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A Cringeworthy Ad

by Andrew Hamilton

WHITES POSSESS innate psychological and emotional traits that Jews consciously and instinctively exploit to their advantage. Underlying all else is inborn Jewish dominance. Jews are naturally dominant over every race on earth, including Whites. Other factors, such as Gentile ambition, self-centeredness, and greed; “fear of the Jews” (fright at the entire gamut of economic, social, legal, psychological, and physical terrorism at their disposal) — or, alternatively, admiration for Jewish brutality — and so forth, play a role as well. 

Whites love to blame their own people — not themselves, personally, but their own kind — for evil thoughts, words, and deeds that Jews are objectively responsible for. Exculpating Jews and blaming Whites or Gentile non-Whites when the facts do not warrant it imparts a sense of moral superiority. Thus, Jews alone among the peoples of the world are virtually never held accountable for their crimes or innumerable lies. Instead, innocent or less guilty parties — even victims, particularly galling if you have a sense of justice — are blamed. The reason for this preferential treatment is hard to discern, but as a brute fact it is undeniable.

Whites admire money, and Jews have it. Whites are awed by the display of great wealth, and Jews ostentatiously flaunt it. Whites venerate social status — Jews are very high status. Class-wise, Jews can never be haughtily looked down upon the way so many Whites can be. Whites esteem power, and Jews possess it. Whites envy (but don’t practice in their natural habitat) unrestricted sexual license, and Jews sexually exploit and prostitute good-looking Gentiles without inhibition, remorse, or conscience. Observe all the attractive young female TV anchors and reporters in New York City, or actresses in Hollywood, who have Jewish boyfriends or husbands. Whites view Jews as more intelligent than themselves, and admire that, too. Jews are society’s main intellectuals and comprise the core of academia.

The deepest-dyed philo-Semites perceive Jews as especially holy and ethical, a recurring theme in their many hosannas to the race.

One such American, a White businessman, published an expensive display ad, twice, a decade apart, in a local Jewish community newspaper under the headline “What the Jewish people have meant to me.” He said: “What makes the Jewish people so special? Is it the total commitment to a friendship? The respect and love for their country [he wisely omitted to say which one] . . . generous to a fault, if it means ideals . . . caring for their fellow man . . . helpful, loving and honest.” (Ellipses and touch-and-go grammar in the original.)

The businessman extravagantly praised 26 local Jews by name — apparently personalization of this kind is important to them. The list included his physician of 25 years, his attorney, his two clothiers, his first business customer, and a Jew “who taught me that you could be very wealthy and yet remain very humble.” Another, Brown, “likes to say that he made me a wealthy man. Thanks Al, but before you, I had lots of help!” (I.e., the other Jews mentioned.)

Another man “sheds happiness wherever he goes,” and five, all individually named, possessed “the same generous smile and warmth.” Then there was the “little rabbi who told me at a Lubavitch dinner that I should be doing more for the young Jewish people. Little did he know that I belong to Calvary Lutheran!”

There wasn’t a bad apple in the bunch.

He concluded, “May God bless you all. I thank you all for being my friends.”

Particularly odious in light of how much Jews have done to foul sexual relationships and mores among Whites, destroy the family, and bring about White population collapse and racial destruction through mixing, replacement migration, and anti-White laws, the turd said, “How come only men? Where were all the Jewish girls? Simple . . . there weren’t any. My one fling was handled by a very lovely girl. She taught me respect and that her future did not include me.” He was White, you see.

The asshole talked and acted exactly like billionaire conglomerateur Warren Buffett, who’s the same kind of philo-Semite, albeit a slightly more calculating one.

The businessman was in love. Especially striking was his sweeping generalization “the Jewish people.” He wasn’t talking about individual Jews, he was talking about all Jews, the entire group.

His perception, which fanatic philo-Semites all share, signifies pathological moral deficiency. Genuine morality and philo-Semitism are incompatible. They are a contradiction in terms. Show me a philo-Semite and I’ll show you a fundamentally immoral person. What Jesus said 2,000 years ago remains true today: “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.”

The alleged outer beauty I cannot see, but its luster is apparently evident to others.

The important lesson is that not all Whites think alike, and some harbor ardent, irrational (emotional), unrequited adoration for Jews. They wish they could be Jews (Harvard University political science professor Robert Putnam is another example), and there is nothing they would not do for them. Nothing.

In the great race war, such people grant no quarter to their fellow Whites, and no quarter must be granted in return.

* * *

Source: Author and Counter-Currents

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Christopher Strenta
Christopher Strenta
18 May, 2016 10:48 pm

It is a fact that some of the most virulent, articulate, sarcastic, snide, and hardcore “antisemites” (usually labeled “self hating jews”) have indeed been Jews: Bobby Fischer, Benjamin H. Freedman, Samuel Roth, Nathanael Kapner etc… Just some food for thought.

19 May, 2016 12:50 am

In his seminal, if not insane work entitled ‘You Gentiles’ Maurice Samuel gave the quintessential difference between Jews and gentiles. Jews are serious and gentiles are not, and by this he meant (among other things) that gentiles operate according to a code of behaviour – The Marquis of Queensberry rules and Jews operate by one rule only – what is best for the Jews. Though the Marquis of Queensberry rules represent honorable behaviour it is behaviour that may not always work for the best interests of white people given our current predicament. This is why criticism of the Jews becomes an irrelevant and pointless exercise. Jews work according a morality that is based entirely on what is best for the Jews. They do not care about what is best for… Read more »