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The Show Goes On

Far from realistic: Judith Resnick figurine produced by Disney

by Revilo P. Oliver (1986)

WITHIN THE space of a few months, from last autumn to this spring, the United States was, as Albert Wheelon, a ranking member of old Ronnie’s Advisory Board, said quite bluntly, put out of the space business. In addition to the show-boat called a ‘space shuttle,’ three rockets launched for serious purposes exploded, and one of them virtually destroyed our only apparatus for launching large rockets. Other equipment had been “phased out” while the National Space Agency concentrated on operating show-boats in the welkin.

We are now almost out of business even in meteorology. We have only one satellite for observation of the weather, and it has to be shuttled back and forth between the east and the west coast according to someone’s guess about where it is most needed. As for satellites for military observation — well, there’s no point of worrying about them: The old hoofer in the White House would probably have had them destroyed as cheerfully as he destroyed our nuclear-powered submarines to show the Soviets that the United States is still their oyster. What will concern Americans is the fact that all the satellites that carry pictures for television, the computerized accounting of big corporations, and the conversations of individuals who subscribe to one or another of the various wildcat companies in the telephone business, will go out of service in the next few years and no one seems to know how they can be replaced. All scientific research has been ended, but no one cares about that, just as no one seems even to notice the humiliation of the United States, which was technologically and industrially foremost in the world so long as it was a nation and before it became a multiracial cesspool.

In January of this year, Liberty Bell reported the almost prophetic article by the distinguished Professor James A. Van Allen, who first called attention to the Space Agency’s subordination of serious scientific and military projects to stunts to entertain the idle public that spends so much of its time staring at boob-tubes. In a Postscript written shortly after the destruction of the show-boat and published in May, this periodical reported the fact that the explosion that ended the multiracial publicity stunt was undoubtedly caused by a wanton disregard of climatic conditions that were known to make a disaster likely, and commented on the demoralization of the scientists (as distinct from publicity hounds) in the Space Agency following the disgusting and infamous removal of Dr. Arthur Rudolph to please the Yids. In June, Liberty Bell reprinted from a British magazine its reporter’s dispatch from Cape Canaveral concerning a “space programme” that was “run on circus lines” to entertain a populace “that seems to have lost a capacity for common sense.”

The Scientific American for August contains a summary of the report of the commission that ascertained the cause of the explosion that destroyed the show-boat. It was even simpler and more elementary than was thought at first. One of the rings that sealed together the segments of the rocket, probably made more brittle by freezing temperature the night before, leaked the intense flames from the solid fuel when it was ignited. What was impressive was the disclosure that it had been known “since 1977” that such seals were likely to fail; that several times since then they were eroded to the point just short of causing an explosion; that in July 1985 a highly competent engineer had officially warned that “we stand in jeopardy of losing a flight along with the launch pad facilities”; that a subsequent warning included a statement that it was a red flag of danger; and that the night before the ‘shuttle’ was launched the engineers tried to convince the management of the circus “not to launch because of the extremely cold temperature at the launch pad.”

All these warnings were at first covered up by trick calculations of probability and finally just ignored by the director and stage managers of the big spectacle. No one seems to have thought of indicting the responsible officials of the Space Agency for manslaughter. No, indeed. Although the official report indicated “that NASA’s desire to make the shuttle the only major US launch system” was responsible for the explosion of the show-boat and, by inference, the ruin of all our activities in outer space, it did not recommend “any major changes” and does not “hold the highest levels of management responsible.” Ain’t politics more wonderful than science?

The Scientific American also summarizes a report by one member of the Presidential Commission, Professor Richard P. Feynman of the California Institute of Technology, a scientist interested in facts instead of politics. He felt that the public should be informed that the official report failed to consider the underlying causes of the disaster, to wit, the Space Agency’s policy of making the show-business paramount over scientific research and even over engineering expertise. The Agency claims that it does so because that is the only way it can get money from the Congress. (That may well be true; the gang of aliens, thieves, and shysters who legislate in the Capitol probably are reluctant to appropriate funds for any honest purpose — but why should they appropriate for public entertainment vast sums that could be used to help the Jews slaughter Semites in the Near East or to hasten the massacre of White men in South Africa?)

Professor Feynman has stated the real cause of the failure of which the explosion of the show-boat was only a small but conspicuous part: the very structure of all governmental and similar agencies. “Why the engineers are at the lowest levels I have no idea, but the men who know something about what the world is really like are at the lowest levels of these organizations and the ones who know how to influence other people by telling them how the world would be nice — they’re at the top.”

He concludes by stating an obvious truth so concisely that his words deserve to be memorized by everyone who is interested in the possible survival of our people: “For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.”

I repeat: Nature cannot be fooled. That is a cold, clean wind that blows away the mephitic fog of phantasmagoria in which world-improvers, egalitarians, “educators,” peace-lovers, Bible-bangers, and the rest of the crackpots and racketeers lurk and skulk as they, having ignorantly or maliciously sabotaged and ruined our nation, now try to lure us to our racial death.

I have often cited Norbert Wiener’s observation of the “general breakdown” of ethics and scientific integrity that occurred when the Federal government got its dirty hands on scientific research, and his gloomy prognostication (in 1956) that the net result would eventually be the end of true science, as distinct from some technological exploitation of past discoveries. Our rulers in the District of Corruption “aided” scientific inquiry with lavish financing that was designed to give them a monopolistic control over all scientific work and to make it “responsive to social needs” according to the basic principle of “democracy”: anything for a fast buck. And so we came to the point at which a highly-reputed scientist could astonish the ill-fated Dr. Frederick B. Exner by telling him, “We are under no obligation to tell people the truth. Our duty is to tell them what will make them do what they ought to do.” And so science was assimilated to the Christian principle, which was stated in substantially the same terms by Saint Clement in a confidential letter that became famous after it was discovered by Professor Morton Smith. And now we have physicists who become “creation scientists,” anthropologists who swear that all races are equal, and astronomers who chase “flying saucers” from the hypothetical planets of remote suns.

I mention the general breakdown of science here because it was the result of the process that, on a small scale, produced the failure of our “space program.”

Of course, the Space Agency isn’t worried. They have surmounted the crisis. They have produced on film an extravaganza that was described in the Chicago Tribune on the first of April. The heroine is, needless to say, the Jewess who was part of the multiracial cast on the show-boat when it exploded. In the film, “Judith Resnik sleeps in the microgravity of space, her arms floating serenely about her, a tranquil smile on her face, her long, dark hair suspended in air.” Now ain’t that sweet? Just like being in Abraham’s bosom, no?

The show goes on. But remember, Nature cannot be fooled.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, November 1986

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ulysses freire da paz jr
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