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Dark Future

by Douglas Mercer

HOW TO AWAKEN SOMEONE out of his dogmatic slumbers?

Ask him this question: What are the odds that the city of Washington, DC will still bear that name in fifty years, or that his pure white obelisk pointed at the skies will still be standing in its present form?

If he is a betting man, ask them if they want to go over or under on that. Make him ponder it for a long time.

Tell him that a quarter century ago two Black politicians in New York City started a campaign to have the statute of Thomas Jefferson removed from city hall. Tell him the pair was ignored at best and laughed at at worst. Then tell him that less than a year ago the statue of Thomas Jefferson was discreetly given the bum’s rush out the back door of city hall, never to be seen again.

Tell him to chew on that for a day or so.

Then let him know that sixty years ago America was 90% White and it was a living paradise. Tell him that now it is 57% White and it is a savage wasteland of mixed-race horrors. If they don’t believe the latter, turn on the television for ten minutes to remind them. Then tell them the percentage of Whites and the state of the country are definitely correlated, that one leads to the other.

Have him stew on that for a while.

Inform him that the census of 2020 revealed that from 2010 to 2020, for the first time ever, the number of Whites declined. Specify that this does not just mean that the percentage of Whites in the population declined — that has been going on for decades — but that the absolute number of White people declined.

Let him mull over that gem.

Tell him that statues were toppled in untold numbers illegally in the summer of 2020, but it was done with impunity and no one was arrested.

Tell him that Trump could have sent in the National Guard in 2020, but he decided that would mean some dead Negroes in the streets and even more ramped-up riots — and decided to “avoid the headache.”

Tell him that neither Derek Chauvin nor the McMichaels did anything wrong in the line of duty.

Tell him Congress passed a law that said it was illegal to discriminate against Blacks for their weird and ugly hairstyles. Tell him it was called The Crown Act because they “be kangz.”

Tell him we could have been infinitely farther into space exploration — but we put all our effort and money into fostering multiculturalism.

Tell him this used to be one Hell of a good country.

Tell him America was founded by and for White people and none other.

Tell him the legal structure under which we live was formed in the aftermath of the civil war on a fraudulent basis.

Tell him integration was forced on White America by the barrel of a gun.

Tell him that federal troops were sent to “integrate” America, but none have been sent to guard our border or to quell any Black riot.

Tell him “diversity” is not a strength. Tell him this fact has been incontrovertibly proved by social science.

Tell him back in 2004 there was a boondoggle wherein Blacks sued the Department of Agriculture for “discrimination,” though there had been none. Taken altogether the Black plaintiffs were awarded hundreds of millions of dollars. Tell him that a man wrote a book about it, and speculated that this charade was a dress rehearsal for “reparations,” and for this he was ridiculed as hyperbolic and alarmist.

Tell him that in 2022 the state of California gave reparations to Blacks for slavery.

Tell him that in 1945 Detroit was a gleaming and prosperous and clean city. That In 1945 Hiroshima was a radioactive wasteland. Fast forward 77 years and Detroit is a scum- and crime-filled urban hellhole and Hiroshima is a gleaming and prosperous and clean city. The difference being that Hiroshima was struck by a nuclear blast and Detroit was struck by hundreds of thousands of Negroes. The lesson being that if you love your city and want it to thrive long in to the future — and if someone holds a gun to your head and makes you choose between your city being nuked or swamped by Negroes, pick the nukes every time. It’s less lethal in the long run.

Tell him Trump gave corporations tax cuts and they turned around and gave part of that money to the Blacks who had burned down 16 major cities.

Tell him there is a prototype of the 20 dollar bill with Harriet Tubman’s ugly mug on it.

Tell him that twisted dudes in dresses are competing in women’s sports.

Tell him that in the 1950s Mickey Mouse was the quintessence of wholesomeness. And then tell him that not long ago a half-cat-lady half-wine-aunt Disney executive in charge of their entertainment division broke down in tears when describing her two “queer children” — one is “pansexual” (???) and the other is just plain vanilla “trans.” And tell him that, as this utter lunatic wiped away her tears, she promised to do right by them by promoting more and more freakish fetishes in all the movies Disney makes starting now, thus functioning in the role an ideological groomer.

Tell him that back in the early 1950s (when America was still a White country) we had Operation Wetback in which we deported millions of non-White illegals — and now the state of California gives $300 billion per year worth of free health care to illegals — so now wetbacks get free operations. Now Haitians wade in our rivers, get released into the interior — or hijack buses from ICE and take them god knows where.

Tell him that our State Department now allows freaks to put an “X” on their passport instead of “M” or “F” so they can show the world they’re freaks when they travel internationally.

Tell him that the groomers’ lobby is pushing to vacate the laws protecting children under seven from perverts, so they can initiate the littlest among us into the mysteries of sodomy.

Tell him that in major American cities they won’t prosecute any property crime under a thousand dollars.

Tell him that in District Attorneys’ offices in major American cities, when prosecutors learn that a defendant is an illegal alien, they charge him with a lesser crime so he won’t be subject to deportation.

Tell him that in Massachusetts a judge found out that ICE was “prowling” the court’s corridors looking for a criminal invader — so she arranged for the illegal alien defendant to come back in chambers with his lawyer, then the bailiff turned off the camera for nine minutes — and the illegal alien was told by the judge to run out the back door. Which he did.

Tell him that in 2020 Blacks burned cities and got off scot free — but in 2021 Whites stole a laptop and were the number one domestic terror threat. Then tell him that the Darkening Democrats stole an election, which is more serious than a laptop.

Tell him that an “American” traitor went back to his true homeland of Israel, flying there on plane owned by an “American patriot” — and the traitor was greeted with smiles and open arm by the leader of our “greatest ally.”

Tell him that the accusation against Jews that they have dual loyalty is false; they have single loyalty only — to their fellow Jews.

Point out to him the surfeit of Jews in the current administration; show him that the names look like a list of the players at a mahjong contest in a retirement home in south Florida.

Draw his attention to the fact that we currently have a four-star general who claims to be a “transsexual,” and that the Air Force recently paid tribute to something called “Trans Visibility Day.”

Remind him that “Critical Race Theory,” a Jewish ideology which is currently being force fed to White children in the little grades, teaches our young people to hate their ancestors and themselves.

Highlight the fact that Bill Gates wants White people to eat synthetic beef and bugs and live in a pod.

Hone in on the fact that the immigrant population (both legal and illegal) from Africa is on a steep rise, and that the population of the dark continent is exploding.

Tell him that when a small White town in Michigan voted to keep out a “residential facility” meant to house juvenile illegal Mestizos who were being released into the interior, the Black “civil rights” overlord in the state capital threatened to bring the federal goons in to charge them with charges related to “racism,” and then the city relented.

And point out to him the fact that whenever illegal aliens murder or rape, the media talking heads, reading their scripts, say that “a Texas Man” or “a Utah Man” or the like committed the rape or the murder — as if these non-White invaders had anything to do with Texas or Utah, or they with him.

Naturally, more could be adduced. The litany is a long one. And, if left unchecked, it is lethal in the long run.

* * *

Perhaps he knows some of this, or most of it, but not all of it. Perhaps he agrees with some of it, or most of it, but some of it makes him uncomfortable.

First ask him: What kind of picture does this paint?

Is this a moral country, a decent country, a righteous country? And, more importantly, is this a healthy country and a strong country?

Or is it a sick and debased country on the way out?

And, as to the parts that make him uncomfortable, tell him you can say it’s as ugly as you want, that’s subjective.

But you want him to think about something that is objective.

Is anything you said a lie? Or is it all true?

And if it is all true (as it surely is), what then?

So what about the future? If these and other fresh outrages crop up on the daily when America is still majority White, what will happen when it’s majority non-White?

Let him stew on that one. Let him think it through.

Will Whites simply become another American minority, with all of those superadded “rights”?

Hell, no. Whites will be the most startling thing ever, the first minority in the history of the world that Jews want to eradicate.

Then tell him that Whites are in fact heading to below 50% of the population, and will continue to plummet from there.

Who will be your messiah then?

Tell him that demographics is destiny. That race is the bedrock of all history and all historical analysis.

How does the future look from this angle?

A dark future indeed. So perhaps our conclusions should be more drastic.

And as to the question about America’s capital city, tell him to go under on the under/over. If the bet was 25 years it could perhaps go either way.

People living then will remember 2020 within their living memory.

If you can call it living.

But the odds in the long run that the current Washington, DC will still be called that are not north of zero.

What will it be called?

Floyd City? Not a bad guess. But my guess is Floyd will be on the one.

Nat Turner City.

For in the end it is Nat Turner, more than any other, who is their supreme avatar. A psychopathic Black man let loose to run amok, massacring White people.

Nat Turner City.

Let him stew on that.

Let that nightmare frighten him to his core.

And if his dogmatic slumbers are finally shaken, and he tells you he really is finally ready to get his country back — point out to him that that means he has lost it. And then ask him what makes him think they will give it back if asked nicely. Ask him whether any candidate will ever be allowed to suggest such a thing, or could be elected in Dark America if he did.

It isn’t going to work that way at all.

* * *

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17 April, 2022 11:36 pm

“his pure white obelisk ” That is part of the problem do you not understand dear sir? That is a Freemason symbol. Freemasonry is judaism for the goy. The obelisk is a representation of the male organ. The jews hump the air, the jews have the same type of obelisk built into the supreme court of is-ra-el. So what is a solution to this paradox? It is obvious by now freemasonry is an advanced vanguard of the jews (as proven by the last 1000years or so) ; for the jews have made the claim they made freemasonry which came from most likely the knights templars who beguiled millions of Europeans throughout history to go the “holy land”. Just as freemasonry has beguiled most of the capable business types of White… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  cas
19 April, 2022 9:17 am

Thanks on this item about Freemasons.
There is a den of them no more than
three city blocks from here.

18 April, 2022 12:02 am

HOW TO AWAKEN SOMEONE out of his dogmatic slumbers?

Ask him this question: What are the odds that the city of Washington, DC will still bear that name in fifty years, or that his pure white obelisk pointed at the skies will still be standing in its present form?

Tell him that this Easter we’ve forsaken God and that our god is now that of Kike greed and Kike depravity and Kike Satanism – then see what he replies …

Robert Ferrara
Robert Ferrara
18 April, 2022 9:11 am

Bravo to you Mr. Mercer. Spot on. I could not have written a better article.

KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
18 April, 2022 4:10 pm

I guarantee that if you ask all of those questions presented in the article to the normie you know what he will say? He will just call you a neo nazi or a hate monger and call it a day. Believe me I’ve asked these questions countless times to normies everywhere both libreal and conservative and the responses range from at best apathy and being ignored to at worst being screamed down upon as a “nazi” or a “racist”. Its just hopeless. At this point I just want this country to burn as quickly as possible for all of the damage it has done to the world at the behest of jews. America is the one responsible for the sorry state of this clownworld. The American people were always the… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
18 April, 2022 11:08 pm

Imagine Hitler saying Germany was just hopeless in the 1920s when it reached a nadir as America is now experiencing. Would he also want to burn Germany down? Would he give it all up to the Jews, telling them they’ve won? Would he say that Germany deserved “god’s punishment?”

Instead, Hitler did the opposite of these things, pulled up his own bootstraps and got to work helping to build his organization.

Reply to  KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
19 April, 2022 8:04 am

At this point I just want this country to burn as quickly as possible for all of the damage it has done to the world at the behest of jews. America is the one responsible for the sorry state of this clownworld. The American people were always the biggest kike lap dogs along with the Anglos who happily destroyed western civilization and handed it to the jews in world war two.”

Irrefutable facts and I also agreed that america deserves to be destroyed. DEATH TO AMERICA!

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
Reply to  Tank88
22 April, 2022 5:39 pm

sorry NV Admin….

i completely agree.

this socially arrogant pile of crap country

needs a wake up slap in the

let our actual people wake up


or ……

18 April, 2022 5:59 pm

Unfortunately I find that most people don’t care about the truth. No matter how obvious it is, no matter how much evidence, common sense, and logic you provide, if it’s not politically correct, they really don’t want to discuss it. When they are confronted with the situation our society is in as described above, they don’t think. They just let the jewsmedia do their thinking for them. They are routinely diverted from the truth of any situation that might expose what the jews are and have been doing to our White homeland. Anyone trying to wake up these nimrods will only encounter abuse from them. They have no argument they can defend. They don’t care and don’t want to know. They just want you to go away.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  DICARLO
18 April, 2022 11:01 pm

At this time, the National Alliance isn’t trying to reach most people. Your description of them is apt, Dr. Pierce said similar things about them and characterized them as ‘lemmings.’ They’ll cheer for whoever is winning at the moment and follow the dominant voice.

yet the people we really want with us are those with exceptional moral courage, a sensitivity and appreciation for truth, and of course, men and women both with the ability to get things done. One of the great tasks we face is to build our own dominant voice for our race among other things for generations now and to come. The National Alliance provides the framework, it’s now up to each of us to fill it in and work as a team to get things done.

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
Reply to  DICARLO
19 April, 2022 12:17 pm


Completely hypnotized by the filthy Jewish propaganda of the last 80 years….they just want you to shut up and go away, and leave them alone to watch smelly 7 foot Simians put a ball in a hoop…or switch to Jewflix and watch some other sweaty Nigger sodomize a smiling, compliant White woman….or take their kids on down to Main Street and watch two deceased faggots kiss each other in the latest *pride* parade….

All so they can feel what the Jew has convinced them is *virtuous* and *progressive.*

Wakey wakey time is almost over.

*excellent clarion call Mr. Mercer. Again.

Rommel 41
Rommel 41
18 April, 2022 9:25 pm

Blacks more deadly than nuclear weapons huh ?!! I like it, I like it.
Perhaps we could drop them out of airplanes as a cheap but effective
alternative to our bloated military budget :)

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
19 April, 2022 12:24 pm

Damn i miss the MODERN HERETIC website.

A few Jews shut it down cause it’s absolute Truth was causing lesions on their skin .

Thanks Kikes.

I sure hope NV avoids this fate.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Nat Sosh
19 April, 2022 12:56 pm

I’d like that too, but you know what? It takes supporters to keep this going and to build our strength to make it extremely hard for the Jews or anyone else to mess with us. If 1% of National Vanguard readers gave (or better yet, joined the National Alliance) we could be very tough to take down.

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
22 April, 2022 5:54 pm

i’m real close to thinking about joining.
There are no cons….
And the shekels can’t possibly be an issue.

we’ll see.

if i can use my original email and start off on a completely honest foot…that’ll be fine.

i’ve nothing to prove to anyone

i’ve always loved my race

and am completely mortified by anyone who does not ….simply unacceptable

lately , of course, things have become more ridiculous and repulsive as the hours pass…,

but…that can be addressed in a later newsletter.

19 April, 2022 1:28 pm

Excellent article illustrating the ‘handwriting on the wall’ with its clear and undeniable meaning.

21 April, 2022 10:11 am

I don”t think California approved reparations – yet. I think they approved looking into it and developing a plan. Could be wrong about that though.

25 April, 2022 5:55 pm

From a 60’s sci-fi show that despite of itself in it’s original incarnation was entertaining:

” He’s dead Jim.”

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
28 April, 2022 10:33 am

Your television! Messenger of death!
TV misleads ugly Americans to the 
wrong side of every issue!

The people who steered clear of the 
poison jab have been telling the
deluded TV watchers the same thing 
for a long time.

1 May, 2022 10:17 am

The article starts with the wrong question and is based on a false assumption………that Whites need to awaken and how can we go about achieving this. Well if they could awaken they would have done so by now. The truth of the matter is that their biology blinds them to the truth just like a Reed warbler is blind to the obviously larger and alien Cuckoo parasite it harbors in its nest. In my view the Human Cuckoos, through their activities, are destroying that part of the White population whose genome makes them prone to gullibility, superstition, sentimentalism and lack of racial awareness. It is unfortunate that a very large part of Whites has these weaknesses but it is my hope that those Whites who do survive will be the… Read more »

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Joseph
3 May, 2022 12:19 pm

Joseph: The article starts with the wrong question and is based on a false assumption………that Whites need to awaken and how can we go about achieving this.  — The assumption you say is false is not, and if you bothered to read to the end of Mr. Mercer’s essay, you’d see that he answers the hypothetical question he opened with. [T]he odds in the long run that the current Washington, DC will still be called that are not north of zero. When the parasite directs the mass mind of its host negatively (through ownership and control of its influential news and entertainment industry) that determined part of the awakened White host population who are no longer “prone to gullibility, superstition, sentimentalism and lack of racial awareness” will separate themselves entirely… Read more »