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Our Realism vs. Their Insane, Impossible “Utopia”

by David Sims

WHEN A HORSE SEES a tiger, it tries to escape from what the horse assumes the tiger will do. And, nearly every time, the horse is right. Pre-judgments like this (which might be called “prejudices”) evolved as a defense; they are correct judgments often enough that they do us more good than harm in the long run.

When you are choosing where to live, and where to send your children to school, one of the things you will do, if you are wise, is avoid picking residential locations and school districts that have a high proportion of “high-crime demographics.” That’s a fancy way of saying “too many people from the more violent races.” Even liberals and “diversity”-promoting Jews (like ABC talk show host Ted Koppel), who regularly criticize “White racists” for avoiding heavily non-White neighborhoods, do this (Ted lives in Potomac, which is 99% White).

I don’t blame liberals for choosing to stay safe through defensive housing choices, but I do blame them for being flagrant hypocrites.

Because it really does not matter that many persons belonging to high-crime-rate demographics won’t try to kill you while you’re out for a jog. The only consideration that counts is the probability that one — just one — member of those groups will try.

You pick your neighborhood with the idea of keeping such a probability to a bare minimum. And you probably won’t give much importance to the “altruistic” notion of taking a chance with your own family’s safety in order to bring a rainbow, “kumbaya” world a single Planck time closer to becoming reality. [Hint: There never will be such a world.]

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but liberals aren’t particularly charitable with their own money. They prefer to use other people’s money, forcibly expropriated by taxation, to subsidize their causes. Well… liberals do the same thing with risk that they do with cost. They expect others to do what they won’t do themselves, in order to bring about the “utopia” that they imagine themselves to be progressing toward.

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30 May, 2022 9:22 am

Regarding considering demographics in selecting housing, the following rule seems reasonable: Don’t buy in an area with more than 5% negroes and sell when the area becomes 10% negro. The website greatschools.org provides demographic data for each school that is updated annually, unlike the census. The site thinks diversity is a good thing so they do not hide the information as some suspect the census might be underreporting negroes. Finally, negroes tend to have more children so school demographic data is likely to reflect demographic trends earlier. A convenient and legal way to get a realtor to steer you toward White neighborhoods is to tell your realtor that you will only consider locations where the local schools are rated 9 or 10 by greatschools. Although if you are looking in… Read more »