The Trump Presidency

Guest editorial from the New Order

“By the way, I want people to come in. I want tremendous numbers of people to come in. And we’re going to have that big beautiful door in the wall. But you know what? They have to come in through a process, they have to come in legally.” — Donald Trump, campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida, November 2, 2016.

 “Celebrate Martin Luther King Day and all of the many wonderful things that he stood for. Honor him for the great man that he was,” — Donald Trump on Twitter

“[W]hether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood…” — President Donald J. Trump, Inaugural address

* * *

SINCE ITS FOUNDATION in 1983, the New Order has kept itself separate and aloof from the partisan politics of the Old Order. That remains true today, and it will not change in the foreseeable future. We are completely opposed to democracy in all its forms, and we will not be satisfied with anything less than 100-percent, pure, unadulterated Hitlerian National Socialism — and nothing else.

Be that as it may, it is obvious to us that the Trump movement represents a new breath of fresh air on the American political scene. Tens of millions of White Americans, most of whom (though not all) possess at least a rudimentary degree of racial awareness, are in an incipient state of revolt against the anti-White Old Order. This is a development that we have long awaited and that we heartily welcome.

Unfortunately, these angry Whites have chosen to rally around billionaire, Judeophile real estate tycoon Donald Trump. We have listed our numerous objections to him previously, and we will not revisit them again here. Nevertheless, no matter what flaws Trump may embody, clearly his presidency represents a seismic change in the political landscape. And as racial realists, we have to take this into consideration as we move ahead, no matter what our feelings about democracy may be.

The Trump presidency poses both opportunities and challenges to the New Order as a vanguard National Socialist formation. No one can deny that he has unleashed latent racial sentiments among the White population that have lain dormant for my years — for decades, in fact. He has called issues to the fore that our Movement has labored in vain to bring into public discussion. For this we give thanks, for it affords us an opportunity as never before to spread our message among the broad masses of our people.

However, Trump’s ultimate goal is that of a strong multiracial America subservient to Jewish interests and with an ever-shrinking White population. Such a future does not serve our long term racial interests, no matter what short term improvements it may bring to our prospects as a people.

It is clear that Trump has the enthusiastic support of all segments of the White population. In particular, those elements of the public that have the highest degree of racial consciousness are among his most fervent supporters. This is exactly the portion of the White masses who are our prime target audience. The last thing that we should do is to place an artificial barrier between the New Order and these racial brothers and sisters. Their interests and our program coincide perfectly, more so than these interests match Trump’s agenda.

Our challenge is this: how do we best exploit the openings in the national dialogue that Trump has created while still maintaining the fundamental ideological integrity of the Movement?

The following guidelines provide a framework for how the New Order will treat the Trump presidency.

  1. So that there is no mistake, let us state categorically that we do not believe in or support any form of democracy. The entire system is a race for rats that ultimately leads to the destruction and annihilation of Aryan mankind by sheer numbers. The time is short when true leadership will have to be followed on a mass scale for the survival of our kind. It is only with this transparency that we can then say the following:
  2. We will make no personal attacks on Trump. Our concern is not with the man, but with his policies.
  3. While the New Order does not support or endorse any specific partisan legislation, we give our general support to the parts of Trump’s agenda that further White interests. Chief among these are his mild and limited efforts to curb non-White immigration.
  4. The New Order supports Trump backers who have been attacked, physically and otherwise, by anti-White extremists.
  5. The New Order will continue to criticize Trump whenever his words or actions run counter to the interests of White America. In particular, we note with disapproval his appointment of Jews to key positions in his administration; his Israel-first foreign policy in the Mideast; and his hostility to environmental issues. We find it especially troubling that he has put control of the economy into the hands of Jews such as Steven Mnunchin and Gary Cohn. We note also that he has named his Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner as his senior advisor. Kushner, it should be remembered, is a funder of extremist Jewish settlements in Israeli-occupied Palestine.

So, while we support his efforts to stem the tidal wave of non-White immigrants crashing across our borders, Trump does not get a free pass. We will hold him and his administration to account for any policies that work against our racial interests and welfare. We will educate our racial brothers and sisters about any anti-White policies that he champions, and we will caution them that having low expectations about Trump will be the best way to avoid disappointment.

Ultimately, what is needed is a White revolution — a National Socialist revolution — not merely some minor improvements around the edges designed to prop up and strengthen the race-destroying Old Order.


* * *

Source: New Order

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Martin Kerr
Martin Kerr
16 February, 2017 8:17 pm

There are some people who fancy themselves Jew-wise, and who really should know better, who claim that we should support Trump because “all the Jews hate him and the enemy of our enemy is our friend.” But it is not true that “all the Jews” hate Trump. It is true that most of them do, and that the noisy ones do – but not all of them. Here are the percentages of the Jewish vote won by Republicans in recent presidential elections: • George W. Bush – 2000 – 19% • George W. Bush – 2004 – 25% • John McCain – 2008 – 22% • Mitt Romney – 2012 – 31.5% • Donald Trump -2016 – 25% If we go back further, we see similar results. Trump had the… Read more »

Frank C. Griffin
Frank C. Griffin
Reply to  Martin Kerr
17 February, 2017 10:20 am

Good point Martin … But this is a serious question, which I may come to find out that it is a stupid question. How in the world does anyone know x-percent of whomever voted? My naivete may be – since I have never voted which is another issue that would need explaining … is there a check this box if you are a Jew or whatever?

Martin Kerr
Martin Kerr
Reply to  Frank C. Griffin
17 February, 2017 2:39 pm

Such statistics are based on exit polls, that is, as people leave the polling station on election day they are asked how they voted. As with all polls, these polls are based on a sampling and contain a margin of error, so they should be considered as approximate and not exact.

Frank C Griffin
Frank C Griffin
Reply to  Martin Kerr
18 February, 2017 12:38 pm

Excellent … I appreciate you taking the time to respond back … now I know.