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Eminent Sheeny

Robert Maxwell

by Revilo P. Oliver

DURING THE PAST two or three years, four or five of God’s Select Darlings have perpetrated billion-dollar swindles so crude and gross that some judicial notice of them had to be taken. The financiers were usually given three or four months’ retirement in a comfortable prison and fined forty or fifty million dollars. That amercement seemed huge to the commonalty and consoled the victims, but, considered on the scale of the loot that had been stashed away somewhere, reminded one of the once popular travesty of mid-Victorian melodrama in which the villain, convicted of seduction of innocent village maidens and many other villainies, is told by the stern judge: “I fine you a dollar and a quarter.”

When they emerge from their temporary retirement, the financial wizards generally devise new schemes to augment their billions in concealed savings accounts, confident that the general public will have forgotten their names.

An exception to this rule was a Sheeny whose financial juggling was successful so long as he lived, although after his death experts, gifted with hindsight, opined that a crash had been imminent. He was Abraham Lajbi, alias Ludvig Hoch, alias Leslie du Maurier, alias Robert Maxwell, born sixty-nine years ago in a small town of Carpathian Ruthenia on the border between Czecho-Slovakia and Romania. He became, if not a nine days’ wonder, a celebrity for four or five.

His yacht — a real yacht, complete with a swimming pool and the many other amenities essential to the good life — was at sea near Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, in the early morning of 5 November 1991. The captain was on the bridge, two sailors were standing watch, in the engine room far below two engineers tended the diesels; the rest of the crew were presumably asleep in their quarters on one of the lower decks. According to the official reconstruction of what happened, Abraham emerged, naked, from his stateroom, locked the door behind him, and walked down to a lower deck and to the one place on the vessel from which it was possible to fall into the sea. There he had a heart attack, died, and fell — or fell and died before he could drown. Late that evening his body was found, naked and oddly floating on its back, and recovered by a helicopter.

Abraham was buried on the Mount of Olives, the holiest site in Israel, after a state funeral, attended by all the mighty in the Holy Land, including the celebrated murderer, Shamir. In the bandit state of Israel, Abraham, alias Maxwell, was a national hero, described as a “colossus who bestrode the whole world.” He was properly honored: had he not cozened and fleeced innumerable goyim? And furthermore, despite the Aryan names under which he chose to operate, and despite his furious rivalry with an even more colossal Sheeny, the one who dishonors Scotland by using the name Murdoch, Abraham was a loyal and typically bumptious member of his ubiquitous race. His parents, needless to say, had been exterminated by the awful Nazis, and he was forever bellyaching about the great “Holocaust,” of which he was (of course!) a “survivor,” and by which, he said, Hitler had tried to “wipe out” God’s Chosen People. As we all know, Hitler notoriously failed to try, even in the comparatively small area of the globe under his control, and intelligent Europeans, increasingly impatient of their arrogant masters, are more and more coming to the conclusion that that was Hitler’s great crime.

It seems that while Abraham violated the spirit and intent of innumerable laws, he did not technically break any. His operations appear to have been like the one in Judaized America at the turn of the century, described by an embarrassed accountant in one of Edith Wharton’s stories: “It certainly wasn’t honest, but then it wasn’t illegal either; it was — well, it was just business.”

If you have a morbid interest in the finagling, double-dealing, chicanery, cheating, cajolery, cunning, rascality, and abject villainy by which talented Sheenies and their pet dogs become colossi of international finance, bestriding the globe they loot, you will find them detailed in the 568 pages of Tom Bower’s Maxwell, the Outsider (2nd edition; London, Mandarin, 1991). And you may find some sardonic amusement in a description of the weird operations of modern banking and brokerage, more suited to a Witch’s Sabbath than civilized nations, by which Abraham could juggle many corporations, none of which was ever solvent, and, although always actually bankrupt, become an immensely wealthy wizard of finance.

Although the subject of this biography tried by every legal and surreptitious means to prevent publication of the first edition of the book in 1988, Bower is relatively kind to Abraham/Maxwell, even suggesting that he did not know he was a crook, but without invoking the more plausible apology that the man was, of course, not dishonest according to the code of the Holy Talmud, of which he professed to have rabbinical knowledge.

Bower also kindly accepts the official, but inherently implausible, theory about the manner of Abraham’s death. He mentions, but discounts, the report by Seymour Hirsch, supported by Ari ben-Menasche, that Abraham/Maxwell had been an agent of the Mossad, Israel’s dread espionage, sabotage, and murder agency; had been involved in secret sales of armaments to Iran authorized by Shamir and George Bush, then Vice-President; and had betrayed to Mossad the honest Jew, Mordechai Vanunu, who had first supplied indisputable proof that the Sheenies in Israel, while yammering about “world peace” and the evils of atomic warfare, had secretly made themselves a world power by equipping themselves with the latest and most formidable atomic weapons developed in the United States. (1) There is, of course, no proof of what happened on the luxurious yacht that night, but if Hirsch’s disclosures were likely to make Abraham an embarrassment to his superiors in Mossad, they would not have had the slightest qualms about disposing of a faithful but no longer useful servant. Such scruples would be felt only by Aryans, a race Jews despise as childish and innately stupid.

(1. On Vanunu’s disclosure of the fact that Israel was a great nuclear power, see Liberty Bell, December 1986, pp. 16-19, an article which may have been the first publication in the United States of facts that had for weeks been sensationally featured in the British press, but which newspapers in this country suppressed as long as they could, since they mistakenly feared lest the disclosure make American boobs think. It is true that the British story was picked up by the New York Post, but it was then suppressed before publication on orders from its owner, the Sheeny who calls himself Murdoch. The Jews’ preparations for atomic warfare were, of course, known to the C.I.A. and its director, our present War Lord, and, astonishingly, had also been discovered by Lyndon LaRouche’s private intelligence service (see Liberty Bell, February 1992, pp. 12-13), but while Americans without access to secret information drew the natural inference from the “mysterious disappearance” from American stores of large quantities of materials needed for the manufacture of atomic weapons, they had no proof of their inferences before Vanunu’s disclosures. There is reason to believe that the Sheenies in what should be called Kikistan now possess atomic weapons superior to any that the United States had on hand before Bushy’s order to destroy what we had and thus make the country defenceless against the might of God’s Holy Race in their Holy Land, the future capital of their One World.)

I have chosen to review this book because it contains a few pages of which you should ponder the significance.

Abraham/Maxwell was uneducated and essentially uncivilized, but he had acquired many skills, not all of them criminal; for example, in addition to his native Yiddish, he could speak ten languages, all of them badly but sufficiently to make himself ungrammatically understood, perhaps with the aid of gestures. He shrewdly realized that this made him useful to the British who occupied Germany after the Jews’ victory in 1945. That gave him his start, and he as shrewdly perceived an opportunity to exploit the inextricable tangle of vindictive regulations that the crazed victors imposed on the vanquished, e.g., the one that made it a criminal offense for a German to do business with an Austrian or even to recover the property he had owned in Austria when that country was politically, as it was always ethnically, a part of Germany. And that, in turn, gave the Sheeny the great opportunity he shrewdly seized and by which, despite “the British disdain for ruthless negotiations,” he became a colossus of international finance. I quote from Mr. Bower’s book:

“With the possible exception of radar, German scientists and engineers had outclassed their Allied competitors in the design of military hardware, from airframes, jets, and tanks to submarines, guns, and rockets. German superiority was reflected not only in the new weapons thrown against the Allies, but also in the revolutionary new chemicals, metals, fuels, and gases which German industry had invented. In the period between Montgomery’s victory at Alamein and the invasion of France, an Anglo-American plan was conceived to plunder German science and industry.”

On one aspect of this looting of the racially and intellectually superior nation, see the article by C. Lester Walker, reprinted in Liberty Bell, March 1992, pp. 22-32, with the appended comments by Hans Schmidt. (2)

(2. Despite the Jews’ janissaries’ efforts to murder the best part of the surviving population of Germany after the war, and despite the Jews’ extortion of enormous and crippling sums from the Germans by means of their now putrid Holohoax, the Germans have regained their superiority over the Judaized British. See, in the New Scientist (London), 21 March 1992, the long article entitled “British Innovation, German Style,” The subtitle sufficiently adumbrates the argument: “The major political parties agree that Britain must make industrial capital out of academic ideas. All three are looking to Germany for inspiration.”)

Abraham/Maxwell shrewdly perceived that the patent fact of German superiority would create an almost insatiable demand, especially in Britain and the United States, for German scientific and technological publications. For the intrigues and tricks by which he acquired or extorted from the largest German publisher of scientific journals and books the exclusive right to sell in Britain and elsewhere the magazines and books the Germans themselves were forbidden to sell abroad, then acquired from the befuddled British the technically legal right to do it, and, with the subsidies clever Jews can always obtain from their fellow predators, made himself a colossus in the business of publishing, see Mr. Bower’s book.

Our concern here is with the obvious proof of German superiority over the hate-crazed and barbarized nations the Sheenies used to defeat and plunder Germany.

You may estimate for yourself how long it will be before the American boobs realize that by destroying Hitler and the National Socialist regime in Germany, they destroyed their own future.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, June 1992

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Will W Williams
Will W Williams
12 July, 2020 1:24 pm

It’s a good time to bump this 1992 article about ultra-Zionist Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, father of recently arrested daughter Ghislaine, the girlfriend and procurer of child victims for another Mossad agent and serial child rapist, Jeffrey Epstein.

Here is the obituary of superJew Maxwell in a 1991 issue of the Jew-owned Washington Post:

Reply to  Will W Williams
12 July, 2020 6:13 pm

The Mossad is a criminal terrorist organisation that commits every type of criminal act.

The Jew Epstein and Prince Andrew: The British Royal Family Has Another Scandal — Maybe It’s Time To Just Get Rid Of Them… | ianrmillard
23 July, 2020 5:04 am