Asian Writes Chalk Message at UC: Europe Should Stay White

Evil Asian

So-far unidentified man writes after ripping down “multicultural” poster; University elites — led by UCPD spokeswoman Nancy Greenstein — in a frenzy over “hateful speech”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article from the Daily Bruin is typical of the wannabe-Stalinist mindset of the votaries of the Church of Equality which dominates campus administrations these days. But the comments from the Bruin‘s readers, some of which we’ll include below — tell a very different story: With every passing day, more and more of us are waking up to the reality of White dispossession and the Jewish power structure behind it. According to the Bruin, “Because of the offensive nature of discussion around this article,” comments are now closed on the original article.

UNIVERSITY POLICE are searching for a man wanted for writing hateful speech in chalk on the wall of Kaufman Hall in late April. (ILLUSTRATION: The “evil Asian” at work.)

According to a UCPD statement, a witness saw the man tear down flyers from the glass doors of Kaufman Hall about the migration of Africans to Europe. The man then chalked language on the wall about stopping migrant boats and keeping Europe white, UCPD spokeswoman Nancy Greenstein said in an email statement.

The man was described as Asian, 5-feet-9 and 125 pounds. He was wearing a dark green knitted sweater, khaki pants and dark brown boat shoes.

The case is still under investigation. Anyone with information about the man can call UCPD at (310) 825-1491.

Comments on Original Article

IllumiNUTTY: Meanwhile Israel restricts immigration of black Ethiopian Jews and forces those who they do let in to be sterilized… It’s only racist when Europeans do it apparently.

Roger U: Doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

Metfan: He is Asian and even he knows that Europe should stay “White” instead of hunting him down and charging him with some BS charge and expelling him he should be given a Humanitarian award for having such a huge heart and caring about a people that are not his race.

Rommel15: “The man then chalked language on the wall about stopping migrant boats and keeping Europe white, UCPD spokeswoman Nancy Greenstein said in an email statement.”

With a name like Greenstein I could only imagine what tribe she belongs to. A Jew prosecuting pro-European free speech. How utterly typical.

Meow Blitz: That’s silly, everyone knows that Jews are White and European. Well, unless somebody says they are privileged, then they suddenly become oppressed People of Color who only benefit from White Skin Privilege. If somebody still thinks they are privileged they magically become a religion that anyone of any race can convert to.

Bowtie and Fedora: I don’t get what’s hateful about this.

IllumiNUTTY: Not wanting the peoples of Europe to be bred out of existence, and their economies crushed by an endless torrent of uneducated unskilled immigrants is hate speech? >Nancy GREENSTEIN … I should have known …

Lawrence Murray: If Asian Americans are so resentful of being called a model minority, as social media activists like Suey Park would have us believe, they why do they side with white people so routinely? Asians intermarry with with whites at a very high rate, oppose African immigration, stand against black rioters (e.g. Koreans in L.A.) and have outpaced whites for average income in the United States according to the Census. They recognize a good Western society when they see it and want to do their part to keep it that way.

Sirius Jones: Why hasn’t anyone informed this man that Asians are a poor oppressed minority that can’t catch a break because the evil white man is keeping him down just like the black and brown minorities? He must obviously have internalized racism. Doesn’t he know East Asia is prosperous because of it’s a diverse place full of Africans, Latin Americans, Arabs, and many others? ….oh wait….

Meow Blitz: Opposing the genocide of Europeans is ‘hateful speech’ and opposing Marxism, the most murderous ideology (and yes, it is an ideology) in human history is grounds for an arrest. America in 2015.

JWilksDaMaster: So wait, this kid wrote something about keeping Europe white and that’s a crime now. Are we already at literal thought-crime, I thought that would take like… another 15 years or something but here we are.

Hugh Woatmeigh: This hateful Arysian is nothing but committing a common form of 2d holocaust by spreading a vile message of hate on the walls of his campus. A graffiti holocaust.

JWilksDaMaster: 1 board down 5,999,999,999 boards to go

Meow Blitz: You disgusting denialist, the real number according to the Red Cross report on the camps was 6 trillion gazillion to the 89th power.

The above comments are just a few of many found in the comment thread of the article.

* * *

Source: Daily Bruin

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Dan York
Dan York
8 May, 2015 4:57 pm

This Asian guy should be commended for what he has done. They are trying to make it illegal to simply speak out against forced integration, or to even have an opposing opinion to what the Jewish Globalists want to do to the world. The people that run the Universities always seem to have Jewish sounding names like “Greenstein”. They are the true thought police and they are the worst type of people out there.

8 May, 2015 7:04 pm

One does not know the full story or the real motives behind this young man’s actions. Suffice it to say that many East-Asians too, can see the proverbial writing on the wall. They know that when white people exist no more – they are next on the hit list. One can draw no other conclusion – white nationalism is just as abhorrent to the Jew as Japanese or Chinese nationalism. It is the ultimate goal of God’s little darlings to destroy all racial uniqueness other than their own of course.

The irony here is that it takes an Asian to do what whites should be doing at every opportunity.

Reply to  SAMUEL U
19 August, 2020 2:45 pm

no. it’s because they simply think that Europe should stay White Because a good chunk of Asians like White people.

Reply to  Brad
17 July, 2021 2:13 pm

Can you blame them, Whites are some of the nicest people on Earth.

Citizen Shane
Citizen Shane
24 September, 2018 11:28 pm

@Samuel U

I’ve been saying the same thing for years now… it’s all about the white/Asian alliance. They do know they’re next on the hit-list (anybody successful is), and beyond that I’m absolutely sure that if there was a race war tomorrow, they’d be fighting on OUR side.

Not to mention: Neanderthal common-ancestor that is not shared with anybody from Africa. We’re natural allies. Let’s make inroads.

Reply to  Citizen Shane
17 July, 2021 2:20 pm

While that idea does sound good on paper, but be careful, a good chunk of Asians are either neutral to whites at best or at worst, think that they are the biggest POS people ever, like other non-Whites. Trust me, I live with both of these types of people. Like this one comment said it best. The Japanese tend to be the biggest exception because they like white culture the most, and it shows. Nintendo is a great example since a handful of their most iconic IPs are European influenced. It seems that the Japanese is your best bet, why else would Hitler team up with them. Maybe South Koreans, Hong Kongers, and Taiwan. However, that’s because there was a survey where at one point in 2015 where Koreans were… Read more »

19 August, 2020 2:44 pm

I’ve been reading comments about how Europe wasn’t always white. but I think that’s bs.

Europe should always remain White

LH Collins
LH Collins
11 August, 2021 4:00 pm

“Europe Should Stay White” is not a hateful thing to say. People who say that hate White people and want to continue to suck the blood out of our veins. Parasites aren’t owed a thing by their hosts. Especially ARYAN hosts!

Art Thief
Art Thief
12 August, 2021 2:31 pm

So…basically she echoed the Dalai Lama?