The Figure

“Although I am unborn, everlasting, and I am Lord of all, I come to my realm of Nature and through my wondrous power I am born. When righteousness is weak and faints, and unrighteousness exults in pride, then my Spirit arises on Earth. For the salvation of those who are good, for the destruction of evil men, for the fulfillment of the kingdom of righteousness, I come to this world in the ages that pass.” — 4:6-4:8, Bhagavad Gita — an ancient Aryan spiritual scripture.


OUT OF THE DARKNESS there shone a light. From a time of chaos and death there came a figure: a man of order and life. 

In a time when mankind had forgotten Nature’s eternal laws of existence and had lost focus on reality, a man came to remind them of the truth and to show the world a higher kind of civilization. He brought new hopes and new dreams to our world.  

This was a time when mankind was dying. They worshiped material treasures and mediocrity. They cared for nothing beyond the pleasures of their own senses. Lost and wandering closer to the grave, these people did not know the truth.


Out of this cloud-covered darkness and chaos there came a man. This man brought with him the torchlight of the truth, and with a will equal to that of the gods, he set fire to the heavens and his light began to shine upon the earth. 

He came with the knowledge of Nature’s Eternal Truths. With a voice that roared like the lion he delivered the message of Nature’s Eternal Truth. Like the booming of the thunderclap after the lightning flash, his voice rang throughout the land and forced the dark clouds to give way to his light. 

This man came into this world with a heart that beat for the love of Nature and his people. And after he taught such sacred wisdom to his people, they loved him in return.

His people lived healthier lives by way of the truth, and free of poisons. Their eyes were opened, and never had the world looked better.


But all was not yet finished… 

It appeared that the clouds had parted and his light would shine for eternity and spread to all ends of the earth to forever protect the Eternal Laws of Life. But this was not so. For all around this world there dwelt unnatural people who spoke lies better than He spoke the truth.

Over time these unnatural ones spread their biological toxins to the souls of men who had not yet heard His truth. Those infected by the poison of the unnatural ones rose up and overthrew His light with another black cloud of unnatural disorder and death. They seemingly destroyed all that He had created…

But no one cannot destroy an idea that is firmly rooted in Eternal Truth.


The light of His Truth is now mere candles, safeguarded by those who have not lost faith in Him. But those candles are numerous, and they await the time when they will once again set the world ablaze in the glory of Nature’s eternal light of truth.

The Phoenix always rises, but only from the ashes of ruin.

* * *

Source: Nature and Race

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Inspiring. Thank you so much.