God — A Work in Progress

by Max Musson

MOST PEOPLE fall into the trap of believing that there is either;

1. A fully formed, often anthropomorphised, conscious, sentient, all knowing, all powerful, all loving God, who has a particular interest in, and cares for us; or

2. There is no God.

Dawkins is good at demolishing belief in the first of these possibilities and the mistake that most people make as a consequence is to believe that his arguments therefore prove that the second possibility is therefore correct.

Science indicates that the universe came into existence with the ‘Big Bang’ approximately 13.5 billion years ago. No one knows what existed prior to the Big Bang and the Big Bang consisted of a sudden out-rushing of raw energy from a central point, filling the void of nothingness that existed beforehand.

Whatever existed in the void of nothingness before the Big Bang, and which occupied the central point, was the source of all of the energy from which our universe has formed.

Whatever existed prior to the Big Bang — the act of universal energy creation — no longer appears to exist. It appears that whatever it was became completely consumed in the act of universal energy creation.

That source of energy could be viewed as a ‘creator’ of sorts, because from the energy created during the Big Bang, all of the matter of the Universe has evolved, including us.

What we do not know at this stage, is what form the Creator took. We have no way of knowing whether the Creator was conscious, or sentient, or all knowing, or all powerful. Furthermore, there is no evidence to suggest that the Creator was all loving and certainly none to suggest that the Creator has or had any particular interest in, or care for us.

The universe, or the Cosmos as it should be more accurately described is an immense random generation device in which matter has formed from the energy that was created, and has evolved through many stages, gradually increasing in complexity and the level of consciousness achieved by the most highly evolved life forms.

In searching for the purpose of life and the purpose of the Cosmos, there are many as yet unknowns, but it is clear that the Cosmos is a mechanism that facilitates evolution — the evolution of inanimate matter, but also living matter, through ever increasing levels of complexity, knowledge, power and consciousness.

We humans, as far as we can tell, stand at the pinnacle of that evolutionary process, but there is no evidence to suggest that we are the ‘end product’, in fact the contrary. All of the evidence suggests that we are as Nietzsche describes, a ‘stepping stone’ from sub-man to super-man and beyond.

Cosmotheism asserts that providing we continue the process of evolution, mankind, or at least the currently most highly evolved elements of humanity, such as the White race, will evolve through ever higher and higher levels of consciousness, power and knowledge until our future generations achieve a state of total consciousness and omnipotence. This will be the culmination of the Creator’s work, the metamorphosis of the Creator from a pre-physical state, either with or without consciousness, but with an indefatigable ‘will to be’, through many stages to his/her eventual complete self-realisation as a conscious, sentient, all powerful, all knowing entity — Godhood.

This belief is the fundamental tenet of Cosmotheism, which unlike any other religion, is completely consistent with science and nature, and does not rely on blind faith or superstitious mumbo-jumbo in order to attain credibility.

* * *

Source: Western Spring

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  1. Jim Hansen
    23 September, 2018 at 6:05 am — Reply

    Regardless of what “stage” we’re at, God is real. I’ve had too many “coincidences” in my life – answers to my thoughts or actual prayers, interventions on my behalf, etc. to think that: 1) he’s not real, and 2) that he doesn’t interact with those that believe.

    But it’s a personal thing – one on one. As the Bible says “seek and ye shall find”.

    Do I understand his plan and his ways in our world? Absolutely not. But my experiences with Him are comforting and help me know that I and others have purpose (His Purpose) in this life.

  2. Arvin N. Prebost
    23 September, 2018 at 9:47 am — Reply

    Whether cosmotheism is true, I don’t know. But I can see how it could tie in to the paranormal—

    Imagine another group of intelligent beings, in another part of the cosmos, who themselves want to become the god-being. They take notice of us . . . as their competition, and decide to cripple our evolution . . .

    Imagine “cosmotheist masters” who, like the fabled gurus, can tie-into the god-force in a way that others cannot, and can do things that others regard as miracles . . .

  3. Titus
    23 September, 2018 at 11:56 pm — Reply

    In chess, it is better to have a plan, even if its a bad one, than to have none, and “chess is life”. Cosmotheism gives us a goal and thus a purpose that will resonate with the kind of people Pierce wanted for the National Alliance.
    The grail is not the end, the search is the end itself. The better your goals align with reality and serve the life force, the easier it will be to stick to the path. I wouldn’t worry about “truth” as we will make corrections if our understanding of truth changes, furthermore the Godhead is far away enough.

    God is real, it is everything. Believing that he is a “personal thing” is a very humane way of worshiping god and i don’t see how it conflicts with cosmotheism.

  4. 24 September, 2018 at 11:55 pm — Reply

    Could cosmotheism be more mumbo-jumbo like global warming and other hoaxes that were claimed to have been scientifically proven until their proponents were caught faking data ?

    It’s kept out of the jews media but there were bible prophecies made over 2500 years ago which were fulfilled in 2011; more proof of the bible’s authenticity –

  5. Ted Truewil
    25 September, 2018 at 7:13 pm — Reply

    I believe that everything you have said about Cosmotheism is true. It is the best explanation for the reality we are experiencing. However, it is incomplete. It offers no explanation for the Jews. The Jews did not arise from any natural evolutionary process. The Jews are Nature’s orphans.

    I propose that there is another entity involved besides the Creator. I will simply refer to it as the “Other”. The Other possesses enormous intelligence and physical capabilities (to what extent we have no way of knowing). It is extracosmic (meaning it has origins outside of our universe). The other was created by the Creator or is actually part of the Creator. It could also possibly be an automatic system built into the evolution chamber which we call the Universe.

    The Other exists to facilitate the Creator’s purpose.

    When a sentient species evolves to the point of creating a civilization, the members of the species are shielded from natural selection. The more their technology advances, the greater the shielding. The species devolves, and their civilization either collapses, or worse, stagnates indefinitely. The species becomes an evolutionary dead end. All of the genes produced by billions of years of evolution are lost.

    Human beings, of course, have understood the above process for a long time. Their proposed solution is eugenics. That is, self-guided evolution. The Creator is not going to leave it up to us. The job of the Other is to impose conditions for survival which civilization does not protect against. The Other seeks to destroy the most highly developed among a sentient species. It does not seem to be able to do this directly. It must act by proxies who belong to the same species.

    When human beings first established civilizations a few thousand years ago, the Other became active on Earth. It looked for a group of people with qualities it could work with and chose those people. It became their “God”. It communicated with them with visions, speaking through burning bushes, etc. It crafted their religion. I guided their genetic evolution. It created the Jews. The Jews create Christianity, so the Christian God is also the Other. The Islamic God is also probably the Other.

    Will White people survive? Remember, there are billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars, and the Universe is billions of years old. Sentient species may actually arise fairly regularly. Which makes it the Creator’s interest to make the process as stringent as possible, to select for one that is strongest, the rest being destroyed.

    • Titus
      25 September, 2018 at 10:01 pm — Reply

      To philosophize about the nature of God and the universe is something i have long stopped bothering about, it’s too complex for me.
      Nevertheless we can look into Nature, the sciences or even Dostoievsky for answers:
      Parasites are extremely common in Nature, so common that scientists believe parasites consume more (60%) than predators (40%).
      Jews behave like human parasites and we don’t need to look for explanations beyond Nature to understand them. That “Other” has usually been called the devil or satan (adversary), and the jews have been called the children of the devil before.

      It is probably already deeply embedded in their genes to behave as parasites, and there is no need to mystify their behaviour. They represent today for the whole world (and specially for us) the forces of destruction and death, but this forces have been working forever in the universe and work everywhere you look around in nature and thus there is no apparent need to invent “the Other” as you are just giving human atributes to this phenomena.

      Destruction and death certainly play their role in the evolutionary game, it is very possible that the jews consciously aligned with those forces for the sake of their survival and advancement, and they might abandon them (if it is even possible) once their goals have been reached. This forces are more universal than the jews and if it was possible to rid the world of all the jews by pressing a button, decay would still be there, working in other forms.

      All abrahamic religions are most likely inventions of the jews to advance their interests. Having a cosmogony that includes the jews is limiting and just makes them stickier.

      I dislike the jews mostly for who they are, their lack of art, culture, music, their wretched bodies and ugly faces, their cheating, etc. not so much for them being our adversary. I am though optimistic about the future, maybe one day we will have to thank the jews:
      “Who are you then?”
      “I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.”

  6. Titus
    25 September, 2018 at 8:39 pm — Reply

    Don’t be surprised if many of the “bible prophecies” become somewhat real. The rabbis talk about “actualizing” today the teachings of the ancients, that means they follow the playbook and try to adapt the events they stage to fulfill what it is written in the bible and their other “sacred texts”. This is the reason they prepare military operations to coincide with jewish celebrations like purim or yom kippur, or they call their false flags and “secret” (in plain sight) deeds, like 9/11, “an act of god”, etc. You can even “make money” simply out of this knowledge, as the world heads towards one direction and you can anticipate it.

    They do this for several reasons and it gives them many advantages, the foremost advantage is to give authority to their “sacred texts” so they can trick schmucks into worshipping jews, they hope one day in the future, if they get rid of enough thinking people, the whole world inhabited by a mongrel race will worship them as the “chosen people”, as gods. Seems you might be early.

    I don’t want to alienate christians as we are all in the same mess and right now it shouln’t matter your religion as long as you have your priorities and allegiances set straight. Furthermore there are many things in the bible that are useful and we should take note of. Nevertheless, i have to say i studied the bible for hundreds if not thousands of hours during catholic school. Even as a little child i was well aware of the inconsistency of that book and it struck me as a kid that the god of the old testament was not the god of the new testament. For this reason i believe 99% of those non jews who defend the bible have never studied it, and if they did they understood it not, the other 1% just wants to defend their ingroup. Unless you can provide me a refutation of Nietzsche, Revilo P. Oliver, etc. regarding christianity im not changing my mind.

    Christianity as a religion (group evolutionary strategy) must be greatly improved and Cosmotheism is not up to the task yet. Cosmotheism is not for the magical thinker though.

    • JM/Iowa
      25 September, 2018 at 9:59 pm — Reply

      Titus, you mentioned that “Cosmotheism is not up to the task yet.” In what ways do you believe this is so?

      • Titus
        25 September, 2018 at 11:08 pm — Reply

        I probably need to do more reading, but it seems to me that the concept of where we want to go is there, but the how to get there is missing, the evolutionary strategy is being defined, but some attemps look amateurish, greater “theologians” should appear in the future.

        We need systems to compete with the jews. Those systems should foster the qualities we need and want within our group. The jews and specially orthodox jews are sucessfully selecting (on a massive scale today, funded by the goyim taxpayers) for ingroup loyalty, self discipline, intellect, etc. I believe we have better raw material (although let’s not forget that the Ashkenazim are at least around 40% european), but we are just not playing the game as we should.

        We must incorporate all the rules of tradition that worked for Aryans and are relevant today and incorporate many new ones based on the advances of psychology, anthropology, etc. The average guy needs guidance on how to raise kids, marriage, good habits, etc. to live his life the best way possible without having to worry about if he is doing things right.

        And so much more, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

        • Mushy Moishe
          26 September, 2018 at 3:33 am — Reply

          I don’t accept the notions of orthodox jews’ supposed “intellect” and “self-discipline”. As the most religious sect, they are out-breeding all other racial groups, but to what end? Making a poor product is not fixed by making more copies of it. It’s reverse-eugenics, where the most mindlessly religious and dependent upon social services are, without qualms, having the most children. Individually, they are often weakly built, unattractive physically and in personality, too mentally disorganized by inbreeding and religious rigmarole to be creative in a positive way, and not talented in much more than financial shenanigans, removing foreskins, billing food-packers for a K label, grey market and diamond merchandising, writing grant applications, and billing the public for their dull kids’ private “special education”, all while implementing talmudic practices toward their own sexual forays. They avoid all military service, even in Israel, giving an advantage to whites should it come to down that, and would much rather leave their host country quietly than fight to stay, history shows.

          • Titus
            26 September, 2018 at 9:15 pm

            Im not supposing any “intellect” and “self-discipline”, im stating that orthodox judaism promotes “intellect” and “self-discipline” within their group, and thus those characteristics are prone to increase.

            You clearly underestimate judaism. They have europenized themselves in few centuries to the point that ashkenazim are around 90% of world jewry and superior intellectually to their mizrahi or sephardic cousins, so much that there is positive racism in Israel towards them. Give them more centuries and you will be left behind if you keep doing nothing.

            While all around the western world the most intelligent tend to have nowdays the lowest birth rates, in judaism the rabbis are prolific breeders, and this is by design. Many of the jewish “clever guys” competing against the goyim in the real world come from rabbinic/orthodox backgrounds, etc.

        • JM/Iowa
          27 September, 2018 at 12:11 am — Reply

          Titus, it seems the shortcomings you pointed out have more to do with lack of people to make up the “systems” you said are needed, and those people who are around are “amateurish” in their efforts. I see no criticism of Cosmotheism other than it doesn’t provide specifics for solving immediate problems of “how to get there.” If I’m off here, let me know.

          As I’m to understand it, Cosmotheism intentionally leaves it up to us to figure out the how to get there so as to maximize flexibility. We’d all love to see some silver bullets in our armories to slay today’s and tomorrow’s evils, however, I don’t believe a life-philosophy is where they’ll be found. What religion or philosophy for our people ever has? No, this is our responsibility, and if you’ve come to understand what the National Alliance seeks to do in these times, I think you’ll find some of the answers to your questions on this topic.

          Let me give a few examples: Cosmotheists, those who are organized within the NA are to build new institutions, right? Isn’t a loud media and education two of the main tools we need to help us “get there?” We do have those, and couldn’t these two use more and better people to develop them further? For that we need energetic activists to do the recruiting and outreach activities to alert Whites in our near vicinity as to our presence in order to bring attention to us and our needs. Is this the kind of things that are “how to” oriented, or should I provide even more detail? Am I even close to what you’re getting at?

  7. Sethmoto101
    27 September, 2018 at 10:29 am — Reply

    I didn’t evaluate judaism, just a sect of jews (the hasidics) which I mistakenly labeled “orthodox”. Like in all racial groups, there are “good and bad” among jews. Some spend their lives database programming in a cubicle, sitting in traffic, maybe escaping to the beach or yelling at the Rams on weekends, and voting for one of the two of the same parties. Within the 2 to 3% of the US population, the number of jews that are truly dangerous due to their control over media and academia is fairly small. The larger subset of parasitic jews who depend on social services and state education departments for grants, has grown rapidly, which is what I was referring to above. That does not mean that promoting racial separation, monitoring statistical trends on race, pointing out the individual horror story, and the education provided by NV, aren’t necessary for the long-term survival of whites and modern civilization!

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