Communism is Neo-Christianity


A collection of quotations compiled by Wesley Lysander

“THE HISTORY of early Christianity has notable points of resemblance with the modern working-class movement. Like the latter, Christianity was originally a movement of oppressed people: it first appeared as the religion of slaves and emancipated slaves, of poor people deprived of all rights, of peoples subjugated or dispersed by Rome. Both Christianity and the workers’ socialism preach forthcoming salvation from bondage and misery; Christianity places this salvation in a life beyond, after death, in heaven; socialism places it in this world, in a transformation of society. And in spite of all persecution, nay, even spurred on by it, they forge victoriously, irresistibly ahead. Three hundred years after its appearance Christianity was the recognized state religion in the Roman World Empire.”

— Frederick Engels

“Marxism borrows some deep assumptions from theology, especially its prophetic criticism of the present world order (capitalism) and its eschatological projection of a future world that is qualitatively different.

“It is not so well known that when Marx and Engels wrote the Manifesto of the Communist Party they did so at the request of a group that had not long beforehand been known as the League of the Just. The curious thing about the League of the Just, which had been formed by German workers in Paris in 1836, was that it was an organisation with a substantial religious flavour, propagating utopian socialist and communist ideas and practices on the basis of the Bible. Some of the leading figures of the old League of the Just argued for a violent communist revolution and pictured not merely Christ as the fore-runner of communism, but communism as Christianity without all its later developments.

“If a religious person declared she or he had become a socialist, then the assumption is that that person had lost his or her faith. It doesn’t help matters when the major churches also declared communism to be ‘God-less’. But these are, or at least should be things of the past.”

— Roland Boer


“Just as for postmillennial Christians, man, led by God’s prophets and saints, will establish a Kingdom of God on Earth, so, for Marx and other schools of communists, mankind, led by a vanguard of secular saints, will establish a secularized Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Private property is eliminated, individualism goes by the board, individuality is flattened, all property is owned and controlled communally, and the individual units of the new collective organism are in some way made ‘equal’ to one another.

“Marxism is a religious creed:

“This statement has been common among critics of Marx, and since Marxism is an explicit enemy of religion, such a seeming paradox would offend many Marxists. One obvious way in which Marxism functions as a religion is the lengths to which Marxists will go to preserve their system against obvious errors or fallacies. Marx was to assert that labor hours embed some sort of mystically inherent ‘values’ into goods. Perhaps the mistake the world and most of the critics have made is just that they have not sufficiently regarded Marx as a prophet — a man above logic, uttering cryptic and incomprehensible words.

“The crucial goal — communism — is an atheized version of a certain type of religious eschatology; the alleged inevitable process of getting there — the dialectic — is an atheistic form of the same religious laws of history; and the supposedly central problem of capitalism as perceived by ‘humanist’ Marxists, the problem of ‘alienation,’ is an atheistic version of the selfsame religion’s metaphysical grievance at the entire created universe. Creation, instead of being wondrous and good, is essentially and metaphysically evil. Separateness thereby cuts off man from his beloved cosmic union with God. Man is now permanently ‘alienated’ from God, the fundamental alienation; and also from other men, and from nature. It is this cosmic metaphysical separateness that lies at the heart of the Marxian concept of ‘alienation,’ and not, as we might now think, personal griping about not controlling the operation of one’s factory.

“Communism as the goal of history:

“Stage One is the original state of the pre-creation cosmic blob, with man and God in happy and harmonious unity, but each rather undeveloped. Then, the magic dialectic does its work, Stage Two occurs, and God creates man and the universe. But then, finally, when the development of man and God is completed, Stage Two creates its own aufhebung, its transcendence into its opposite or negation: in short, Stage Three, the reunion of God and man in an ‘ecstasy of union,’ and the end of history.

“Gerrard Winstanley, in early 1649, had a mystical vision of the ideal communist world of the future. Originally, according to this vision, a version of God had created the universe; but the spirit of ‘selfishness,’ the Devil itself, had entered into man and brought about private property and a market economy. Soon, declared Winstanley, universal ‘love’ would eliminate private property, and would thus restore the earth to ‘a common property as it was in the beginning … making the earth one storehouse, and every man and woman to live … as members of one household.’

“Soon, however, he realized, in the completed draft of his utopia, that all wage labor and all commerce would have to be prohibited on the penalty of death. Winstanley was quite willing to go this far with his program. Everyone was to contribute to, and take from, the common storehouse, and the death penalty was to be levied on all use of money, and on any buying or selling. The ‘sin’ of idleness would of course be combated by forced labor for the benefit of the communist community.

“‘All punishments that are to be inflicted … are only such as to make the offender … to live in the community of the righteous law of love one with another.’ Education in ‘love’ was to be insured by free and compulsory schooling conducted by the state. The stage was set for Karl Marx.

“To the extent that we know its operations at all, ‘the Kingdom of God on Earth’ is depicted as a communist society, lacking work, private property, or the division of labor. In short, something like the Marxian communist utopia, except run by a cadre, not of the vanguard of the proletariat, but of theocratic saints. This gospel of total rule went hand in hand with the social doctrine of many of the 14th-century: a communistic assault on the institution of private property. In a sense, communism was merely a thinly camouflaged cover for the right to commit theft at will.

“The 14th century brought the first attempt to initiate the Kingdom of God on Earth, the first brief experiment in totalitarian theocratic communism. For the Last Days are coming, and the Elect must go forth and stamp out sin by exterminating all sinners. Those notorious centers of luxury and avarice, must be exterminated. The Elect must impose communism (a society lacking the sin of private property) on the rest of the world. At night, they raided the mainland — in forays they called a ‘Holy War’ — to rob everything they could lay their hands on and to exterminate their victims.

“The monasteries of Muhlhausen were seized, and all property was declared to be in common; as a consequence, a contemporary observer noted, the regime ‘so affected the folk that no one wanted to work.’ As under the Taborites, the regime of communism and love soon became, in practice, a systemic excuse for theft: when anyone needed food or clothing he went to a rich man and demanded it of him in Christ’s name, for Christ had commanded that all should share with the needy. And what was not given freely was taken by force.

“The ruling clergy of the state exempted themselves from taxation, while imposing heavy taxes on the rest of the populace. With every person in the city drafted for siege work, Jan Matthys launched his totalitarian-communist social revolution. The first step was to confiscate the property of the expellees. All their worldly goods were placed in central depots, and the poor were encouraged to take ‘according to their needs,’ the ‘needs’ to be interpreted by seven appointed ‘deacons’ chosen by Matthys. Wages were doled out in kind by the only employer: the theocratic Anabaptist State.

“Food was confiscated from private homes, and rationed according to the will of government deacons. Also, to accommodate the host of immigrants, all private homes were effectively communized, with everyone permitted to quarter themselves everywhere. Compulsory communal dining halls were established, where people ate together to the readings from the Old Testament.

“The wives of the expellees became fair game, and they were forced to ‘marry’ good Anabaptists. The confiscated gold and silver was now minted into ornamental coins in honor of the new king. All horses were confiscated for the king’s armed squadron. Names in revolutionary Münster were also transformed; all the streets were renamed; Sundays and feast days were abolished; and all newborn children were named personally by the king in accordance with a special pattern.

“At all times throughout the siege the king and his court managed to eat and drink well, while famine and devastation swept through the town , and the masses ate literally anything, even inedible, they could lay their hands on.

“The first secularized communists appeared in mid-18th-century France. The major focus was to insist that all men are ‘perfectly’ equal and uniform, one and the same everywhere. Children are to be brought up communally, and absolutely identically in food, clothing, and training. Philosophic and religious doctrines are to be absolutely prescribed; no differences are to be tolerated; and children are not to be corrupted by any ‘fable, story, or ridiculous fictions.’ All trade or barter is to be forbidden by ‘inviolable law.’ Occupations are to be limited and strictly assigned by the State.

“It should be clear that these are debased, secularized versions of the visions of the Christian millennialists. Carl von Eckartshausen developed the idea that the inner church of the Elect had existed backward in time to Abraham and then went forward to a world government ruled by these keepers of the divine light. Saint-Martin was also influential through his leadership of the Scottish Rite Masonry in Lyons, and was the major figure in what might be called the apocalyptic-Christian wing of the Masonic movement. The point was that the people are incapable either of regeneration by themselves or of designating the people who should direct the regeneration.

“While the Welshman Robert Owen was the first to use the word ‘socialist’ in print in 1827, and also toyed with ‘communionist,’ the word ‘communist’ finally caught on as the most popular label for the new system …neo-Christian messianism.

“Karl Marx was born in Trier, a venerable city in Rhineland Prussia, in 1818, son of a distinguished jurist, and grandson of a rabbi. Indeed, both of Marx’s parents were descended from rabbis. Marx’s father Heinrich was a liberal rationalist who felt no great qualms about his forced conversion to official Lutheranism in 1816. What is little known is that, in his early years, the baptized Karl was a dedicated Christian. Going first to the University of Bonn and then off to the prestigious new University of Berlin to study law, Marx converted to militant atheism, and shifted his major to philosophy.

“Marx thundered in the fourth of his ‘theses on Feuerbach,’ ‘One must proceed to destroy the ‘earthly family’ as it is both ‘in theory and in practice.’ In particular, declared Marx, true man, as Feuerbach had argued, is a ‘communal being’ (Gemeinwesen) or ‘species being’ (Gattungswesen): ‘In the same way as woman is to abandon marriage for general [i.e., universal] prostitution, so the whole world of wealth, that is, the objective being of man, is to abandon the relation of exclusive marriage with the private property owner for the relation of general prostitution with the community.’

“In short, in the stage of communalization of private property, what Marx himself considers the worst features of private property will be maximized. Not only that, but Marx concedes the truth of the charge of anticommunists then and now that communism and communization is but the expression, in Marx’s words, of ‘envy and a desire to reduce all to a common level.’ Far from leading to a flowering of human personality, as Marx is supposed to claim, he admits that communism will negate that personality totally. Thus Marx wrote: ‘In completely negating the personality of man, this type of communism is really nothing but the logical expression of private property. General envy, constituting itself as a power, is the disguise in which greed reestablishes itself and satisfies itself, only in another way…. In the approach to woman as the spoil and handmaid of communal lust is expressed the infinite degradation in which man exists for himself.’ The triumph of unity over diversity means that, for the utopians, including Marx, ‘civil society, with its disturbing diversity, can be abolished.’

“Finally, at the apex of Marxian messianic communism is a man who fuses all the tendencies and strands analyzed thus far. A blend of Christian messianist and devoted Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist, the 20th-century German Marxist Ernst Bloch set forth his vision in his recently translated three-volume phantasmagoria The Principle of Hope. As J.P. Stern writes, Bloch’s Principle of Hope contains such remarkable declarations as ‘Ubi Lenin, ibi Jerusalem’ [Where Lenin is, there is Jerusalem], and that ‘the Bolshevist fulfillment of Communism’ is part of ‘the age-old fight for God.'”

— Murray N. Rothbard

“They laugh at the silly story about Adam and his spare rib, but they continue to believe in a ‘human race’ descended from a single pair of ancestors and hence in ‘brotherhood of man.’ The gospel of Mordecai, alias Karl Marx, which seems now to be becoming discredited, may, in future years, persist only in the great majority of Christian churches.” — Revilo Oliver

“That is what puzzles and amuses and sometimes exasperates us about your game of Jew-baiting: It sounds so portentous. You go about whispering terrifyingly of the Jew in this and that and the other thing. It makes us quake. We are conscious of the injury we did you when we imposed upon you our alien faith and traditions. Suppose, we say trembling, you should wake up to the fact that your religion, your education, your morals, your social, governmental and legal systems are fundamentally of our making! And then you specify, and talk vaguely of Jewish financiers and Jewish motion-picture promoters, and our terror dissolves in laughter. The Goi, we see with relief, will never know the real blackness of our crimes.

“Either you do not know or you have not the courage to charge us with those deeds for which there is at least a shadow of evidence and which an intelligent judge and jury could examine without impatience. Why bandy about unconvincing trifles when you might so easily indict us for serious and provable offences? Why throw up to us a patent and a clumsy forgery such as the Protocols of the Elders Zion when you might as well confront us with the Revelation of St. John? Why talk about Marx and Trotski when you have Jesus of Nazereth and Paul of Tarsus to confound us with?

“The great conspiracy which we engineered at the beginning of this era was destined to make the creed of a Jewish sect the religion of the Western world. The Reformation was not designed in malice purely. It squared us with an ancient enemy and restored our Bible to it’s place of honour in Christendom, the republican revolutions of the Eighteenth century freed us of our age-long political and social disabilities. They benefited us, but they did you no harm. On the contrary, they prospered and expanded you. You owe your pre-eminence in the world to them. But the upheaval which brought Christianity into Europe was – or at least may easily be shown to have been – planned and executed by Jews as an act revenge against a great Gentile state. And when you talk about Jewish conspiracies I cannot for the world understand why you do not mention the destruction of Rome and the whole civilization of antiquity concentrated under her banners, at the hands of Jewish Christianity.

“It is unbelievable, but you Christians do not seem to know where your religion came from, nor how, nor why. Your historians, with one great exception, do not tell you. Your Bible, you chant over but do not read. We have done our work too thoroughly; you believe our propaganda too implicitly. The coming of Christianity is to you not an ordinary historical event growing out of other events of the time, it is the fulfilment of a divine Jewish prophecy – with suitable amendments of your own. It did not, as you see it, destroy a great Gentile civilization and a great Gentile empire with which Jewry was at war; it did not plunge mankind into barbarism and darkness for a thousand years; it came to bring salvation to the Gentile world!

“Yet here, if ever, was a great subversive movement, hatched in Palestine, spread by Jewish agitators, financed by Jewish money, taught in Jewish pamphlets and broadsides, at a time when Jewry and Rome were in a death struggle, and ending in the collapse of the great Gentile empire. You do not even see it, though an intelligent child, unfuddled by theological magic, could tell you what it is all about after a hasty reading of the simple record.

“Let me in very brief recount the tale, un-embroidered by miracle, prophecy or magic. The time is roughly 65 B.C. Up to the present the two states have had little or no contact with one another. Then without solicitation on her part Rome was suddenly asked take a hand in Judean affairs. A dispute had arisen between two brothers over the succession to the petty throne, and the Roman general Pompey, who happened to be in Damascus winding up bigger matters, was called upon to arbitrate between the claimants. With the simple directness of a republican soldier, Pompey exiled one of the brothers, tossed the chief priesthood to his rival, and abolished the kingly dignity altogether. Not to put too fine a point on it, Pompey’s mediation amounted in effect to making Judea a Roman dependency. The Jews, not unnaturally, objected; and Rome appointed a king of her own choosing. He was the son of an excise-man, an Idumean by race, named Herod. But the Jews were not placated, and continued making trouble. Rome thought it very ungrateful of them. Above all, they wanted back a king of their own royal line.

“Among the masses the rebellion took the form of a revival of the old belief in a Messiah, a divinely appointed savior who was to redeem his people from the foreign yoke and make Judea supreme among the nations. Claimants to the mission were not wanting. In Galilee, one Judas led a rather formidable insurrection, which enlisted much popular support. John, called the Baptist, operated in the Jordan country. He was followed by another north-country man, Jesus of Nazareth. All three were masters of the technique of couching incendiary political sedition in harmless theological phrases. All three used the same signal of revolt – ‘the time is at hand’. And three were speedily apprehended and executed, both Galileans, by crucifixion.

“Personal qualities aside, Jesus of Nazareth was, like his predecessors, a political agitator. He began preaching a primitive form of populism, socialism and pacifism. The effect of this change in his program was to gain him the hostility of the substantial, propertied classes, the priest and patriots generally, and to reduce his following to the poor, labouring mass and the slaves.

“After his death these lowly disciples formed themselves into a communistic brotherhood. A sermon their late leader had once delivered upon a hillside summed up for them the essence of his teachings, and they made it their rule of life. It was a philosophy calculated to appeal profoundly to humble people. It comforted those who suffered here on Earth with promised rewards beyond the grave. Men without hope in the future were admonished to take no thought for the morrow. Men condemned to lifelong drudgery and indigence were assured of the dignity of labour and of poverty. The meek, the despised, the disinherited, the downtrodden, were – in the hereafter – to be the elect and favored of God. The worldly, the ambitious, the rich and powerful, were to be denied admission to heaven.

“With the country in the midst of a struggle with a foreign foe, the unworldly philosophy took on a dangerous aspect. It was a creed of disillusion, resignation and defeat. It threatened to undermine the morale of the nation’s fighting men in time of war. This blessing of the peacemakers, this turning of the other cheek, this non-resistance, this love your enemy, looked like a deliberate attempt to paralyze the national will in a crisis and assure victory to the foe.

“A native of Tarsus and thus a man of some education in Greek culture, Saul despised the new teachings for their unworldliness and their remoteness from life. A patriotic Jew, he dreaded their effect on the national cause. A traveled man, versed in several languages, he was ideally suited for the task of going about among the scattered Jewish communities to counteract the spread of their socialistic pacifistic doctrines. The leaders in Jerusalem appointed him chief persecutor to the Ebionim.

“He was on his way to Damascus one day to arrest a group of the sectaries when a novel idea came to him. In the quaint phrase of the book of Acts he saw a vision. He saw as a matter of fact, two. He perceived, to begin with, how utterly hopeless were the chances of little Judea winning out in an armed conflict against the greatest military power in the world. Second, and more important, it came to him that the vagabond creed which he had been repressing might be forged into an irresistible weapon against the formidable foe. Pacifism, non-resistance, resignation, love, were dangerous teachings at home. Spread among the enemy’s legions, they might brake down their discipline and thus yet bring victory to Jerusalem. Saul, in a word, was probably the first man to see the possibilities of conducting war by propaganda.

“And so Saul, the fiercest persecutor of Jesus’ followers, became Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles. And so, incidentally, began the spread into pagan lands of the West, an entirely new Oriental religion. His revamped and rather alluring theology made converts faster than he had dared hope, or than he even wished. His idea, it should be kept in mind, was at this stage purely defensive.

“The historians of the time leave us in no doubt as to the aims of Rome. They tell us that Nero sent Vespasian and his son Titus with definite and explicit orders to annihilate Palestine and Christianity together. To the Romans, Christianity meant nothing more than militant Judaism. As to Nero’s wish, he had at least half of it realized for him. Palestine was so thoroughly annihilated that it has remained a political ruin to this day. But Christianity was not so easily destroyed.

“Indeed, it was only after the fall of Jerusalem that Paul’s program developed to the full. The goal now was nothing less than to humble Rome as she had humbled Jerusalem, to wipe her off the map as she had wiped out Judea.

“‘Revelation’ is, in truth, a revelation of what the whole astonishing business is about. Rome, fancifully called Babylon, is minutely described in the language of sputtering hate. An Angel triumphantly cries, ‘Babylon the great is fallen!’ Then follows an orgiastic picture of ruin. Commerce and industry and maritime trade are at an end. Art and music and ‘the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride’ are silenced. The gentle Christian conquerors wallow in blood up to the bridles of their horses. ‘Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her.’

“John closes his pious prophecy with a vision of the glories of the new – that is, the restored – Jerusalem: not any allegorical fantasy, I pray you, but literally Jerusalem, the capital of a great reunited kingdom of ‘the twelve tribes of the children of Israel’. Could any one ask for anything plainer?

“You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.

“We took you in hand and pulled down the beautiful and generous structure you had reared, and changed the whole course of your history. We did it solely by the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas, with propaganda.

“A Jewish rebel-prophet is the central figure in your religious worship. We have pulled down your idols, cast aside your racial inheritance, and substituted for them our God and our traditions. No conquest in history can even remotely compare with this clean sweep of our conquest over you.”

— Marcus Eli Ravage


“In Christianity, as the art of holy lying, the whole of Judaism, a schooling and technique pursued with the utmost seriousness for hundreds of years, attains its ultimate perfection… Ultimately the point is the poisoning, slandering, and denying of life.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

“America’s problem with race has deep roots, with the country’s foundation tied to the near extermination of one race of people and the enslavement of another. Racism is truly our nation’s original sin. It’s time we right this unacceptable wrong, says bestselling author and leading Christian activist Jim Wallis…”

“To hear the kosher konservatives tell it, a fierce, intensive battle is raging today between the evil forces of communism and the sacred forces of Christianity. We are led to believe that it is an all out battle between good and evil. We are told that these two forces are the very essence of two poles of opposition — in complete and diametrical conflict. It is a sham battle. The fact is they are both degenerate products of the collective Jewish mind, designed to do one and the same thing: to destroy the white race. If we take a closer look at these two evil forces that have bedeviled and tormented the minds of the white race for all these years, we find that they are not on opposite sides at all. We find that they are both on the side of international Jewry, doing the job they were designed to do, namely: confuse and confound the white man’s intelligence so that he himself will help the Jew in destroying the white race.

“In comparing the two we find that they are strikingly similar, and not opposites. In fact, there are so many similarities in the two programs and in the philosophy of these two creeds that the hand of the same author can easily be detected. That author is the international Jewish network. They and they alone wrote both the creed of Christianity and the creed of communism. Both communism and Christianity preach against materialism. Communism designates those productive and creative forces of our society to which we owe in such large part the benefits of a productive white civilization, as ‘bourgeois.’ It then lashes out with unparalleled fury at the bourgeois and tells us over and over again that they must be destroyed. Instead of giving credit where credit is due, it slanders and vilifies these constructive and productive elements, namely the bourgeois or the capitalists, as the ultimate in evil. Christianity tells us basically the same thing. It tells us that it will be more difficult for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven. It tells us that we should ‘sell all thou hast and give it to the poor’: an insidious piece of advice that, if followed, would make us all a pack of roving bums and beggars. It would most surely cause the breakdown of our society. Christianity further tells us ‘lay not up treasures on earth, but lay up treasures in heaven.’ Throughout, the implication is clear. Don’t accumulate unto yourself any of the good things in life. If, through hard work, you’ve already managed to accumulate some wealth, get rid of it, give it away, give it to the poor, above all, give it to the Church, they’ll take it, with relish. The net result of this fantastically bad advice, of course, is that it will more easily pass into the hands of the Jews, who do not subscribe to such foolishness. They hope to make fools of us, knowing very well the old saying ‘A fool and his money are soon parted’ is only too true.

“The other side of the coin is that the leaders of both Christianity and communism themselves are fantastically materialistic. When we look at the Catholic Church on down through the ages, we find that whereas they were extracting the last mite from the poor widow, the church itself was gathering up and hoarding gold, silver and precious gems in unbelievable quantities. Not only was it taking in and gathering all the gold, silver and precious stones that it could, but it acquired huge amounts of real estate, and the Catholic Church today is undoubtedly the most fantastically wealthy institution on the face of the earth. Even through the Dark Ages when poverty was widespread, mostly because of Christianity itself, we find these huge and fabulously rich cathedrals, built in the midst of poverty, with gold encrusted altars and apses and vaults and columns and walls. The leadership of the Church caused to be built huge and great Basilicas, Cathedrals, Abbeys, Baptisteries, Mausoleums, Convents, and Churches. Practically all of these were so lavish and so huge in comparison with the meager surroundings of the times, that they flamboyantly stood out as the main repository of all the material wealth — gold, silver and architectural lavishness — of both their era and their geographical location. The church never has bothered to explain why it was so necessary to have such lavish wealth on display to the worshipping faithful, who were told time and again that it was evil to ‘lay up treasures.’ Unto this day, churches are built to be flamboyant, garish and bizarre. Money seems to be no object.

“The Vatican, that citadel of ‘spiritual’ leadership, which also preaches, ‘lay not up treasures on earth,’ does not practice what it preaches. On the contrary, what it practices is indeed the height of hypocrisy, and the antithesis of spirituality. It goes all out for laying up treasures on earth. It has amassed unto itself a portfolio of 5.6 billion dollars in stocks alone, not to mention all of its real estate, art treasures and other valuables. It enjoys an annual income of 1.5 billion dollars, much of it undoubtedly collected from the widow’s last mite, as well as its vast holdings. The United States religious establishment as a whole is valued at 102 billion dollars. In 1969, of the 17.6 billion dollars United States individuals contributed to charity, 45 percent, or 7.9 billion dollars was earmarked for religious purposes. Pretty materialistic for a religion that ‘shuns’ earthly treasures and preaches ‘my kingdom is not of this world.’

“Likewise, the communist bosses in Russia, practically all of which are Jews, have accumulated unto themselves all the riches of the countryside. While the communist slave laborer is toiling away twelve hours a day and then comes home to a dingy, dirty, filthy, crowded little apartment shared with other families, his Jewish bosses have opulent palaces spread all over the countryside. They drive the best of cars, chauffeur driven, of course, and eat the best of foods. Not only that, but they have the best of planes at their disposal to fly wherever they see fit to govern their slave laborers. These Jewish communist bosses usually also have at their disposal imported clothes and tailors and a galaxy of servants. When they need a rest from running their slave empire, they have private villas on the Black Sea or other choice vacation spots at their beck and call. And so it goes in the Proletarian Worker’s Paradise.

“Let us pass on to the next similarity. Both communism and Christianity make extensive use of the weapons of terror, both psychological and real. Undoubtedly the most ghoulish and vicious concept ever contrived by the depraved and collective mind of Jewry is the concept of Hell. Can you think of anything more horrible than placing millions of people in confinement in a superheated torture chamber and then burning them forever and ever without even the mitigating mercy of allowing them to die? With this piece of ‘Good News’ and ‘Joyful Tidings’ Christianity set out to conquer the minds of its superstitious and unreasoning victims. The fact that such a torture chamber was non-existent did not at all detract from the fact that it was a real threat to those who were made to believe that it was real. To a child, for instance, if you tell him that the Boogieman is going to get him, and he innocently believes you, then the threat is just as real as if a Boogieman actually existed. And so it is with Hell. To those that have become convinced that it exists, this horrible threat is just as real as if it did exist. However, Christianity did not stop with using psychological terror alone. Those who deviated from the official Church line were declared as heretics and forthwith burned at the stake. The idea of using fire in one form or another as a means of torturing their opponents seems to have obsessed these ‘loving’ Christians’ minds. Some 33,000 Christians were put to death by other so-called Christians by means of burning at the stake, a grizzly type of revenge. Among my ancestors alone (who were of the Mennonite faith) some 2,000 martyrs were burned at the stake by these ever-loving Christians. One outstanding feature about this burning at the stake business was that they were always white people who were being burned. Never have I ever heard of a Jew being burned at the stake for not believing precisely along specified lines of Judaism, even though they did not believe in Christ at all. Burning at the stake wasn’t the only means of torture and death used by these love-dispensing Christians who were so eager to spread their message of love.

“During the Inquisition, and other times, all the beastly refinements of torture that the depraved human mind could devise were used to extort confessions and whip the unbelievers or heretics into line. The thumb-screw, water-dip, the iron corset, drawn and quartered, gouging out one’s eyes with hot irons, and the rack (slowly tearing limb from body by means of stretching) were but some of the devices used by these ever-loving Christians to spread their gospel of Love. When the communists came along and used physical torture as one of their instruments of conquest, they had very little left to invent but what the Christians had already utilized before them. And this is as can be expected, since it was Jewish fiendishness that designed the means of torture for both. Nor did the Church hesitate to use wholesale warfare to batter down whole nations that did not submit to their religious dictation. In fact during the 16th, 17th and 18th century the main causes of war were religious dissentions in which one religious group sought to force their beliefs on their opposites by wholesale warfare and slaughter. The communist record of using wholesale terror, both psychological and physical, is so recent, so widespread and so well known that we need hardly review it here.

“In Russia alone the Jewish communist regime used terror on a scale unknown before in the annals of history. In order to exterminate the best of the white race in Russia, namely the white Russians, the Jews slaughtered some 20,000,000. The terror, the killings, the murders defy the imagination of the average white man’s mind. In any case, both communism and Christianity are using, and have used, terror extensively, both psychological and physical, to subjugate their victims. Whereas the Christians excelled in psychological terror, the communists excel in physical terror. But in both cases the Jews were experts in using whatever type of terror best accomplished their ends. Both communism and Christianity have a book that presumably lays down the creed of their movement. Christianity has the Jewish bible which was written by Jews, mostly about Jews, for the purpose of uniting the Jewish race and for destroying the white race.

“The communist bible is Karl Marx’s Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx in conjunction with Friedrich Engels, both of whom were Jews. Both of these Jewish creeds, communism and Christianity, are highly destructive, and when followed, tear down the fabric of the society that has fallen victim to them. Christianity teaches the evilness of man, that he is a no-good, unworthy sinner, that he is born in sin and that his every instinct is evil. Communism preaches that the productive, creative element of our society, namely the ‘bourgeois’ as they call them, is rotten and evil, and must be destroyed. It can be safely said that any sound, healthy society that turned either to complete Christianity and practiced all of its principles, or any society that practiced pure communism, would soon destroy itself. Again we want to vigorously point out that contrary to what these kosher konservatives are always telling us, communism is by no means the same as socialism or collectivism. The latter are basic constructive elements of any healthy society, but communism is an undisguised Jewish slave-labor camp. Both communism and Christianity preach the equality of man. Christianity preaches that we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord, whereas the communists preach that we all must become equal in the communist society.

“The white race will be leveled down to where they are all equal to a horde of miserable slaves, whereas every Jew, on the other hand, will be a king. Not only do both communism and Christianity preach the equality of the individual, but they also preach the equality of races, another vicious lie thrown in the face of Nature. Christianity and communism both have had their schisms. In the case of Christianity, the followers that differed were called heretics and in the case of communism, those that stray from the official line are called deviationists. In the case of Christianity, the Great Schism, of course, was during the Reformation when the Protestant segment developed and broke away from the Catholic Church. It then proceeded to split and splinter in a thousand different directions from there on out, all to the detriment and destruction of the white race.

“Among the communists there were a number of schisms such as the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks, and a number of other schisms, before the communists ever came to power. After they did come to power, there were the Stalinist communists and the Trotskyite communists, the latter being vigorously pursued and purged from the ranks. Now we presumably have the Mao wing of the communist party and for a while we had the Tito deviationists, and so on. In any case, the main idea in Christianity and communism is the same: On top of a confusing and impossible dogma sits a tight powerful hierarchy which dictates and interprets what the line of its followers must be, and terror and reprisal are the consequences to those who dare to think for themselves. It is not at all surprising that the arch-enemy of both these Jewish creeds is Adolf Hitler, because he dared to come out with a healthy, natural social structure that embodied those principles that were in harmony with the natural laws, and with the healthy instincts for the preservation of the white race. We, therefore, find the Jewish press, the communist press, and Christianity, all in chorus, denouncing Adolf Hitler, and telling us what a terrible, terrible man he was. All perpetrate and repeat over and over again the same Jewish lies about Hitler that the Jews themselves have dreamed up and supplied to their toadying stooges. The similarities between these creeds go on and on. Both preach the destruction of the present society. They especially zero in on the destruction and downgrading of the more creative and productive elements of society as a whole.

“The Jews, who are the perpetrators of communism, envision the United Nations headquarters to finally rest in Israel and in particular, in Jerusalem. Christianity too, continuously keeps talking about Zion, the New Jerusalem, and looks to Jerusalem as the Holy Land, its origin and spiritual headquarters. Both of these Jewish creeds consistently follow policies which are disastrous to the welfare of the white race. Another similarity that manifests itself in both of these Jewish creeds is that both have an incurable ability to put forth a profuseness of verbiage that is extremely vague and beclouded with confusion. Not only is the verbiage profuse, but incredibly lacking in substance. This is an old Jewish trick to confuse and confound the minds of their opposition, the latter being deceived into thinking that all this vast collection of words must have some higher meaning beyond their comprehension.

“If the similarities between Christianity and communism seem rather striking, there is a very good reason for their parallel ideology. That reason is, of course, they were both concocted by the Jewish power structure for the common objective of destroying the white race. Unfortunately, up to this point, both their ideologies have been devastatingly effective. Furthermore, I am firmly convinced, and it is my measured conclusion, that the Jews could never have foisted modern communism on a long suffering humanity, had they not first softened up, unhinged and confused the intellect of the white race with the fallacious snares of Christianity. Expunge both of these twin Jewish scourges from the face of this planet.”

— Ben Klassen

* * *

Source: Wesley Lysander

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George Wright
George Wright
3 November, 2015 6:38 pm

This is an extremely well written article. The author makes an excellent comparison between two equally false belief systems that share a common goal. My advice would be to avoid both as if they were smallpox.

21 September, 2016 12:16 pm

Tell it to Andrew Anglin and Sven Longshanks and most of their Daily Stormers. I still tend to think that they’re honestly mistaken, or haven’t taken the time to think it through, or have never bothered to read Ben Klassen… but I still have to wonder, is DS the most subtle and insidious “controlled opposition”? Or maybe when Judeo-Christianity (and Judeo-Islam) dangle before them that bait called “eternal life in paradise”, maybe it was just more than most men could resist. Maybe the real highest priority of love of their children and the continued existence and advancement of the white race is just not enough for them, maybe some people need to live in their fantasy land and dream of their fantasy paradise. Maybe when that trickster said “what does… Read more »

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
22 September, 2016 10:08 am

Interesting article, but I think that Ravage liked to strut around and crow (like many members of his group). I think he is doing exactly what he says that we fell for–propagandizing in a boastful way. Western civilization owes just as much, or more, to Greeks, Romans, and Nordic concepts of the rights of individual.

However, his take on the life of Jesus is interesting.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
22 September, 2016 10:38 am

Furthermore, could not I say to Ravage something like this:

“No, no, my dear fellow, you have it exactly backward. We Gentiles took your simple Galilean peasant, and made him like our Greek Gods—the actual son of the gods, battling the corrupt religion of your people. It was your people who put him to death, but yet he triumphed over you.”

“Read the Gospel of John to see what words we have made him to say, words that condemn the Jews in no uncertain terms.”

“It is us taking one of your people and doing an in-your-face to all the Jews.”

“We have written the story so that you are the only people in all of history to kill their own god. Torture him to death, in fact.”

Dave Whiteman
Dave Whiteman
15 May, 2017 6:41 pm

The article quotes jew Murray Rothbard.

11 February, 2018 5:12 am

I disagree. If you look at who’s driving mass immigration and multiculturalism in Western nations today, it’s Capitalists who are effective in forcing third world hordes on white workers. Sure, cultural Marxists and other manifestations of the Fake Left go along with the swindle because they lack the intellectual capacity to see they’ve become tools of global corporations. But Western governments don’t listen to a few pussy-hatted antifa ferals. They listen to GloboCorp P/L and their demands for ‘growth’ and low-cost labour. Tribal socialism as promoted by German thinkers like Ernst Neikisch and Otto Strasser provides a real alternative to the twin sicknesses of capitalism and Fake Leftardism – which share internationalism (not Christianity) as their raison d’être. As backward as mainstream Christianity is, Jesus did at least throw the… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  nineofclubs
11 February, 2018 2:57 pm

Jesus did at least throw the (((money changers))) out of the Temple…

So the Christians say. That is accepting with a childlike faith that their mythical “savior” who walked on water and rose from the dead ever existed in the first place.

The sponsor of opposes all three “C’s” as unsuitable for our race’s health: Communism, Capitalism, and Christianity.

The National Alliance: Toward a New Consciousness; a New Order; a New People.

George Wright
George Wright
11 February, 2018 3:21 pm

Well said, Chairman Williams. I want to see hard evidence that Jesus existed at all.

Will W Williams
Will W Williams
Reply to  George Wright
13 July, 2019 12:41 pm

Still waiting… The burden is on the faithful believer in Jesus to prove his existence, not on the skeptic who must attempt to prove the negative. Yet, I found this double-talk on a Christian site: — When the skeptic makes a claim, the first thing we should do as astute Christians is ask him or her for evidence to back up their assertion. If what they say is true, then there should be some evidence or proof to back up their claim. This is very reasonable. In fact, this principle provides the basis for mathematics, science, law, medicine, and philosophy. Unfortunately, though, many Christians when faced with this type of situation generally retreat into a defensive position. They feel that it is the Christian’s responsibility to go out and find… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
12 February, 2018 12:19 am

CI (Christian Identity) is even more absurd than
the traditional Christianity. I feel personally
offended when they label ME as a Jew!

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
19 April, 2020 5:01 pm

I’ve written about this many times, but I never tire of telling a story Christians have never heard. Jesus was not a Christian. Jesus had nothing to do with Christianity, a religion that did not exist until Temple administrator, Saul/Paul’s, invention of it long after Jesus’ death. Jesus was indeed a revolutionary, but his was not sedition against Rome. In fact, Rome’s procurator, Pilate, exonerated Jesus, finding no fault in him. Matthew ten and fifteen describes Jesus clearly commanding his disciples to “go not unto the gentiles” even avoiding Samaritan Jews that created their own version of the sacrifice while refusing to pay tribute to the Temple. These groups had no need for Jesus’ ministry because they were not victims of the Temple priests. As Jesus said, “I have come… Read more »

31 July, 2021 5:48 pm

“Der schwerste Schlag, der die Menschheit getroffen hat, ist das Christentum; der Bolschewismus ist der uneheliche Sohn des Christentums; beide sind eine Ausgeburt des Juden. Durch das Christentum ist in die Welt gekommen die bewußte Lüge in den Fragen der Religion; in gleicher Weise lügt der Bolschewismus, wenn er behauptet, die Freiheit zu bringen, während er nur Sklaven sehen will.”( Adolf Hitler Monologe im Führerhauptquartier 1941-1944, Führerhauptquartier 11./12. Juli 1941 H/Fu.)


“The worst blow that has hit mankind is Christianity; Bolshevism is the illegitimate son of Christianity; both are a product of the Jew. Through Christianity the conscious lie in questions of religion came into the world; in the same way Bolshevism lies when it claims to bring freedom when it only wants to see slaves. “

26 June, 2022 8:17 am

“The fact is that Jewish terrorists have slaughtered their way to power and are still by deception and decades of nepotism dominating over Europeans. Yet it is their ability to precondition the masses with what is known as an “outcome variable” (dialectics) to always favour their official history; the application of a simple mathematical equation as political correct strategy, that has castrated us into submission. The Jew is fully aware that his tribe is the global accountant (recorder of digital money) and custodian of debt-based usury. He is aware of the long-term consequences of failing to preserve the cycle that increases tribal inheritance (liabilities over the goyim); that in doing so each individual Jew enjoying all the benefits of screwing the larger host nation will be forfeit and once the… Read more »

26 June, 2022 8:19 am

“Once again it’s not hard to deduce from all the cohen’cidental patterns that these unconscionable Jews have had an intoxicating influence within the Christian bible, still in its infancy this 2000 yr old submissive dogma has allowed them to plagiarize and achieve supremacy over the goyim, having construed and distorted “ancient prophetic script” in a dialectic, which shows us (the capable, spiritual Europeans, and our achievements) as the pariah over humankind and sees the Jew as the selective “dower” by legitimizing their usury scam. Once done, it only took a mathematical equation to conclude a global outcome for themselves using the guise of prophecy to deceive what they see us as being “goyim/animals”

(((Khazar trickery)))