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Reflections on the Christ Myth, part 9: Jews and Islam

by Revilo P. Oliver

THERE IS a neatly ironic symmetry behind the current scandal, which was precipitated by the disclosure that the Jews were using their American subjects to supply and subsidize the Iranians in their war against Iraq, a nation whose territory the Jews intend eventually to occupy after driving out the Semitic inhabitants, as they have done in Palestine.

As Christianity is divided between Catholics and Protestants, so there are two main divisions of Islam, the Sunnis, who follow “tradition” (sunna), and the Shí‘a (the party of ‘Alí’), who have a different “prophetical tradition.” Both of these major divisions, needless to say, are split into a large number of sects. Mohammad (1) is said to have predicted that his religion would be split into seventy-three competing sects; that may have been the number when the prophecy was forged. I shall not try to enumerate, describe, and distinguish the varieties of Moslem theology: That would take all the pages of Liberty Bell for the rest of the year.

There are sects of the Shí‘a in many parts of the Moslem world, but that great division is centered in Persia (now called Iran), where the doctrines of the Shí‘a have long been incorporated in government. The recent revolution, which brought Khomeini (2) to power, deposed the Shah on the grounds that he, who was the servant of the occulted imam (3) had become a heretic and thus disqualified himself for his sacred office.

When Mohammad’s religious revolution got under way in A.D. 622, the Jews had been preying on the Arabs for about twelve centuries. It is virtually certain that the last King of Babylon, Nabonidus (Nabu-na’id), installed the predatory race in the commercially strategic oases of the Arabian Peninsula shortly before they betrayed him and his nation into the hands of Cyrus the Great of Persia in the sixth century B.C., when Cyrus rewarded them, as the British were to do twenty-five centuries later, by permitting a contingent of Jews to establish themselves in Palestine and start kicking the inhabitants around.

The Jews in Mecca and Medina helped Mohammad at first, when he seemed merely to be creating local turmoil, but naturally had their own ends in view, and when Mohammad, like Luther, belatedly discovered that they were using him against his own people, he became wary. He frustrated a plot of the Jews to betray him to his enemies during the siege of Medina, and he executed some six hundred of the treacherous brood in an “atrocity” about which the international predators still wail when they think it expedient.

Muhammad’s religion unified the Arab tribes and started them on their amazing conquest of a large part of the world. During his lifetime, he was the Prophet of God, and the great military expeditions were commanded by men who formed a small oligarchy and, when he died, elected Abu Bakr as the Caliph (Khalífa), ruler of the newly formed state and so ex officio commander in chief of the armies, it being assumed (naïvely) that the religion had been forever fixed by the Koran and the Prophet’s recorded pronouncements. When Abu Bakr died, ‘Umar was elected his successor, and he in turn was succeeded by ‘Uthmán. It was accepted that the next in the line of succession would be ‘Alí, the husband of Fátima, Mohammad’s daughter.

It was at this point that a Jew, ‘Abdulláh ibn Sabá, was converted to Islam and, in obedience to his racial instincts, immediately began to make trouble by paying quasi-divine honours to ‘Alí, which, at least at first, acutely embarrassed that man, and proclaiming that ‘Alí, as Mohammed’s heir, had been intended by God to be Mohammad’s successor. With typically Yiddish industry, he traveled about the Moslem world, enlisting notables in a conspiracy to help God carry out his intention. Although there is no proof, it is a reasonable inference that the enterprising Sheeny arranged the assassination of ‘Uthmán, having in some way acquired an ascendancy over ‘À’isha, who had been the favorite wife of Mohammad, and who, as a widow, was implicated in the conspiracy and assassination.

After the murder of ‘Uthmán, ‘Alí, the already designated successor, became the fourth and last of the “orthodox Caliphs.” ‘Abdulláh’s party (Shí‘a), however, continually stirred up trouble with claims that the first three caliphs had been ‘usurpers,’ since they held command in violation of God’s will, and that the succession must always go by heredity to the descendants of ‘Alí. ‘À’isha now joined in a conspiracy against ‘Alí, which paradoxically undertook to avenge the murder of ‘Uthmán, and thus precipitated a civil war, in which, no doubt, the parasitic race profited as usual from the losses of both sides. When ‘Alí was assassinated, his succeeding son was still a stripling, but was recognized as the legitimate caliph by the Shí‘a, which, when he was killed in battle, proceeded to maintain that the office of Imám, the divinely-ordained religious head of Islam and also ruler of the state, must descend by heredity in the family of ‘Alí, thus assuring perpetual civil war in Islam.

Now I do not mean to imply that without the intervention of the “converted” Jew, there would not have been, sooner or later, violent contests over succession within the caliphate. And without ‘Abdulláh, there would doubtless have been an endless succession of doctrinal heresies, such as are simply normal in evangelical religions. His heresy was carried on by true Moslems, and I may exaggerate in seeing a distinctively Jewish trait in the Shí’ite doctrine of taqíyah (‘dissimulation’), which authorizes members of the sect to profess different and even antithetical beliefs whenever they deem it expedient — but how Jewish that is!

The success of the Shí‘a in attaining a permanent base in Persia and dominating that country was less a consequence of religious doctrine than of racial disparity. The people of Persia at the time of the Arab conquest retained a large element of Aryan blood, thought of themselves as Aryans (‘Iran’ means “land of the Aryans”), and spoke an Indo-European language. (4) They resented their Semitic conquerors, by whom they were forced to accept the Semitic religion, and the heresy ‘Abdulláh had founded gave them a way of opposing the orthodoxy of Semitic Moslems. In the end, they thus succeeded in making Persia independent of the rest of Islam.

I think it neatly symbolic, however, that the modern Iran became available to Jewish manipulation as the result of a politico-religious sedition begun by a member of their versipellous and insatiable race. ‘Abdulláh need not have operated by an elaborate plan; he simply applied instinctively his race’s normal technique, which was set forth in the Jew-Book and presumably approved by all Christians. Yahweh, who promised to help his Chosen Bandits destroy all the people whose country they invaded, describes his method specifically in the screed called Isaiah (Hesaïas), 19.2, where Yahweh promises to “set Egyptian against Egyptian” and make the goyim kill one another in a glorious civil war for the profit of his Chosen Predators. ‘Egyptian,’ of course, stands for any nation of goyim God’s People want to invade and exploit. And, for that matter, after they had, by instinct or calculation, infected our race with the Christian superstition, they had, century after century, the joy of watching the despised and hated Aryans butcher one another over figments of theologians’ perverted imaginations. As for the scandal in the District of Corruption, we shall have to wait until it becomes clear whether the Jews’ use of their Americans to arm and subsidize Iran was disclosed to the public by some American who does not know that Social Justice is whatever profits God’s Supermen, or was instead precipitated by the Jews themselves to stage another forced resignation of a stooge they have put in the White House. Readers of Mr. Taylor’s articles may even wonder whether the Master Race is punishing their stooge because the terrorists whom he sent on an Apache-style raid on Libya failed to massacre the entire population of Semites.


1. Although I prefer the traditional English form ‘Mahomet,’ I use the now established compromise between it and the Arabic Muhammad. For names in common use in English, such as Mecca, Medina, Moslem, Koran, I use our common (and incorrect) spellings; for the rest, I use the standard transliterations from the Arabic, ignoring some very minor problems they present. For the convenience of the printer, I mark Arabic ‘long’ vowels with the acute, as was commonly done in standard works (e.g., R.A. Nicholson’s Literary History of the Arabs) down to the 1930s, instead of the macron, which has now replaced it in scholarly writing. (The diacritics distinguish between two different vowels, and do not indicate either stress or duration.) Readers should remember that the rough breathing (‘) stands for a letter, ‘ayn, which represents a deep guttural sound; it is said we can pronounce it by trying to gargle for a split second.

2. As I mentioned in a much earlier article, at the time of the revolution against the Shah of Persia, it was reported that the Khomeini who “returned” to Persia was not the Khomeini who had come thence to Paris as a “refugee.” I never learned what was the basis or origin of that report.

3. In A.D. 878, the Imám who was the twelfth in the series of divinely ordained successors of Mohammad, “disappeared” in a mosque at Samarra, retiring from the world and going into hiding (occultation) under that building or elsewhere, whence, when the time is ripe and he feels like it, he will return and conquer the world for True Believers. This is the faith now held in Iran. There is a sect of the Shí‘a (the Ismá‘íliyah) that holds that the seventh Imám was the last; they naturally split into sub-sects, and are now represented by various scattered groups, including, I am told, some now active in Lebanon. In their prime, in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries, however, they were a major power in Islam, having been organized as one of the world’s greatest secret conspiratorial societies by a certain ‘Abdulláh, the son of Maymún al-Qaddáh, an oculist who practiced in Jerusalem and is said to have been a “converted” Jew. ‘Abdulláh and his coadjutor, Qarmat, who gave his name to the sect, made the secret society, which much after served as a model for Weishaupt’s Illuminati, a conspiracy that aimed at the establishment of out-and-out Bolshevism and One World in which there would be no discrimination, since all races and all religions were equal, and all mankind should enjoy perfect brotherhood and equality (in servitude to the hidden Masters of the Conspiracy, of course). Being extremely righteous, they naturally promoted social goods with secret assassinations and open terrorism. They organized niggers to revolt against White people and massacre them for social justice. The Qarmathians were temporarily brought under control, except in Egypt, but their conspiracy, with its twin techniques of underground subversion and terrorism, was revived in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, when it was known to the Western world as the Order of Assassins. It is only reasonable to suppose that many “converted” Jews were active in the perennial conspiracies and may have supplied the most effective agitators and secret agents. Yahweh’s race has a special and incomparable talent for such humanitarian work.

4. Modern Persian is a language descended (a long ways!) from the Old Persian of Darius and Xerxes.

* * *


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