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EssaysJohn Massaro

by John Massaro THIS IS A SERIOUS discussion, but no one is ever going to take the imp out of me, so I’ll begin it with an off-color but relevant story. Many years ago my ex-wife and I were traveling around France in a rental car, and as has always been my custom when I’m behind the wheel, I combine places of interest…
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Douglas MercerEssays

by Douglas Mercer NEARLY EVERYONE in the 18th Century thought that ancient Greek was the perfect language. They marveled at its expressiveness, its clarity. They described it as limpid and transparent, like a smooth and clear-running stream. They said that experiencing the language of Homer was…
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by Angelicus NEARLY forty years ago, a distinguished professor of Classics and philologist who was also a political activist who dedicated his life to fighting the JWO (Jewish World Order) began to talk about “the semantic war.” I was very young then and I never met him; I only learnt about it many years…
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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

By Dr. William L. Pierce Centuries of Colonialism Yield Benefits, Perils Nearly All Black Slaves Went to Iberian America Economic Colonialism is Racial Treason WITH THE CLOSE of the Viking Age in the latter half of the 11th century, we left the prehistoric period, with all its pagan vigor, behind us…
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by Ricardo Duchesne IT BEGINS with Kerry Starchuck. A few days ago the Canadian Race Relations Foundation sent an invitation to Kerry Starchuk to “two very important events” being hosted by this organization in the Greater Vancouver Area. The first event, “The Urban Agenda Vancouver.…
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