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True Morality Is from Nature and Nature’s God

by H. Millard

TRUE MORALITY is not found in the artificial morality made up by humans, but in Nature itself. And this true morality is all around us and needs only to be discovered. One discovery that has made the news recently is that marijuana can affect sperm genes. And these sperm genes are then passed on to female eggs and to the children they produce.

This is really not such a big discovery and is just a specific example of what I’ve been writing for many years about there being many things that can affect sperm genes and that Nature has designed human males to have this plasticity in the genes in their sperm and also in the fluid that carries them. This plasticity is a design to help us survive and evolve.

Male humans produce new sperm every day. This is no accident. It is nature’s design so that the sperm can be changed when internal and external environments change. For example, if there are wars, males will be under a lot of stress and the stress will change their genes. This leads to more male babies being born just after wars to replenish the male population. If the weather changes, there can be changes. If the male exercises, fasts, eats certain foods, drinks alcohol, smokes, feels depressed, feels upbeat, gets the flu, lives among people unlike himself, has vitamin and mineral shortages or overages, and on and on there can be changes. Almost everything a male human does can change the genes in the sperm as well as the semen and other fluids that carry the sperm. This is so any child produced by that male may have some adaptations that give it a survival advantage under the changed conditions.

Many of the changes are very subtle, some are genetic and some are epigenetic. For example, the semen might be changed to be slightly more acidic as a result of what the male does or because of his emotional state. This then gives advantages to certain of the spermatozoa that work best in an acid environment to win the race to enter the egg. Or, the semen and associated fluids may be made more alkaline and for the same reason as just mentioned.

However, too many changes or changes that happen only because of temporary changes in the internal or external environment may not be a good survival strategy, so Nature has designed female humans to be born with all their egg cells to last them through their reproductive years and to apportion out a few every month until they are all gone. Because these eggs are developed very early, and usually only once, their genes are stable and generally unchangeable. These eggs then put a brake on the constant changes that come from the ever-changing male sperm.

If internal or external changes in the environment are long-lasting, in time, the changes introduced by the male genes will start showing up and spreading in the population simply through the process of natural selection which tends to eliminate genes that do not give a survival advantage and favors genes that do give a survival advantage.

White people evolved this way in Europe and we are still evolving. White skin gave us a survival advantage thousands of years ago and it still gives us a survival advantage — and will far into the future if we stay White and do not miscegenate ourselves out of existence.

True Morality

What is the true morality that results from the way human males and human females are made? — and from, as briefly pointed out above, concerning sperm and eggs? It is far different from the usual modern Christianized/Judaized Western man-made morality that often holds that one male and one female human should mate for life. This man-made morality limits a human male’s natural reproductive capacity to that of the female. Males are not females. Females are not males. We are made different for very good reasons: for our survival, our expansion, and our evolution. Males must be males according to their true nature and females must be females according to their nature.

Nature’s morality says that for the survival and evolution of the species male humans should be impregnating different females as often as possible and that males should should not be held to the nine-month reproductive limitation that Nature has put on females of our species.

Nature’s morality is not the same as man-made morality. And Nature’s morality is God’s morality for God is the God of Nature, evolution and life.

Note at this point, that when Nature (or God, if you prefer) designs organisms, the “goal” is to have “life,” in the form of some organisms, be able to survive changes that may not occur for millions of years in the future. To accomplish this, life itself — which, at its core, is the same in all organisms — must evolve into the billions of different types of organisms we see all around us. Some will go extinct — for the processes of life involve constant tinkering and trial-and-error engineering — but life will carry on in others that do not go extinct. And wherever there is some life, more life can be created and can start evolving with ever-higher intelligence and consciousness to fulfill Nature’s (or God’s) plan to have some creature be closer to God Itself.

To be clear: Human males are designed to impregnate many females every day and human females are designed to only be impregnated once every nine months. When humans live by this Godly system, their population increases, they evolve, and they adapt to ever-changing conditions so some will make it through whatever changes come in the future.

Some males will be more successful breeders than others and some males won’t be able to find mates at all. This, too, is part of the plan, which is part of the great competition for survival which helps the best types spread their genes further than lesser types.

When you truly understand Nature and its ways and live by them, you are living as God wants you to live for Its plan. When you, instead, live by man’s artificial ways and morality, you are denying God and this is evil.

Our belief system that I write about all the time never denies true Nature or true science and is in tune with Nature and Nature’s God.

Have some of our people in the past lived by Nature’s morality, polygyny? Yes, thankfully. Consider that half of all White Europeans alive today have Charlemagne or Niall of the Nine Hostages or both in their family trees. These two Whites didn’t spread their genes that far by sticking to one woman who could only bear one child every nine months. They impregnated many women. Also consider that we Whites alive today are here because our ancestors got through major die-offs in Europe from various plagues. Some survived by luck, but some apparently had gene variations that gave them a “leg up” on the plagues — and we may very likely have gotten these survival genes from Charlemagne or Niall of he Nine Hostages.

Speaking of Niall of the Nine Hostages, it is believed that most or all of his male descendants practiced polygyny. Just one of his male descendants, who died in 1423, had 18 sons with about a dozen women. From these sons he had 59 grandchildren.

As a White male or White female alive today, you may have Charlemagne and/or Niall of the Nine Hostages and their practice of Nature’s reproductive morality, polygyny, to thank for your existence. Without them and without polygyny, you might never have been born.

True morality is something to think about as we Whites may now be facing our extinction via low birthrates and miscegenation as well as from plain old attacks from non-Whites who want us all dead.

©2022 H. Millard

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Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
9 January, 2019 6:56 pm

Exactly HOW did W. Pierce intended to “reduce” the U.S. population(whites included??!)by a factor of 90 percent??! By exterminating them?? This is insane, if that is what he intended!!… An America populated with only 30 million people would look very much like a lifeless desert… For what concerns Polygamy, I agree with you: it is by and large utterly alien to the White European psyche, in so many respects!…

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  Marc
9 January, 2019 8:43 pm

MARC: Exactly HOW did W. Pierce intended to “reduce” the U.S. population (whites included??!) by a factor of 90 percent??! By exterminating them?? This is insane, if that is what he intended!!… An America populated with only 30 million people would look very much like a lifeless desert… — One has to admit that there are too damned many humans on this planet and that eight or nine billion, mostly non-White, and growing, is unsustainable for both our race and for our planet. What to do about that problem that doesn’t come across as insane? What’s going on with our shrinking people on this marvelous planet today — the only place our people have ever lived — is what is insane. I was listening to WLP the other day on… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Will Williams
10 January, 2019 7:05 am

“I was listening to WLP the other day on one of the Power of Truth CDs, a series of 140 of his best ADV broadcasts. I don’t recall which one, but he was addressing this very subject and, maybe I’m wrong, Kevin, but I could swear that he said 50 million Whites would be more the ideal for North America in his opinion. Cities of 10,000 or so Whites would fit his ideal, with no sprawling megalopolises. No extermination program, though he did say any able-bodied adults on welfare for a year should be sterilized, as well as babies born to mothers on welfare. That novel program would certainly incentivize work over sloth and dependency after a generation or two.” I presume you’re referring to “A White World,” which is… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  Anthony Collins
10 January, 2019 11:03 am

That’s the one. Thanks, Anthony. Your link worked for me. — WLP: …We need, for one thing, a much lower average population density than we have now in North America and in Europe. Instead of a North America with a rapidly growing population of 300 million featherless bipeds of every known ethnicity, I have a vision of a continent with a stable population of 50 million European Americans — saner, healthier, stronger, better-looking, and more intelligent European Americans than is the norm for most parts of the continent today — and no non-Whites at all. And I have a vision of these 50 million White North Americans living and working in a land of regrown forests and unpolluted rivers and lakes and clean air: a land without litter along its… Read more »

Ted Ford
Ted Ford
Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
7 January, 2022 11:01 pm

I agree with Kevin Alfred Strom. High investment parenting is an advantage in the struggle to make the best people possible. We Whites have a genetic tendency to high investment parenting, and this is an advantage to us. We Whites are also receptive to high investment parenting. When young, we form strong bonds that help us to grow and teach us a lot. With cuckoldry, bastardry, and wrecked families, our instincts to look up to our parents, to form intense and lasting bonds with them, and to shape our maturation accordingly is frustrated and turned against us, resulting in suffering for children, and worse life chances. High investment parenting as part of a group evolutionary strategy calls for stable and enduring families with trust and loyalty reinforced by effective sanctions… Read more »

9 January, 2019 1:55 pm

Like gravity, natural selection is always working. Survival of the fittest decides who stays and who goes. Big bombs, big religion and dreamy headed idealists will play no part thereof.

Robiul Hoque
Robiul Hoque
9 January, 2019 3:44 pm

This article did make many good points. However, I will have to agree with KAS because practicing polygyny does lead to unstable family structures unless you own a harem lol. I’d like to add on to KAS statement by saying that the practice of impregnating multiple females is a biological, not a moral, act. Many non-whites have practised this form of repopulation and it only lead to dysfunctional societies for them. Blacks in particular often impregnate their females only to leave them as single mothers. Blacks are also biologically and emotionally driven like animals. To submit to this biological act will only serve to break down white society not build it. The only exception to this act may be to take up multiple wives in a harem although only royalty… Read more »

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
10 January, 2019 11:06 am

Good responses, especially from KAS. The book, “The Naked Ape” says that the men would band together to go hunting, and that the women (and the older or infirm men) would stay behind with the chores and the children. The ability to trust other men (or one’s wife around them) basically came from this arrangement. It had to work, for the tribe to survive. Basically, the woman had to trust her man to take care of her and the child, and the man had to trust the woman to not end up with another man’s baby inside her. I suppose that you could say that this was very selfish! But the author, Desmond Morris, says that this morality is encoded in us (although it did not have time to develop… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
17 January, 2019 8:48 pm

At my age, going around impregnating multiple
females would not be my forte. However for those
up to the task, I am with you in spirit!