Black Conservative Icon Allen West Accused of Sexually Harassing White Women


EDITOR’S NOTE: West, a Fox News regular and one of the few Black Republicans, was once a rising star at heavily-Jewish Zio-conservative PJ Media, but was fired when he used the expression “Jewish-American Princess” to a colleague there. Now he is accused of routinely groping and propositioning White women.

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GOTNEWS.COM can independently confirm that conservative icon Allen West (pictured) sexually harassed two different women at Pajamas Media using more than a dozen sources.

West, who was fired from Pajamas Media, grabbed the breast of then 24-year-old, Michelle Fields in front of an elevator while the two of them were colleagues. Fields declined to be interviewed on record but three different sources at PJ Media confirmed this story. (Update: Fields repeatedly and emphatically refused comment on the record and asked that I change her earlier confirmation which I have now done.)

According to sources at PJ Media and some who have since left–the organization is apparently shutting down–West also undressed himself in front of communications professional Sarah Culvahouse Mills. Mills actually drafted the press release that led to West’s departure. Mills, who is married and the daughter of McCain lawyer A.B. Culvahouse Jr, reportedly sought therapy for the incident.

West, who is also married, has a string of women that’s editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson has tracked down over the past two years. His marital infidelity is an open secret in conservative circles but a taboo subject among conservative activists who point to his military record and (less vocally) his race as an asset to the conservative movement.

Was she sexually harassed by West? Michelle Fields is known to be the “girlfriend” of Daily Caller editor Jamie Weinstein.

There are other women who has tracked down and interviewed over the last two years that paint a picture of West as a sexual predator. Here are a few examples: He propositioned a conservative columnist. He grabbed a former communications staffer in an elevator and tried to kiss her, an incident that brought her to tears and led her to leaving politics entirely. She moved out of Florida entirely and into another career.

West is currently the CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), a Dallas-based think tank that has itself come under fire after its founder, John C. Goodman, was brought down by his own sex scandal after a 31-year stint as CEO.

All but five of NCPA’s twelve board members left the organization. The think tank also discussed a possible merger with the Texas Public Policy Foundation or shutting down entirely before it brought on West as CEO. West does not appear to have been vetted before he joined NCPA.

Neither West, nor NCPA, nor West’s wife returned requests for comment by deadline.

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6 April, 2015 2:26 am

Are we supposed to be surprised? LOL

6 April, 2015 10:20 am

As a response to the obvious intent to “defame” this fine man, Mr. West or maybe Major or Colonel, General, was he not an officer? Forgive my ignorance but one should praise him for being an encouraging feature(I forgot the p;atitude they usually use) in the destitute, underprivileged world of the day for other young black men. I am glad to see like others of his race he betrays neither career nor reputation with compromise. . This recalls another hero, who seemed down and out, but persevered and won in the end. Alcee Hastings from my corrupt state of Florida was impeached and removed unanimously from his high calling of Supreme Court Judge. But he was not daunted by this cruel vicissitude. He campaigned for House of Representatives in my… Read more »