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Gender Dysphoria and Politically Induced Delusions

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by David Sims

GENDER DYSPHORIA IS A mental disorder that afflicts one person in 10,000, beginning in childhood. It’s rare. Of children (mostly boys) who actually do have gender dysphoria, most (around 70%) will outgrow it without drugs or therapy.

Most of the problem with so-called “transgender” children today is the result of transgenderism being made trendy by the Jewish-controlled media and perverted cultural doings.

Boys and girls are flattered by predatory adults, usually in public schools, who tell the kids that they have the maturity and the sagacity to make decisions that will change the course of their lives. Then these predators introduce the idea of “changing sex” as a wonderful adventure that has only positive outcomes.

Most of the children who are thus beguiled into assenting to hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and transsexual surgery don’t really even have gender dysphoria. They are simply trying to please the adults who have been presented to them as authority figures and as Really Smart People Who Can Help Them.

I think that the predatory adults who do this to children should be either executed by the state (after a trial, of course) or sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Prior to 2007, there was no known instance of gender dysphoria among teenage girls. Today, there are many girls who claim to have the disorder and who claim, further, that they need to have their breasts whacked off and to get testosterone injections — instead of help in overcoming the disorder.

The contention that “transgender kids” (children who have been beguiled into assenting to “transgender therapy”) will commit suicide if they don’t get “gender-affirming care” is pure leftist lies.

Humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Recorded history goes back about six thousand years. If transgender suicide risk (in the absence of “gender-affirming care”) were a real thing, then there would be historical evidence for it. But there isn’t.

Instead, this supposed suicide risk was never mentioned prior to 2020. It is quite a new idea. And it is a lie.

It’s the same sort of lie that sold the covid-19 mRNA vaccine to millions of gullible people worldwide: a self-serving lie told by predatory therapists and unscrupulous medical professionals through the institutions for which they work.

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
27 April, 2023 10:04 pm

Look at the bright side. Those who took the
“vaccine” are doomed to slow death. Those
who have had their genitalia multilated are
still not dead. At least they still have a choice.

29 April, 2023 3:35 pm

Finally, someone explained it in a decent way.

Joe Lowsac
Joe Lowsac
30 April, 2023 5:35 am

It would be useful if some sources were cited. Saying that 70% outgrow the dysphoria poses more questions than it answers. I can’t call to mind any mental disorder in which 70% of cases resolve. Does “outgrow” mean, for example, that at 13-14 he was dressing up a a girl and by 17-18 no longer was? That seems entirely possible but without the data I can’t know if it was because the dysphoria resolved or because he was approaching six feet tall and had facial hair. Also, it is important to remember that ‘transgender’ and gender dysphoria are two different diagnoses. Not all transgender people experience gender dysphoria and many people who do experience gender dysphoria are not transgender. Furthermore, where as most transgender people are homosexual many who experience… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Joe Lowsac
30 April, 2023 10:25 am

It would be useful if 99% of all commenters here at National Vanguard online magazine were National Alliance supporters or members, too. To address the contents of your post though, there are no “transexual” or “transgender” people — just males and females who have mental problems with figuring out what sex they are. That there are too many out there who are encouraging these delusions with language games and have adopted an ideology of death has been a huge problem in all social issues of the White Western world is what strikes me as being near the heart of the issue. The originators of this ideology of death is even closer to the heart. It’s my belief that we Whites ourselves should organize around a life-affirming ideology, such as Cosmotheism… Read more »

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Joe Lowsac
30 April, 2023 2:17 pm

Perhaps a non-homosexual autogynephilic transsexual can recover from their [sic] condition but it is hard to find any encouraging evidence to support the notion that homosexuals can recover from their affliction.

That’s a new one, so I searched for a definition:

Autogynephilia is defined as a male’s propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female. It is the paraphilia that is theorized to underlie transvestism and some forms of male-to-female (MtF) transsexualism.

Doesn’t sound very manly to me — like what we used to call a sissy.

“Recovered” or not, queers and transsexual freaks are ineligible for National Alliance membership.