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Deprogramming Whites from the Cult of Anti-Whiteism

by H. Millard

IN George Orwell’s 1984, the masses are bombarded with slogans such as Freedom Is Slavery, War Is Peace, and Ignorance Is Strength.

Now, to our ears these slogans sound absurd and internally contradictory, but in the fictional society of the book these took on meanings that seemed to make sense to the masses much as some of our absurd real-world slogans today seem to make sense to the masses. Read on, and you’ll see how fabricated “truths” can sometimes be believed.

In 1984, Freedom Is Slavery meant that if one has too much freedom one may waste one’s life seeking nothing but pleasure instead of doing meaningful things. (And “meaningful things” was defined by Big Brother, of course.)

War Is Peace meant that if the nation is in a constant war state, the populace should not be concerned with any real or imagined failings of the government because the government is protecting them from outside enemies and thus they should be happy with it.

Ignorance Is Strength meant that one would be happier and more contented if one didn’t always insist on discovering the objective truth of everything but simply accepted the “truths” fabricated by the rulers.

Today, in our non-fiction reality, you have no doubt heard the mindless and utterly stupid clichés uttered by brainwashed Whites that remind one of Orwell’s 1984 such as: “There is only one race, the human race.”Don’t judge a person by the color of his skin.” “There is systemic oppression/racism.”

And you’ve also heard Whites who actually like being White being called racists (and not in a good way) and you’ve seen the constant TV commercials and TV shows in which mixed-race couples are portrayed as smiling lovers or are happily married.

You’ve also seen and heard about how democracy is the best form of governance and that, if a simple majority votes into law things such as free abortions or same-sex “marriages,” then these things are good and desirable — or that if a law is written by elected officials then it also must be good, because in both cases it is the “will of the people” and, golly, ain’t democracy just swell?

Welcome to the new era of brainwashing of Whites to trick us into miscegenating or otherwise working against our own best interests and committing racial suicide and bringing about the extinction of ourselves and our kind.

Modern brainwashing — thought reform, you might call it — doesn’t require that you be isolated or sleep-deprived as you may have seen in movies. It is more subtle than that and relies on widespread and almost instantaneous modern social media and technology, and constant and rapid immersion in negative images of Whites who like being White and positive images of Whites who mix and mate with non-Whites.

Many Whites are taken in by such thought reform practices and soon become “anti-racists” and even begin hating their own race. The most noticeable of these are the ones who were allegedly strong, street-tough pro-White activists who have “seen the light” (cue angelic music) and who now hate the Whites who are strong White advocates.

These formerly “racist” sad sacks are often sent to schools to convince White kids that being White and liking it is not a good thing and is evil. They’ll usually look and act “cool,” come off (they hope) as the “baddest of the bad,” flash their “White power” or “Nazi” tattoos, and “talk tough” — and then they’ll tell the wide-eyed young Whites how it was that they saw the evil of their White ways and White thoughts and changed their minds and how they now love non-Whites and how sorry they are for ever having liked being White and how they are now so happy to be one with “decent humanity” again after having once been recruited by evil White racists into their previous “false” thinking and actions. Yawn.

* * *

Here are three of the major steps used in brainwashing Whites into becoming part of the cult of anti-Whiteism. These are mostly done today in ways that are more subtle than they sound below, but they are definitely being done.

1. Your personal and collective sense of identity as a White person is attacked and your self and group confidence is broken down. You are constantly assaulted with propaganda that falsely says your race is not distinct or unique in any way, and that there is “only one race, the human race” — and that if your eyes tell you differently, they are lying. Skin color, the propaganda falsely states, is not important and is a mere trifle such as different colors of paint on otherwise identical automobiles.

2. You are told that you are “bad” or “evil” if you believe that race is real and meaningful, and you are made to feel full of guilt for believing that Whites are different from non-Whites. You are told that you have some sort of unearned and illegitimate “White privilege” just because you were born with White skin, and that you must work to overcome this “White privilege” in order to be a good person. You are led to hate yourself and other Whites for the “evil racist” thoughts that you might think, even be subconscious ones, which are an inherent part of your Whiteness itself. But then you are led to believe that your “inner White racism” isn’t really your fault because evil White racists, or the endemic racism of White society, have tricked you into such beliefs.

3. These things are all aimed at breaking down your personality and making you feel shame and guilt so you can be manipulated into having new thoughts and behaviors implanted in you. You are now full of tension. The tension is then released by giving you an “out” which will let you escape from your internal shame and guilt. You simply need, they tell you, to confess and admit to your past wrong-think and wrong-behaviors and renounce such beliefs and behaviors (similar to Catholic confession or getting things off your chest) — and by admitting that you were wrong and how you have now “seen the light” and “know in your heart” that all races are the same and that therefore racemixing and miscegenation are just fine. With this confession, you are released from the internal tension and start to feel good about the “new you.” At this point you are completely brainwashed into new thinking and new behaviors — and you may even become an “anti-racist hero” such as the aforementioned former White racists who go to schools to scare kids into not wanting to be White and hating themselves and other Whites for being born White.

How does one resist such anti-White brainwashing?

a) Develop a strong sense of White identity. It’s okay — even great — to be White, to think White, to act White, to like being White. It is who and what you are born to be. Love yourself and your people. Always be your White self and don’t try to ape the ways of non-Whites to be acceptable to them or to anyone who doesn’t like Whiteness.

b) Develop a deep, strong, and unshakable belief in a higher power and His or Its just and fair laws and rules for living, which are often written in Nature itself as natural laws, that are always to be followed no matter what human public opinion says, or what laws humans may enact. This higher power and His/Its laws is strong medicine against being brainwashed. It requires you to overcome the thought that humans can do whatever they want so long as they have “democratically” enacted laws or public opinion that say something profoundly sick or unnatural or genocidal against Whites is “okay.”

So, for example, if you wrongly believe that what is right and good is determined by public opinion or a simple majority vote, then you might say that same-sex “marriage” is good or that homosexuality is good or that transgenderism is good or that abortion of healthy pure White babies is good, because you’d falsely believe that they must be good because a “democratically elected” ruler or a poll says so. But this is a wrong conclusion, because public opinion and a majority vote do not and should not determine what is right and good.

In contrast, if you truly and deeply believe that a higher power has revealed laws that, for example, say marriage is only between a man and a woman, or that homosexuality is wrong, or that”transgenderism” is wrong, or that the abortion of pure White babies is wrong, and that these things are evil and are forbidden by God, then one is able to resist the brainwashing.

Muslims usually have this over non-Muslims in that most Muslims really believe that their Sharia law comes from God via the Koran, and not from man. Whites need to have this level of belief that our White laws also come from God and not from man, and that the laws of God that Arman has received by revelation and inspiration really are from God. It’s true. Believe it! And, the most important law from God for our kind alone is that we must remain separate from all other races for all time, and not mix with them, and never mate with them.

c) Surround yourself, physically and online, with Whites who think as you do and avoid those who don’t think as you do.

d) Study biology, genetics, and race on your own so you have a strong intellectual foundation about these subjects as they truly are and not as claimed by anti-White professors or other “experts” who are often afraid of losing their jobs or prestige if they question the falsehoods about race and Whiteness that are now being taught.

e) Ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

You have a right to exist, and you have a right to want your people to exist. In fact, you need your people to exist if you are to continue to exist in the genes you pass on after your death by having had pure White children. You are an individual, but you are also part of other individuals much like yourself, who are your people — White people. What is good for White people is generally good for you as an individual White person. Know that you are a good person and your belief in Whiteness is good, not evil.

* * *

©2022 H. Millard

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13 October, 2021 1:48 pm

Today, as normal White people go about their daily lives, work, entertainment, whatever, there are another couple hundred thousand vibrant 3rd worlders crossing our “borders”, or preparing to. They are being allowed to invade, by “your” supposed “leaders”. This blatantly treasonous act is designed to destroy this country from within, to cause irreversible damage. You are to be made to pay for them to replace you, and you dare not stop them. Meanwhile, your children are brainwashed to hate their own kind, to hate the civilization that took a thousand generations to build. Your “mainstream media” twists and perverts everything it touches, just like the old soviet Pravda; and you are expected to accept every lie. You are to accept every increasingly putrid utterance by parasitic vermin, and you will… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
13 October, 2021 9:00 pm

This not an item premature! Programmed
Whites are already stumbling all over each
other in lining up for their government-

pj dooner
pj dooner
16 October, 2021 1:38 pm

“It’s who you love” is another mantra that I’ve been hearing a lot of lately not only on the jew-controlled media but from simpletons parroting what they hear on it. In other words, it’s a beautiful thing if a white women marries a half-Samoan, half-Egyptian, transgender nutcase or if a white man marries a coal-black, Dinka spear-chucker because “it’s who you love”!

Rockwell's Ghost
Rockwell's Ghost
19 October, 2021 11:24 am

Big Brother was the jew Emmanuel Goldstein, Orwell was warning us long ago.

20 October, 2021 1:03 pm

<i>How does one resist such anti-White brainwashing? </i> The way to sucess is so: We do not acknowlege anything to the other side. Not the slightest thing. In discussion we say that our concern is the life of our children, our folk and kinsmen first. Those who want to kill us or those who want us to believe that we owe anything to foreigners are not our friends. We will never convince them, therefore: why should we give them anything? It will not be enough, they will want more and more. That is the downward way to our death. So it is the neccessary thing to stop the way to death at the beginning and with clear words. Note: I am German and my comment is from Germany and I… Read more »

Ted Ford
Ted Ford
11 December, 2021 5:06 am

I agree with all of this and I like it. We need firm faith and diligent scientific study too. We need faith to free us from the anti-White brainwashing, which gets a strong hold on us through its pervasiveness, emotionalism, and social authority. We need faith to stop the anti-White propaganda around us from entangling us again. We need faith to keep us on the right track when other priorities seem pressing, and we feel weak, and temptation is strong. We need faith most of all when we are very young. You can’t tell children who are being lured into forbidden company, “don’t go with those people. There is a case for that suggestion, and you may understand it when you have done university courses in genetics and statistics.” We… Read more »