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Eric Rudolph’s Prison Writings: America’s Most Wanted Fugitive Speaks Out

by Andrew Hamilton

From an early age I had this incredible sense of mission, this desire to fight injustice and storm the ramparts of evil. For me, that evil was everything marching under the banner of leftism. But I simply couldn’t find the front lines. The various Patriot and conservative groups that I was familiar with were doing nothing. To me, they were a bunch of pusillanimous cowards, waiting for some miracle to come along and save them. They would only rant and rave until the zeitgeist eventually swept their dead movements into the dustbin of history. I couldn’t stand the smell of corpses, so I left the movement behind me. . . . The “tipping point” came when Paul Hill shot the abortionist Dr. Britton in Pensacola, Florida. . . . To me abortion represented everything rotten about liberal modernity. (Eric Rudolph, Between the Lines of Drift (2015), PDF pp. 187-189. )

Eric Rudolph

ERIC RUDOLPH is a Right-wing militant currently serving four consecutive life sentences in the federal Supermax prison in Colorado. Presumably his corpse will rot in its cell at ADX Florence until the last sentence is served.

On the Ten Most Wanted List (1998-2003), and with a $1 million dollar FBI bounty on his head, he evaded a massive high-tech manhunt for five and a half years, surviving alone in the remote Appalachian forests of western North Carolina, and on the fringes of small towns there.

Despite possessing extraordinary frontiersman-like skills, Rudolph is not a survival purist: “I knew how to make fire with a fire drill,” he writes, “but I found it more efficient to start my fires using a Bic lighter.”

The FBI includes Rudolph on its “Famous Cases and Criminals” roster along with Al Capone, John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, Machine Gun Kelly, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, Mafioso John Gotti, still-mysterious Boeing 727 hijacker D.B. Cooper (perpetrator of the only unsolved case of air piracy in commercial aviation history), and Left-wing Establishment notables Patty Hearst, Alger Hiss, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Aldrich Ames (CIA), and the FBI’s own Robert Hanssen.

One-Man War

Rudolph is anti-abortion and anti-homosexual. Most of his activism centered on abortion.

In 2005 Rudolph pled guilty to the following crimes:

1. The July 27, 1996 bombing of Atlanta, Georgia’s Centennial Olympic Park during the 1996 Summer Olympics. His objective was to disrupt the Games and impose massive economic costs on global corporations and the government. He phoned in a warning before the blast hoping to spare lives, but a Black woman was killed and over 100 people injured. A Turkish cameraman died from a heart attack running to the scene.

2. The January 16, 1997 bombing of Northside Family Planning Services in Sandy Springs, an Atlanta suburb. Six people, including two FBI agents, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent, a TV news cameraman, and a firefighter, were injured by a secondary blast, none seriously.

3. The February 21, 1997 bombing of Otherside Lounge, an Atlanta lesbian bar. Five people injured.

4. The January 29, 1998 bombing of New Woman All Women Health Care Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. The blast killed an off-duty police officer moonlighting as a security guard and injured a nurse.

The Army of God

During his incarceration Rudolph has written several essays and two books. Of half German (father, from Missouri) and half-Irish (mother, from Pennsylvania) descent, he is intelligent, well-read, and articulate. Prior to his arrest he spent his entire life in the South, first in Florida where he was born, then in North Carolina.

His political writings are available in electronic form on an anti-abortion website called the Army of God. It is run by a Vietnam veteran (Navy), Donald Spitz, who came from a military family. Reportedly an ordained Pentecostal minister, he is now elderly. The FBI has monitored him for decades.

Spitz also publishes the prison writings of anti-abortion activists Paul Hill, Shelley Shannon, Michael Bray, John Brockhoeft, and Clayton Waagner.

Paul Hill was a Presbyterian minister who killed an abortion doctor and his bodyguard with a 12-gauge shotgun. Hill put down the gun and waited quietly to be arrested. In 2003 he was executed by the State of Florida, his death warrant signed by Governor Jeb Bush.

The bodyguard was a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. Apparently System cops and military personnel earn extra money moonlighting for the Sex Establishment. They accept the policies implemented in its “clinics” and related institutions: state-sponsored feminism, abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism, contraception, underage sex, promiscuous and deviant sex, destruction of the family, etc.

A useful interview with Donald Spitz by a hostile journalist who cites Jewry (the SPLC, which like its FBI ally hates Spitz and tracks him in its massive database of White Americans) is “Soldier of God: A cheerleader for murder, Rev. Donald Spitz says his anti-abortion message is finally getting through,” Coastal Virginia Magazine (November-December 2012).

Asked whether he (Spitz) would ever become an “Army of God hero” and “murder an abortion provider,” Spitz replied in 2012, “People have different callings. And my call has always been to be as verbal as I can. I would never want to say never about anything, but I have no plans or thoughts to do that. It’s like me smuggling bibles into China. I support that, but I doubt that I’ll be doing it. It’s possible I might but it’s unlikely.”

Spitz opposes “racism,” meaning White “racism” — because that’s what “racism” means. Not the most talented writer, you can assess his racial views on this brief page. He thinks the Bible supports de facto anti-White racism.

For half a decade until Rudolph’s capture Leftists, abortionists, and the media speculated wildly that the secretive “Army of God” was behind his crimes, and a vast network of White Southern religious fanatics sheltered him from government retribution — as usual, the exact opposite of the truth.

These are the same characters who call right-wingers “conspiracy nuts.”

Catholicism, Pentecostalism, Christian Identity, “Racism”

Eric Rudolph describes himself as Christian, a baptized Catholic who hopes to die Catholic. There is no reason to doubt this, but his roots in the “Patriot” movement and interest in politics and history seem to outweigh his religiosity. It doesn’t sound as though religion dominates his life and thought.

When Rudolph was a boy he attended a Pentecostal church with his family, but is scornful of it. (His parents had converted to Protestantism from Left-wing Catholicism.) But I doubt that he has attended any church as an adult.

Jewish hate groups and the media call him a White racist: “Much was known about Rudolph by the time he was sent to prison — his early Holocaust denial, his hatred for Jews and association with adherents of the racist Christian Identity theology . . .” (SPLC)

The two books written about him, one by an anti-White Jewish television producer, contain numerous index entries for various White “racist” individuals and groups, including brief ones for the National Alliance, William Pierce (its founder), and Pierce’s novel The Turner Diaries. I don’t know what these texts say about the Alliance, but assume it is the usual guilt-by-non-association nonsense.

Rudolph engaged in a brief dalliance with Christian Identity in 1984 when he was 18. After accompanying his mother, who was interested in home schooling, to an Identity gathering in Schell City, Missouri near the Kansas border, he remained for six months at the Church of Israel because he was courting a girl whose family belonged to the group. During this period he worked as an assistant to the church’s pastor, Dan Gayman, who hoped to groom Rudolph as a possible successor.

But Rudolph was not persuaded by Identity theology. When the girl broke off their relationship, “I left the church and I do not believe I have talked to an Identity believer since that period in the early 1980’s.”

Prison Writings

Rudolph’s prison writings can be found on the Army of God’s Erich Rudolph Home Page. Some works are HTML texts, others PDFs. Some display their date of publication and others do not.

Following is a thumbnail guide to these writings. I particularly recommend Rudolph’s first-person account of his life and years in the wilderness, Between the Lines of Drift, a fascinating read, “Supermax Prison” for its glimpse behind the walls of America’s invisible gulag, and “Racism” for the author’s attitude toward race.

Memoir (Book)

Between the Lines of Drift: The Memoirs of a Militant, 3d ed. (PDF, 243 pp., 2015)

Highly recommended. Alternating chapters describe Rudolph’s past from his boyhood on, and his life in the wilderness for five years evading one of the largest federal manhunts in U.S. history. Rudolph’s body count was minuscule compared to the number of kills chalked up by imported anti-White racists and terrorists, but Rudolph is profoundly Politically Incorrect while the other deaths and maimings are an acceptable — probably even desired — consequence of government migration policy.

The book provides practical insight into White guerrilla warfare and survival in a modern racist police state.

Army service (Eric Rudolph, Between the Lines of Drift: The Memoirs of a Militant [2015])

Novel (Book)

All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic (PDF, 180 pp., 2017)

Rudolph’s tale of American Special Forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan, set in 2009-2010, contains specialized military information, jargon, and acronyms. There’s even a glossary at the end. The story incorporates Rudolph’s personal knowledge and experience obtained during his (stateside) Army stint from 1987 to 1989, and knowledge of the minutiae of American Middle East intervention, a topic that interests him.

With respect to American militarism and the Middle East Rudolph holds rather conventional conservative/neoconservative views despite the fact that he is not neoconservative and expresses disdain for neocons in high places.

His thesis is that it is right and proper for American troops to be deployed in the Middle East to fight Islamic (Arab and Persian) terrorism, project American power abroad, preserve Western access to oil, and defend Israel.

However, the military should not be hobbled by Political Correctness, Left-wing media, rules of engagement, misguided notions of overseas “democracy” and “nation building,” or women, homosexuals, and trannies in the ranks.

The hero’s testimony during his court martial summarizes Rudolph’s outlook: “War is not like a college debate, where the best argument wins. War is an existential struggle, and the side that wins is the one with superior violence and will.”

After the Afghanistan phase the story shifts to America, the hero’s court martial and imprisonment, divorce from his Left-wing wife (who had aborted their son), release from prison, readjustment to civilian life, remarriage, and revenge against his antagonist, a transsexual Army colonel.

Despite its two-dimensional characters, the novel, like his memoir, exhibits marked narrative skill. So far it is Rudolph’s only major work of fiction.

Anti-Abortion Writings

Abortion: The Irrepressible Conflict (76 pp., PDF, 2008)

Abortion is the most important issue of our age. It pits “conservatives” against “egalitarians.” Focusing on Christianity, abortion, and homosexuality, Rudolph’s historico-cultural approach ranges across topics as diverse as slavery, suffragism, feminism, classical liberalism, socialism, Communism, the Frankfurt School, and Hollywood.

A Time of War: Is Armed Resistance to Abortion Morally Justified? (47 pp., PDF, November 2018)

Rudolph’s most recent publication is his most religious, but still contains long digressions into medieval and modern history. Utilizing scripture, he refutes “milquetoast Christians” who condemn violence when used by those who oppose abortion. Against these qualified pacifists (he points out that such people condone violence when it is committed by the state) he appeals to the hair-raising, Yahweh-ordained Israelite killings and genocides of the Old Testament, noting that that book is incorporated into the New Testament: “Rather than doing away with the law, Jesus came to perfect it.”

“Christian pacifists have an impossible task assimilating the Old Testament to their pacifist prescriptions. So they simply dispense with the entire Old Testament.”

Killing abortionists is an act of “revolution” or “war.” Like Paul Hill, Rudolph praises Establishment icon John Brown, despite full awareness of what that means: “Although he later denied it, Brown intended to incite a slave rebellion.” (Rudolph hoped his own acts would incite an anti-government rebellion.)

“Neither side suspected that the Civil War would drag on for four bloody years and cost 600,000 American lives. But few today doubt whether the sacrifice was worth it.”

At least two of my relatives fought for the Union. One was killed at the Hornet’s Nest at the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee, where his body was dumped into an unmarked mass grave. In retrospect, the war was a complete waste of Aryan lives.

Rudolph says that since 1994 “another 25 million unborn Americans have had their lives snuffed out by abortionists, bringing the total number of [U.S.] abortions since Roe to somewhere north of 60 million. That’s the combined population of California and Texas.”

We can check at least half his equation. As of mid-2017 the combined population of the two states is officially 67 million, so he is right about that. This probably does not include the full number of non-White immigrants that Jews, the Left, and government have imported.

“Tarnished ‘Heroes’: Jeffrey Lyons the Child Molester” (Undated)

Emily Lyons, the nurse injured in Rudolph’s 1998 bombing of Alabama’s New Woman All Women Health Care Clinic, became a media darling and used the glowing coverage she received to crusade for even more abortions. After Rudolph’s capture Lyons angrily demanded that the government put him to death — which it nearly did.

She is assisted in her crusade by her current husband, Jeffrey Lyons (both Emily and Jeffrey had previous marriages). The two co-wrote a book called Life’s Been a Blast: The Inspiring Story of Birmingham Bombing Survivor Emily Lyons (2005).

After a brief introduction Rudolph reproduces sixteen pages of 1987 Arizona court documents in both JPG and PDF formats. They reveal that Jeffrey, married to a different woman at the time, admitted to and was convicted of sexually molesting his 8-year-old stepdaughter. The details are in the documents. Of interest are the large number of (probable) Jews, even in Arizona, who fill the well-paid ranks of the police complex: the counselor for the girl and her mother was Barbara Jacobson, the child psychologist Dr. Joel Glassman, and the judge Ronald S. Reinstein.

On behalf of President Bill Clinton (D.) and the FBI, Attorney General Janet Reno (D.) authorized a $1 million reward for Rudolph’s capture. Private bounty hunters joined a high tech army of heavily-armed federal, state, and local police combing the mountains of North Carolina. Even ex-Special Forces Lt. Col. Bo Gritz, enlisted by the FBI, tried to lure the fugitive from hiding. To Rudolph, Gritz is “a loyal subject of the Washington regime,” a “Judas Goat,” a “neutralizer” of American Patriotic anger: “I will never understand men like Gritz.”

Court Statements

Full text of Eric Rudolph’s written statement at sentencing” (2005)

This was the first statement by Eric Rudolph offering a reason for his attacks. It differs from NPR’s text (next entry) by subsequent grammatical editing and a postscript added after the original statement had been issued.

“The fact that I have entered [a plea] agreement with the government is purely a tactical choice on my part and in no way legitimizes the moral authority of the government to judge this matter.”

Abortion is murder. And when the regime in Washington legalized, sanctioned, and legitimized this practice, they forfeited their legitimacy and moral authority to govern. At various times in history men and women of good conscience have had to decide when the lawfully constituted authorities have overstepped their moral bounds and forfeited their right to rule. [Emphasis added.] This took place in July of 1776 when our Forefathers decided that the British Crown had violated the essential rights of Englishmen, and therefore lost its authority to govern. . . . There is no more legitimate reason to my knowledge, for renouncing allegiance to and if necessary using force to drag this monstrosity of a government down to the dust where it belongs.

Rudolph calls anti-abortion Christians who condemn violence “hypocrites” and “plastic people.”

He also targeted homosexuality: “Along with abortion, another assault upon the integrity of American society is the concerted effort to legitimize the practice of homosexuality.”

It is the duty of the state to promote the public welfare and this includes holding up values and model behaviors which tend to create a healthy society capable of reproducing itself by the natural means of the family unit. This model behavior which lies at the heart of a healthy society is the marriage between a man and a woman.

Rudolph condemns “the [public] homosexual agenda”: gay marriage, homosexual adoption, hate crime laws, teaching the lifestyle to children, etc. But he does not condemn private homosexuality. (One of his brothers is a homosexual in New York City.)

The postscript takes issue with alleged facts in the book Hunting Eric Rudolph: An Insider’s Account of the Five-Year Search for the Olympic Bombing Suspect (N.Y.: Berkley Books, 2005), written by a Jew named Henry Schuster with Charles Stone, former head of the “Anti-Terrorist Force” of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) who investigated the three Atlanta bombings. States maintain little FBIs of their own that coordinate political and racial activities with other agencies and possess their own coordinating body, the Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies (ASCIA).

Schuster, who is anti-White, has only a liberal arts B.A. and M.A., yet spent his life as a high-level TV news producer for CNN and CBS’ 60 Minutes.

Full Text of Eric Rudolph’s Confession” (NPR website, April 14, 2005). The U.S. government’s (National Public Radio) publication of the preceding statement, absent Rudolph’s subsequent postscript.

Eric Rudolph’s statement at sentencing concerning the Centennial Park bombing” (2005)

Explains Atlanta’s 1996 Olympic bombing and apologizes to the victims of that blast.

Under the protection and auspices of the regime in Washington, millions of people came to celebrate the ideals of global socialism. Multinational corporations invested billions of dollars, and Washington organized an army of security to protect the games. The purpose of the attack on July 27th at Centennial Park was to confound, anger and embarrass the Washington government in the eyes of the world for its abominable sanctioning of abortion on demand.

The plan was to force the cancellation of the Games, or at least create a state of insecurity to empty the streets around the venues and thereby eat into the vast amounts of money invested. The plan was conceived in haste and carried out with limited resources, planning and preparation — it was a monster that kept getting out of control the more I got into it. Because I could not acquire the necessary high explosives, I had to dismiss the unrealistic notion of knocking down the power grid surrounding Atlanta and thereby pulling the plug on the Olympics for their duration.

Eric Rudolph’s Allocution (Birmingham, Alabama federal court, April 13, 2005)

“Allocution” has several meanings in the sentencing context, one of which is “An unsworn statement from a convicted defendant to the sentencing judge in which the defendant can ask for mercy, explain his conduct, apologize for the crime, or say anything else in an effort to lessen the impending sentence.”

Rudolph delivered an anti-abortion statement:

My actions that day [bombing Birmingham’s New Woman All Women Health Care Clinic] were motivated by my recognition that abortion is murder. Because it is murder, I believe that deadly force is indeed justified in an attempt to stop it. I do not claim this as a right but rather consider it the moral duty to come to the defense of my fellow man when he is under attack. . . .

What I did on January 29, 1998, was pull back the lid on this stinking vat of vomit, revealing the murderers behind the new “progressive” society. For this reason I’m hated.

As I stand in this courtroom today I can feel the eyes of hatred upon me. . . .

Every variety of filth is tolerated and aggressively pushed with the complete support of the state — abortion, homosexuality, pornography — but this country does not tolerate the values of life, family, and human dignity. . . . [T]he names of America’s great men are now drug through the mud. . . .

Even if it should take ten years, 50 years, or 500 years before this black night of barbarism is swept into the dustbin of history, I will be vindicated . . . And as I go to a prison cell for a lifetime, I know that “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course. I have kept the faith.”

Though not stated, the concluding quotation is from 2 Timothy 4:7 of the King James Bible.


Supermax Prison” (April 23, 2008)

Jewish-“curated” Wikipedia gloats: “Like other Supermax inmates, Rudolph spends 22½ hours per day alone in his 80 square foot (7.4 m2) concrete cell.” (To visualize such an area a man trained in computer science says, “Imagine just the playing surfaces of 2 regulation sized billiard tables. There’s the look of your 80 square feet.”)

The essay is an informative look behind the secretive walls of America’s invisible gulag by a prisoner who lives there. Like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Rudolph makes a distinction between criminals and “politicals.” Solzhenitsyn said everyone — prisoners, jailers, Party apparatchiks — knew the difference between the two. In the USSR politicals were treated more harshly than criminals.

Life on the Run

Lil” (undated), about stealing grain, and “Lick the Floor” (January 7, 2004) describe incidents from his life on the run. They have since been integrated into his 2015 memoir Between the Lines of Drift.

Race and “Racism”

Racism” (undated)

A short, key essay setting forth the author’s racial ideas. You must pay close attention to what he says and does not say. He is not as pro-White as Anders Breivik, but not as “anti-racist” as Timothy McVeigh, either:

Today, the specter of white racism is a bogeyman, a political tool our Marxist masters use to frighten away opposition. . . . Institutional racism today targets primarily whites, through discriminatory policies such as Affirmative Action, racial quotas, ‘hate crimes’ laws, sensitivity training, and speech codes.

In my lifetime, I have rarely witnessed white racism. I have, however, been stabbed, beaten, and robbed for being white. My schoolteachers taught me to hate myself for being white. They issued me a block of white guilt to carry around for things I did not do. They told me to prostrate myself whenever anyone levels the charge of racism. But these days I only prostrate myself before God. I dropped that block of white guilt years ago, and instead, I picked up the truth.

White Lies: Eugenics, Abortion, and Racism (PDF, 86 pp., December 2014)

In this essay Rudolph refutes the familiar pro-life claim that proponents of abortion are racists who disproportionately murder non-White babies.

He asks, “how is it possible for an organization like Planned Parenthood to commit racial genocide in a nation where McDonald’s fry cooks are fired for telling racist jokes? No modern public figure or mainstream organization would dare to associate with white supremacy.”

He attributes this belief to a popular book by prolific conservative Presbyterian pastor George Grant published in 1988, Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood. “Grant says that high abortion rates among blacks and other minorities are not statistical anomalies; they represent the culmination of a century-long [White eugenic] campaign to exterminate people of color. Presumably, aborted white babies, who account for 37 percent of abortions, are mere cannon fodder, a necessary sacrifice in this war to wipe out the black race.”

Margaret Sanger did associate with known racialists, but there’s no evidence she shared their beliefs. Although a supporter of negative eugenics, Sanger never espoused scientific racism. Nor is there any evidence that Sanger’s birth control movement has served the ends of racial genocide. On the contrary, birth control and abortion have had their greatest impact on white people. Since the introduction of the “Pill” and legal abortion in Europe and America in the 1960s and 1970s, the white share of the world’s population has declined precipitously, while the Third World’s population has increased exponentially. [Emphasis added.] Even though black Americans have high abortion rates, they also have high birth rates, which more than makes up for any population loss due to abortion or any other cause of premature death in the black community. The proportionally high abortion rate is directly related to the incredibly high illegitimacy rate among blacks, not to Planned Parenthood “targeting” black neighborhoods. . . .

Further on Sanger and eugenics:

Among the eugenics movement were individuals like Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard, who espoused scientific racism. Even though Sanger opportunistically sought their political support [in the 1920s], she never shared their beliefs. For ten years, Sanger courted Charles Davenport and Henry Fairfield Osborn, America’s leading eugenicists, but was consistently rebuffed. The bone of contention was differential birth rates. . . .

Davenport and Osborn recognized that if Sanger had her way, and contraceptives were made legal, educated upper and middle class women would use it most consistently, resulting in an even more precipitous population decline among the “fit.” Consequently, they used their power and influence to prevent any sort of an alliance with Sanger’s organization. [And] if her relationship with American eugenicists was tenuous, Sanger’s connection to Nazi eugenicists was non-existent.

This directly contradicts what the anti-abortion faithful believe.

Rudolph fears that by embracing anti-White racism in an attempt to win hearts, minds, and votes, pro-lifers might ultimately alienate their base, which is overwhelmingly White.

Many millions of Americans oppose the anti-racism agenda of the Left, but dare not speak up for fear of being labeled a “racist.” They see the fundamental injustice of affirmative action, “hate crimes,” and racial quotas. They understand that what the current civil rights leadership wants is not justice . . . These same folks constitute the pro-life constituency in America.

Therein lies the danger: by using race hustler style arguments, prolifers risk alienating their primary constituency. The American people want leaders who will stand up to the race hustlers, not bow before their false idol parroting lies.

He counsels a colorblind approach: “Lies, even white lies, sully the moral purity of the pro-life message, that abortion is wrong because it kills a human being, regardless of race, sex, or class.” Furthermore, anti-abortionists will never win the political acceptance they crave by lying about race. They will always be hated because they are White.

The section “White Suicide” on page 47 discusses worldwide White demographic collapse, which he views as inconsistent with the claims of anti-abortionists that Whites are using abortion to commit genocide against non-Whites.

Despite all this, Rudolph explicitly rejects White racialism and speaks approvingly of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. He believes “scientific racism (hereditarianism)” and Left-wing “institutional racism” are morally and philosophically comparable, and dismisses thinkers such as Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard by name.

I should say a word here about Rudolph’s reading habits as reflected in his citations. He typically cites his sources. This essay, for example, contains 8 pages of endnotes.

Rudolph’s citation practice reveals that he reads mostly Establishment books. Quotations of original material are typically secondhand as cherry-picked and presented by these activist academic and Left-wing authors.

For example, he bases his knowledge and characterization of eugenic and White racialist beliefs almost entirely upon anti-White Jew Edwin Black’s War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race (2003): e.g., “Madison Grant, Passing of the Great Race (1916), quoted in Black, War Against the Weak 29-30.”

The equivalent among White racialists studying abortion would be to read only what Establishment sources in universities and the media say about pro-life advocates while ignoring what anti-abortionists themselves say. It creates a false picture.

General Essays

Pyrrhic Victories: The Problems with American Policy in Iraq” (PDF, 32 pp., August 2005)

Presents Rudolph’s view of U.S. military intervention in Iraq under George W. Bush. A demi-Zionist, he believes America should exert power in the Middle East to control oil and protect Israel.

The U.S. is unable to successfully achieve its foreign policy objectives because of its commitment to “democracy” abroad, failure to exercise sufficient ruthlessness against Muslims (Arabs and Persians), and because the armed forces are hamstrung by Left-wing “fifth columnists” in universities, newsrooms, Hollywood studios, and Congress.

Rudolph writes approvingly of Mossad’s “targeted assassinations” and America’s Phoenix Program in Vietnam, recommending similar terror tactics against Muslims in the Middle East.

His foreign policy views do not fit conventional ideological categories, but are better described as a kind of realpolitik.

He is cognizant of Northern depredations against the South during the Civil War, and the vicious treatment of Germans in the civilian terror bombings of WWII and concentration camps after the war. He even cites James Bacque.

He expresses some racial views on pages 11-12. His underlying stance is cultural rather than biological. He assumes that assimilation of non-Whites is both acceptable and possible. That this would destroy our race probably does not matter. “The Israeli Experience” on page 30 discusses Israel and the neocons.

Crime and Punishment” (February 8, 2007)

Condemns Left-wing cultural norms.

Feminism” (PDF, 31 pp., undated)

Traces the history of feminist ideas from the Enlightenment to the present day. It was conceived as part of a book that was abandoned or hasn’t been completed yet.

As the basic organic unit of society, the family is the glue that holds it together. The family maintains social order and ensures cultural continuity. Because it is the basis of hierarchy in the larger society, the family is the ultimate enemy of egalitarians. Therefore, it must be destroyed. For the last hundred years, the family has been under attack; it is the last front in the egalitarian war to destroy the Western Culture.

Feminism “destroyed the institutions that brought the sexes together in harmony and cooperation for centuries. In the average household today, a cold war exists between husband and wife. Finding a healthy relationship in the Western World these days is like going on a safari in search of a rare species that has been hunted into near extinction.”


The Sentence: A Satire” (undated, but post-July 2005): “The events are an actual description of what took place at Eric Rudolph’s sentencing in Birmingham, Alabama on July 18, 2005. The quotes were taken from court transcript. Only the names have been changed and a third person perspective adopted in order to write this satire.”

Melvin and Maude: A Satire” (PDF, 37 pp., September 2013). A critique of the Sex Establishment in the guise of a fictional trial establishing the right of a man to marry a donkey: “Although marriage had long since been extended to all manner of human relationships — gay, polygamous, incestuous — transspecies marriage was still illegal in all fifty states. A few reactionary states in the Deep South even had anti-bestiality statutes on their books. But Melvin [the piner after donkeys] knew that the arc of the universe bent toward justice.”

Like most of Rudolph’s work it is footnoted and incorporates historical material.

* * *

Source: Author

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10 January, 2019 11:47 am In 1998, Gritz organized a fruitless search for the Centennial Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph in order to save Rudolph’s life.[28] In 2005, Gritz became an active protester for intervention in the Terri Schiavo case. On 19 March 2005, when her feeding tube was removed, he was arrested for trespassing after trying to enter the hospice where she lived.[29] In 1984, Gritz and his wife Claudia were baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).[2] However, amid infidelity scandals, Gritz’s stake president refused to renew Gritz’s temple recommend until Gritz could prove that he had paid federal income tax.[34] In response, Gritz resigned his membership in the LDS Church.[2][34] In 1999, Gritz and his then fourth wife Judy [apparently mulatto] became involved in the Church… Read more »

11 January, 2019 10:58 am

Gun Deaths Are Mostly Suicides – The New York Times But the problem of gun suicide is inescapable: More than 60 percent of people in this country who die from guns die by suicide…

Firearms and Crime Statistics
Firearms and Crime Statistics This page has been updated to reflect the most recently available data. The following is a list of BJS publications that include data on firearm-related crime.

11 January, 2019 1:05 pm

Not surprising that somebody who gets so worked up over abortion also wants the USA to support the State of Israel.

The absolutist position, “Abortion is murder,” is incompatible with Darwinism, which says that there are gradations of humanness. Even Aristotle and Aquinas did not believe that a first-trimester embryo was a human being. That dogma was invented relatively recently, in the 19th century.

It seems to me that fanaticism about abortion has been used since the 1970s to divert energy and attention from racial problems.

Reply to  Hadding
13 June, 2020 3:55 pm

” Even Aristotle and Aquinas did not believe that a first-trimester embryo was a human being”
B.S.! What they did not know was when fertilization took place. And in any case, they condemned the abortion of an already fertilized egg, like a human life.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Hadding
11 April, 2021 4:27 pm
Reply to  Hadding
12 March, 2022 12:02 am

i went to school w Rudolph when he lived in Davie Florida. most of the school was jewish and his best friend is now openly gay. actually i thought he was a jew himself.

13 January, 2019 7:19 pm

This helped me understand the beliefs of Eric Rudolph better than if one relies upon System information. They lied and claimed he was a white supremacist just like they said Tim McVeigh was a white nationalist because he had copies of “The Turner Diaries.” While McVeigh was bothered by the racial double standard while in the military he wasn’t a racial nationalist and was primarily a Constitutionalist and staunch second amendment supporter. It would be interesting to know why Rudolph broke with Christian Identity. I’m not a supporter of abortion for healthy white girls and women but abortions by black and Latino women serve our interests. It sounds cruel but that’s how we must think if we are to survive. I’m not sure if Rudolph knew that black and Latino… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Bridger
14 June, 2020 1:44 pm

A fascinating individual. I remember him well….

Reply to  Bridger
24 June, 2022 1:02 pm

my impresion from far McVeigh was a false flag scapegoat of jewFBI
and it was a mininuke !
JEWCIA/FBI made many false flag until today in 2022 !
from government + jewmedia nothing is to believe best examples :
9.11.01,ISIS,Irak war etc.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
6 September, 2020 12:08 pm

The more I read of matters concerning individuals like Eric Rudolph, the more I am convinced of César Tort’s views on Christianity as the poison killing the white man’s soul.

Reply to  Arch Stanton
24 June, 2022 1:15 pm

you are right and it was jewish intended since 2000 years
to weaken us while we are openly they fight only from
behind with insidiousnes .

12 March, 2022 12:00 am

Spitz is a jewish name