.

Brahmins are the socially highest Hindu caste and some Brahmins (a dwindling minority now) still exhibit very European features. What distinguished Tara McCarthy from the typical Indian woman however is her pale skin, intermediate eye colour when Indians typically have dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair as opposed to the jet black hair normally characterising people from India.

She has looks that are typical of women from any of the countries of central or Southern Europe and would not look out of place as a fourth sister of the Irish folk band the Corrs.

Will Williams
Will Williams
27 December, 2017 11:06 am

Andrew Hamilton: The Jewish SPLC provided a link to (People for the American Way’s) list. Like McCarthy, Brittany Pettibone is included on these blacklists, though she is not treated as negatively as McCarthy is…

I’ve never heard of any of these female alt-right/alt-light leaders, including Miss Southern, probably because I do not participate in or have much interest in their half-baked, world of social media. They can’t be all bad since they are “blacklisted” by our Jewish “hate” watchdog. However, they have a long way to go before matching the real world accomplishments in building something meaningful and lasting for The Cause that our female Alliance members have as team players who are “with the program.” Witness, for example:

Wotan's Wrath
Wotan's Wrath
12 January, 2018 8:22 am
19 February, 2018 10:58 am

You people are incredibly sick. Seek help and more importantly, DON’T breed.

A Swede
A Swede
19 February, 2018 1:48 pm

Sorry, we have to make you disappointed.
We will not obey you or listen to your little amateur evaluation, no.
If you are white and don´t care about anything then stop being a hypocrite and shut the f*** up about people who actually care and value things in this world.

So do the jews you see.
They will deport a lot of blacks from Israel for a reason and i understand them, they are doing the right thing.

Jeremy Battle
Jeremy Battle
25 February, 2018 9:41 am

When you say she looks “somewhat non-white”, that is precisely the case for like 80% of Europeans. If the standard for white be Northwest European, (paleolithic Western Hunter Gatherer types), than most Europeans do not pass. All Europeans are various proportions of Western Hunter Gatherers, Eastern Hunther Gatherers, Levantine Neolithics, and Iranian Neolithics. In effect, any perception of her ‘non-whiteness’, reflects a failure of understanding what white is, to begin with.

R. Sherm
R. Sherm
27 October, 2018 7:05 pm

Be wary of ANY “mail order” genetic testing. The results have a wide range of variability depending on which company is used, and some comapnies have admitted to skewing results just to mess with people whom they deem “rascist.”

29 October, 2018 12:16 pm

My issue with the article is that it has arguments similar to those used by liberals and jews to undermine the idea of race, or whiteness. And while Tara’s whiteness is debated here, it wouldn’t be if she were at a shopping mall when young negroids flash mob and beat down any whites they see. Non-whites are pretty good at knowing who is white except when lumping in jews, arabs, turks and some latinos. My own racial mixture is similar to Tara’s. On a medical questionnaire, I checked Mixed-Race. After the visit, the doctor’s Aryan assistant entered white on my portal account. I wonder what race am I if I were an 18 year old applying for admission to a west coast state university, competing with many non-whites. The issue,… Read more »

pj dooner
pj dooner
9 February, 2020 9:19 pm

The bad news is she’s non-white. The good news is her kids will be less non-white and assuming they procreate with whites that generation will be practically cleansed of all non-whiteness. However, if her kids and/or grandchildren procreate with other 20% or higher non-whites we are back where we started.

Also, how do we know her jew great, great grandparent wasn’t a 100% white who converted to jewdom? What exactly is the Ashkenazi gene? And how does she know her Indian ancestor was a Caucasian? Some are but many Indians have a lot of non-Caucasian racial admixture including from Dravidian and Horn of Africa types and, from her Asian facial features, that ancestor could have possibly been a Gokturk.

23 August, 2020 3:51 pm

this is a bit racist for my liking

Carl Parker
Carl Parker
15 December, 2020 9:58 am

She’s not white, period. If we want to preserve the white race, no race mixing should be allowed. If it is allowed, what are we preserving then? An almost white race? And no, 99.99% white is not the same as 100% white. Having that way of thinking only allows a growing intrusion of non-white genes into the white gene pool. Don’t even count on diluting non-white genes as generations pass, genetics are quite tricky and those genes might show-up again. Tara should be considered an ally to the white cause, as she recognized not only the threats to it, but also that despite considering herself white, she wasn’t 100% so and that a white ethnostate should be free to admit her or reject her residency on that grounds. It’s disappointing… Read more »

18 December, 2020 3:29 am

A very interesting article. I think the issue may come down to birth rates of future White people. There are a few things to remember, Italy for example had its population mixed to some degree during the time of the Roman Empire, but we still consider them White. American Blacks (not Our people, but presented here to make a point) are no way 100% black, yet still see themselves as Black. Another point is many people living their lives and not walking around like robots thinking “I am White, must find White mate to breed with”, can and do often find people who might not be 100% White to marry. This is basically why as much as I admire what Hitler was trying to do for his people, I see… Read more »

14 November, 2021 8:43 am

I’m going to have to disagree and classify Tara as non-white. We shouldn’t have to relegate our standards. Besides, there’s eugenics, which could be used to ethnically restore the population by encouraging whites to have more children than the mixed race.

Accepting her as white will also hasten our problem with the Jews as well. They’ll want to consider themselves white just to deceive us.