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Bizarre Identity

by Revilo P. Oliver

I HAVE always felt sympathetic toward the “British Israel” and “Identity” cultists, who are trying so hard to salvage Christianity and make it safe for our race, and I have often wished their doctrine could be made at least superficially plausible. I hope I am not indirectly responsible for their latest divagation.

I have mentioned several times, most recently in Liberty Bell, September 1984, pp. 49f., the Jewish scripture that is twice cited in the “Old Testament” as the authority for stories told in it is commonly known as the “Book of Jasher,” because that is the way in which the title was translated in the King James version. The actual title is SPR H YSR, which means “The Truthful Book” or “The Honest Man’s Book” or even “The Book of Honest Men,” corresponding to the translation of the title in the Vulgate, Liber iustorum. It was translated into English as early as 1839, but is still little known in Christian circles. For example, the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Bible (1958 and frequently reprinted) makes no mention of “Jasher,” perhaps because it might be embarrassing. I was therefore astonished to see “Jasher” quoted as proof of old Yahweh’s methods in a little publication called Identity.

Chapter 75 of the “Book of Jasher” recounts the sad fate of the sons of Joseph’s son, Ephraim. Now Ephraim must have been a man of prodigious philoprogenitive zeal and vigor, for he had thirty thousand sons. There must have been some females, too, but they aren’t worth mentioning. And every one of those sons was a superman: One of them alone could overcome a thousand ordinary men, and two of them could rout an army of ten thousand. They were Jews at heart, however, for their faith was only in gold and silver, which can buy anything and anybody, and so the thirty thousand didn’t even take a lunch with them when they set out from Egypt to invade Canaan, as they did, even though Yahweh hadn’t yet given Moses the high sign that it was time to fleece the stupid Egyptians and run off with the loot to Canaan to start robbing and butchering the natives there.

After the valiant sons of Ephraim had crossed the Sinai Peninsula, they had to pass through Philistia to get to Canaan. When the Philistines refused to sell them mutton, they tried to take the flocks of the shepherds by force. That angered the Philistines, and, although the sons of Ephraim were, as I have said, wonderfully tough, they lost the battle because old Yahweh, peeved because they had set out without his permission, wouldn’t help them. The Philistines, in fact, slew 29,990 of those super-Yids, and only ten of them escaped and ran home to Egypt with the dolorous tidings.

Such is the story in the “Book of Jasher,” which the editor of Identity quotes in extenso. He quotes it to teach us that we must not become impatient because old Yahweh doesn’t clean up the stinking mess we have made of what was once our country. Yahweh doesn’t want to do it yet, and if we try to do it ourselves without waiting for a nod from the boss, we will fare no better than did Ephraim’s thirty thousand bully-boys. Well, any warning against rashly premature action is good, but the editor tells us that those nice Israelite freebooters were our Aryan ancestors, and the Philistines were their wicked enemies.

That proposition leaves one dizzy for a few minutes, because the Philistines, who occupied the southern part of Palestine (which was named for them), including what is now called the Gaza Strip (since Gaza, one of their cities, has retained its ancient name), were indubitably an Aryan people and probably were descendants of a contingent of the “Peoples of the Sea” who invaded Egypt in the twelfth century B.C., and therefore were not only Aryan but Nordic. The comparatively gracile Semites of Canaan remembered the Philistines as tall, stalwart men, and that must have been the source of the Jewish legend that the Philistines were descended from the giants who were born of miscegenation between the angelic “sons of God” and human females.

Since it is historically and ethnologically certain that the Philistines, who, according to the “Book of Jasher,” refused to be robbed of their property and slew 29,990 sons of Ephraim, belonged to the race of our ancestors and so were our kinsmen, the editor of Identity could have drawn a cogent moral lesson from that story: It teaches us Aryans how to deal with Jews who invade our country. But, by inverting everything, the editor missed the point. What is it about Christianity that turns men’s minds topsy-turvy?

The editor quoted Chapter 75, and it’s a pity he didn’t read on to Chapter 77, in which he would have found a delicious variation on the “Holocaust” stories the Jews habitually tell gullible goyim. As all good Christians know from their Holy Book, when God’s Chosen were being cruelly oppressed by those awful Egyptians, they were forced to work and couldn’t batten on the natives with usury and fraud. They were forced, in fact, to make bricks. From the “Book of Jasher” you will learn the heart-rending detail that when Jews did not meet their quota of bricks for the day, those Egyptian “Nazis” ruthlessly tore sweet little Yids from their mothers’ arms and compelled the weeping fathers to take mortar and cement the children into the wall in lieu of bricks. Surely you will be unable to contain your tears when you think how those poor, oppressed Jews must have suffered when they heard some of the bricks in the wall yell “papa!” day after day. Why, seeing their darling children used as building blocks must have been as agonizing as seeing their mommers and poppers and schwestern and broodern stuffed into the gas chambers and ovens! Oh, those awful, awful “Nazis” in Egypt!

I need not tell you that that story is as plausible as the currently famous “Holocaust,” although the Congress that festers in Washington hasn’t yet appropriated $100,000,000 of your money for a memorial to the victims of “Nazism” in Egypt. That’s because no Jew has thought of telling them to do so. If you are one of those horrid people who disbelieve the Holohoax because you know a little something about chemistry and physiology, you may consult an architect to ascertain whether the use of Jewish tykes as building blocks in a wall might not impair its solidity and stability. And if you learn that bricks are better than brats for construction work, you may doubt the historical accuracy of the “Book of Jasher” and decide that God’s Own were just telling another fib.

You may be right, but if you venture into the wilds of Canada, you had better not express your doubts. As Messrs. Zündel and Keegstra discovered to their sorrow, the pious Anglo-Saxons of Canada worship the Sheenies who have bankrupted their country and filled the streets of their cities with swarms of anthropoid vermin from Africa and Asia, and they have Soviet-style courts to deal with White men who dare to disbelieve whatever they are told by Yahweh’s lieutenants on earth. The Royal Mounted Police keep watch at the borders to confiscate books that might make Canadians think thoughts that are not Kosher, and there’s no telling what they might not do to you, if they suspect you are an infidel and might say something that would make a Jew frown at them. Be circumspect or, better yet, stay out of Canada.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, April 1986

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