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The Real Zombie Apocalypse

White Mother and Child

by H. Millard

RACE MEANS SUBSPECIES. A subspecies is a group of organisms that has diverged from the species and which is on its way to being a separate species, usually no longer capable of bearing offspring with the old species.

We Whites are a subspecies. We are on our way to becoming a separate species. However, if we miscegenate with members of the old species, our highest possible destiny — specieshood — will be quashed and we will devolve back into the old species.

Miscegenation is the genocide of our subspecies and will blend to extinction those family lines of ours that engage in this great evil.

Spit when you see White miscegenationists and never accept them as friends. They are carriers of our destruction.

The genocidists know that the way to destroy White people and wipe us out is to make miscegenation seem normal and even desirable. It is neither.

We must stay separate and even isolated if possible from the infection of non-White genes.

Zombies? The current craze that few see as the metaphor that it offers.

The real zombies are the ones who can infect us with non-White genes and, when they do so, they create new zombies who in turn can create even more zombies.

It takes two Whites to make one new White child. This is the only way a child can receive the full 46 chromosomes and 20,000 or so genes containing the 3.1 billion DNA letters that make a White person.

It only takes one non-White mating with a White to produce a non-White child. This is so because such a child will only have 23 White chromosomes, 10,000 White genes and 1.5 billion DNA White letters. This child will not be half-White. It will be non-White.

If you mix a gallon of black, brown, yellow or red paint with a gallon of white paint, you will not end up with paint that is half white. You will end up with non-white paint. It is thus with the DNA code.

Don’t let the zombies get you. Stay White. Stay right. Don’t mix with the zombies. They can infect you and make you a zombie, too.

OK, so some will say that using zombies as a metaphor is over the top and that we’re all humans and it’s just natural to mate with other humans no matter their race.

Why, the fact that we can produce viable offspring with such mating must prove that there is no problem with such mating, right? Wrong. Just because something is possible does not make it desirable. As generations of parents have told their children, you can jump off a bridge if you want to, but that doesn’t make it desirable. it is the same with miscegenation.

To repeat what I wrote at the top. We Whites are a subspecies of the human species. We can become a new species, and we will become so if we do not miscegenate and if we remain separate and isolated and allow no gene transfer from the, ah, zombies (“See, there he goes again!” whine the anti-Whites).

Some of us believe that evolving into a new species incapable of bearing children with other types of humans is our highest destiny, and some of us further believe that this is also a command to us from on high.

The fundamental processes of evolution will automatically propel us into specieshood if we avoid all gene transfer from other races, because these fundamental processes work in machine-like fashion, without emotion and without conscious human intervention. However, they are slow and they may cause divergence and specieshood in some ways that may not be best for us in the long run because they may cause specific adaptations rather than general adaptations.

Specific adaptations are what we see with koalas, for example. They will starve if they can’t eat a certain type of plant or if they can’t live in just the right conditions. General adaptations are what we see with cockroaches, who will eat just about anything and live under a wide variety of conditions.

To avoid going in the wrong evolutionary direction; that is to say, to avoid building in specific adaptations that will mean our eventual extinction when conditions change (and they always will change) we are best advised to will our own evolution along a path that will build in general adaptations that will allow us to be able to survive and prosper no matter what changes happen in the future. To go in the right direction, we must live consciously and we must mate right, and we must breed like cockroaches in order to bring forth the greatest number of mutations so that the right ones will occur to move us forward, and we must avoid all gene transfer from non-Whites to us.

If you’re a betting person, put your money on the cockroach surviving and the koala going extinct.

Let us be as the cockroach and let us also avoid zombification.

We are a different kind. Let us remain so and let us consciously increase the differences.

(© 2012 H. Millard)

* * *

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The Anonymous Witness
The Anonymous Witness
15 February, 2013 11:39 pm

“Zombie Apocalypse” is code for “White Genocide,”

8 April, 2013 4:03 pm

Not sure if the mixing can be stopped. I always thought when two people truly love one another the outcome is good. See bastard dogs are often healthier. Also if Asian and light skinned people mix the kids are more beautiful often than either “race.” What worries me though is that the light skinned blue eyed people are “politically correct” as a matter of “anti light skinned” people and through psychological warfare done away with. This has nothing to do with love and family commitment. See our human body is able to realize God, regardless of skin color. That is the most important reason to love for – to be closer to God. It is however very wrong to blame all bad things on the white privilege as the whites,… Read more »