A War of Words

by Angelicus

NEARLY forty years ago, a distinguished professor of Classics and philologist who was also a political activist who dedicated his life to fighting the JWO (Jewish World Order) began to talk about “the semantic war.” I was very young then and I never met him; I only learnt about it many years later thanks to some of his former students, people who on average are fifteen years older than I.

Let’s begin with the Greek word semantikos that means, precisely, meaning.

The professor argued that the academic world and the media, completely controlled by the Jews, had started corrupting the meaning of many words and introducing new ones with the purposes of a) corrupting and subverting our languages and culture via misinformation; and b) creating a new language to better spread their poisonous message.

He called this subversive activity “semantic war” and, quite rightly, considered it very important and serious. By destroying and perverting the original and proper meaning of words, the enemy created a new language and therefore, a new reality. This was already imagined and described by George Orwell in his famous novel 1984 written during the 1940s. In the totalitarian state described by Orwell, there is a new language called “Newspeak.” The ruling party (the English Socialist Party) of the imaginary state of Oceania created this new language to ensure a quick and efficient indoctrination of the people. One of Orwell’s Newspeak’s characteristics (and also a characteristic of the current one) is its simplicity, achieved by drastically “pruning” the vocabulary.

Regarding this last point, it is worth noting the growing meagreness of the vocabulary employed nowadays, particularly by the people under 40 years of age. In my country (Argentina) this process of degradation of the language started in the early 1980s with a reform of the educational system. Of course, the purpose of this reform was to “dumb down” new generations, making them more pliable and docile. The level of true literacy among most people under 40 in Western countries nowadays is very poor — and that of those under 25 is appalling.

The similarities between Orwell’s Newspeak and the present one are impressive and frightening. In the traditionally White countries (including Europe, the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, and others) is state-sponsored cultural terrorism and tyranny. The vague expression Politically Incorrect is the modern equivalent of Orwell’s “crimethink” or “thought crime,” ideas or thoughts which are considered by our rulers and theur sycophants to be subversive and therefore criminal. In 1984 the government decides what is “correct” and what is “incorrect”; today we have a corporate/Jewish/governmental combine that might as well be called “the government”; and, as in the novel, there is neither escape nor mercy for those guilty of crimethink or Politically Incorrect ideas or expressions.

Our enemies operate at two levels: They distort/corrupt the proper meaning and etymology of old words, and they creates new ones with clear political and ideological meanings and messages. We shall look at some examples of both categories.

One of the best examples of the former category is the word “nazi.” This vile word was popularized, not surprisingly, by a Jew named Konrad Heiden (1901-1966). Its origin goes back to the XVIII century. It was born in Bavaria/Bayern and it was the short form of Ignaz (Ignatius); but it was also used to describe a dim-witted, clumsy fellow. It was precisely with this latter meaning in mind that Heiden used it. The original National Socialists didn’t use that word to describe themselves. The slur was quickly adopted by the Jewish international press and became accepted worldwide. Thanks to the endless repetitions of the media, totally controlled by the Jews since 1945, it has become so ingrained in the people’s minds that even some National Socialists and National Socialist sympathizers use it today. And the media had much more than mere repetition of an insulting word in mind: They have made sure also that the word “nazi” — like the words and expressions racist, White separatist, and White nationalist — have become a synonyms for cruelty, brutality, and extreme wickedness.

“Fascist” is another one the left’s favourite slurs (and now one of the right’s too). Let’s look at the origin of the word. The Italian word fascio means “bundle – sheaf.” It derives from the Latin fascis that means the same. In ancient Rome, a consul was escorted by 12 lictors who carried a fascis, that is a bundle of sticks that symbolized their power to punish unruly citizens or criminals by flogging them. The fascis was surmounted by a small axe that symbolized their power to execute those found guilty of serious crimes. It also, from ancient times, symbolized “strength in community” — the bound sheaf of sticks cannot be easily broken, as a single stick can.

In recent centuries the word fascio took on a different meaning. It was used to describe a political movement of revolutionary character. In 1919 Mussolini created the Fasci Italiani di Combatimentto (Italian Groups of Combat) and in 1921 he changed the name to Partito Nazionale Fascista (Fascist National Party) its members called themselves fascisti (fascists). Mussolini was proud of the glorious Roman empire and chose the fascio as a symbol of the new Italy. Fascism was the first movement to defend the people from Comunism using the same violent methods being used to attack them. Therefore the word fascist became a synonym for “enemy” among the Reds who soon learnt to fear Mussolini’s blackshirts.

In the 1930s, in the decadent Western “democracies” (USA, England, France, Spain, etc) the “intellectuals,” most of them pro-Marxist, imposed the communist version of the word on the rest of us, and made “fascist” and “fascism” synonyms for brutality, intolerance, and tyranny; in short, all the “virtues” that accurately characterize our race’s enemies. With the complete left/Jewish takeover of the media and educational system in the Western world after 1945, the words “fascist” and “fascism” have lost their true meaning and essentially become generalized epithets of opprobrium in the mouths of our “liberal” and “conservative” enemies and the ignorant majority. If your boss is a bully he/she “is a fascist”; if your neighbour is rude or arrogant he/she is a fascist; if you disagree with a leftie or a normie, you are a fascist.

[The degree to which our language has been corrupted by the Jews and their allies is starkly illustrated by the fact that those of us striving to communicate clearly and honestly must constantly put numerous terms in quotation marks to indicate that we dissent from the corrupted meanings now prevalent. — Ed.]

Another word whose meaning has been completely subverted and corrupted by the enemy is discriminate. It comes from the Latin verb discriminare and means distinguish or differentiate. To go a bit further, let’s look at the composition of the word; the prefix dis means separate and crimen means fault or offense; therefore for the Romans it had a very important ethical meaning, because it was the process by which a person charged with a criminal offense would be declared guilty or innocent.

To discriminate is part of the natural mental process by which we can make (we hope) the right decision or choice, and it is something that we must do daily. However, according to today’s Newspeak, it has become a crime to do so. In the Bolshevik society in which we live today, White people are not allowed to choose with whom they would like to work or to live, perhaps the most fundamental freedom of all, one that is ultimately necessary for a people’s very existence. So the word itself, though there are many kinds of discrimination besides the racial or ethnic variety (remember the old phrase “discriminating shoppers choose our store” and the like?), the term itself has become a tainted one.

The word racism is another example of the enemy’s perverse habit of distorting the proper meaning of certain words. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary ( racism is: “…the theory that human characteristics and abilities are determined by race.” That is essentially true. However, after the worldwide victory of international Jewry in 1945, the word has lost its original/true meaning and it has become a synonym for “racial supremacism,” “hate,” and “oppression” (things, by the way, that the Jewish power structure is actually guilty of). Racism or racialism should simply mean the realistic view that racial differences should not be ignored and that each race/people should endeavour to preserve its unique characteristics by preserving its purity.

The evolution of medical and scientific science applied to the study of human races during the late 19th century proved categorically the unbridgeable gap that separates the human races, the indisputable superiority of the White or Aryan race, and how absurd — and nefarious — it would be to go against Nature by denying racial differences and promoting miscegenation. The fact is that since the end of the 19th century and up to 1945, racism (properly defined) was an idea that enjoyed wide support among the majority of White people. Had racism really been what its enemies claimed it was, most Africans, for example, would have been killed between 1870 and 1914, the heyday of European imperial expansion. Instead, their numbers burgeoned under White rule.

Therefore, racists, meaning the advocates of and believers in racism, should not be ashamed of that word. The popular image of the “racist” — a brutal thug, perhaps a skinhead or “nazi” or “redneck” who enjoys beating up people of other races — is primarily an invention of Hollywood. That means: a Jewish invention. A true racist puts the welfare and the future of his race above everything else, but this does not mean the killing or oppression of other races who are doing him and his no harm. Remember the virile words of the late John Tyndall (1934-2005):

We can make a start by not being ashamed at being “racist.” So the next time they call you this don’t be apologetic; surprise them by looking them straight in the eye and saying: “So what?”

Another word which has been totally subverted and ruined is gay. It came from the French gai and it meant, joyful, happy, cheerful. In French it has retained its original meaning. The word “gay” began to be used by homosexuals to refer to themselves in the US during the 1920s. But it was not until the 1960s when the word became popular, thanks to the glorification of homosexuality and degeneracy by the American Jewish intellectuals. Here is a long and interesting article about the origins and history of the word:

[Frank Kameny, a prominent homosexual Jew in the Washington, DC area for decades, was very successful in popularizing the homosexual meaning of the word, and received extensive and positive press notice for his “gay is good” campaign, which began in the late 1960s. — Ed.]

Let’s look now at some of the new words created by the enemy to shape a new, false reality in the minds of our people:

Sexism: A ridiculous word closely related to “discrimination” in today’s Newspeak. In fact, it means “discrimination based on sex/gender,” of course, this only applies to “evil males,” just as racism (in its false, Newspeak version) only applies to White people. The word was invented by the man-hating American feminists of the 1960s and, of course, was based on the success of the “racism” slur. As a White, heterosexual man, you are guilty on both counts, always, because, according to these hateful harpies, all White men are guilty.

A sub-product of the neurotic feminist mindset is the erasure of any word that denotes sex (they prefer the word gender; sex just sounds too immutable); for example, actress, headmistress, sculptress, etc. How ironic it is that these “feminists,” in their obsession with an imagined “equality,” are not only corrupting the English language but also eliminating references to themselves as females as if they were ashamed of it! Instead of actresses, for example, the idiots prefer to be called actors — and instead of headmistresses they prefer headteachers or directors as they are “gender-neutral.”

African-American: A pathetic expression employed by morons who are terrified of being accused of “racism” for calling a Black person a Black person. I will never be offended if someone describes me as a White person — because that is what I am. In fact, many Black men and women are not offended by being called “Black” — in fact, if you look at the Web sites, books, and magazines created by Blacks in the US, almost none of them use the term African-American — a ridiculous descriptor coined by the terminally timid and fearful.

Multiracial/biracial: Though they might be less egregious as the others in that they have a true literal meaning, these are new “polite” words to describe what used to called mongrel or half-caste. Interestingly the word “caste” comes from the Latin castus which means pure, from that we also get chaste (a person that leads a virtuous life) and chastity (free from improper sexual intercourse). The racial connotation comes from the Spanish, where casta meant race, lineage, or breed and in that sense entered into the English language as caste towards the end of the 16th century.

Inuit: This is the new and “correct” form now used to describe an Eskimo, a member of the Mongoloid ethnic group that inhabits parts of Siberia, Alaska, northern Canada, and Greenland. The funny thing is, that Inuit properly used is just one of the two sub-groups or tribes (the other is the yupik) that belong to the Eskimo ethnic group. There is nothing wrong with the term Eskimo.

Native American: One of the most absurd and inaccurate words coined by the left, which shows their usual ignorance and contempt for everything that goes against their ideas. The word “native” derives, as usual, from the Latin nativus: “innate — natural — produced by birth.” It became natif in Old French, native in English and nativo in Spanish. By the 15th century its meaning had subtly changed to “born in a particular place,” “of indigenous origin,” “of or pertaining to one by birth.”

Therefore to apply and limit the expression only to the Amerindians is inaccurate since every person born on the American continent is a native American by the rather loose modern meaning of the term “native.” Such an expression is really useless to those of us who recognize the reality and primacy of race, as it does not tell us anything about such a “native,” who may be of any race these days.

Even the terms American Indians/Amerindians are less than optimal. The proper word to refer to the early inhabitants of the American continent, who, by the way, were called “Indians” by the earliest European explorers because they mistakenly believed they had arrived in the Indies, is aborigines (“the first or earliest inhabitants”), which comes from the Latin expression ab origine that means “from the beginning.” And we may have to revise even that usage if the hypothesis that early Europeans, such as the Solutreans, came to North America first, is proved beyond any doubt.

* * *

I think that these few examples are sufficient. Our attitude towards this imposed Newspeak should be one of resistance. This means we should never use any of the new, ridiculous, mind-bending, or weaponized words invented by our enemies as they want us to use them. And we should denounce the perverse misuse and distortion of our old words. Remember: By using the language of our enemies were are not only cooperating with and helping them, but legitimizing their ideas.

* * *

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30 July, 2021 6:19 pm

Loved this article.
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But the old words will never desert me.

da elpaso man
da elpaso man
30 July, 2021 7:30 pm

The constant use of quotation marks is interesting.
I remember a description of a Jew living in France
in the ’60s, who played off the German and French
forms of communication against each other. He por-
trayed German authenticity as unimaginative naive-
té, incapable of irony & ulterior motives. Something
like this: There would be two levels of communicati-
on – lower and higher. Germans mastered only the
lowly developed first level: saying what one thinks.
French, on the other hand, use higher eloquence:
they “hint at what they mean” in order to demand
mental skill from a listener to guess what’s meant.
He who misses the message is labeled provincial.

da elpaso man
da elpaso man
30 July, 2021 7:44 pm

Then: “How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?”

Today: “Do you still claim that there is a difference between
the races, except that the white race is fundamentally bad?”

Or: “What is the magic number of the
gassed that must not be questioned?”

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
31 July, 2021 7:50 am

I think this article goes to the root of militant Jewry. Before they take over the money and the press, they formulate the language and ideas behind the language. That the Jews are good at this is beyond question, but the magic is that they are only 2% of the population. How can they possibly succeed? Enter the mass of white humanity that are just looking for a paycheck, any paycheck, and there you have it. But what must be at the core of such people is a total disregard for their posterity, their children, those following generations. Of that, they don’t seem to have a care. There was a king in ancient Israel who was told by a prophet that Israel would fall, just not in his lifetime, instead… Read more »

Rockwell's Ghost
Rockwell's Ghost
31 July, 2021 8:09 am

Outstanding article.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
31 July, 2021 11:32 am

The higher things–such as words and images, writing and art—yield the most power.

The White people that I have worked with over the years literally despised me for being interested, and practicing, art and literature. But then, I worked in warehouses, electrical supply houses, and lumberyards–some tough people there.

It is a shame that it seems to be mostly the Left that is interested in these things.

“Conservatives” pride themselves in being “practical” and don’t care too much about art and literature, and that has its place. But that is why when I meet a brilliant person who is not on the Left, I know that he or she cannot be conservative.

Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
1 August, 2021 5:11 pm

Well observed Arvin. Many years ago a champion boxer told the media he was raised in a “tough place”. I went to the same school as he did. It was noted for producing many musicians and teachers. The boxer and his attitude made his own environment tough. Near me is my communications radio and every day I hear the unfailingly polite conversations of hundreds of intelligent truck drivers and farmers who are deliberately making each others’ lives easier. Unfortunately you encountered the ubiquitous resentfuls who believe ‘thinking is an antisocial activity’ and a challenge to their culture, and they therefore don’t use it. We make our own conscious world. If we don’t have enough mental experiences to expand our brain connections we lose our individuality and powers.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
Reply to  truthweed
2 August, 2021 10:00 am

Now that was well-said, Weed. Gets into the mystical, which I believe contains a lot of truth. Awareness is little-valued in our society. Christianity has done many good things but I think it actually short-circuits a person’s spiritual awareness. I think that this might be in the background, forming a large part of the resentfulness that these embittered people operate out of.

Reply to  truthweed
8 August, 2021 5:30 pm

Excellent observation! It is up to each of us to improve ourselves. The Germans have a saying that can be translated as “Make your own luck and then you will have it”. What Arvin has said reflects how successful the Jews have been in marketing the (false) idea that only Marxists/Lefties are interested in culture. To some extent, this could be explained by the awful intellectual poverty of North American conservatism. We who were brought up in the European tradition (in Argentina the emphasis was on French and German philosophy and literature) knew that the so-called “right” had far superior thinkers. Let’s not forget that in the 1960s the Jews imposed, not only in the US but all over the Western world, the concept of “cultural revolution” which was 100%… Read more »

1 August, 2021 10:53 am

Without words, JEWS ARE POWERLESS. This is why they MUST control every nook and cranny of the propaganda machine. Just look how they’ve now captured the internet and, like guided missiles, are destroying all Conservative voices and websites. And we do nothing but wait, we sheep. Well, it’s coming. You won’t have to wait much longer for the slaughter.

8 August, 2021 2:09 pm

Thanks for putting it all into words for us Angelicus. I often asked the media mafia to define ‘right wing’. None could. They used the term as an expression of abuse. If something is right wing (or conservative) it is bad and if something is bad it is right wing. Media presenters even described unpopular doctrinaire communists as right wing. Consider also the Roman’s word ‘exterminate’. It does not mean ‘to kill’, it means ‘to place outside ones border’. Years ago I remember an accounting subject being discussed on a radio program. The presenter mentioned accounting in Germany and that the German description of money owed was translated into English as ‘guilt’. Not so, it translates as ‘liability’, the same expression that is used in English. The presenter was making… Read more »

Reply to  Truthweed
13 August, 2021 8:24 pm

Hello Truthweed! You do very well in collecting old dictionaries. I do not have a Spanish one but I do have a classic small Oxford Dictionary of the English language, which I think is from the 1960s. I would say that dictionaries post-1980 are not to be trusted. As far as I know, “La Real Academia Española” (The Royal Spanish Academy) the body that preserves the purity of the Spanish language has, so far, resisted all the attempts by the Marxists to (A) Modify the definition of certain words (B) Eliminate certain words, and (C) Include some ridiculous and subversive words. Looking for good, reliable on-line dictionaries can be tiresome as most of them are “politically correct”,


Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Angelicus
14 August, 2021 1:40 pm

Angelicus, Your discussion of dictionaries reminds me of a time when, in the house of my parents, I consulted a dictionary concerning the use of the words “practice” and “practise.” I was surprised to find an example to the effect of “They practice ritual murder.” I imagine that if a Jew had encountered that phrase, he’d start screaming or kvetching or oy veying about the “blood libel,” the Jewish term for the age-old “anti-Semitic canard” that gentile children have been ritually murdered by Jews practicing their perverse religion. (I’m aware that Cosmotheist Books sells several books addressing this grisly subject, including Arnold S. Leese’s Jewish Ritual Murder, Philip de Vier’s Blood Ritual, and Ariel Toaff’s Passovers of Blood.) I’ve seen some appalling statistics concerning functional illiteracy in Britain and other… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Collins
15 August, 2021 10:15 pm

Hello Anthony: I am very much aware of the appalling state of the education and the rampant semi-illiteracy in the former Great Britain. I remember vaguely an article published nearly 20 years ago in John Tyndall’s excellent magazine called “Spearhead”. In there the author complained about the shameful level of ignorance of British children as a result of a national survey which showed, among other things, that many didn’t know who commanded the British fleet at the battle of Trafalgar. In my own country (Argentina) the situation is very similar because this is part of the general attack on the White race. Argentina was founded and populated by White people, its population is nearly 75% White. Our old ruling class (late XIX century) was culturally very Francophile and our educational… Read more »

8 August, 2021 5:03 pm

Mr Bradford Hanson: Thank you very much for the excellent work you have done editing my article. Although I have lived in an English-speaking country (Australia) for a long time and I have been able to read English since I was 18 years old, is not easy to write eloquently in a language that is not your own.

Regarding the obnoxious feminism of the 1960s I have just came across a very interesting article from a Jewish website where the authoress takes great pride in the huge participation of Jewish women in this nefarious movement. I mention this because I was not aware of how big was their “contribution”. Here is a link for those interested, straight from the horse’s mouth!

10 August, 2021 11:58 pm

With all that we have witnessed and all that we have learned, and for those of us who survive this apocalypse, I truly cannot wait for our forthcoming and everlasting Shangri-la.
When one approaches this gated community, the entrance doors will be constructed out of these two important words: NEVER AGAIN.

27 October, 2021 5:31 pm

Great article – one correction: “Feminism” (and the it’s companions…depraved manipulation of natural human male/female sexuality – homosexuality, pedophilia, probably bestiality and necrophilia etc etc) is Inarguably a Jew creation, manufactured in their never ending war on the white, European Christian nuclear family structure. “The word was invented by the man-hating American feminists of the 1960s” I disagree with this completely…see my opening statement in this comment. “A sub-product of the neurotic feminist mindset is the erasure of any word that denotes sex (they prefer the word gender; sex just sounds too immutable); for example, actress, headmistress, sculptress, etc. How ironic it is that these “feminists,” in their obsession with an imagined “equality,” are not only corrupting the English language but also eliminating references to themselves as females as if… Read more »

L.B. Blakeney
L.B. Blakeney
25 December, 2021 8:46 am

And before being steered toward this article, I’d thought that Nazi was but a contraction of nationalism and socialism. I think norm that it will be my duty to share this article with other well meaning but misguided White Nationalists who have unwittingly strayed. I’ve been alive for more decades than I care to admit, long enough to have witnessed this linguistic dumbing down of our speech by way of the newspeak. I’ve seen much of the vernacular changed into something totally unrecognizable. All the while, I have to look up the ever evolving slang on urban dictionary. This Oceana of 1984 seems plausible, thanks to the powerful rich international jews doing their level best to do away with royalty and distinctive features of European countries, first democratizing them, then… Read more »