Serial (Bad) Weddings 2: More Kalergi Propaganda From France

FRENCH CINEMA is a case study in how art can be corrupted by the interference of the state and the lure of subsidy. Once known for its subversive and arty auteurs, the French movie industry now seems happy to comply with the messaging diktats of the State. Its primary mission is churning out diversity propaganda, preparing the French people for their impending brown future, as the Kalergi vision is progressively realised.

The film Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon Dieu ? (Serial (Bad) Weddings), which was a hit in 2014, is a prime example of métissage propaganda. Its plot features a conservative (read racist) French couple who have four beautiful daughters and are forced to watch in dismay as each of them, in turn, is married off to Diversity. Diversity, in this case, comes in the form of a Chinaman, a Jew, a Muslim and a Negro.

In the recently released sequel, Diversity, unusually, doesn’t want to live in Europe any more, and the men carry their French brides off to their native lands.

There is even a scene where the blonde girl has a child in Africa and the Negro’s family stands around the bedside boasting that the child is Black (“Il est noir!”). “Black blood is stronger, it’s African power!”

You can see it in this French-language trailer, which unfortunately has no subtitles, but the pictures tell the story well enough.

Apparently the French are lapping this up. It sold more than a million tickets in its opening weekend.

Hitler predicted in Mein Kampf that France would become the first Euro-African hybrid nation. And it looks like Hitler was right.

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Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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  1. Arvin N. Prebost
    17 February, 2019 at 10:41 am — Reply

    Don’t take it too seriously—the French love to laugh at fools.

    We have had similar movies in America, and they are indeed funny!

    • 18 February, 2019 at 3:07 am — Reply

      There is “indeed”nothing funny at all about this. We are being
      slapped in the face – mocked – and the disgusting miscegenation
      is real enough. Save a trip to France and look no further than
      California to see what it ‘looks’ like. Completely unattractive,
      a literal mish mash of downbreeding. The utter ruining of a
      culture and people, and a defiling of the public space. It is
      now rare to see, to find, tall(er) good looking White people
      when you go out. Their absence is shockingly noticeable
      to any old enough to remember when it wasn’t so. Only
      suitable remedy IMO – the gallows and the guillotine.

      • Arvin N. Prebost
        18 February, 2019 at 9:03 am — Reply

        Perhaps there is some schadenfreude in all this laughter?

      • hunter
        22 February, 2019 at 6:38 am — Reply

        Hi Rommel,

        What you describe is absolutely correct, but I suppose, as it’s the case for many US citizens, you visited a big city, and probably Paris didn’t you ?

        But in other parts of the territory, for instance in my area, the South West, the situation you describe is not true !

        I live in the countryside, and for the moment, we are spared from the disgusting phenomenon you describe. Except for Toulouse or Montpellier, the big cities of the area, which are real shitholes invaded by islam and “diversity”.

        How long will it last ? Well, I don’t have the answer ! If we carry on with Macron and his army of evils, probably not very long, as this faggot likes muzz very much ( many of his close counsellors, are form Morocco, so muslims and in his case, faggots), and wants the whole country to share his inclination.
        And he’s working on it deeply and precisely, helped by his ((( friends)))…
        If by random you have to come back to my country and if you have time and opportunity for it, try to leave the big cities, and especially Paris; take a train, or a trip in car with a friend, 200 or 300 kilometers ( south, east or west…forget the north, it’s wasted, infected by islam), and you will notice that some parts of the country are still worth to enjoy.

        Take care.


  2. Franklin Ryckaert
    17 February, 2019 at 11:39 am — Reply

    “…Apparently the French are lapping this up. It sold more than a million tickets in its opening weekend…”

    Perhaps those one million “French” are in reality Arab and African immigrants. With the continuing protests of the Yellow Vests, the white French are beginning to wake up.

    As for white women who give birth to a Mulatto child and then settle in Africa, that is the best thing they can do under such circumstances. Good riddance !

    • Hunter
      22 February, 2019 at 6:22 am — Reply

      Hi Franklin,
      ” Perhaps those one million “French” are in reality Arab and African immigrants”

      Probably, but I’m not sure, and I’ll try to explain :

      I think that the audience for this kind of “movie” is composed of what we call here “bobos” ( which stands for “Bourgeois Bohèmes”.
      Not to be too long writing ( but if you want a more complete definition of this sociological concept which turns here in France, as a real opposition in the country, well, you can leave a message in that sense her, and I’ll be glad to develop, if you are interested), these bobos are urban people, quite wealthy ( working in advertising, communication, and all these kind of “bullshit jobs” totally non productive), and are totally programed by the system : they think diversity is enrichment, they love the Other (in French, we say “L’Autre”, with a capital a), much more than they love their fellows french natives citizens, and they tend to manifest a real and deep despise, towards other french people, especially those who don’t live in big cities !

      so they find this kind of “movie”, very funny, and it materialises the kind of future they want for this country.
      Logically, they voted for Macron, en masse !

      Anyway… DMF’s article is good, but the writer forgot one important detail : the movie industry in France, is probably the most subsidied ( state subsidies of course), in the world ! In the name of what we call her ” l’exception culturelle”, the ((( bosses ))) of this industry managed, year after year, to obtain money from the taxpayers, given by some numerous institutions ( like the CNC for instance) which are state institutions !

      Which means that in France (65 million inhabitants, so one Frenchman in 65 saw the movie for the moment…), many movies totally stupid and dull are released, without audience, but the Parisian intelligentsia ( mainstram medias and our famous “intellectuels”….), which declares them “genious”, but that people don’t go to see in theaters !

      No problem, in France : the governement compensates, and guarantees the big wages for poor actors and directors, so 2 years after a real failure in theaters, they get money again, to release a new shit !

      to conclude, I will corroborate the point in this article, that the “Kalergi propaganda” is deeply at work in France : on television, we now see almost 40% of commercial ads, staging mixed couples, but with one major trend : one WHITE woman, with her BLACK companion (or husband), and one or two mixed children !

      The message is clear : white women, black stallions are THE must…go and reproduce !

      This process is particularly obvious, since Macron came to power in May 2017 (oh my god, it’s gonna be 2 years in next May……3 more years….what a burden !).

      Thanks for your reading, and maybe an answer which could initiate a chat, and congratulation to you all for the good work.

      Take care, all of you !


      • Arvin N. Prebost
        22 February, 2019 at 4:55 pm — Reply

        France is a nation that thinks Jerry Lewis is a comic genius.

        A comic genius.

        So I don’t take them too seriously.

  3. Truthweed
    17 February, 2019 at 3:13 pm — Reply


    Do you have the freedom to have your publications registered with your national library? This will ensure that they will be available for legitimate/legal research even if these are banned elsewhere.

    (have made several attempts to submit this suggestion, Internet error problem)

    • Guesr
      22 February, 2019 at 4:06 am — Reply

      African men aren’t very good to their women. Some stupid French women only learn the hard way.

      • hunter
        22 February, 2019 at 1:36 pm — Reply

        That’s absolutely correct ! Especially among young generations, programed with anti-racism and love of diversity !

        When they look at their reflection in the mirror and see a face full of bruises, and look at the cradle next, they think of this wonderful diverse father, who has now left far away, as he was ok to bang the bitch, but he’s no more ok to assume the child !

        And they cry, and some of them make a video uploaded on youtube….

        Saying that French women are stupid….alas, I can nothing but agree and confirm it’s true !

        Unfortunately, this situation is very common here, especially in big cities !

        Take care, and adishatz, as we say here in the south West.



        • Uncle Cracker
          25 February, 2019 at 12:27 am — Reply

          You used to shave the heads on a certain kind of women for a reason…
          Just saying.
          It’s time, again.

  4. Bill
    24 February, 2019 at 3:17 pm — Reply

    Gee, I wonder whose money is behind this “progressive” slop shows? As far as black blood being stronger and all that, the truth is dark and white usually create tan.. Bottom line. Not always but usually true. Just watch milk being poured into coffee.. White genes usually show also in things like being smarter, the facial features, hair curly instead of kinky etc.. In the end this pure madness of a demonic experiment/push will end. It is being fought against in Hungary, Poland, Russia, Italy and I am sure some others. It will increase in terms of govts paying white people to have kids.

    Capitalism has been a sewer for white people in terms of kids in America in recent times. All you ever hear is they cannot afford it. Meanwhile non whites shoot them out with no problem because their standards are usually much lower and they know the “gubber mint” is there to save the day to pay for more babies for da baby mamas and baby daddies. Zero hope in a nation like that. Blacks don’t even worry about how many kids they have while whites are having a coronary with two oftentimes.

    Trump said something about prices going so high due to too much immigration and foreign buyers spending so much in the hip areas. Yup.. If you can, watch the Bravo channel and the shows Million dollar listing L.A and Million dollar listing New York. Currently, the L.A one is being shown which I find interesting and you get insight into their lives. The costs are utterly vile for these houses often bought by foreign buyers. Uh. so where does the other 97% get to live? A nation most likely on the way out in various ways.

  5. Uncle Cracker
    25 February, 2019 at 12:23 am — Reply

    Well, pollutions tend to be stronger, but still they are pollutions.
    Ugly pollutions and nothing else.
    Why are they so eager living among us you think?

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