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Honor, Discipline, and Dylann Roof

Roof_100_1688American Dissident Voices broadcast of June 27, 2015

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

JUDGED FROM a Cosmotheist perspective, the recent actions of Dylann Roof — who killed nine Blacks by shooting them in their largely-segregated Charleston, SC church a few days ago — are simultaneously understandable, inevitable, and misdirected. And they may contribute — in ways that neither Roof nor our enemies anticipate — to breaking the stasis that holds White people in our current downward slow-death spiral. (ILLUSTRATION: Dylann Roof; photograph from his LastRhodesian Web site)

What Dylann Roof did on June 17 was understandable for many, many reasons — almost all of which are considered unmentionable by the powers that be in the former United States of America.

It is a fact that some 90 per cent. of interracial violent crime is Black on White in this country. It is also a fact that far more than 90 per cent. of the national news coverage of interracial crime carried in the controlled media concerns allegedly “racist” Whites (or proxies for Whites such as the racially-mixed George Zimmerman) who kill or harm Blacks or other non-Whites. From the Rodney King affair a quarter century ago, to the “unrest” stoked by media outrage over the Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray cases in recent years, there is a repeated pattern of media sensationalism and the deliberate creation of a narrative of alleged nationwide “White racism” to justify Black violence. But when young Whites are raped and tortured and murdered execution-style by Blacks — when a little White boy is blowtorched to death by a Black — when innumerable other crimes against Whites are committed — there is no outrage, and usually no national coverage at all, from the controlled media.

(It’s interesting to note that Dylann Roof’s own actions are now the subject of exactly the same kind of selective media outrage that awakened Roof in the first place. Just as the CIA drone bombings of innocents in the Middle East produces hundreds of new “bin Ladens” for every “terrorist” killed, so too does the Jews’ own overreaching and unabashed hatred of Whites bring new White awakenings every day.)

And Dylann Roof noticed all this. He saw he was being lied to on a massive scale. He saw who the real victims and real perpetrators were. He did research and found White nationalist Web sites that told the truth — the verifiable truth — on these matters. He checked the facts, and even found some of the data on interracial crime on Wikipedia. And, angered because he had been lied to, and by the fact that he saw no real, effective action to counter the liars, he decided that he had to act himself. And he unfortunately decided to make his act an act of mere revenge.

Since Roof’s act of revenge there have been several other mass shootings, two of them in Philadelphia and Detroit in just the last few days. Since these were all Black-on-Black shootings, of which there are hundreds every year, they received close to zero media attention. Not a single network pundit bade us worry about the epidemic of Black crime — which is real — but plenty opined on the almost nonexistent threat of “White racist” violence.

As one astute observer remarked to me recently:

Spree killings are now relatively common among all races in America.

But elites care only about those perpetrated by Whites, especially racially conscious ones. They selectively use such killings to advance the state’s genocidal agenda. If there were no White spree killings at all, nothing would change. There would merely be different excuses and “justifications.” The killings don’t make matters worse (or better) for Whites; they don’t speed up genocide or slow it down.

Three episodes must be separated from run-of-the-mill killings: the activities of The Order in the 1980s, Timothy McVeigh in the 1990s, and Anders Behring Breivik in Norway in 2011. These are of an entirely different degree of sophistication and magnitude than the others. McVeigh, of course, was not a racialist, but he was anti-government.

The 1980s and ’90s already belong to a different era from the standpoint of social and political milieu. Jewish power and hatred has enormously increased in the interim, Whites are on their deathbed, and Big Government is more sinister and extremist than ever. Ominously, Jews keep ratcheting up murderous hatred against Whites. Their shrillness and bloodthirstiness is impossible to ignore.

As far as the other killings go, the most remarkable thing about them is their pointlessness. The perpetrators are aware that they will die or wind up in prison for life. Yet they do not even choose high-value targets. There is essentially no rhyme or reason to their actions. This makes me view them more as symptoms than individuals.

Jews, the Left, and the government are committing genocide. There is no doubt about that. It can be denied, but denial does not alter the fact. When a decision is made to eliminate an entire race of people, never mind a major race of mankind — the first time in history that such an operation has been contemplated and undertaken — there is bound to be a reflex action on the part of the victims, no matter how mild and ineffectual. Spree killers are one such reflex.

My view is that the members of the ruling class responsible for the greatest crime against humanity ever committed should thank their god, the Devil, every night that they have been let off so easily. They don’t, of course, but they should. It is remarkable that basically nothing has happened to them, or will happen to them, apart from a massive increase in their wealth and power. Amerindians put up a far more spirited fight against dispossession than have Whites against intentional genocide which the ruling class itself sanctimoniously declares to be the most serious of all crimes!

They are obviously running a well-oiled killing machine with utmost efficiency.

Since Dylann Roof’s deed, the Jewish power structure has been in double overdrive, seeking to ban the Confederate flag as a “racist symbol,” censor pro-White speech, and ratchet up government persecution of White dissidents, using Roof as an excuse. The media frenzy has been monomaniacal and continuous. The spilling of blood, as it often does, has flushed out the enemy from his hiding places and kicked all of us out of our former stasis, so new dangers — and opportunities — are about to emerge. (Large rallies in the South to oppose the demonization and banning of the Confederate flag are being planned — and the National Alliance will be there, raising racial awareness with this flyer, downloadable here [5.5×8.5 inches and 2-up 8.5×11 inches].)

Dylann Roof’s actions were inevitable because our race still produces men of honor, and men of honor do not go gentle into that good night. A man of honor is not submissive when his loved ones, his family, and the innocent among his folk are killed, tortured, cruelly abused, and enslaved. A man of honor is moved to action when his people are being exterminated and when that willful murder is covered up and justified by lies. A man of honor does not keep silent and do nothing even when keeping silent and doing nothing would result in a painless, easy life. A man of honor steps forward and takes responsibility regardless of personal consequences. As long as our race survives, it will produce men of honor. Honor without discipline, organization, and understanding, however, is ineffective.

Dylann Roof’s understanding was incomplete, and his choice of actions was more than unfortunate — but there will be many more who choose to act in the years to come, men of honor who cannot stand aside and be a spectator to a slaughter of the innocent, to the genocide of our people. And it will be our responsibility to see that those men of honor have a more complete understanding of our people’s plight than did Dylann Roof; it will be our responsibility to ensure that their lives are not wasted on a fruitless gesture of revenge, a slaughter of the innocent among other peoples — while leaving the real murderers unscathed. It will be our responsibility to organize men and women of honor into an organization and a community — and to make that organization the unquestioned vehicle for our people’s rebirth, so that organizational discipline and training and education can direct the energies of such men into a finely-honed and expertly-directed sword that cuts out all of the rot and the evil and, to the maximum extent possible, only the rot and the evil and leaves the innocent unharmed. My vision is not merely one of Dylann Roof being held back from throwing away his life on an unworthy act, but of building a whole new nation — in the beginning, a nation-in-the-making — in which the martial instincts and inborn patriotism of our youth can find a healthy outlet in the defense of our race and our culture, instead of being thrown away murdering innocents in the Middle East for Israel — or murdering innocents in Europe for NATO and the bankers.

Roof’s actions were misdirected because the Blacks that Roof targeted were the least offensive, least dangerous, and among the most self-segregated Blacks imaginable short of actual separatists; and because they and other Blacks have no power to create — and no intellectual ability to engineer — the multidimensional pincer movement of violence, demoralization, moral perversion, wealth transfer, and mass replacement that threatens White survival. Without the agitation and self-interested manipulation of both Whites and Blacks by the Jewish power structure, American Blacks would either be self-segregated to the point of near-harmlessness — or they’d have been placed on the other side of a border or an ocean from us long ago. If Dylann Roof wanted to sacrifice his freedom and his life in order to inspire Whites to awaken to their grave danger, or defend them against those who are engineering their downfall, why target non-Whites who were most likely not involved in any conscious way in the war against us? — who were perceived as merely trying to live their lives in peace? Such a choice helped our enemies enlist the support of empathetic, altruistic, and sympathetic Whites in their efforts to outlaw speech and organizing on behalf of our race.

How different it would have been if, say, three major operatives of the banking cartel that is bleeding us to death — and three bought-and-paid-for Jew-fawning war-criminal White politicians of the most corrupt and sickening type — and three tax-sucking academics whose careers are based on teaching White students to hate their own race and work for its death — had all been removed from the ranks of the living instead. And how different it would have been if — instead of the way of the barbarian, the Mongol, and the Jew, the way of summary execution — these men had been arrested, indicted, tried, convicted, and punished for capital murder, incitement to murder, genocide, war crimes, theft, fraud, and all the rest of their unspeakable crimes, as appropriate.

How different it would have been if such punishment had been meted out not just by an individual outraged at the crimes of the illegal regime and its overlords, but by a group — a government-in-the-making along the lines of the Irish freedom fighters or the PLO — dedicated to restoring freedom, self-government, and self-determination to our people. Call it the Provisional Revolutionary Government of North America if you like. Whatever you call it, it doesn’t exist — yet. And that’s where we have failed the current generation of White youth. That’s where we failed Dylann Roof.

With discipline — with an organizational vehicle for their physical, mental, and moral energy — with a thorough understanding of their people’s history and a firm grounding in who we are in both the biological and historical senses — with a support network of thousands of racial patriots — with a healthy community in which they can find mates and build for the future — and with the moral certainty of a new, unshakable, fighting creed of iron — our future warriors will be assets to a new and rising nation with an unlimited destiny, instead of out-of-control liabilities to a cowed and cowardly herd of domesticated cattle whose highest aspirations are to live without exertion and to die without pain. Building such a vehicle is the task of the National Alliance, which is well expressed in the National Vanguard logotype: Toward a New Consciousness; a New Order; a New People. Join and help us in that great task — today.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance, founded by William Luther Pierce in 1970. This program is published every week at and You can join and support us by visiting — or write to National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. We welcome your support, your inquiries, and your help in spreading our message of hope to our people. Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

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27 June, 2015 11:49 am

Forced amalgamation in America exclusively perverts White society. The hateful city on the Potomac wages war on nature. Some people can only take so much. They either fall apart, fall on the enemy’s sword or exact revenge. Mass killings carried out by the individual will continue across the country.

“The hammer stroke of fate which throws one man to the ground suddenly strikes steel in another.” A.H.

Michael Olanich
Michael Olanich
27 June, 2015 8:00 pm

I know a lot of Southerners don’t want to hear this but we have to move past issues such as the Confederate flag. We all need to recognize as a Race that we are in occupied territory, and, together, we must work for the day when we can erect a new flag that symbolizes our Victory over those whose intent was to exterminate us.

27 June, 2015 8:33 pm

I agree with you Michael. I am a native Southerner with dozens of Confederate ancestors and I dearly love my heritage and our glorious flag. However, I also feel that the attacks on our Southern heritage is just a feint to draw fire and stir up emotions over what, in the grand scheme of things, namely White survival, is insignificant. When our Confederate ancestors were faced with Federal tyranny, they didn’t concern themselves with the flags or events of 1776, they took up arms and addressed the immediate threat. All the smoke and noise about the battle flag is a distraction from the main thrust of the enemy.

Michael Olanich
Michael Olanich
Reply to  Lothar
27 June, 2015 8:45 pm

Thanks, Lothar. You said it better than I could have.

I know many native Southerners hold the Confederacy and its history dear to their hearts, so the last thing I want to do is offend my fellow whites for caring about one aspect of their history.

27 June, 2015 11:21 pm

Dr Pierce predicted such events in his seminal work the Turner Diaries. I have never found fault with anything Dr. Pierce said, and I recall his words and his many broadcasts about the Jewish control of the mass media of News and Entertainment. While the mass media of news and entertainment is in the hands of this elite group we have no chance of reaching the majority of the white population. We can and we do reach the more free thinking elements of the white population. Few have heard about the mass shootings of blacks by blacks, now common in the United States, which makes the recent work of Dylan Roof just another crime. However the media focuses on Roof and neglects the black on black crime for reasons we… Read more »

Michael R
Michael R
28 June, 2015 3:42 am

I wonder how many well-directed Dylann Roofs (or small but effective armies of them) there’ll be when push has really come to shove, and it is evident to everyone that White Americans will face inevitable extinction unless we fight back NOW? I just can’t imagine or see the greatest race in the history of the world, our race, going out so humiliatingly, cowardly, pathetically, and without any resistance (which seems to be a highly probable case, as things now stand).

28 June, 2015 6:46 pm

If we cede the Dixie battle flag to the 14th amendment police state citizens/federalists , what else will we surrender. Should we crawl in silence to the Lincoln monument. You know, the one that has Lincoln emasculated sitting in a chair. Never. The battle flag is bathed in the blood of Southern heroes.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
28 June, 2015 8:58 pm

Mississippi by birth, SC by tenure. I can tell you from
first-hand experience that the enemy here is not so much
the Jew, but his twisted spawn, the Christian.

29 June, 2015 8:55 am

A good way to fight the propoganda of the mass media is using comment sections of major news organizations. By concentrating on facts such as opinion polls opposing mass immigration, black on white crime, affirmative action and AIDS infection rates amongst blacks we can get a lot more people to become racially aware. If the posts are removed or censored as is often the case then its even better as this can be used to our advantage. I usually post something like “Why are my posts being removed. What has this publication got to hide? I guess my arguments are so strong that I need to be shut up?”. If our opponents do engage us in argument within the comment section its usually us that win, we must do because… Read more »

Michael Olanich
Michael Olanich
Reply to  Mark
29 June, 2015 10:53 pm

I totally agree with you Mark, we need to saturate the comments sections of major news websites. This is a concrete thing that everyone can do, without much effort. One thing to also remember is that many news websites are getting wise to this activity, and are removing their comments section altogether!

Bill Rhyes
Bill Rhyes
29 June, 2015 10:17 pm

A very good article. However, the Blacks that were killed during the Roof reprisal killings were not innocent people. They were the black movers & shakers in that city & were heavily involved in very serious anti-White activities designed to incite non-Whites to commit acts of violence against Whites while also creating more perverse White guilt among our folk. The “Black Lives Matter” movement was just one of the anti-White activities that those Blacks were involved with – actually leading it in that area & that is a movement that incites non-Whites to commit violence against Whites.
In Defense Of Dylann Roof – The Might Is Right Power Hour

10 November, 2017 12:25 am

This article is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever read. If you don’t want whites to be humiliated, then stop humiliating yourselves with insane articles like this. Y’all are so afraid of humiliating yourselves that you humiliate yourselves. What’s really pathetic is that y’all are so fragile that you feel humiliated by simply seeing the prospect that people who look like you might not always rule the world. I saw a perfect meme somewhere that pointed out how straight white men can’t find a word to refer to their own persecution, so they steal the words for persecution of other groups to apply to themselves for dramatic emphasis. In this article you claim white people are facing genocide and slavery. That’s one of the most ridiculous statements I have… Read more »

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
24 September, 2020 1:04 pm

Roof vs Alcala Dylann Roof murdered 9 innocent people in a clearly racially motivated attack. However, what about Rodney Alcala? Alcala was a Mayan Indian who raped and murdered up to 130 white women, including little girls. Had he lived in the Pacific Northwest at that time, or inland, or in parts of the Midwest, then maybe it could be argued that his mass killing spree was not racially motivated. However, he committed his evil deeds between Southern California and Texas between 1968 and 1979. There is simply no way that his murders were not racially motivated. Samuel Little or Gary Ridgway killed women who were around them, regardless of race. Rodney Alcala murdered white females, and ONLY white females! This despite the fact that there were a high percentage… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
9 October, 2021 11:25 pm

Will Americans ever decide 
to muster the internal 
fortitude to rise and protest
their own needless murder, 
this frantic formula for 
fatal frenzy designed for 
the hallowed purpose of 
social control? Frankly, 
my dear, it sure doesn’t 
look like they will, 
judging by the number 
of dumbed down morons 
who simply take the jab
and die.