UK: Fighting White Genocide Through Awareness


EDITOR’S NOTE: The editorial staff of the Derby Telegraph express alarm that some “Multiculturalism Is genocide” stickers were placed by a patriot on top of advertisements for a day care business owned by a White man who married outside of his race. (The stickers were doubtless placed in many other locations too.) The paper mocks the imputed motive of the patriot, which they speculate was promoting the idea that “allowing children of different colored skins to mix together at nursery is a practice which will lead to death and destruction of our civilization,”a statement intended to be seen as so beyond the bounds of “decent” discourse that all “right-thinking” people will dismiss it and be horrified by it — but a statement which is nevertheless, in essence, true. Ominously, the paper demands that the person posting the stickers be identified so his ideas can be “removed” from society. Exactly how they intend to effect the “removal” is not specified.

* * *

THERE ARE some extraordinarily bitter and twisted people out there. (ILLUSTRATION: James Fisher looks at one of the notices which was a target for racist graffiti.)

And although new Derby children’s nursery owner James Fisher was not inclined to formally complain to police after adverts for his business were besmirched with racist graffiti, it surely ought to be the case that it needs to be investigated anyway.

For this went way beyond mischievous doodling or spray-painting by bored youngsters.

Sunny Days Nursery opens on Monday in Chester Green.

Mr Fisher, the father of two mixed-race children, put up street adverts. The nursery logo shows three children, two white and one of mixed race, holding hands together.

What could be more innocent or warming than that, you might think?

But to one or more people, it seems that it was so incendiary that they slapped on stickers announcing that “multiculturalism is genocide”.

Just to add to the menacing effect, a skull and crossbones was also featured.

Who are these people? There can be no question this was an impromptu act. These stickers had been printed, a calculated act to spread whatever perverted message the offenders want to portray.

And what is the message that they want us to accept? That allowing children of different coloured skins to mix together at nursery is a practice which will lead to death and destruction of our civilisation?

Genocide – the word has such horrors, ironically being brought into play as we mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day and victory over a Nazi regime which practised it.

Anybody who is walking the streets of Derby with these thoughts in their head will probably never be disabused of them. They are too blinkered for that.

But they have to be identified to remove any possibility of their bile being spread.

* * *

Source: Derby Telegraph

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  1. Andrew Simpson
    3 May, 2016 at 3:09 pm — Reply

    These are the type of policies I’d like to see implented by the British government –


    Article 1: Repatriation Scheme

    The introduction of a repatriation scheme to reduce the number of non-whites in Britain. The aim of the scheme would be to produce small, well-integrated ethnic minority communities – no more than one million in total – evenly spread in geographical terms across Britain, stable in age profile, spread across different social classes and occupations and reflecting the range of ethnic groups present here.

    Those returning under the scheme would bring enormous benefits in terms of skills and capital to their home countries, which many of these countries so lack. This would aid economic development and thus, in turn, help to reduce migratory pressures.

    Article 2: End to Non-White Immigration

    An end to all but very small-scale non-white immigration. This includes abandoning the present system of asylum, and the strengthening and proper enforcement of existing laws against illegal immigration.

    Article 3: White Immigration Scheme

    The introduction of an immigration scheme to attract people of white European descent living outside Europe to settle in Britain. This programme would be aimed principally at those living in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

    Article 4: New Citizenship Law

    The introduction of a new citizenship law to limit citizenship to people of British and other white European descent. Existing passports held by non-whites would be valid until their date of expiry, but would not be renewed. Those non-whites remaining on completion of the repatriation scheme would do so as resident non-citizens.

    Article 5: Repeal of Race Relations Legislation

    The repeal of all race relations legislation, along with the abolition of all race relations organisations.

    Article 6: Government Apology

    The making by the government of a public apology for the mass non-white immigration of recent decades, in which they should be joined by leaders of all political parties, the trade unions and other organisations which have supported, or at least failed to oppose, the creation of a multi-racial society in Britain.

    This apology would serve as the official announcement of the death of the destructive ideology of multi-racialism and the beginning of a period of ethnic reconstruction. It would provide a valuable marker to indicate a turning point in British history.

    Article 7: Recognition and Compensation

    Official recognition of, and financial compensation for, those who spoke out against the creation of a multi-racial society in Britain and as a result became the target of government surveillance which, at the very least, seriously affected their ability to lead normal personal and work lives.

    Article 8: Opening of Records

    The opening of the records of the security services relating to those who opposed the creation of the multi-racial society so that these people may check details of the actions of the authorities against them and how the authorities purported to justify their actions.

    Article 9: Prosecution

    The prosecution of those who have been responsible for the mass non-white immigration of recent decades, and for the passing of race relations legislation designed to provide a legal framework for the multi-racial society and suppress dissenting views.

    Article 10: Prevention of Recurrence

    The introduction of legislation to make it a criminal offence to advocate large-scale non-white immigration or the passing of race relations legislation in any form.

    Article 11: Ethnic Reconstruction Commission

    The creation of an Ethnic Reconstruction Commission to coordinate the implementation of the above measures.

    Article 12: European Union

    Support for the replacement of the current European Union with a new European Union which would include all the nations of Europe other than those more properly belonging to the Middle East. Unlike the present EU, this new organisation would not be designed to evolve into a European state. It would not have a single currency and there would be immigration controls between nations.

    Support for the introduction of policies in line with those contained in this charter across the new union, where those policies are relevant.

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