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Free Edgar Steele

Disillusioned, part 1


American Dissident Voices broadcast of September 20, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

IT’S GOOD to be disillusioned. Both by the dictionary definition of the word — “to be disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed” — and by the root of the word itself, which means to have one’s illusions stripped away and removed so one can see reality more clearly and accurately.

Americans desperately need to become disillusioned. If your government and society are indeed less good than you’ve believed, you need to know that. If illusions are preventing you from doing what you need to do to ensure the survival of your family and your people, those illusions need to be stripped away. And that’s how I see . . . → Read More: Disillusioned, part 1


The Unholy War


American Dissident Voices broadcast of September 13, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

I AM WRITING this broadcast on September 11, 2014, the thirteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Today would also have been the 81st birthday of Dr. William Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance. In 1994, Dr. Pierce suggested to us in the pages of National Vanguard that the Jewish “holy war” against non-Jewish Semites in the Middle East, oftentimes using Americans as cannon fodder, was heating up to the point that American workers ought to “stay out of tall buildings” like the World Trade Center — a remark which proved quite prescient seven years later.

Earlier today I spoke with a man who, totally frustrated by America’s decades-long involvement in Middle Eastern wars, and the terrorist . . . → Read More: The Unholy War


The Trouble With People

William Pierce medallion designed by Kevin Alfred Stromby Dr. William L. Pierce (pictured)

MANY OF our people who are attempting to recruit new members, or even to get a new person to come to one of our Sunday evening meetings have commented to me recently how very difficult it is. In the first place they find that people resist new ideas. Most people are pretty much in agreement with what their TV set has told them, and they don’t want to be told by someone else that their TV set has been lying to them.

That’s the largest category of people that we meet. But even those people who are wise to the lies of the controlled media are not easy to motivate. Some are afraid, even if they won’t admit it. They are . . . → Read More: The Trouble With People


America the Sleepwalker

wlp_closeup_podiumby Dr. William L. Pierce (pictured)

RECENTLY I was looking again at the picture of DC Mayor Walter Washington in the current ATTACK! Again I found it hard to believe. I know it is real, and yet it seems like something from a nightmare.

Here we are, the descendants of the fierce Celts, of the warlike Vikings, and the others–here we are, in the most powerful nation on earth, which our forefathers built form a wilderness they took away from non-White savages — and the capital city of this nation, our nation, is governed by a crew of Black comedians straight out of Amos ‘n’ Andy, by a gang which no self-respecting troop of baboons would tolerate as their leaders for an instant.

Besides the head clown, who has managed to reduce the . . . → Read More: America the Sleepwalker


William Pierce: America the Sleepwalker and The Trouble With People


Two newly-digitized speeches by William L. Pierce released to commemorate his birth

by Michael Olanich

TODAY IS a day of remembrance. For most of us, it is a remembrance of the 3,000 people who perished needlessly in the terror attacks of 9/11/2001. We in the National Alliance remember this day for another reason as well: It is the birthday of perhaps the greatest American racial-nationalist of the 20th Century, William Pierce (pictured). To celebrate this day, we are officially publishing for the first time in digital form two important speeches by Dr. Pierce, America the Sleepwalker and The Trouble With People.

William Luther Pierce was a man of both great words and great acts. He lived a life worthy of the lines in the ancient Norse Havamal concerning “the fame of a dead man’s deeds.”

National . . . → Read More: William Pierce: America the Sleepwalker and The Trouble With People


William Pierce: Born September 11, 1933


by Kevin Alfred Strom

SEPTEMBER 11 is the day of William Luther Pierce’s birth. I remember him as my true friend, my most valued mentor, and my greatest teacher. He was a unique and gifted man who saw more clearly than almost all of his contemporaries the true nature of reality, the plight of our people, and the purpose of our lives in this Universe. We in the National Alliance remember his life on this day; we reflect on the truths he brought to light; and we renew once again our dedication to the only cause that really matters — the cause of the upward evolution of our race, which is the cause of Life itself.

The illustration presented here incorporates a newly-discovered and never-before-published hand-colored photograph of William Pierce as a very young . . . → Read More: William Pierce: Born September 11, 1933


Zionism II: Practice

Arab Political Prisoners

Aggression, Torture, Mass Murder

by Dr. William L. Pierce

THE TREATMENT of the Arab inhabitants of Palestine by the Jewish conquerors of that unfortunate country provides an excellent example of Zionism in practice. (ILLUSTRATION: Arab political prisoners stand at attention under barbed-wire nets, in one of dozens of Israeli concentration camps for Arab dissidents. Arabs, having virtually no political rights in Israel, are often imprisoned for indefinite periods without a trial. The only country in the world with more political prisoners than Israel is the Soviet Union.)

After Zionist political pressure had resulted in the United Nations resolution of November 29, 1947, calling for the partitioning of Palestine and the handing over of a large portion of Palestine to the Jews as a “homeland,” war broke out. The Jews quickly moved to seize . . . → Read More: Zionism II: Practice


The Murderers of Edgar Steele


American Dissident Voices broadcast of September 6, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEK the murderous, filthy band of criminals and thugs that styles itself the federal government of the United States of America — and the even more evil and lawless entity that issues its marching orders — murdered a colleague of mine: the writer, activist, and “attorney for the damned,” Edgar Steele. (ILLUSTRATION: The Federal Correctional Complex in Victorville, California, where Edgar Steele was sent to die.)

Edgar J. Steele, who shared the podium with me on several occasions in New Orleans and Hillsboro, West Virginia and delivered some of the most moving words I have ever heard in defense of our race and nation, died in his cell, alone and in anguish; according to . . . → Read More: The Murderers of Edgar Steele


Edgar Steele is Dead

Attorney Edgar J. SteeleGovernment murders Edgar Steele — can they get away with it?

by Edgar Steele Defense Fund and Cyndi Steele

TODAY, September 4, 2014, early afternoon, a California mortuary notified Mrs. Cyndi Steele that her husband Edgar was dead. At this time, specific circumstances regarding Mr. Steele’s death are being confirmed. The Free Edgar Steele web site and the Edgar Steele Defense Fund (ESDF) will release more information when available.

Mrs. Steele contacted the ESDF Board, saying she was utterly devastated by this information, and is furious that no Victorville representative contacted her in the last few days regarding his failing health and did not even call her regarding the death of her husband. It was cruel to allow the mortuary to make the call.

Based on the best knowledge at hand, the . . . → Read More: Edgar Steele is Dead


The Oslo Syndrome and White Self-Haters


by H. Millard

THE OSLO SYNDROME is the name used by Jewish writer Kenneth Levin to specifically describe the psychology of Jews who hate Jews, but the concept applies to all groups as it is a basic human psychological phenomenon which is related both to the Stockholm syndrome and the Battered Child syndrome.

Essentially, what happens is that when a specific group of people is subjected to constant hatred, demonization, and abuse, some in the group will often have their spirits broken and be beaten down like whipped dogs, and they’ll lose self-esteem and group-esteem, and feel worthlessness and be full of despair.

These despairing individuals, with the Oslo syndrome, won’t blame those who are harming them, but will actually take the side of those harming them against others in their own group. Levin posits the . . . → Read More: The Oslo Syndrome and White Self-Haters


What Is So Wrong With White People?

your_home_palAsk the wrong questions, and you’ll always get the wrong answers; more of the verbal tricks used to bully Whites.

by Alpin MacLaren

“WHAT IS SO WRONG with non-Whites?” asked the email. “Why can’t we have them in our country?” A poor mind-numbed sheep was totally confused by my writings, and naturally he asked a confused question. When you do not have the right questions, it is impossible to get the right answers.

Let’s take an example. You are sitting in your living room, reading the latest translation of Homer’s Odyssey, and all at once your front door opens. In walks a stranger, and he says, “Hello!” He then turns and makes his way toward your kitchen. After the shock wears off, you hit your feet and quickly follow him.

“Hey!” you shout. “What do . . . → Read More: What Is So Wrong With White People?


My House Fell Down Today

DSCN16451-1024x768_crop…am I an isopterophobe?

by H. Millard


My house fell down today. Now I’m out on the street with my family. We’re not alone; all of my neighbors’ houses have also fallen down and we’re all out here wondering what we can do next. Our government has turned its back on us. Your house may be next, because all across America they’re falling down now and the government that is supposed to be of, by, and for the citizens of this nation is cheapening citizenship by putting the non-citizen house destroyers on the same level as citizens.

It all started when a couple of termites moved into my house. Oh, they had no right to come in, but they said they were just looking for better lives for themselves in my house. They . . . → Read More: My House Fell Down Today


Conservatism: Witness the Witless


American Dissident Voices broadcast of August 30, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

WITNESS THE WITLESS call of the White American conservative:

“Eugenics is an elitist plot to exterminate the Black race.”

“Abortion should be opposed because it is drastically limiting the number of Black births.”

“Martin Luther King was a Republican.”

“Democrats are the real racists. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and he was a Republican.”

“Black people and Latinos and Muslims need sound money and the Constitution too!”

And the most witless of all: “It’s not about race! If Obama was White, I’d feel the same. It’s not about race! It’s about illegal immigrants breaking the law!” According to today’s conservatives, nothing is ever about race. They pride themselves on being more color-blind than the most fanatical liberal, more “anti-racist” than . . . → Read More: Conservatism: Witness the Witless


Zionism I: Theory

Israeli AmbassadorExclusiveness, Belief in Superiority, Hostility

by Dr. William L. Pierce

THE RESOLUTION by the General Assembly of the United Nations on November 10, equating Zionism and racism, has provoked a torrent of response in the news media. Much of this response has been deliberately deceptive, and there consequently exists a state of confusion in the average citizen’s mind as to just what Zionism is and what its relationship is, if any, with racism. (ILLUSTRATION: Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Chaim Herzog, sneers at “goyim” in the UN General Assembly as he contemptuously tears up their resolution condemning Zionism. It is arrogant behavior like this which has earned the Jews the well-deserved hatred of all the other peoples of the world.)

The Jewish response to the UN action, has been to deny that Zionism is . . . → Read More: Zionism I: Theory


Unless We Cure Ourselves

The Camp of the Saintsby Nick Camerota

I BEGAN READING The Camp of the Saints after a long and tiring day. Although I promised myself only a few chapters before retiring, I remained in the grip of Jean Raspail’s forceful, apocalyptic narrative until dawn. I finished it in one sitting.

That was almost a month ago. Since then I’ve read several other books, all of which I could have reviewed with little or no difficulty. A few days ago I was drawn back to Raspail’s book and read it for the second time. Even now I am not confident I can review it properly. Nonetheless, something must be said about this book.

The Camp of the Saints first came to my attention a couple of years ago while I was traveling around Europe. Originally published . . . → Read More: Unless We Cure Ourselves


Tests Show Students Learning Less


by Dr. William L. Pierce

FOR the thirteenth straight year, graduating high school seniors in 1975 were dumber than those of the year before. Nearly one million college-bound seniors took the Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT) offered by the College Entrance Examination Board this year, and their scores were the lowest which have been recorded since the SATs were first offered more than 20 years ago. The scores began dropping in 1963 and have fallen each year since then, with a particularly sharp decline this year.

(PHOTO: RUSSIAN SCHOOLCHILDREN still have the benefits of order and discipline in their classrooms, not to mention a greatly superior racial environment. The slack-jawed “do your own thing” philosophy of the U.S. advocates of race-mixing and permissiveness has been rejected by Soviet educators. They are training a generation . . . → Read More: Tests Show Students Learning Less


The Law of the Land

John McNaughton's "Wake Up America"

by Dr. William L. Pierce

A NAUSEATINGLY FAMILIAR spectacle of our times is one of our elected “leaders,” whether President Gerald Ford or Boston Mayor Kevin White, appearing on television and solemnly announcing that he is as opposed to the forced racial busing of school children as anyone, but that it is “the law of the land.” The implication, of course, is that “the law of the land” is something sacred, which every right thinking citizen must meekly accept and quietly obey.

(ILLUSTRATION: John McNaughton’s painting “Wake Up America”)

Now, it is true that the orders issued by any old man in a black robe who has been appointed to a Federal court by the politicians in Washington have the force of law, regardless of how outrageous or immoral or socially disruptive . . . → Read More: The Law of the Land


Two Minutes Hate

Race Relations Study

ILLUSTRATION: WASHINGTON POST story tells of Nathan Cohen decision compelling Federal workers to submit to sensitivity-training sessions. Applying many of the same techniques which were used to brainwash American POW’s in communist prison camps in Korea and Vietnam, Federal psychologists are able to control attitudes and opinions with a high degree of success. These techniques are also being used in high schools now to “adjust” White students to a multiracial environment.

by Dr. William L. Pierce

IN 1984, the well-known political horror-fantasy by George Orwell, it was called the Two Minutes Hate. At eleven o’clock each morning the workers in all government offices assembled in front of television screens for a sensitivity-training session in which they released their pent-up hostilities and became, thereby, better-adjusted subjects of Big Brother.

In 1975 they don’t call it . . . → Read More: Two Minutes Hate