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Jews, PC, and Why I’m Done With the Star Trek Franchise


by David Sims

I STOPPED WATCHING Star Trek — permanently — when it went overly Politically Correct in certain Voyager episodes. The rest of the pablum-consumers can have fun watching. I won’t.

Specifically, any episode with the character Tuvok in it is especially offensive in this regard. In the original series, we learned that Vulcans have a greenish cast to their skin because their blood had a copper-based hemoglobin. The casting of a Black actor for a role he was cosmetically unsuited for was the result of Political Correctness. Some leftist propagandist-producer wanted to toss a racial-egalitarian meringue pie into the faces of Star Trek watchers. I decided that I didn’t like the taste of that pie, so I ended my own audience participation of Star Trek. Forever.

A man named Floyd Harper saw one of my commentaries on this subject, and asked me: “Then why are you bothering to vomit your right wingnut bulls—— about it if you stopped watching it? Nobody really cares if you watch or not, and if you’re bothered by seeing non-Whites in lead roles and view it as some kind of agenda (that really doesn’t exist outside your paranoid delusion, but whatever), then maybe Star Trek isn’t your type of fiction; you seem more suited for the Turner Diaries or Birth of a Nation.”

My response: Arguing the point that there is an agenda in reality is why I’m here, I replied. As a proponent of the idea that any such agenda is a fantasy, you would be a logical debate opponent for me.

FH: “Okay, I’ll bite. What agenda is there? Because what’s coming across is a David Duke White genocide theory, but I’m hoping you’re more intelligent than that because otherwise I’ve wasted my time replying.”

DS: How presumptuous of you to dismiss what you haven’t investigated. The White genocide theory is probably true. When next you reply, do try to present your claims with such evidence as you might have.

The Russian author Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about how Jews invented Communism and about how they, along with a few non-Jewish Bolsheviks, abolished the Russian Empire and set up the Soviet Union in its place. You don’t need Solzhenitsyn’s work to make that discovery, but it is one of the sources you can use to begin.

In 1922, about 83% of the highest officials in the government of the USSR were Jews.

In the 1930s, Joseph Stalin (himself probably not Jewish, but rather a Georgian gentile who temporarily beat the Jews at their own game) told a Jew named Lazar Kaganovich to suppress nationalism in Ukraine. He didn’t tell Kaganovich how he was supposed to do it; Stalin just wanted it done. Lazar Kaganovich saw this as a chance to kill a lot of Whites, so the method he chose was to steal all of the food in the country and wait for the Ukrainians to starve to death.

The role of the Jews in creating the Soviet Union and in the Holodomor, which killed an estimated seven million to ten million people, is very well documented. However, there’s another genocide about which the involvement of the Jews is less well-known.

The Armenian Genocide of 1915 was probably instigated by the Jewish Rothschild family. Their agent, Emmanuel Currasso, was sent to Salonica (Macedonia), where he started the organization that initially had the name “Committee for Union and Progress” but became known as “The Young Turks” within a few years.

The man most responsible for carrying out the genocide of the Armenians was Mehmed Talaat (Pasha), who, while living in France, worked as a telegraph clerk, but in addition to this primary job he was also an employee of a Jewish school (run by the Alliance Israelite Universelle), and he had been having an affair with the daughter of the school’s headmaster.

(Alliance Israelite Universelle was the Jewish conspiracy group formed in 1860 by Isaac Adolphe Cremieux. It received financial support from the Rothschilds. Cremieux is the Jew who later began the Jewish drive to control the media in the Western countries; his words were: “Capture the press! Unless ye have the press in your hands all ye do is idle.” His words would be echoed in paraphrase by A. Shmakoff in a pamphlet published in Moscow in 1907: “Capture the press! Through it everything will come to you in the natural course of events.”)

Mehmed Talaat was tricked into breaking the rules of the telegraph office by using the telegraph to send a personal communication to his Jewish girlfriend. He was arrested and sent to jail. But during his trial, the Jewess testified on his behalf and succeeded in getting his sentence commuted to one of exile. But it was an exile that had been planned long in advance. The deal was that Mehmed Talaat, in exchange for staying out of prison, would be a cat’s paw, the glove on the Jewish hand. He was to join the Young Turks and fulfill whatever role he was given. And it appears that he was given the primary executive role in the Armenian Genocide.

How were the Rothschilds involved? The Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Company, founded by Alphonse Rothschild in 1883, extracted oil from fields near Baku, in Azerbaijan. This crude oil from Azerbaijan was shipped by rail over the Caucasus Mountains to a port city called Batumi, in what is today the FSU Republic of Georgia. It was then shipped by sea through the Bosporus and Dardanelles waterways, to the Mediterranean Sea, and thence, up the Adriatic Sea, to a port city that was then called Fiume. Fiume is in Croatia, but its name today is Rijeka.

The petroleum products, significant among which was kerosene, processed at the Rothschild refineries at Fiume, were sold throughout central Europe and, secondarily, in the Middle East, in competition with similar products sold by the Rockefeller-owned Standard Oil Company.

The ethnic tension between the Turks and Armenians, which had been a regular feature of that region’s political life for a long time, posed a risk to the Rothschilds’ shipping, and a business cost was involved in keeping that risk to a minimum.

So, to increase their profits, the Rothschilds hatched a plan to overthrow the Turkish Sultan and exterminate the Armenian people. The former was accomplished in 1908 and had the additional benefit (to the Jews) of removing an impediment to the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine.

The latter was attempted to be carried out, with huge loss of life, beginning in April 1915.

I’ve so far mentioned only two parts of a Jewish conspiracy that has been in business, and gaining power, for several hundred years: the genocide in Ukraine (1932-33) and the Armenian Genocide of 1915. There is much more — far too much to put here. But this should be enough to show you that the Jewish conspiracy theory is plausible and is the result of careful observation and thinking, regardless of what you might have believed to the contrary.

The Ukraine revolution of 2014 was the result of a Jewish conspiracy. That is why the ousted elected government leaders had non-Jewish ancestries (e.g. Viktor Yanukovych had Polish, Russian and Belarussian roots), whereas their post-revolution replacements (e.g. Arseniy Petrovych Yatsenyuk and Volodymyr Borysovych Groysman) were mostly Jews. The purpose of the revolution was to convert Ukraine into a stage upon which political theater, always portraying Russia and Putin as the “Bad Guy,” could be manufactured. The first play on that stage was the shooting down of Malaysian flight MH17 in July 2014, carried out by the Jews in charge of Ukraine, and falsely blamed on Russians.

The Jews are frequent perpetrators of “false flag” attacks. A few years ago, a Jewish student at George Washington University, Sarah Marshak, began drawing swastikas on doors and walls, and then she “reported” them to the college administration. The local Jewish Hillel director, Robert Fishman, thundered that whoever did these crimes should be arrested, tried, and sent to prison… until the FBI caught Sarah Marshak in the act of drawing the swastikas herself. Suddenly, Robert Fishman was making light of the matter; he didn’t want the Jewish girl to go to prison. No! Obviously, she was just someone who “needed some help.”

And perhaps the most infamous false-flag attack in US history is one whose 50th anniversary got pointedly ignored by the US Congress just last June 8th. It was Israel’s treacherous attack, by air and by sea, on the American ship the USS Liberty. The Jews dive-bombed the ship with napalm and with explosives dropped by unmarked Mirage jet fighters (built in France), hoping to blame the attack on Egypt and draw the United States into what was then the Six-Day War. If the Jews had succeeded, the American attack on Egypt could have triggered another global war.

Sometimes one man can save the world, and in that instance the man was probably Jim Ennes, communications officer for the Liberty. After the ship’s main antenna was destroyed, Ennes improvised another antenna and managed to reach the US Sixth Fleet with a distress call, thus saving the ship, exposing Israel as the attacker, preventing a US engagement with Egypt, and possibly averting a world war. Although it isn’t certain that things would have gone that way, they might have.

FH: “Okay, not just nuts, but a Nazi. have fun with that.”

DS: I invoke Godwin’s law. Almost every leftist who loses a debate on race or on Jewish conspiracies, or any number of other topics, signals his inability to engage in discussion on the basis of facts by calling his opponent a “Nazi.”

FH: “There are people who can help you. You’re not a bad person, necessarily, just sick. There have been a lot of strides in the field of mental health, you don’t have to live this way, surrounded by phantom horrors produced by your mind. If you leave yourself untreated you could very well become a threat to yourself or others, if you aren’t already. Do you really want that? Seeking help isn’t the end of the world, it’s a chance at a life free of these delusions and hate. The world isn’t the horrible place you think it is, your mind makes it that way and turns it into a nightmare. Yeah, there’s a lot of things in the world that are sh–, but no need for it to be worse than it is. If you can’t find your way free of this sickness, I still can’t bring myself to be angry, it’s really quite sad.”

DS: I’m amused by your theatrical “sigh.” I see that you’re going to persist in trying to fake credibility by such methods.

But one thing remains. I’ve proved that I’ve done my historical homework. You have not.

You haven’t identified a single statement of mine as being erroneous. Rather, you’ve simply done the verbal equivalent of rolling your eyes heavenward, as if that counted as a rebuttal.
Accusing your opponent of being mentally ill is a standard Marxist propaganda tactic. The Soviet government used to brand anyone who didn’t approve of their version of socialism as mentally ill, and sent them off into some sort of isolation. When they didn’t execute them instead.

The world isn’t as bad a place as it might be, but neither is it as good a place as it might be — as it should be. And the reason for that is simple: I’m right.

If you want to debate honestly, as opposed to what you have been doing so far — i.e., name-calling and making insinuations about my mental health — then there is a proper way for you to proceed:

1) Identify any statements of mine that you believe are incorrect;
2) tell me why you think so; and 3) tell me what you believe the truth is, instead.

Those things are very easy to do, provided of course that you actually have a proverbial leg to stand on.

* * *

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4 July, 2017 6:20 pm

I’ve had it with the blackwashing of White culture and mythology with black and/or non-White actors. All fiction requires a certain suspension of disbelief and yet, politically correct stunt casting has gotten so bad, it’s serving as a distraction and shredding any bit of believability these shows/films may have had. I canceled my cable subscription and stopped seeing films in the theater in 2002. Why continue to fund our own destruction–so Hollywood can make billions of dollars and produce even more anti-White, holocaust, slavery, and racism themed material? If Whites wanted to show they still have an impact in society, they’d dump Hollywood tomorrow. The problem is that most of them are addicted to the programming, addicted to watching and laughing while the jews show them to their faces how… Read more »

7 July, 2017 10:25 am

I gave up on Star Trek after the end of the original series, when they had a Klingon played by a negro (Worf). What’s needed is our own film industry, perhaps started out as direct-to-DVD film productions. Some existing White Nationalist fiction would make an excellent movie. Even if done as a comic book, it would be better than nothing. As I see it, we need our own entertainment media but to do that we need someone willing to bankroll the initial startup. The closest we have is “Murdoch Murdoch”.

9 July, 2017 4:21 pm

I too stopped watching movies in theaters about 2005 or so. I too don’t want to fund jews to spit anti-white propaganda.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
10 July, 2017 7:31 pm

>we need our own entertainment media

The Zundels were attempting to do just that.
However, Ernst is permanently banned from
USofA and Ingrid is stranded in Tennessee.
I am hoping for the best, but like so many of
us, youthful vitality seems to diminish with


Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
1 August, 2022 7:21 pm

The question I have is why did you wait so long? I think DeForest Kelley said it best with his classic line – “Jim, it’s dead!”