Steven Romer

White Racialism: Natural and Necessary

If the search for truth is sacred, then those with a tropism to seek truth must be protected: Thus White separatism is the essence of morality. 

by Steven E. Romer

WHITES MUST LIVE apart from other races. And we must never share our technologies with them.

When you actually grasp this principle, it becomes quite obvious what is happening all around you. The same thing happens with the principles of chemistry, the idea that germs cause disease, or the idea of evolution. We can see through these ideas as through a telescope — and gain a higher abstract vision of our world.

All the evidence is monolithically saying one thing when we consider what other races do as a result of our White inventions. If we do not listen to this evidence, we will die. The one thing that the evidence is telling us is that mixing means destruction.

White technology, White sciences, were meant to serve the minds that invented these things. This is not just being selfish or cliquish; it is discernable as a principle from the evidence. Our inborn motivation for discovering truth also provides the necessary restraint and clear-headedness to manage and be good stewards of our own technologies.

We see this clearly in how the Blacks use the White invention of guns to wreak havoc in our inner cities and in Africa. Black leaders have even said that the White man’s guns are destroying them.

More harmful is the use of “intellectual” movements and “intellectual” theories by those who twist science and philosophy to destructive ends: New theories and interpretations of scientific facts are constructed as weapons and tools to manipulate us by the Jews taking part in our sciences — such as Freudian psychology and Boasian anthropology — fitting deceptively the style of truth-seeking without the actual substance, without the actual motive of seeking truth for its own sake. (See MacDonald’s Culture of Critique.)

Certainly destructive is the use by the Jews of our invention, the mass media — the printing press, television, and moving pictures. These media were originally meant to increase our cohesiveness, and our ability to survive, by spreading truths which our people desperately need to understand. The Jews have taken over our very souls’ supply lines and turned them toward our destruction. Truth is our lifeblood and our weapon to defend ourselves. All these misused and diverted/perverted things were originally part of the European life-pattern — one concerned primarily with truth.

As Whites, we use science to read the “illuminated texts” of the Creator in our world — and reading these truths allows us to reap benefits and gifts from the Creator. We should not give these gifts to those unconcerned with the discovery of the laws of the universe. Other races who do not share our path and our passion only amplify their own self-chosen and blind paths of destruction when they attempt to use these things. They also destroy us in the process.

There is a powerful message here, built into these things by the outcomes which naturally and inevitably take shape from them. From the effects of mind-destroying drugs we see the principle — the “admonition of the Creator,” so to speak — of “just say no.” From the effects of our ancestors falling off cliffs we get a healthy fear of heights.

Our intellects distill principles and truths from our history and our experiences, and allow us to foresee bad paths by speeding up the process of evolution so that we can see directly the writing of the Creator, the intentions of the Creator, in the outcomes of our actions.

If we do things which endanger our future, then it is bad to do those things. There can be no other basis for morality. It is a sin to commit suicide in our religions, and it is also a sin not to listen to higher principles, which may be called higher powers . . . . Our sciences glean higher principles from individual events collected over time.

In writing my book, I came to realize intellectually that race-mixing is probably the worst crime we could commit. There are real, rational reasons for this — it is not a prejudice. We can approach the edge of a cliff and not be afraid emotionally, but yet we can be afraid intellectually: Either way, we will avoid going off cliffs.

Some people are naturally afraid of heights. Some people are naturally afraid of too close proximity of other races and race-mixing. The Jews want us to believe such people are “prejudiced” rather than filled with the spirit of a higher wisdom.

Mine is not an emotional racialism, but an intellectual and just racialism. Both are unequivocally moral and right, for the White race has far greater reasons than any other race to hold itself apart and separate from others.

Like fish need water, and our bodies need bread, we need racial separatism to survive as a race, and we also need it to stay on the path of truth. It is a precarious line we walk.

Even our advanced methods of food production spell destruction when we give food or technical help to other races, races which could never have invented them on their own. They wildly outbreed us — and will overwhelm us as a result — if we share our knowledge and technology with them, because they have adapted to their lack of food with high birth rates. Once they take over, starvation takes over and a return to their original savagery is the only lasting result — besides our death, of course. (See also Rushton’s Race, Evolution, and Behavior.)

In Africa, we see the truth of this being played out with the persecution of White farmers and the near-total inability of Blacks to farm the land they seized or were given in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

To me, this “sharing” is a sin in the eyes of the Creator — it is suicide. It is much worse than casting pearls before swine — it is quite literally casting our souls before the devil, before those not chosen to follow the path of truth.

Our biological knowledge, and knowledge of DNA, is perhaps the most precious of all of our White knowledge. It is our holy knowledge, which deserves to be enshrined in White cathedrals. Gregor Mendel, an early discoverer of the principles of inheritance, worked for years with bean plants to reveal the writing of the Creator within them. He was a religious monk devoting his life to the Creator in many ways. His was the task of reading and transcribing many illuminated texts — even those written in the Creator’s own hand.

We must protect this work from the hands of those who are not on the path, from the thieves and freeloaders on the Creators’ children, enemies armed with learning — but with no love of truth or vision of the future in them. Rats in our grain bins or disease agents in our bodies share similar motive vectors.

Along with considering the lilies of the field, we should also consider the message of the diseases of the body. In this microcosm we also see the writing and lessons of the Creator. I go into great detail about these lessons and how to read them in my book. (See The Textbook of the Universe by Steven E. Romer.)

The message of all this is quite simple: Death is the built-in consequence of any sharing of our cultures or technologies with other races that do not share our motives or our path. Our ideas of ‘national security’ and ‘national secrets’ in our outward political structures grew from these deep facts of Nature.

All members of other races in our nations are spies and saboteurs, automatically. This cannot be changed. Even bringing them in as slaves to our path and goals is far too dangerous. They should never be allowed in.

We see this clearly in the participation of Jews in our sciences: They are intellectually capable of learning our techniques, but they obviously do not share our motives. This makes them the most deceptive and destructive threat to our survival ever known.

The ‘political ideas’ of spies and saboteurs are only pale reflections of the actual biological forces behind the scenes of national life. Our true nation is our race. It quite literally could not be otherwise. Our technology and science should be considered ours alone — far more valuable than the trade secrets and copyrights we so vigorously protect now. Loose lips do sink ships; therefore we should never fraternize with the enemy. Our bodies should never fraternize with viruses or plagues either . . . . Whether the viruses ‘understand’ what they are doing or even know that they are our enemies at all is completely irrelevant.

Today we see instance after instance of our great technologies being turned against us, working toward our own destruction. Giving our science and technology to others is suicide. It is freely offering the power of life and death over us to those who, by the very nature of life itself, are necessarily our competitors in a struggle which must end in extinction for many.

And, even when the struggle for existence is not at a crisis point, though such a point must inevitably come, these other races are more prone to selfish, murderous violence of either an intellectual or physical sort or both. Arming them with White technology is a crime against Nature and against our future.

The Amish do have an important point to make with their lifestyles: Our technologies have become destructive of the very path that spawned them, by their misuse, and through their availability to other races that have unquestionably inferior patterns and vectors of survival.

What we have today is a final battle of sorts — the White race is moving forward with its sciences and technologies, while the other races are exploding in numbers and power across the globe. We are being attacked from every angle. Jews, Blacks, and Mestizos are the army of darkness spelling the doom of the children of truth — and they do this automatically, even those who are not at all conscious of their role. It is the operation of a natural law.

Given our tools, they have a real possibility of vanquishing the truth and the justice of the Creator forever. But it is also true that with these tools we have the possibility of winning forever the final battle of truth and life — and overcoming every obstacle, every misunderstanding, every lie, and every dark motive on this Earth.

We truly are in a race against time. (See A Race Against Time by McDaniel and Taylor.) It is both a religious and an evolutionary Armageddon. The White race is the vanguard of the life force on Earth. It must be protected at all costs. We must understand what makes us strong, what makes us divine, and protect it.

We cannot afford to not be racial separatists any more, no matter how the Jews, or any other race, condemn it as “racism” or “hate.”

* * *

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18 October, 2018 9:34 pm

What an amazing article! Thanks for sharing, Chris. “All members of other races in our nations are spies and saboteurs, automatically. This cannot be changed… This makes them the most deceptive and destructive threat to our survival ever known… The ‘political ideas’ of spies and saboteurs are only pale reflections of the actual biological forces behind the scenes of national life. Our true nation is our race. It quite literally could not be otherwise… Loose lips do sink ships; therefore we should never fraternize with the enemy. Our bodies should never fraternize with viruses or plagues either . . . . Whether the viruses ‘understand’ what they are doing or even know that they are our enemies at all is completely irrelevant… Jews, Blacks, and Mestizos are the army of… Read more »

Michael Dean Miller
Michael Dean Miller
19 October, 2018 9:33 am

In many ways, Mr. Kalashnikov really screwed up.

22 October, 2018 6:50 pm

This is a fantastic articulation of exactly why seperatism should absolutely exist. Having to live along side people whom which i or we share absolutely zero common culture, is tragic at best and deadly at worst. Cultural diversity is an agenda simply to quell any rebellion that may occur when those in positions of power whom seek absolute power make thier move on our rights that have been bestowed upon us by our God and guaranteed to us through the document that is the U.S. Constitution. When people, whom share zero common ground are grouped together, they are easily defeated. This is a plan make no bones about it. The arab down the street from my black neighbor are not going to have my back when they come from a… Read more »

Reply to  Ryan
23 October, 2018 1:34 am

On the other hand, you could make alliances with your fellow Whites who are doing something about the situation, then contribute according to your talents and skills. It may turn out that, instead of being “screwed” you might even survive –or even thrive. I’d recommend the fine folks at the National Alliance.

But many will just sit on their thumbs and wait to get screwed. That’s really too bad for them, it need not be so.

The Pocahontas Syndrome
The Pocahontas Syndrome
23 October, 2018 11:07 am

“In many ways, Mr. Kalashnikov really screwed up.”

If he did, so did the Hitler’s Third Reich, since the AK-47 was essentially a rip-off of the German Sturmgewehr 44 used in the last days of World War II. It predated the AK-47, which is largely a copy of the Sturmgewehr 44. Historically speaking, Germans are credited with inventing the assault rifle – not the Russians. In fact, the German word “Sturmgewehr” literally translates into “assault rifle”.

Anyway, it is difficult to keep advanced white technology out of the hands of groids, especially weapons. And then look what happened when the North American Indian got hold of the Winchester 73. You know, Elizabeth Warren’s ancestors….

23 October, 2018 1:54 pm

Modern day White racism has a tendency to focus on national and international enemies and icon villains with no significant progress. The racism I cut my teeth on as a teenager in the 1960s and ’70s focused on the local level/local control. When the soil you live on is a threat to Federal tyranny, they will march hither to that place. And that’s exactly what those people on the Potomac did. Armed strangers came to teach us the true American values. I have yet to learn on what principle the Federals justified the invasion. In the 20th century, Leo Frank was managed on the local. The Georgia boys understood the situation and knew what to do. Get the Confederate rope. Shocked into reality, the Jews recoiled that one event could… Read more »