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The Chameleons Come Clean

Lessons in Right Think

by Douglas Mercer

WE LIVE IN amazing times.

It’s good to see that Adolf Hitler’s conception of the Jews as a race has now been totally vindicated for all time.

No backtracking, please.

The chameleons have come clean — or as clean as these filthy pigs can come. And when they come clean like this they do it despite themselves.

You see, for all of their vaunted “intelligence,” when it comes right down it Jews just can’t help or control themselves. That they protest too much is their Achilles heel.

In the end it will be the end of them.

First off, the Jews’ ruling idea is that “there are no races” and also that they “are not a race, but a faith.” But now they come out foursquare and insist (insist, mind you!) that they are a race (so there are races after all, or at least one) and that they are not White. So much for the “human race” they belch about so often. They are the Jewish race. Just like Hitler said. Really, they might have saved us all a lot of time if they’d just vindicated for all time the great German visionary a long while back.

What gives? Why did they let the cat out of the bag?

And, more importantly, where will this leave “fellow White people” such as Bill Kristol who once emitted this rancid bit of verbal flatulence:

I’ve been looking at some polling crosstabs and I’ve got to say to my fellow white men over 55: You’re a great disappointment to me. On the other hand it seems fitting and consistent with the American story that women, minorities and young people now step up to save the republic.

You see, they are White when they want to be, not when they don’t.

The general rule of thumb on this is that Albert Einstein is Jewish but Harvey Weinstein is a White man; Jonas Salk is Jewish but Bernie Madoff is a disgusting example of White privilege.

That is, they are sordid shapeshifters.

Taken all together, these various understandings have led Jews to regard themselves (and others to regard Jews) variously as a people, a nation, a tribe, a family and a faith — sometimes in various combinations, sometimes all at the same time.

Now that they have come out as Jewish, not White, where does this leave the shapeshifters? Have they committed to a position? Well, no, they’ll be lying again in five minutes. But the lies won’t go down as easy now.

We live in amazing times.

It’s the best part of waking up.

We have done better than discover cold fusion by accident; we’ve stumbled onto a pot of Goldberg.

Jews think they’ve racked up a W but they took the L.

When pint-sized parasite Ben Shapiro quotes Adolf Hitler on the race question and confirms him as correct, you know we’re on to something. Jews are a race and they are not White. That settles it for all time.

Jews are a race. Jews are not White. There are races.

Everything else is just footnotes.

* * *

What happened is that a house Negro did the Sammy Davis, Jr. thing and went Jew. And then the other day on The View (a show which, from what I can glean, is about three or four post-menopausal women sitting around like mutant yentas kvetching in gag-inducing voices) this house Negro decided to go for broke and weighed in on the most important event in all of human history that was totally made up: the “Holocaust.”

Being a house Negro, she was not all that bright and she got things wrong, of course. In a sane world someone would have patted her on her fuzzy head, corrected her, she would have flashed a toothy grin to Massa, and the world could have moved along. But a world with Jews on the loose is not a sane one.

So all Hell broke loose.

All Hell seems to break loose all the time when Jews are on the loose.

Why is that?

This house Negro tried to wade in on this fearsome question, but soon she was in over her head. To say she struck a nerve would be an understatement. She struck a Jew. She put her hands on the fence that says High Voltage. And when you strike a Jew, you can be certain to be struck by them until there’s nothing left of you.

And, faster than Pavlov’s salivating dog, the Jews shot into action swiftly and soon buried themselves.

Now everyone knows they are not White. They said so themselves. Those “fellow White people”? Nothing but lying Jews.

And what elicited this sudden and unwonted outburst of truth-telling? Have Jews reformed? No sir. This was an ad hoc truth telling, only an emotion-induced cry from their dark and black hearts.

What got the Negro in trouble were two things. First off, she put out the ludicrous notion that the battle between the Jews and the Aryans in Germany was a brothers’ war, was a fratricidal war, a war of infighting among Whites. You can sort of forgive her for being wrong on this, as Jews have been lying about it for ages; for ages they have been doing their Jew/White and White/Jew routine, and for those not paying very close attention it can be confusing, as the Jew whirs his hands around and shuffles the walnuts on the table.

Second, she said that the “Holocaust” was not about race but was about “man’s inhumanity to man.”

Cue firestorm.

It was the second that really set them off. The house Negro violated the first commandment that Moses brought down from the mountain: that the “Holocaust” is not just another example of human evil, but is sui generis, unique in the annals of evil. Had she not said this, she might have gotten away with saying the Jews are White, but Jews can’t countenance any demotion of their alleged Holy Suffering, and the Jew/White question got swept up in that.

You see, the lame comic book Maus got banned, and the Jews are in a fighting mood, if not fighting trim, and they will not have you minimize their fake genocide.

Not on your life, should you wish to keep it.

You see, wherever Jews are they have antennae, they say, and at the slightest vibration of anyone downplaying the “Holocaust” they can hear the sound of trains in the distance; they can put their ears to the ground and detect the faint rumblings of mounted Cossacks rushing in from the steppes.

I can sense it, too.

And when the Negro let slip that the “Holocaust” was just one of those evils that happen on the Earth from time to time, all the vile blood rushed to the Jews’ heads — and they went off half-cocked and gave the game away.

This insisted (insisted, mind you!) that Adolf Hitler was correct: Jews are an alien race.

That is, a reflex kicked in and the truth bubbled up from within them before they knew it. They had no intention of doing it, but there it was.

They were on record.

Why even that big fat Hebe parasite Jon Podhortez said the house Negro had no right to her fake Jew name.

Cue apology.

Ruling Class lackey Stephen Colbert tried to walk the Negro through the Right Think, but she kept stepping on it.

And so, as is inevitable, the Negro got suspended, and maybe she’ll get fired, even as the Jews will insist (insist, mind you!) that they are powerless people, marginalized and victimized.

To say this is revealing is an understatement.

What did it reveal?

That this week, the Jew cut off his hooked nose to spite his face.

They really could have just let it go, and a lot of people who are now wise would have been none the wiser. But, you see, the Jews can’t help themselves. They could have let it go — but some intractably seated flaw in made that impossible. When you question the singularity of their suffering they lose their minds.

So, in a knee-jerk response, the chameleons came clean, despite themselves.

And they did it because what most characterizes the Jews as people is not that they are hostile and aggressive, not that they are parasites, not that they are insufferable whiners — though they are all of these things.

No. What most characterizes the Jews as a people is that they are petty and vain.

And in a fit of pettiness and vanity this week they sunk their own ship.

In the end it will be the end of them,

Can you hear the Cossacks coming?

* * *

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Rommel 41
Rommel 41
8 February, 2022 2:40 pm

No, I can’t hear any ‘Cossacks’ coming, unfortunately, but boy I wish I did. But that’s OK – no matter. Your article was a good read, and I must say I do agree with all your basic points. But I also realize that ‘The View’ like so much jew spittle available for consumption, is irrelevant. I mean who really watches a show like that, if indeed anybody really does. Maybe some bored housewife here and there that might have it on in the background. That’s about all I see. And you’ll pardon the presumption, but the average person, even if they were actually paying attention, is in reality, so far below a real ‘average’ that there is no way they can keep up with the ‘If A then B’ thinking… Read more »

Nate Sosh
Nate Sosh
Reply to  Rommel 41
12 February, 2022 5:35 pm

yeah-i’m ready for the hoofing of the horses of the Cassocks too. Fact, i cannot wait. Getting very very close to the time where the Jew needs to answer, AGAIN, in a definitive way, for its disgusting, nauseating , anti-human behavior.

Or is it just me?

Roger F.
Roger F.
Reply to  Nate Sosh
15 February, 2022 11:35 am

Not just you, but many many are seeing things the way that you do now. The “H”-man is being looked at more seriously as an incarnation, from a historical perspective.

L. B. Blakeney
L. B. Blakeney
Reply to  Rommel 41
13 February, 2022 4:04 am

“And since they often just don’t know when enough is enough…”, yeah like that Santa Inc. thing last year. Seth Rogan and Sarah Silvertwit rubbed a lot of people the wrong way by crapping on a holiday that isn’t even theirs.

Franklin Ryckaert
Franklin Ryckaert
8 February, 2022 3:35 pm

This article is a misrepresentation. The Jews don’t say “yes we are a race”, they say “yes the Nazis persecuted us as a race”, which is part of the truth. The other part of the truth is that they were persecuted because of their behavior, but they rather not talk about that, since they claim categorical innocence in any conflict with non-Jews. Strictly spoken the Jews are not a race, but some of their more inbred divisions have acquired racial characteristics. There are however gradual racial differences between their major divisions of Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi and above all Ethiopian Jews, the latter group being openly discriminated against in Israel. Collectively the Jews are not a race, they are an ethno-religious community, in the sense that their ethnic identity was originally… Read more »

Nate Sosh
Nate Sosh
Reply to  Franklin Ryckaert
12 February, 2022 5:41 pm

Moshe definitely has a gift for Talmudic, obfuscating wordplay. Their very timid and squeamish about announcing themselves as a race in the countries they are in the process of subverting and destroying…..but proclaim it triumphantly , with horns on Mt. Zion, when they are in their private getaway Isunreal….

LH Collins
LH Collins
8 February, 2022 4:58 pm

That old house-nigress kept tripping over her box-braids, Mr Mordecai! I’ll whip some sense into that black old thing; make her behave herself.

8 February, 2022 10:15 pm

If the Holocaust was a true event, as presented to the world by the usual suspects, Jews would invite serious investigation and scholarly debate. Instead, the moment the Holocaust is mentioned, even in polite conversation mind you, God’s Chosen People reflectively go berserk and neurotically hyperbolic. No other event in the history of the world has such a “hands off” policy enforced with the iron fist of the in group. In Europe truth tellers are sentenced to jail, not for speaking falsehoods, but simply for stating that the historical record is inaccurate. Jews have lied to the world for over 70 years to silence critics, instill guilt in innocent people, and grift. Truly vile.

Nate Sosh
Nate Sosh
Reply to  Karen
12 February, 2022 6:09 pm

It’s infuriating K….what these insects have gotten away with. Just infuriating.

Even though i know “I” won’t die with a mind full of ridiculous , murderous, filthy Jew-Kike Lies….i know that everyone else i’ve ever met will….That’s the prime ingredient for this Jew-poisoned world’s creepiness.

Until this Hollowhoax H&$@2”?!T is slapped right back in the grotesque faces of these ugly cockroaches…they will be the winners on this planet. And that’s just not right.

Lazaris Procrustes
Lazaris Procrustes
9 February, 2022 9:51 am

Evangelical White Christians will not even be fazed by this. The Holocaust and the founding of the state of Israel are the two most important proofs of the existence of their god. The Holocaust proves that Satan exists—no human being could exhibit such insane wrath against God’s Holy People unless he were possessed by foul demons from the pit! And if Satan exists, then JHVH exists . . . and the Jews are his holy people! And the founding of the State of Israel—why, Daniel prophesied that it would be done in “a time, times, and half a time” and, lo and behold, it was! To the very year! Mathematical proof of God, right there! Of course, I am being sarcastic here, but we, as a race, need to stop… Read more »

Nate Sosh
Nate Sosh
Reply to  Lazaris Procrustes
12 February, 2022 6:16 pm

we don’t need those empty-eyed freaks-
have you ever talked to one of these soulless bags of weirdness? It’s like talking to some bulbheaded, bug-eyed Somalian.

if we ever regain control from these verminous Jews….these Christard sherpas need to be rounded up and made to split rocks for their remaining days.

Nate Sosh
Nate Sosh
12 February, 2022 5:28 pm

Another great piece DM.
My only minor , annoying contention would be that….Mr. Hitler’s approximation of the character of the Kike was well and good vindicated probably just prior to 1933. That modernity still tries to grasp it with its slack -jaws….well, lemmings gotta lemming.

That may be just opinion though . I don’t know. Anyway, big fan Merc.

L. B. Blakeney
L. B. Blakeney
13 February, 2022 3:57 am

Mr. Mercer, this was so funny! Before I began to get jew wise, I thought they were White, too. They don’t all look like our favorite cartoon yid, many of them “pass”. Did Rhoda really look much different from Mary Tyler Moore? Lisa Kudrow from Mira Sorvino? If they all looked like Gene Simmons or Alice Cooper, things would be simple. So, thinking they were just fellow Whites of a different faith, I didn’t understand why they worked for black, brown and yellow interests at the expense of the White race. I asked myself, don’t they look in the mirror and see a White face staring back at them? Are they so colorblind as to be such race traitors? Mein Kampf, Dr. Pierce, Kevin A. Strom, reading what other WNs… Read more »

14 February, 2022 12:13 pm

In case you too stupid ‘woke Whites’ are too daft to see it, here’s the voice of your Jewish masters : “The U.S. death toll from COVID-19 was edging closer to 920,000 on Monday, as a U.S.-Canada border crossing — and key supply route — was reopened after a six-day blockade by truckers protesting vaccine mandates and other COVID-related restrictions. French demonstrators were en route to Brussels early Monday to join Belgian and Dutch protesters, after French police fired tear gas on Saturday against a small group demonstrating on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, the Associated Press reported. A threatened blockade of Paris failed to materialize over the weekend, despite days of online organizing efforts. In New Zealand, authorities turned on sprinklers as well as Barry Manilow hits in an effort to… Read more »

14 February, 2022 12:19 pm

And so, as is inevitable, the house Negro got suspended, and maybe she’ll get fired,…”

House Negro’s never get fired,… their too good of tools in the tool box .