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Crazy Glenn Beck Says Netanyahu’s Election Proves the Existence of God

by Malcolm P. Shiel

JUST IN CASE you didn’t already know that modern conservatism is as crazy as two waltzing mice and as phony as a promissory note from Bernie Madoff, Crazy Glenn Beck (CGB) recently announced that the victory of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party in Israel’s recent elections was proof of the existence of God, who apparently favors atheist Jews like “Bibi.”

Repeating a claim being circulated in right-wing conspiracy circles that “Obama operatives” had operated an anti-Netanyahu dirty tricks campaign in Israel itself, CGB stated that “our administration is completely out of control and criminal.” But, he said, “God carried Likud to victory” despite Obama’s supposedly heavily-funded anti-Likud operation.

“The Lord does exist and he is sitting on his throne,” CGB emoted, adding that Netanyahu could never have won without divine intervention — and the fact that he did is positive proof that “God exists.”

“God exists for us as well,” he added. “No matter what they have, no matter how dirty they play it, if we do what we’re supposed to do, the scales will be even. God will have his thumb on the scale.” A thumb on the scale? Talk about a Jewish stereotype — better watch it, Glenn!

Apparently, us “doing what we are supposed to do” involves supporting the most bloodthirsty wing of the most bloodthirsty tribe ever to exist on planet Earth.

CGB, always the opportunist, wasn’t always so fanatically pro-Jewish. He was a Fox News regular and had apparently cribbed a great deal of “financial conspirator” material from honest researchers like William Pierce and Kevin Alfred Strom for an exposé he did on George Soros titled “The Puppet Master.” CGB never used the word “Jew,” but his revelations came too close for comfort and Fox fired him, despite his program’s very high ratings: Jews control the media from top to bottom, and many of their decisions are based less on profits than on advancing Jewish racial and other agendas.

CGB quickly rectified his “mistake” and tried to outdo all his competitors in becoming a toady to the world’s wealthiest ethnic group: Among other things, he arranged to deliver the keynote speech at a “Christians United for Israel” event. At another event, he challenged “anti-Semites” to “count me as a Jew and come for me first.” Even though he isn’t Jewish, he emphasized his point by with the words “I am a Jew!”

Both speeches follow:

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Source: National Alliance

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  1. Lothar
    4 April, 2015 at 2:08 pm — Reply

    Typical media whore. This pos would adopt Islam if it meant more air time and more shekels. Truly disgusting excuse for a white man. I hope that I live to see the day when these “people” are given their just desserts.

  2. Phil
    6 April, 2015 at 7:47 am — Reply

    ““The Lord does exist and he is sitting on his throne,” CGB emoted, adding that Netanyahu could never have won without divine intervention — and the fact that he did is positive proof that “God exists.””

    Some would argue it’s “positive proof” that God does not exist.

    Sickening. In spite of some good that Beck does, not that I listen to or watch his programs, this guy is a pro-Israel whore that knows well not to displease his paymasters or those superior(s) that are beholden to them.

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