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It’s Mitzvah

David Frum

by Douglas Mercer

TUCKER CARLSON said he didn’t care about Ukraine, that if it came to it he’d root for Russia.

And so he let slip the dogs of war.

The American establishment lost its collective mind.

Jewish David Frum had already said that Carlson’s nationalism did not support a multi-racial America but rather a multinational White Race.

Which is a good start.

Jewish Tom Nichols thought it sufficient to show that deranged amnesty-loving old gunslinger Ronald Reagan walking tall to rebut Carlson, meaning they will never stop peddling their dead ideology.

Jewish Frank Luntz said he knows who his enemies are but Carlson seems confused, showing that Mr. Luntz objects to an American perspective.

Jewish Bill Kristol made what he called an obvious point, that being pro-Putin isn’t a bug of today’s authoritarian, ethno-nationalist, pseudo-Christian right. It’s a feature.

This from a man who said he wants to replace the white working class.

And then Frum once again said that on the line with this whole event is not just Ukrainian democracy, but American democracy.

If they fail few would mourn their passing.

But you get the picture. Jews love little Ukraine, they hate what they call Russian aggression and they hate normal Americans, except as their chosen tool.

It’s fitting that the scene of the Jews’ greatest crime, Ukraine, is now the hill that they insist White Americans die on.

It’s clear that Ukraine was involved in the Jewish Deep State’s attempted take-down of the Trump candidacy and then of his Presidency and Trump, in his usual bungling way, is now circling around those attempts. He might blow the roof off it they know, and blow their cover, and that is not allowed.

Indeed, Jewish George Soros’ ally Fiona Hill, former student of Russia-hating Jew warmonger Richard Pipes, told us that even to talk about this is not allowed, is taboo.

And all of this makes one wonder: how did we get into this mess?

Jews started out as the vanguard of Russian communism, its henchmen and its executioners, but soon the USSR turned sour on the Jews (something that happens a lot). American Jews too loved the USSR originally but when it became anti-Jewish they became cold warriors. Soon they became neo-conservatives and took over the GOP and made the party its tool to keep the world safe for Israel.

When the USSR was toppled even uber-hawk Jeanne Kirkpatrick said it was time for Americans to come home, to become a normal country, meaning one that minds its own business. But pan-Jewry would have none of that. Instead they rolled their NATO tanks deep into former Soviet territory, and their multinational business arm descended like vultures on Moscow and looted a prostrate White Russia. Putin is skeptical towards the Jewish casino, he wants a country of his own.

For this sin the Jews will never forgive him, and they are known to bear thousand-year grudges.

And of course ever since they’ve wanted to get their fangs back into Holy Mother Russia.

And so Russia became the great moral monster of history. And when supposed White-identity-loving Donald Trump somehow became involved with them, or so it seemed, it was their jackpot. Time magazine, on no evidence whatsoever, showed the White House as half white and half red. Clever, that.

And then when the Trump-Russia scandal fizzled out the phone call came. Trump seemed to be on the trail of their vicious crimes so they used more endless investigations to cover their treason, and called anyone who pointed it out a traitor. Inversion and projection are essential Jewish magic.

And this impeachment affair has become a Jewish affair. Ms.Hill dredged up the Protocols of the Elders Of Zion, the Drefyus affair was referenced, and it was noted that when Mr. Vindman came to America in the late 1970s all across the land synagogues flashed the sign: “Free Soviet Jewry.” This was the same era that gave us Russian immigrant Max Boot. One commentator even said that freeing Soviet Jewry was exactly what Mr. Vindman represented. Indeed.

And so the disguise, such as it was, wears thin. The deep state rises as one, the Jews rise as one. Russia means treason, wanting to withdraw from the world means treason, wanting a country of our own means treason, wanting America First means treason, and European heritage itself is treason.

Because for the Jews snuffing out the White race is not a policy program, not at all.

It’s mitzvah.

* * *

Source: National Justice

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Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
30 November, 2019 1:38 am

So many meddling jews! Policy-making jews. Neocon/warmongering jews. Jews paid to argue with jews about politics on the jew-box! Can’t any jews just fix pipes, build a better mousetrap, install microwave ovens, paint houses, repair motorcycles, or do landscaping?! How much better off they and the rest of the world would be if they had stuck to trades, and if denied those out of economic fears in the host gentiles, cease producing children who’d only have illegality to prosper (e.g. Carl Icahn, Ivan Boesky, Mike Milken, none of whom could change a tire or get paid to do so, ah but circumvent US Securities and Exchange rules….).

Reply to  Travon Martinberg
1 December, 2019 12:03 am

By their own admission they are jobs that are beneath them. That should say enough about the self-professed chosen ones.

pj dooner
pj dooner
30 November, 2019 10:15 am

Being a rabid zionist and jew-worshipper like Trump is not enough for the jews, he would have to be that and a rabid America and white race-hater for them to approve. Similar theme with Putin, another Zionist and jew-worshipper that the jews don’t approve of as shown by Adam Green at KnowMoreNews:

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
6 December, 2019 10:54 am

This article sums up the Jews’ marching plan which, due to the Jewish penchant for byzantine structure, is a rather difficult task. Thank to Jewish chutzpah, It won’t be much longer before Talmudvision watchers cannot help but notice that the only real issues of importance America now faces are those concerning the Jew and their “sh**ty” little collective college of criminality.

Because for the Jews snuffing out the White race is not a policy program, not at all.
It’s mitzvah.

Even though it should be obvious from Bible studies, this is exactly what the foolish, ignorant white goyim fail to understand, The Jews’ god commands them to destroy the goy races and their countries.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
6 December, 2019 11:15 am

Hey boys and girls, what time is it? It’s time for Uncle Arch’s Theater of the Absurd! Today, featuring – Trump and Jewdy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jewdy: Good day to you Mr. Trump, the children in our audience have a few questions they would like me to ask you. Trump: Fire away. Jewdy: Oh, Mr. Trump why are you an evil Nhadzee!? A regular Hitler? Trump: BAP! I went to your wailing wall all by myself to grovel before your phony god, didn’t I? BAP! BAP! Jewdy: Oh Mr. Trump, “blue state” people think the Russians interfered with the election and that is the only reason you won. Trump: BAP! Red state people don’t think so. BAP! BAP! Jewdy: Oh Mr. Trump, Everyone knows you’re an evil, anti-Semitic Nhadzee! Why do you… Read more »