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There’s Nothing There

Beloved genius fallen on hard times

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 10 December, 2022

by Kevin Alfred Strom

I COVERED THE CASE of Jewish “crypto” swindler Sam Bankman-Fried in my program “Jews Will Be Jews” four weeks ago. Since then, I’ve really been astounded at how the major media and the financial media have been treating Fried and his story.

Here we have a filthy crook, son of two Jewish California law professors, who ran the so-called “crypto exchange” FTX through a maze of over 100 affiliated and shell companies from the Bahamas, and who brazenly took some $10 billion in customer funds (which were supposedly invested in digital assets) and gambled with them, all the while pretending the funds were still there in his customers’ accounts. Now he admits that some $1 billion of those funds are irretrievably lost, a claim I find not to be credible — I predict that we will eventually discover that the entire $10 billion has been looted and lost, with a significant portion squirrelled away where he thinks no one can ever find it. And I think my prediction is a very conservative one, considering that we are only in the very early stages of unravelling the FTX fraud. It would not surprise me at all if the fraud is really ten times larger.

(In fact, I know it is larger than claimed, since the very basis of Bankman-Fried’s “business” was to fob off his so-called FTT tokens on his customers, tokens he created out of thin air, and then gamble with the proceeds of that scam — just like he gambled with the proceeds when he pretended to buy a real digital asset and made it show up in his customers’ accounts as if it was really there. Just because those gambles sometimes paid off, and just because he was often able to meet customers’ demands for withdrawals (after raking off a healthy slice of the take for himself), doesn’t mean that those transactions weren’t fraudulent too. They were. The whole basis of Bankman-Fried’s operations was confidence trickery. “Give me your money and you’ll get rich,” the leering termite intones in his best imitation of sincerity. Ten seconds after you deposit your funds, whoops, your money’s really gone. You have a realistic-looking online account page with a reassuring balance, but actually there’s nothing there. Bankman-Fried’s fraud could easily be in the multiple dozens of billions.)

And the bastard is still running around loose, still living in luxury, unextradited, in the Bahamas. And the Jew-controlled media are treating him like a dearly beloved and altruistic young genius who just happened to get in trouble because of “market conditions” and who’s “lost everything” and who above all “needs time to heal” — and maybe, just maybe, if we are lucky, he will dispense some of his Great Wisdom in a seminar sponsored by the New York Times or in between softball media questions like “how are you feeling these days?” in the financial press. And he is now constantly giving us “apologies,” sweet treacly apologies, for his “failings,” his “momentary lack of oversight,” and his continuing — and, he implies, lifelong — efforts to “make his customers whole again.” Bankman-Fried “making his customers whole again” is about as likely as finding gold bars on the street in front of the New York Stock Exchange.

This is very similar to what another Jew con man, Bernie Madoff, did to his investors, back in the early 2000s. Madoff pretended he was making investments for his customers, investments with fabulous returns, and he’d print out impressive-looking “statements” showing stocks and bonds the investor supposedly owned and how much gains they were producing — but really, there were no investments. There weren’t even any actual customer accounts. All Madoff did was pocket the money, some tens of billions of dollars, and pay out whatever small percentage that customers wanted to withdraw at any given time. And, as long as he had “the con” — the confidence — of his suckers, that percentage of withdrawals was low enough for him to pay it out without any problems, and his scam rolled on and on for years.

As one observer put it:

Let’s see. FTX created its own fake money. Madoff created his own fake trades. Customers got spooked and asked Madoff for their money back. Customers got spooked and asked Bankman for their money back. Madoff couldn’t reimburse his customers. Bankman couldn’t reimburse his customers.

That’s pretty accurate. What unites Bankman-Fried and Madoff is the fact that they pretend that their victims have funds in supposed “accounts,” but really there is nothing there.

I think what we’re seeing here is an outcropping, in the form of financial trickery, of something inherent in the Jewish mentality, in the Jewish brain — in the inborn attitudes and tropisms that accompany the parasitic mentality, which in human beings reaches its apex form in the Jewish people.

There are members of all races, including our own, who are fraudsters, of course. And it is commonplace knowledge that probably a majority of the human race are fascinated by the idea of getting something for nothing, and that a few of them — including, again, some members of our own race — succeed in achieving that by tricking their fellows, often by using the lust for unearned wealth among their victims as a lure. In addition to the Jews, there are a few peoples who have made parasitic behavior — deceit, fraud, and scams — the very basis of their national/tribal life: the Terrible Williamsons in America; the Irish Travellers in the Emerald Isle; the Rom in many, many countries around the world — but no one, I think, can even come close to matching the Jews either for the scale of their criminal trickery or for the sheer animal callousness and hatred for their victims and the bloody-minded parasitism expressed in their collective behavior: Think Enron, think Global Crossing, think The Scattered Corporation, think “Jewish lightning,” think Martin Frankel, think Gary Winnick, think the Federal Reserve System and fractional reserve banking system as a whole.

The case of Leon A. Greenblatt and his Scattered Corporation from back in the 1990s is particularly striking. As I wrote then:

Listeners may be familiar with the stock-market technique called “selling short,” which means to sell stock that you are “short of,” in other words, selling stock that you do not have. This is perfectly legal, and essentially constitutes a bet that the shares of the company you have “sold short” will fall in value, at which time you will replace the shares that were borrowed when you sold them. The difference between your short sale proceeds and the price at which you replace them is your profit for being so smart.

Short selling is a risky business, since share prices go up more often than they go down, and since there is no limit to how far they may rise, though they can obviously fall no more than one hundred per cent.

These risks don’t bother Greenblatt and company too much, though. They have special dispensation from the courts. Greenblatt’s company specializes in a special kind of raid called “bankruptcy arbitrage,” the exact details of which Greenblatt and his henchmen regard as a proprietary invention. According to Business Week, Greenblatt “makes a fetish of secrecy” and won’t reveal how the strategy works. In schematic form, though, it basically consists of selling short the shares of a company about to emerge from bankruptcy proceedings, and then replacing the shares with cheap warrants issued by the reorganized company.

Greenblatt is known for playing fast and loose with the law. Business Week calls it “creative interpretation of the rules.” He routinely ignores the securities regulation requiring short sellers to deposit funds backing their sales within three days. He claims that what he is doing is acting as a “market maker,” and so he is exempt from that rule. But that’s no more valid than claiming that you are an employee of the sanitation department if you pick up a gum wrapper on a street corner. And Greenblatt gets away with it, betting millions with other people’s money, and then cashing out without a dime of his own being risked. If you and I tried that, it would be called “free riding” and could land us in jail. But, of course, your name isn’t Greenblatt.

And that’s not all.

In 1993 Greenblatt and his fellow vultures at Scattered Corporation had descended upon the wounded body of LTV Incorporated, a troubled steel maker involved in bankruptcy. Grabbing for the main chance, Greenblatt sold short 180 million shares of LTV. The trouble was, there were only 122 million shares in existence — and not all of them were available for borrowing. Greenblatt had sold 58 million more shares of LTV than existed. In the process, he pocketed $27 million in 22 days of “work.”

Now, the shareholders of LTV weren’t too happy about this, nor was the Chicago Stock Exchange. Greenblatt was fined $6 million, leaving him only a paltry $21 million on the deal. But our hero wasn’t about to let an injustice like that stand. Like his Pharisee forebears, he had the qualities of audaciousness and persistence. He finally found his prince in Appellate Judge Richard A. Posner (who may have shared some of Greenblatt’s forebears) who overturned the fine in a Talmudically tortuous legal decision.

Posner stated that while Greenblatt and his raiders may be “reckless gamblers, sharpies, wise guys, exploiters of loopholes, even violators of the letter or spirit of the rules,” they nevertheless play a valuable role in the marketplace and can keep their ill-gotten gains and do it again if they feel like it.

Oy vey, what a country is this place America! Orwell, you were right. Some animals are more equal than others!

A story for the ages. Selling something that not only you don’t own — but that doesn’t even exist! — has got to be the ultimate in Jewish chutzpah and triumph. And then getting a judge who’s a member of the Tribe to okay the whole fraud as “legal” — well, from the Jewish point of view, it doesn’t get better than that! Are we going to see a similar playbook used in the Sam Bankman-Fried case? We shall see.

In the Victorian age, a new kind of investment vehicle became available to the common man — stock market investing. While there were legitimate brokerage houses selling shares in publicly-traded companies, a phenomenon arose around the same time in London and New York and prospered all the way into the Depression years — a phenomenon called the “bucket shop.” Bucket shop operators could charge low or even sometimes zero commissions on their sales, something that legitimate brokerages didn’t do at the time, which made the bucket shops very popular with naive investors. They could do this because they never really bought or sold any stocks for their “investors.” They just gave out receipts marked with the company name and number of shares and put all the money in a figurative “bucket” and paid out — or pocketed — funds based on whatever the ticker-tape from the real stock exchange was reading at the moment. Again, look in the customer’s account at a bucket shop, and what would you see? Just as before, there’s nothing there — except maybe your “con” in the shop operator. That the bucket shops were heavily Jewish is evidenced by the fact that in Keiran Heinemann’s 2021 book Playing the Market, he notes that the campaign against bucket shop operators in the early 20th century was viewed by many as a facet of “deeply embedded anti-Semitic prejudice.”

The very concept of fractional reserve banking, which is nearly all of banking in the Western world today, is based on the same “there’s nothing there” principle. When the Federal Reserve “makes a loan” to the US government, no one’s account is debited. The money is conjured out of thin air, yet the taxpayers are enslaved essentially forever to “pay it back” plus interest. When your son or daughter gets a student loan, the brainwashing pen gets beaucoup dollars (your child never touches it, really) and the bank gets half a lifetime or more of payments from your son or daughter, a servitude that often makes having children difficult or impossible. But the bank just credited the brainwashing pen’s account with $150,000 or whatever by the stroke of a keyboard, and no one’s account was debited even a cupro-nickel dime when they did that. They made the money appear out of nothing — but your family must pay forever. Truly there is nothing there.

Thus the Jews play us for fools, take what we have, and laugh in our faces and do it again. Obviously, such fraud and parasitism cannot be the basis for a functioning society that will provide a future for our children. Bloodsucking does not create blood. It brings only death in the long run, even to the parasite. If their Empire of Nothing is allowed to grow and rule us much longer, we will have allowed our own posterity to be murdered. The men and women of the National Alliance are dedicated to ridding ourselves of the parasites and murderers and setting things right again.

* * *

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10 December, 2022 10:23 am

Madoff was prosecuted because he largely defrauded other jews. SBF remains free because he IS a jew and most of his victims were non-jews.

Reply to  ShoeGazer
25 December, 2022 8:54 pm

I believe you are right. Madoff was a maniac whose colossal greed led him to do the unforgivable: swindle you own kin. That is why (((they))) threw him under the bus. I think that this revolting creature (Bankman) will walk free to enjoy his fortune.

10 December, 2022 10:40 am

Criminals and politicians are all corrupt, but jews are more corrupt than others.

10 December, 2022 3:43 pm

I was going to mention that hideous vulture Madoff. There have been many others of his and Bankman-Fried’s type, all just happen to have been “chosen”.

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
13 December, 2022 8:24 am

The main problem is that there are too many of those whites who willingly cooperate with Jews and who adopted the Jewish mentality as their guiding principle. These “Clintons” and “Bidens” are the main problem. There would be no Jewish power without them. Therefore, the main struggle will be against the white traitors.

Reply to  Wolf Stoner
25 December, 2022 9:12 pm

Hello Wolf: As usual, you are spot on. I have always said the same; without the cooperation of countless greedy Aryan traitors the Jewish power would not exist. As people say “greed is the root of all evil”. The White man has been deeply corrupted by the Jewish spirit and its obsession with wealth and luxury.