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Homeless Jack on Saint Hitler

Hitler_colorized_02by H. Millard

WHY WAS Hitler a saint?

What do you think, man, is that a fair question? Haven’t I just set up the premise and the conclusion that Hitler was a saint? Doesn’t it sound as though I just assume that everyone knows he was a saint?

I started this essay with that question because the other day I picked up a book (the title of the book doesn’t matter) and I thought it was supposed to be an objective investigation of Hitler’s values and ethics. See, I’m always interested in values and ethics, because I think we Whites are on the wrong track with universal values and ethics and we need to adopt particularistic values and ethics; meaning we have to start looking out for ourselves alone and not worry about those unlike us. In fact I think every single White should always stay out of the business of non-Whites. Don’t help them. Don’t interfere. Let them live or die as nature and luck would have it. The world to me is White vs. non-White. I always ask: “Is this good for Whites?” If it is, it is good and it is moral. If it isn’t, then it is bad and it is immoral.

Well, anyway, in the very first sentence of the book — in the first four words — the author sets the premise and his conclusion by asking: “Why was Hitler evil?” Then in the next few paragraphs he uses the word “evil” several more times either in front of Hitler’s name or to describe him.

What a stupid way to start such a book. It might have been acceptable to start with something like: “Why do some people say Hitler was evil? Then, the author could go on to define what he means by “evil,” and talk specifically about what type of people say Hitler was evil and why they might say it, and then develop his thesis. Instead, he just assumes that everyone will accept his biased opinion that Hitler was evil and then instead of offering a fair look at Saint Hitler’s values and ethics he just cherry picks various things that fit his prejudice and ignores things that don’t fit. Such a biased value judgment in a book that is supposed to be making a non-emotional and rational investigation of something is absurd and is hardly an unemotional and intellectual look at the subject. It’s just propaganda.

Exactly what is “evil”? The author doesn’t define it. So I will. The simple definition is that evil means “morally bad.” Now there are other definitions, but I don’t want to waste time on an etymological analysis of the term, so I’ll just stick with morally bad. But I will also offer the following definition of “moral”: of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior.

Was it morally bad for Saint Hitler to want to save White people? Nope. Was it morally bad for Saint Hitler to want to consciously help evolution go in the best direction so White people become smarter, healthier, and less prone to diseases and afflictions and live longer, happier, more fulfilled lives? Nope. What about the war and all that? That was thrust upon him. He was simply trying to protect Germans who were living in lands that were once part of Germany or adjacent to it and which had large ethnic German populations. And, of course, there were the Communists who wanted war as part of their plan for world domination.

I want to tell you this , man — I think at some time in the future, and it may not be that far off, millions of Whites are going to realize that what Saint Hitler was really about was saving White people from extinction and that he wanted us to evolve ever higher. When all the anti-White propaganda dies, and it will, Whites really may come to think of Hitler as a saint and a savior who was fighting the forces of evil and darkness that were, and which still are, trying to destroy us as a distinct and unique people. Yes, these forces are playing at White genocide. These dark forces won a temporary victory against good in the skirmish that was WWII. And, it really was just a skirmish in the long view of history. Although haters try to paint Saint Hitler as just being for Germans, he was really for all Whites. He was Pan-Whiteist or Pan-Aryanist (they mean the same thing).

And, I think Whites will come to realize that Saint Hitler was ahead of his time and was trying to save all Whites from all the attacks on White people by non-Whites. Today, even some of the lowest consciousness Whites can see the war on White people that is raging in every formerly all-White (but now mixed) nations.

So, is it evil to help White people survive? Of course not. And, is it evil to want us to improve? Nope. Is it evil that Saint Hitler was concerned about White people and not other peoples? Nope. Shouldn’t we take care of ourselves and those most like us? Yup. Isn’t that the moral thing to do? Yes. In fact, we Whites have got to get rid of this false universal outlook on humans that lumps us all together as though we’re all the same. That way lies our genocide and extinction. Such a belief is anti-nature, anti-evolution and anti-White. We Whites have to start realizing that we are a different kind of human and we have to want to not only save our differences but increase them. We must diverge more from other types of humans. That is our highest possible destiny, but it requires that we avoid any gene flow from other types of humans in order for the fundamental forces of evolution to work.

Even though evolution never stops and it works whether we know it or not, we are thinking beings — and we now know how much of evolution works. With such knowledge, we are commanded to take charge of our evolution or risk devolution. Having this knowledge puts the responsibility squarely on our shoulders. We can’t ignore it, once we know it. It is a heavy responsibility but it is our responsibility as White people. We must will ourselves forward along an evolutionary trajectory that is best for us alone. We have no responsibility to other kinds of humans. They are our eternal enemies in the gene wars, even if many of our kind and their kind don’t realize it. The gene wars are eternal and they are automatic. They don’t require evil intent. They don’t require any intent at all. Non-Whites can be nice people, they can be friendly, they can be attractive. They can have all good things about them, but it doesn’t matter. In the gene wars, it is an endless battle between different genotypes to be the most numerous type and the dominant type. Good and evil have no part in the discussion on this level. These are terms made up by humans and they do not exist in nature. They are relative. We use them as they relate to our kind and other kinds. We shouldn’t even try to save other peoples, man. They have their destinies and we have ours and we shouldn’t mix or blend them. If we save them, we’re just helping our enemies in the gene wars. It’s nuts. We save them so they can wipe us out. That makes no logical or moral sense at all. That is evil relative to us.

Our highest destiny is to continue along an exclusively White path biologically, intellectually, spiritually. and genetically so that we separate more from other humans and make the next great leap in evolution to full specieshood when we will no longer be able to bear children with non-White humans. That is our nirvana, our enlightenment, and the higher state that we seek, man. It is more than just sitting around cross legged and humming or trying to empty our minds — it is a real and physical change that we will experience and it will be accompanied by a spiritual change as surely as the scent of roses comes from the physical DNA of roses.

Now, not all of our kind will make it, man. I don’t know how many of us will, but those of us who do will be the mothers and fathers of the new species. Arman says we’re going to go through a bottleneck and many of our kind will go extinct — that means many of our family lines will die out — but those of us who get through it will be the progenitors of a new species. And, those few new ones will breed like crazy and they will become a huge population of the New Whites — the ones above our present corrupted and weak-seed Whites. Eventually, because this is the way evolution works, the new ones will prove to be better adapted than earlier humans to every niche habitable by humans and they will replace other forms of humans who do not have these adaptations and who will not be able to compete with us. This is how evolution always works — usually blindly — but with us it will be consciously.

Arman says our new ones will look pretty much the same as the best of us now look and he points to ancient Greek and Roman statues as to what he means. He says that most of our changes will be internal and the most important one will be our inability to bear children with other types of humans. This is important because it will stop gene flow and increase the speed of our evolution even more. Remember, evolution never stops.

Arman says that in this big leap we will take into full specieshood, we will be more intelligent, more cunning, more sure of ourselves, healthier, and have more intuition. He also says that we will live longer and have greater reproductive success because of a higher birthrate than others. He says our skulls will change and be longer and taller to accommodate more brain matter, and that this longer shape of our skulls will be necessary for our women to pass our babies through their birth canals safely since their birth canals and hips won’t change enough to accommodate extremely bulbous skulls. He says that we will be able to walk right by earlier humans on the street and not generally be seen as different. He does say that we will be Whiter and have a different (not unpleasant) odor to us than earlier humans but the odor will usually only be sensed by dogs and other animals with a heightened sense of smell. If our DNA goes through an analysis, it will also show that we are a different species.

Back to Saint Hitler, the Savior of White people. I say again that he actually foresaw or anticipated the war against Whites that is going on in the world today and tried to head it off. He may not have seen it in all of its permutations, but I think he saw the trajectory of it from his position back then.

Look at the mass miscegenation. Look at the attacks and murders of White people in every formerly all-White land. Look at the mass immigration of non-Whites to formerly all-White lands. Look at the war that is being waged against White people by non-White people and look at how weak-seed Whites are actually helping dig the graves of their fellow Whites. We are under attack, man. Look at our present low birthrate and look at all the things that work to keep our births down: homosexuality, birth control, abortions, late marriage, celibacy, early deaths, suicide, putting material things over having children, and more. There are forces trying to wipe us Whites out, man, and they have lots of tools to do it.

Saint Hitler saw it coming and tried to stop it. And, those who hate White people have been misleading people about him and his movement ever since. One of the ways they do this is by trying to lump all humans together, so we Whites won’t see ourselves as the different type that we actually are, and so we will thus take the part of non-Whites against our own White interests. The apathetic White masses are told to not trust their eyes when they notice that different races look different. They are told not to trust statistics that show different races have different abilities. They are constantly told that race doesn’t exist. Well, in this last regard, the reality is that the so-called major races of humans not only exist, but they are more than races, they are subspecies that are further divided down into races. Thus, there is a White subspecies and we have White races within our subspecies, albeit with blurred lines, but generally corresponding to some of our ancient nations. But all non-Jewish Whites are closely related. We are all brothers and sisters and cousins, man. We shouldn’t try to distinguish one group of non-Jewish Whites from another; because we face an external enemy, an enemy that wants to wipe out all non-Jewish Whites, every last one of us.

Look at how the haters of Whites are trying to censor everything about Saint Hitler, man. They are banning books. They are arresting people who tell the truth. They are persecuting people who simply question historical events in the WWII era. It’s nuts that more Whites don’t realize what is going on and demand it be stopped. We are free people, man. We have a natural right to question, to think, to convey our thoughts to others. No one has the right to censor us if we are not calling for harm to ourselves or others. But the haters of White people know that once we shake off the present conditioning and realize who and what we are, and that we have a destiny that is one with our DNA — and once we start living consciously and intentionally with this destiny in our minds and hearts — the next time we try to save the planet and our kind, there will be no stopping us.

You know the story of the lion raised by sheep who thought he was a sheep and acted like a sheep until another lion told him who and what he was, don’t you man? Well that lion that thought he was a sheep is us right now. I’m telling you that we are lions — not sheep.

Another way that we are being attacked is through bedroom genocide: miscegenation. It corrupts our White DNA code and turns us into non-Whites. It is assimilation, absorption, and extinction. The haters of Whites are using constant PR methods to try to convince us to jump in bed with non-Whites.

See man, we Whites have a right to exist as Whites. We have a right to self-determination as Whites. We have a right to be truly White and to love ourselves for being White. We have a right to love Whiteness. We have a right to our own self-identification and self-determination.

Look, don’t take my word for any of this, and I’m not going to turn this into a book-length study, because if you read unbiased books about Hitler and the Nazis and their philosophy and connect up the dots, you’ll learn for yourself what Saint Hitler was all about. He believed in evolution and he wanted Whites to evolve ever higher. Saint Hitler knew that all non-Jewish Whites are related. We are one distinct and unique people by birth no matter what White nationality we are born into.

We don’t need Jews and other non-Whites or even weak-seed self-hating Whites who are White on the outside but non-White on the inside telling us what is right and moral and ethical. We don’t need them butting into our affairs and ways. They should butt out. And, we should also practice non-interference in the affairs of those unlike us and be indifferent to them. They should be almost invisible to us. Those who are not our kind should mind their own business and we’ll mind ours. We don’t want to mix with them. We don’t want their diversity. We don’t want their multiculturalism. We have a higher calling and a higher duty. We are following our highest possible destiny which is to evolve along a White trajectory. I believe that If we don’t follow our highest trajectory — our True Path — that humankind will go extinct. It will only survive if we Whites survive. We are the new humankind aborning. We are the new model human, man. We are the future species of humans and we’re now living in one of those transition periods where the old model humans still exist at the same time as us — at least for a time. In a few thousand years when future humans look back, they’ll see that our divergence from other forms of humans made us the one line that led to all future humans while the other forms of humans alive in our present day went extinct. That is the future if we do the right things today to save humankind for extinction. We have a heavy burden on us, man. We are selected for this responsibility of saving humankind through us and one can believe that we are selected by God or one can believe we are selected by nature, and it doesn’t really matter one way or the other to me which of these you believe. I know in my heart that we have this by revelation, man, and it is true.

If Saint Hitler knew as much about evolution and DNA as we know now, he might have handled things differently. For example, instead of sending troops to secure lands full of Germans, he might have just stayed within the borders of Germany and worked to increase the population of Germans to the maximum. Then, when the seams were busting, Germans could simply walk across borders and take over other nations in a democratic manner by becoming citizens of those nations and voting themselves into power. However, in the long view of history, it won’t matter. We are the new humans. We are the future — if we make it so by living consciously and intentionally with our survival, our expansion, and our evolution constantly in mind.

(© 2014 H. Millard)

* * *

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Richard Peak
Richard Peak
15 November, 2014 3:51 am

Hitler, a Saint whose time has come, or may be about to come, in the near future. Looks like I’ll have to read some of Homeless Jack’s books.

9 January, 2017 5:35 am

Looking forward for the beautiful day, when miscegenation between Whites and other races will become impossible!