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Zionism and Israel: A Primer

by David Sims

A COMPLETE treatment of this subject would require a series of books as lengthy as a comprehensive encyclopedia set, if not an entire library. Here I will sketch a basic outline of the history of the current situation in the Middle East.

The underlying issue is land, its use and possession.

In the late 19th century and early 20th, the first Zionists, among whom were the heads of the Jewish banking houses that arose in the 17th and 18th centuries, began pressuring European governments in various ways, most of them involving the manipulation of finance in the country being influenced and, also, in countries having either trade relations or the possibility of military conflict with the country being influenced. These rich Jews wanted the European countries to help them establish a Jewish national “homeland.” An early speculative target for the Zionists was Uganda, but that plan was put aside in favor of Palestine when WW1 put England into opposition with the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

These early Zionists understood perfectly well that no matter where the Jewish “homeland” was established, it would require the dispossession of the native inhabitants, which would require war and, probably, genocide. The Jewish leaders used the British to get rid of the Turks, and then they got the blessing of the British government, the Balfour Declaration, for the establishment of a Jewish “homeland” in Palestine.

I put “homeland” in quotes because, while Israel is a Jewish state, it isn’t the Jewish homeland. Although it is a home to many Jews, it is not the home of most of the world’s Jews. It is more accurately considered a place for guilty Jews to run for sanctuary, so that they don’t have to pay the price for the crimes they commit elsewhere. Also Israel is a base for the international operations of global Zionism. Those operations include espionage, sabotage, subversion, terrorism, piracy, murder, larceny, fraud, abduction, slavery, child pornography, trade in stolen human organs, and inciting war by deception.

But the British didn’t want to be as ruthless against the Arabs as the Jews wanted to be. They made promises to both the Jews and the Palestinians that they would each have a homeland in Palestine. The British policy for a Palestinian state alongside the Jewish state antagonized the Jews, who turned against the British and began a terrorist war against their former benefactors. The Jews caused the United States to become interested in the Jewish cause (the Jews controlled the financial system and the media in the US by that time), and Britain was not able to keep any of the promises it had made to the Arabs.

The British withdrew. The Zionists declared the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel. The Arabs from surrounding countries attacked, motivated by moral outrage over the Jews’ brazen theft of the Palestinian’s land. The Jews were supplied with arms, American tax money, and other assistance from the United States — and this is the original reason why many Arabs don’t like the United States today. Their dislike of America is the result of the US government siding with their Jewish enemies. The Arab enmity against the United States is the fault of the US Government; it is not the fault of the Arabs.

The Arabs might have won the 1948 war anyway, except that the Jews begged them for a cease-fire, a parley, so that they might bargain over how to work things out peacefully. The Arabs, who had fought their way from Egypt to Ashdod, and who had some advantage with respect to a prospective battle for Tel Aviv, stupidly agreed to a cease-fire. While the Jews kept the Arabs talking, they re-fortified themselves with better military hardware from the US government, as well as additional guns from Czechoslovakia. The moment the Jews felt strong again, talking time was over. The Arabs lost the war in 1948, which they might have won if it had not been for their gullibility, and were driven out of Palestine.

The Jews then began a wave of massacres against the helpless Palestinians, and some of those massacres, such as that at Deir Yassin, became famous — except, possibly, in America.

Most Americans know little or nothing about the history of Zionism. When you study and learn that history, you will, if you are rational, inevitably conclude that Jews are not ashamed of the murders that they do — no matter how cruel, no matter whether the victim is a man, a woman, a youth, or a baby; as long as it isn’t a Jew (and sometimes, when they deem it “necessary,” even if it is). Rather, they are proud of their murders; and the crueler and more irrational the murder is, the prouder the Jews seem to be of it.

The Jews killed many Arabs who’d been living peacefully in the lands they seized and chased the survivors into what amounts to territorial concentration camps (Gaza and the West Bank), where they are kept miserable and lead very limited lives. That has been the situation, more or less, since the middle of the 20th century.

Arab groups sometimes organize to punish Israel for the aforementioned misdeeds. Israel makes reprisals for the reprisals, and it issues propaganda that would have you believe that the Arabs are starting all the trouble, as if what Israel had previously done has no weight in the moral scales. Because Israel has the backing of the United States, it has grown openly contemptuous of world opinion and defiant of international law.

But why does the United States so assiduously prop up a Jewish state that commits brazen acts of international piracy and terrorism?

The United States generally obeys Zionist dictates from Israel in matters of foreign policy, and from Zionist Jews living inside the USA — mostly in or near Washington, DC, Hollywood, or New York City — in matters of domestic policy.

The political weakness of the United States government with respect to the Jews is due in large part to the Jews’ control of the Federal Reserve, which issues the money that Americans use, in flagrant violation of the US Constitution, which specifies that our money must be issued by Congress. With control of the money system, the Jews can trigger economic recessions, or even depressions, and in a hundred different ways cripple the ability of the government to pay for the defense of the United States or any government undertaking.

When you give a Jew a weapon, which is what control of a nation’s money system can become, it won’t be long before you are threatened with it.

Another reason the US government can’t effectively oppose the Jews is that they control the media in the United States. Jews control Viacom, Disney, and the vast majority of the television networks and production companies. They control many newspaper chains through their holding company, Advance Publications, and others, and Jews own many of the biggest newspapers outright. They control almost all of the large motion picture production companies in Hollywood. They publish most of the nationally distributed magazines.

With their media power, they can control public opinion, and, until the rise of the Internet, they could control just about everything Americans could find out about the world outside their own neighborhoods. The Jews control US elections because they not only tell Americans how to think about each candidate — not with “instructions,” of course, but with suggestive images and commentary — but also limit the field of candidates to politicians who are high in the Jews’ favor. Political figures who fail to earn Jewish favor are soon out of office, and usually vilified, and so essentially blacklisted.

The Internet was probably the result of a Jewish miscalculation.

Jews were also responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution and the rise of the Soviet Union. Most of the Bolshevik leaders were Jews, and they got much of their financing from Jewish bankers in New York City. Yes, “capitalist” Jews subsidized “communist” Jews. For them, it never was about a preference in economic systems; rather, it was about being Jewish and increasing the power of their tribe — the labels didn’t really matter to them.

For several years, the only country with nuclear weapons was the United States. That changed when a group of Jews, including David Greenglass and the Rosenbergs, committed espionage and technology transfer. It wasn’t long before the United States was facing another superpower, a nuclear-armed USSR. In order to ensure the survivability of US military communications after a Soviet first strike, DARPA put together a military computer network in which communications could be routed along many different paths. That early military network broadened and became open to public use and then commercialized, creating the Internet of today. And that’s what makes it possible for some people, now, to get news about the world that the Jews haven’t filtered.

Of course, the Jews aren’t the only people who cheat while persuading with lies, with abuses of emphasis and of context, and with omissions of necessary information. Not anymore. But the Jews have been at it longer than anyone else has, and they are still more skilled with media deception than anyone else is.

Because they haven’t yet found a way to plug the leak in their telecommunications monopoly, the Jews engage in propaganda and misinformation on the Internet. They are quite the experts in building confidence-inspiring façades behind which their deceptions are cloaked in an aura of professional competence, or businesslike sincerity.

Have you noticed that the Jews are also disproportionately prominent in the field of psychology? They find ways to instill trust in people, which their subsequent behavior proves that they do not deserve. They conduct studies into the layout, the typeface, the colors, the graphics that will most effectively cause Americans to trust what they say. They find ways to imply, without words: “We’re the professionals. We’re the experts. We’re unbiased. We’re the embodiment of truth.” And all of it is a sham, even if it is a very good sham.

That’s why Israel can offend the world with its cruelty, time after time. It’s why Israel can commit murder, terrorism, acts of war, war crimes, and crimes against humanity with every reason to expect that they will get away with those acts unpunished. Nobody will attack Israel because nobody wants a war with the United States, which is in the Jews’ power to instigate.

Consider these facts the next time Israel’s acts of war, and America’s acts of war as a proxy for Israel in the Middle East, are in the news. And also consider this: An open mind and a spirit of impartiality is proper at the beginning of an inquiry, before you really know anything. But after someone discovers that most of the villainy belongs to one side of a conflict, and not to the other side, and not to both sides commensurately, then it is a breach of justice, and perhaps an act of cowardice, to go on pretending to be impartial, to continue to be non-judgmental.

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