Mary Phagan, the forgotten victim

Racial Violence in America - a National Vanguard White Paper

Background to Treason, part 4


A Brief History of U.S. Policy in the Middle East, Part 4: Teaching Americans to Hate and Kill the Jews’ Enemies [1]

By Dr. William L. Pierce

AMERICANS WHO did not actually live through the Second World War cannot imagine the pervasive atmosphere of hatred against Germans which the Jews managed to generate with their war propaganda. It began in 1933 — more than eight years before Pearl Harbor — with the aim of preparing the American people emotionally to wage war against Germany; it gained venom during the war years, inciting Americans to spare nothing in their effort to kill Germans; and it continued after the war, urging that no mercy be shown to the conquered. (ILLUSTRATION: Theodore Kaufman’s book spelled out Jewish plans for the destruction of the German people during . . . → Read More: Background to Treason, part 4


The Essence of Judaism


by Dr. William L. Pierce

THE JEWISH PROBLEM is as old as the Jewish race. Over three thousand years ago the Jews were formed as a racial and national community in Egypt. There the former slave Joseph had parlayed his talents for necromancy and grain-speculation into a virtual dictatorship at the side of the Pharaoh. “As for the people, he reduced them to serfdom from one end of the land to the other” (Genesis 47:21). Then Joseph threw open Egypt to his Jewish brethren: “You shall feed on the fat of the land” and “the best that the land of Egypt offers is yours” (Genesis 45:18, 20).

When a more national-minded Pharaoh turned the tables on the Jews they were forced to flee, but not before relieving the Egyptians of their gold and silver (Exodus 12:35–36). . . . → Read More: The Essence of Judaism


Solzhenitsyn and the Liberals

Alexander Solzhenitsynby Dr. William L. Pierce

WHEN ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN, the Russian dissident writer who was exiled by the Soviet government in February, recently shouted at a group of Western newsmen, “You are worse than the KGB (Soviet secret police, equivalent to our FBI),” they were understandably hurt. After all, had not the newsmen of the democratic West made a great folk-hero of Solzhenitsyn, praising him to the skies at every opportunity? Had they not publicized his books for years, leading to their widespread sales outside the Soviet Union — and to a Nobel Prize for Literature for him in 1970? (ILLUSTRATION: Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Henry Kissinger contemptuously described the red-headed Russian literary giant as “to the right of the czars.”)

 Khrushchev Goofed Too

Alas, the neo-liberal media masters of the West were finding to their . . . → Read More: Solzhenitsyn and the Liberals


Hellfire and Brimstone

In the December 1982 issue of National Vanguard, a letter-writer asks Dr. Pierce whether an evolutionary morality, that is, a morality based on race, is capable of being embraced by our people. Christianity, after all, has the threat of eternal damnation of one’s soul if he or she does not believe. What punishment, if any, can a race-based morality provide to those of our people who’ve given up on the Christian faith? Dr. Pierce’s answer is provided below.


IN THE OCTOBER issue Dr. Pierce has, indeed, shown that his “A New Morality for Us” is more unequivocally on the side of our race than is Dennis Whiting’s “One Morality for All,” but one must wonder if his appeal to an “underlying purpose of all life” is less of a theological concept than Whiting’s . . . → Read More: Hellfire and Brimstone


Savage Africa, part 2

Hinton_Rowan_HelperAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of December 13, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

HINTON ROWAN HELPER (pictured) did a great service for our nation and our people when he collated and collected the relevant works of explorers, scientists, historians, and statesmen on the subject of Africans in their natural state and native habitat — for understanding the true nature of the African is literally of cosmic importance for the future of life on this planet. This is part two of our exploration of these important accounts. And let me repeat my warning of last week: Under no circumstances allow young children to listen to this program. The reality of what unrestrained Africans actually do is too horrible — far too horrible — for them to contemplate.

View of Women

We . . . → Read More: Savage Africa, part 2


America and the Third World

1955 UNICEF Christmas Card UNby Dr. William L. Pierce

ON WHAT considerations should a proper American foreign policy be based? That seems a sensible enough question, yet it is one which has been shunned by at least two generations of Federal “experts” and their media mouthpieces. (ILLUSTRATION: A 1955 UNICEF Christmas card depicting the flags of the countries in the United Nations organization)

The basic reason is a reluctance to bring into the open certain fundamental discrepancies between America’s national interests and the guiding philosophy behind the foreign policy pursued by neo-liberal planners in Washington.

The shambles which this policy has made of the world in the last 60 years, however, should be adequate proof of the unsuitability of its ideological basis and of the need for a new one.

 White World Community

The fundamental rule of . . . → Read More: America and the Third World


Background to Treason, part 3


A Brief History of U.S. Policy in the Middle East, Part 3: From 1933 to the Second World War [1]

by Dr. William L. Pierce

THE ALMOST simultaneous accession to power, early in 1933, of Adolf Hitler and Franklin Roosevelt is one of the great ironies of history. (ILLUSTRATION: Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin enjoying a laugh at Tehran Conference, 1943)

The time called for strong White leadership. The largest White nation on earth was prostrate under the heel of a Jew-inspired and still largely Jew-staffed terror-regime of extraordinary virulence and expansionist propensity.[2] In the 14 years of its existence the Jewish-Bolshevik regime in the Soviet Union had murdered some 20 million Russians and Ukrainians. In 1932-33 alone 5 1/2 million anti-Bolshevik farmers and members of their families were exterminated in an artificial famine; while . . . → Read More: Background to Treason, part 3


Drugs and American Youth

An insightful commentary on the long-term damaging effects of alcohol and illegal drugs on our society.


by Dr. William L. Pierce

TEN YEARS AGO the student who used illegal drugs was likely to be looked upon by his peers as both a criminal and a person with serious personal problems – as was more often than not the case.

Certainly, there were young, White drug users before 1960. But, outside a few communities, they were a rarity. Marijuana was almost as scarce on most university campuses as was heroin.

It is, in fact, quite difficult for today’s average undergraduate to imagine just how drastically student attitudes toward drugs have changed in the few short years during which drug usage has passed from a curiosity to a fact of everyday life.

Most Significant Development

Other things – . . . → Read More: Drugs and American Youth


Savage Africa, part 1


American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 6, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

LESS THAN A WEEK after Ferguson, Missouri was set to flames by lawless, savage Blacks — and law enforcement did essentially nothing about it — just a few miles away in St. Louis proper, a gang of Black “youths” beat a White man to death with a hammer, yelling “f*** White people” and “kill the White people” just before the attack. The victim was Zemir Begic (pictured, above, with his fiancée), a Bosnian who had recently moved from Iowa. When the Blacks swarmed his car, Begic exited the vehicle and was overpowered by the gang, who repeatedly smashed his face in with the hammer until he was dead. Two other Whites were attacked and survived, . . . → Read More: Savage Africa, part 1


The Ideological Roots of Zionism

The Indestructible JewsPaperback Reveals Astounding Zionist Mentality

by Dr. William L. Pierce

AN INTERESTING and important paperback hit the newsstands a couple of months ago. It is the New American Library (Signet) edition of Max Dimont’s 1971 book, The Indestructible Jews.

A quick skim of the book will convince the average reader that it is 482 pages of stark, raving madness. And it is 482 pages of stark, raving madness! But it is a revealing sort of madness that is well worth a careful, sober scrutiny by every American patriot (and by patriots of all lands) concerned about the menace of Zionism.

 “Thou Shalt Suck the Milk of the Gentiles”

Max Dimont is no closet Zionist. In his book he lets it all hang out. He boldly announces to the world what all Zionists believe but . . . → Read More: The Ideological Roots of Zionism


The Death Funnel


American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 29, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE STATIC crackled on the police radio last Monday night, as Ferguson, Missouri and surrounding areas burned, ravaged by Black rioters and looters. Just barely making it through the noise and the chaos, an officer’s voice could be heard: “We’re in a death funnel…” (ILLUSTRATION: An ironically inappropriate sign lies among the remains of a business after the latest Black riots in Ferguson, Missouri)

For hours the police had been told to stand down and do nothing. They did little more than watch as Black rioters broke windows, looted and destroyed innumerable businesses, and burned automobiles and buildings all through the city and beyond.

The Blacks were enraged that a grand jury had decided — after considering for . . . → Read More: The Death Funnel


Not Within a Thousand Miles


American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 22, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

BILL COSBY WAS for decades the poster boy for racial equality and harmony. Wise, funny, clever, and with good family values, he was the nation’s funny man whose humor crossed those terrible “racial lines.” He was the charming, harmless “Jello man.” He was the exponent of maturity and morality as the eminent Black physician and down-to-earth father on the “Cosby Show.” He was the suave, stylish, and sexy secret agent in TV’s “I Spy.” Especially endearing to Whites and the better class of American Blacks, he was a public critic of Black ignorance and bad behavior. He was promoted in the controlled media as “America’s Dad.” (ILLUSTRATION: A few of the women who say that Bill . . . → Read More: Not Within a Thousand Miles


The Roots of Decadence


by Dr. William L. Pierce

DURING THE recent Apollo 17 lunar expedition, publicists and politicians repeatedly emphasized that it was the “last” manned expedition to the moon. There would be no more lunar exploration, because the expeditions were too expensive and the money was needed instead to “improve the quality of life” for Americans.

It was pointed out that huge expenditures for the space program could no longer be justified when millions of Americans were living in “poverty.” One columnist estimated that the money spent by NASA just for the equipment left on the moon by the various Apollo expeditions ($500 million) could have bought a large-screen color TV set for each of one million “underprivileged” (Black) families.

 Troubling Questions

The political decision to halt Western man’s greatest venture of exploration and discovery — a . . . → Read More: The Roots of Decadence


The Jewish Problem

LIFE cartoon about Jewish immigrationby Dr. William L. Pierce

FOR THE LAST three decades there has been, in this land of free speech and a free press, an almost universally observed taboo on one topic of overwhelming importance: the Jewish question. Until about the last year or two, in fact, it was hardly permissible to even hint at the existence of such an issue, much less to discuss it openly. (ILLUSTRATION: This anti-Jewish-immigration cartoon from Life magazine, October 5, 1911, gives a striking reminder of how the media have changed after falling under Jewish control. The caption reads “These pills may make me grow, mother, but the more I take the worse I feel.”)

Now the subject has been broached, not by our own people — for whom it has the most crucial importance — . . . → Read More: The Jewish Problem


Jewish Weakness


American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 15, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

I CONFESS to a slight distaste in so often writing and speaking on the subject of the Jews. They are a most unpleasant race, on the whole; their religion is base and primitive and unworthy even of analysis; their ethnocentrism is little more than crude hatred for all other peoples; their sexuality is by turns both insanely repressive and grossly degenerate; their admittedly high average intelligence can most charitably be described as predatory; and, though there are exceptions who are probably hybrids, those who look most characteristically Jewish are, frankly, repulsive. If they had confined themselves to some small spot in the Levant, selling their rags, telling fortunes, and swindling the locals, I doubt I should . . . → Read More: Jewish Weakness


Subversion in South Africa

Kill the Boerby Dr. William L. Pierce

THE AMERICAN press in recent months has carried a number of reports of protests by South African students against their government’s policy of racial separation, or apartheid. “White Students Rebelling Against Government Discrimination,” the Reuters reports shriek, followed by vivid accounts of truncheon-wielding policemen wading into crowds of peacefully protesting students and brutally cracking skulls left and right. One news story told of policemen chasing students from the University of Cape Town who sought refuge in St. George’s Cathedral, battering them senseless, and dragging them out, leaving pools of blood among the pews. (ILLUSTRATION: Since the fall of apartheid in 1994, South Africa has increasingly become a locus of slaughter, rape, torture, poverty, and Black-on-White genocide — with near-zero coverage from the mass media.)

Editorial . . . → Read More: Subversion in South Africa


The Greatest Commission


American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 8, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE UPWARD path beckons. Will Williams, the Director and now Chairman of the National Alliance, is taking that path.

Along with others, Will saw that the Alliance had taken the wrong, downward direction after the death of its founder, William Pierce. Though he considered legal action to counter the decline, ultimately he chose other means. Rather than seek to use the force of a hostile System to correct these problems, always a terrible gamble — and probable waste of extremely valuable time and resources — he found a better way to lead. He led by doing. He led by example. And he never assumed that those who genuinely care about our race’s future were “the enemy,” no . . . → Read More: The Greatest Commission


On Goals


by Dr. William L. Pierce (pictured)

IT IS WORTHWHILE, every so often, to review in our minds just where it is that we are headed and how we plan to get there. It may help to keep us from wandering off course — from forgetting, in the day-to-day bustle of events, what it’s all about.

Then, too, circumstances change, and if our work is to remain meaningful and to continue carrying us forward we must constantly re-evaluate our strategy and our tactics in the light of new conditions. Otherwise, it is all too easy to slip into the lazy habit of saying and doing the same things we have learned to say and do in the past, while failing to continually keep in mind how these things relate to both our short-term and our . . . → Read More: On Goals