Switzerland: White Genocide = OK; Showing White Genocide = Not OK

THERE’S A big fuss in the Swiss MSM just now about a photo of a Zurich school class that was being circulated on social media by members of the “far right” PNOS party (Partei der Eidgenossen) [Eidgenossen literally means oathbound but is also used to refer to the Swiss people in general].

All these crazed right-wing extremists did was comment on the nature of the demographic change clearly underway in Switzerland, variously known as the Great Replacement or White Genocide. But Swiss establishment figures have claimed this was a terrible intrusion into the privacy of the children. They are considering legal action against PNOS. Child welfare experts are now calling for schools not to publish classroom photographs on the Internet so that White folks seeking to resist their own extinction will not be able to observe how White Genocide is progressing.

Above you see the original photograph that provoked the discussion together with the blurred-up version of it being used to illustrate the stories in the Swiss MSM. As you can see there is only one child with what we might call a “traditionally Swiss” appearance and name.

Lügenpresse version:

* * *

Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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