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The Beginning of the End?

by Dr. William L. Pierce

YOU KNOW, it’s certainly advantageous to be smart and to be well organized in this hard and unforgiving world in which we live. On the average, a group that is smart and well organized is more likely to survive and prosper than one that isn’t. But even a smart, well organized group can make serious mistakes: life-threatening mistakes. Even a smart, well-organized group that thinks it has all the bases covered sometimes gets caught by surprise, simply because history is full of surprises. As the great Robert Burns said: “The best laid schemes o’ mice and men gang aft a-gley.” And when a smart, well-organized group has certain inherent pathological tendencies that it is unable to control, then no one should be surprised when the group comes to grief despite all of its cleverness and despite its apparent stranglehold on the course of events.

The Jews certainly are smart and well organized. But they also certainly do have certain inherent pathological tendencies that they seem utterly unable to keep under control. At controlling us, they’re pretty good. At controlling their own lethal excesses, they’re not very good at all. And now, just as some of them are bragging to each other that they never have had it better — just as some of them are dancing a hora and gloating that with their control over the George Bush government they really have a stranglehold on the world — other Jews have noticed some very ominous writing on the wall and are warning the Jews who are bragging and gloating that the long-range prospect for the Jews may not be as rosy as they think it is.

Jews are constantly taking polls, constantly sampling public opinion, so that they can estimate how much they can get away with at any given time. When they force some new policy on our government, they take polls to see how the public is reacting to the policy. If some policy is very unpopular, they want to know whether or not the public is blaming them for the policy. They always are ready to fine-tune the propaganda being fed to the public through their mass media in order to keep the Gentiles from becoming too restless. Or if the Gentiles already are restless, then the purpose of their media propaganda is to divert blame from themselves onto someone else.

I know that what I am saying about the Jews continually monitoring public opinion and then adjusting their propaganda line in order to move public opinion in one direction or another sounds very conspiratorial and farfetched to most Americans. Americans have been taught that they are free agents, that they are able to make up their own minds about things, that no one controls their thinking or manipulates their opinions. That, however, is merely a popular illusion. As far back as 1928, the Jew Edward Bernays wrote in his book Propaganda:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country…. The important thing is that [propaganda] is universal and continuous; and in its sum total it is regimenting the public mind every bit as much as an army regiments the bodies of its soldiers.

The Gentile world paid little attention to Bernays’ book in the pre-World War II period, but his fellow Jews, who had assimilated the book’s message generations before Bernays had even written it, were busy elbowing their way into positions of control in this “unseen mechanism of society.”

The essential points here are that the Jews do monitor Gentile public opinion around the world on a continuous basis, they do control the “unseen mechanism of society” which consists of most if not all of the mass media of news and entertainment, and they do try to adjust their propaganda line in a way to keep the Gentiles from becoming restless and to protect themselves from blame and reprisals. The ominous writing on the wall that I mentioned a moment ago, which some Jews are warning the other Jews about, is to the effect that despite their manipulation of public opinion, it is shifting strongly against them: primarily in Europe, but also, to a lesser degree, in America.

Now, the Jews are well known for their hypersensitivity to any sort of criticism. You look at one of them sideways, and he begins screaming that it’s another “Holocaust.” But this time there may be something to their chattering that the rest of the world doesn’t love them as much as they think we should. Their poll-takers are claiming now that anti-Jewish feeling is higher than it has been since the 1930s — and that’s something.

In the 1930s, there was a big reaction in Europe — and to a lesser degree in America — to what the Jews were doing as communist commissars in the Soviet Union, butchering millions of Russians and Ukrainians. There were still a few big newspapers in America in the hands of people who weren’t afraid to criticize Jews. America’s foremost industrialist, Henry Ford, published a newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, which exposed the Jews in communism, the Jews in pornography, the Jews in White slavery, and the Jews in every other filthy, subversive, or destructive activity. Many Christian preachers were not afraid to speak out against the Jews. Jews were only tolerated in polite society, but they generally weren’t accepted. To a far greater extent than today, in the 1930s the Jews were recognized for what they are.

And so I must suspect that their claim that hatred of Jews today is as high as it was in the 1930s, is exaggerated. Still, appearances can be deceptive. In the 1930s if a prominent person — a person with an audience, with influence — didn’t like what the Jews were doing, he wasn’t afraid to speak out. He wasn’t afraid to write a book, and there were publishers who would print it. Today, with the media and the politicians totally in the hands of the Jews, it’s harder for the average citizen to hear an honest opinion on anything. And it’s harder for me to know what the real results of an opinion poll about the Jews, a poll in which a person is able to give his answers privately, would show. I can only assume that the Jews have some basis for their claim that they are more unpopular than at any time since the 1930s.

In trying to explain to themselves why this feeling against them has arisen, they see a confluence of causal events. Part of the reason they see is the recognition by many Americans that despite what George Bush and the Jewish media say, September 11 was, in fact, a direct response to the U.S. government’s support of Israeli aggression. Which is to say, many Americans understand that more than 3,000 of their fellow Americans lost their lives on September 11 because their government was looking after Israel’s interests instead of America’s interests.

The Jewish media, of course, use their typical deceit in deflecting blame from themselves in this regard, by setting up a straw man and then knocking it down. With disgust and incredulity in their voices they announce that anti-Semites are blaming Jews for the September 11 attacks, implying that what anti-Semites are saying is that Jews themselves staged the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and made it look like Muslims had done it in order to generate American hostility against Muslims. And then they shake their heads in pretended disbelief that anyone could be so stupid as to believe such an obviously incorrect explanation of September 11, all for the sake of blaming the poor, innocent Jews. And while they are knocking down this straw man, they are grinning up their sleeves. But the act is quite good enough to fool millions of Sally Soccermoms and Joe Sixpacks and to close their minds to any explanation except George Bush’s “they did it because they hate our freedom” baloney.

But the fact remains that everyone except the Sally Soccermoms and Joe Sixpacks understands that the September 11 attack was a direct response by desperate people to the U.S. government’s support of Israel’s aggression in the Middle East, and those Americans who are capable of understanding also are capable of hating those who degrade and dishonor their country and cause the deaths of their fellow Americans.

Another part of the reason for the poll results that the Jews are getting is, they believe, a delayed backlash against Jewish efforts during the last three or four years to extort “Holocaust” reparations payments from everyone in sight. I mean, can you believe that there are Gentiles in Switzerland and in France and in Germany and in Poland and in Sweden and in other European countries who dare to resent the Jews coming around with their hands out and demanding reparations from the people who saved their hides during the war? I can believe it.

Part of the reason for the Jews’ unpopularity is the Bush government’s war against Afghanistan and its threat of war against Iraq and other countries, along with a general recognition — at least, outside the United States — that the U.S. government does whatever Israel tells it to do. Many people in Europe do not appreciate the destabilization of their world — they do not appreciate the threat of another world war hanging over their heads — just because the world’s number-one superpower lets itself be used for dangerous errands by that “shitty little country” Israel, as France’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Daniel Bernard, put it recently.

And finally, there is the growing revulsion around the world at Israel’s behavior in Palestine. Television viewers in the United States don’t hear much except that the poor, innocent Israelis are trying to defend themselves from Palestinian suicide bombers, who are regularly referred to by everyone in the Bush government and by every media spokesman as “terrorists.” But in Europe, where the news media are in not quite so tight a stranglehold as in the United States, the word is getting out about what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians. I’ll read to you excerpts from a few British news reports about what the Jews did in the Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin. For more than a week after committing a massacre of Palestinian men, women, and children in Jenin, the Jews wouldn’t permit ambulances, relief supplies, or journalists in, while they tried to hide the evidence of what they had done. Earlier this week, a few British journalists managed to evade Israeli tanks and snipers around the camp and get in. All the excerpts that I’ll read now came from British newspapers published on April 16.

This first report is from The Times of London and was filed by reporter Janine Giovanni:

…we had to run through olive groves, dodging from tree to tree because of an Israeli sniper. I have seen demolished houses before. I have seen wells stuffed with bodies. I have seen civilians terrorised and living under siege. But what remains of Jenin camp is a wasteland of death that once housed 13,000 people.

Then Miss Giovanni describes the destruction and the horror, and she quotes a 30-year-old Palestinian who lived through the massacre:

I saw some children who were wounded take four days to die, bleeding to death because there was no one here to tend them.

Reporter David Blair wrote for the Telegraph:

All the paraphernalia of normal life littered the ground: toilet paper, shoe boxes, sanitary towels, buckets, crockery, chairs, and clothes. Hanging over everything was the sickly smell of rotting corpses, an unknown number of which lay under the rubble…. Dazed people gathered around what remained of their homes. Riad Hussain, 30, saw a house receive a direct hit from a rocket fired by an Apache attack helicopter. The woman and baby inside were killed. Sixteen-year-old Fahdi Jamir, who lives on the edge of the worst devastation, said he saw seven arms and legs among the rubble. Kamal Anis said he saw an Israeli bulldozer scooping up 30 bodies and dumping them beside a ruined house. It knocked down the building, covering the corpses with rubble. It then drove over the pile, leveling it into a crude mass grave. Standing at the point where Mr. Anis said this had occurred, the stench of death was overpowering.

Reporter Phil Reeves wrote for London’s The Independent:

A monstrous war crime that Israel has tried to cover up for a fortnight has finally been exposed. Its troops have caused devastation in the centre of the Jenin refugee camp, reached yesterday by The Independent, where thousands of people are still living amid the ruins…. The sweet and ghastly smell of rotting human corpses is everywhere, evidence that it is a human tomb. The people who spent days hiding in basements crowded into single rooms as the rockets pounded in say there are hundreds of corpses entombed beneath the dust, under a field of debris, criss-crossed with tank and bulldozer treadmarks…. A quiet, sad-looking young man … led us across the wasteland, littered now with the detritus of what were once households, foam rubber, torn clothes, shoes, tin cans, children’s toys. He suddenly stopped. This was a mass grave, he said, pointing…. We could not see the bodies, but we could smell them…. Until two weeks ago there were several hundred tightly packed homes in this neighbourhood…. They no longer exist. Around the central ruins there are many hundreds of half-wrecked homes. Much of the camp — once home to 15,000 Palestinian refugees from the 1948 war — is falling down. Every wall is speckled and torn with bullet holes and shrapnel, testimony of the awesome, random firepower of Cobra and Apache helicopters that hovered over the camp. Building after building has been torn apart, their contents … spewed out into the road. Every other building bears the giant, charred impact mark of a helicopter missile. Last night there were still many families and weeping children living amid the ruins, cut off from humanitarian aid. Ominously, we found no wounded…. Israel was still trying to, conceal these scenes yesterday. It had refused entry to Red Cross ambulances for nearly a week, in violation of the Geneva Convention. Yesterday it continued to try to keep us out…. Hidden, whispering people directed us through narrow alleys they thought were clear. When there were soldiers about, a finger would raise in warning, or a hand waved us back. We were welcomed by people desperate to tell what had happened. They spoke of executions and bulldozers wrecking homes with people inside…. Rajib Ahmed, from the Palestinian Energy Authority, came to try to repair the power lines. He was trembling with fury and shock. “This is mass murder….” All had the same message: tell the world.

Yes, tell the world. That’s easier to do when the Jews don’t control every medium of mass communication, as they do in America. I’ve been sampling the news on CNN and Fox TV all week. All I learned about the Jewish assault on Jenin was that 13 Israeli soldiers were killed when a boobytrapped building collapsed on them. And of course, I heard over and over again about every suicide bombing, now officially known as “homicide bombing.” But I have still to see any information about the mass murder of Palestinian civilians in Jenin or any of the other refugee camps invaded by the Jews during the past few weeks.

One other piece of information that was in the European media, but was not in the news over here, was the way in which the Jews were targeting their victims. I’ll quote now from a story in the Guardian four days ago:

“The soldiers had a map with them of the houses they wanted bulldozed and outlined them with a blue marker,” said Aisha Salah, whose house overlooks the field of destruction. “you could see the houses. You could see the trees. It was a very detailed map. I could even find my own home.” Ms. Salah’s home was occupied by Israeli soldiers who entered her living room by punching a hole through the neighbour’s wall. Rumors abound that the homes marked for destruction were the homes of professionals: of doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers. The men who were rounded up and executed or marched away by the Israelis were not just Palestinian fighters: they were intellectuals, writers, political activists: anyone who might provide leadership to the Palestinians.

That sounds an awful lot like what the Jews did in the Baltic countries and in Poland in the early days of the Second World War. In Poland, for example, they rounded up 25,000 of Poland’s leading citizens — army officers, professors, writers — and murdered them. When the Germans found some of the mass graves of these murdered Poles in Russia and called in the Red Cross and representatives from neutral countries to see what the communists had done, the newspapers over here ignored the evidence and blamed the murders on the Germans. Years after the war, these mass murders of the Polish elite still were being blamed on the Germans by the media here.

Anyway, in Europe the news about what the Jews are doing in Palestine is leaking out, and Europeans aren’t buying the George Bush and Ariel Sharon explanation that the Jews are just defending themselves by going after terrorists in the refugee camps. The Jews are complaining that the news from Palestine, along with the other things that I mentioned, is leading many Europeans not to like them. One of the most worrisome aspects about the current rise in anti-Jewish feeling, according to the Jewish poll takers, is that it isn’t just anti-Israeli or anti-Zionist feeling. It is a real hatred of Jews as Jews, not just as Israelis or Zionists. They cite mobs attacking Jews in the streets of Ukrainian and Russian cities and shouting, “Kill the Jews!” They refer to attacks on synagogues in France and in Germany. They complain that all of the old anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jews wanting to dominate the world are being resurrected.

Now, what’s really happening is this: the Israelis are irritated by Palestinian suicide bombers. They decided to punish the Palestinians by simply slaughtering a bunch of them and destroying the homes of a few thousand Palestinian families. It would be like the government over here becoming irritated by the high Black crime rate and deciding to teach Blacks to behave themselves by wiping out a few Black neighborhoods and shooting a few thousand Blacks at random. The media, of course, would immediately go ballistic and begin shrieking, “Genocide!” But when the Jews do something equivalent, the media in this country can be counted on to not say much about it and to keep the lemmings preoccupied with ball games or the pedophile scandal in the Catholic Church. And the Jews figured that they would simply ride out the criticism in Europe, as they always have in the past, counting on their bought politicians to cover for them.

As they have done so often in the past, however, the Jews overreached themselves. Their arrogance led them to miscalculate. They are whining now that the world hates them just for trying to defend themselves. And of course, a growing number of thinking people do hate them — at least, in those places where thinking people are well informed. One of our responsibilities here in America is to compensate as much as we can for the lack of independent media. Our responsibility is to inform thinking people here, at least to the extent that they are informed in Europe, and then let their natural decency and sense of responsibility do the rest. Perhaps we can help make this the beginning of the end for the Jews.

* * *

Source: Free Speech magazine, May 2002

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26 August, 2019 8:26 pm

Edward Bernays wrote in his book Propaganda:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country…. The important thing is that [propaganda] is universal and continuous; and in its sum total it is regimenting the public mind every bit as much as an army regiments the bodies of its soldiers.

Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays was the ‘father of public relations’ and also responsible for perhaps millions of deaths of allied and Geman citizens that resulted from his ’emotional engineering’ hate propaganda against the Germans during WW1