Bram Stoker: Racial-Nationalist and Anti-Semite

Bram Stoker

by Karl Radl

ABRAHAM STOKER, better known as Bram Stoker, is one of most famous Anglophone novelists in history. He is best known for being the author of the quintessential Gothic novel: Dracula.

The interesting thing about Stoker is that while many people admire him as the populariser of the modern vampire novel, very few of these individuals know much about the man himself, let alone his views on various subjects.

It would almost certainly cause many self-proclaimed fans of Stoker’s literary work to recoil in horror if they knew that he was an unrepentant and strident racial-nationalist and imperialist.

To quote William Hughes:

In invoking the rhetoric of race, both novels release a set of powerful connotations of exclusion and differentiation. A series of oppositions are engaged — black against white becomes in The Snake’s Pass a conflict between the black, bilious blood of the Gombeen and the healthy bloodstock of Arthur, as testified through their colouring. (1)

Stoker’s use of racially-based parables in his novels and short stories is meant to inculcate a sense of racial pride in the British. Stoker saw himself as a ‘political conservative in a conservative country,’ (2) which necessarily places him as a racial-nationalist in the modern context as Stott has pointed out. (3)

His views on Africans for instance are openly exhibited in his literary work as Hughes explains:

In cultured terms, the negro as rapist is an opponent physically but not racially superior to his victim. His action is implicitly the violation of the superior race by the inferior, the human by the animal, the child by the adult, the mistress by the slave. (4)

Stoker’s beliefs concerning the antagonistic opposition between the races derives from his strong adherence to the view that race is both biological and the determining element in an individual’s behaviour and conduct. (5)

This led Stoker to hold what has been termed a ‘patrolling’ mentality; this emphasised the need to preserve the health of the nation by preventing and eliminating racial and sexual degeneracy among its racial stock. (6)

As with the racial views that infused his work; Stoker also used his literary efforts to propound his beliefs about the importance of eliminating degeneracy and extracting righteous vengeance when necessary.

To quote Hughes once again:

‘The blood which Hunter so pleasurably sheds is both a substitute for the aborted defloration — a sort of poetic justice — and an assertion of the male — of the white male — in the power of determining life and death. (7)

Stoker was concerned with the need to keep the ‘subject races’ (i.e. non-Whites) in line and in order to facilitate this he believed there was need for the English to return to their manly and ruthless ‘Viking-like’ roots. (8)

In addition to his political conservatism and strong racial views — which would obviously be called racist today — Stoker held strong views on the subject of the Jews.

For example, it is commonly believed that his Count Dracula was based on the infamous Vlad the Impaler, but in actuality all the character Dracula shares with Vlad is his name. (9)

In reality the Dracula character is derived from the character Svengali in George du Maurier’s 1895 novel Trilby (10). Svengali is — you guessed it — a vicious Jewish villain who seduces, dominates, and exploits a young English girl.

Dracula, like Svengali, is a ‘sinister foreign seducer’ (11) or, put more explicitly: a ‘sinister Jewish seducer’ (of English girls).

Indeed, Stoker shows his dislike of Jews in the Dracula novel itself when he describes Emanuel Hildesheim, one of Count Dracula’s principle mercantile agents in Romania (and the only one explicitly mentioned), as a comical-looking Jew who wears an Egyptian fez and has a nose like a sheep (i.e. emphasising his racial otherness and ugliness).

In the collection of follow-up stories that were published on the strength of the success of the novel Dracula, Stoker has a character in ‘Gipsy Prophecy’ refer to the Jews as pedlars of hokum to the ignorant and the gullible who claim they can predict the future from the stars, producing fake prophecies.

This is confirmed in his novel The Jewel of Seven Stars when Stoker references the impotence of kabbalistic Jewish magical carvings in warding off the supernatural.

While in the short story ‘Crooken Sands’ — which has been labelled anti-Semitic (12) — Stoker makes great play out of a character named Emanuel Moses Marx. Marx pretends to be Scottish when he is fact Jewish and cons the main (English) character into buying several sets of tartan garments. Marx profits handsomely from conning the Englishman with his lies and exorbitant prices.

The moral of the story that Stoker is trying to get across — confirming Stott’s ‘patrolling mentality’ framework — is that one is a fool to trust racial outsiders (i.e. Jews) because they will always act in their best interest and not yours. This Stoker compares negatively to the conduct of the true Englishman who is an Arthurian-type character (upright, honest, and hard-working) and is in opposition to the Svengalian type character (conniving, dishonest, and exploitative) of the Jew.

As Hughes describes it, in reference to the money-lender, which is another common jewish archetype:

The moneylender in Stoker’s fiction is more characteristically portrayed through the unscrupulous and negative figure of the Jew, a point at which race conventionally intersects with ‘unacceptable’ fiscal behaviour. The Jew is typically structured as an imposter within the community, his superficial veneer of Christian gentility beguiling the unwary into financial ruin, as the narrator of The Man suggests: ‘Mr. Cavendish, whose real name was Shadrach, looked so virtuous and benignant that an inexperienced person would have really thought he was conferring a favour.’ (13)

Thus we can see that the Jew in Stoker’s literary output is a devious and dangerous racial alien who uses his ‘superficial veneer of Christian gentility’ to manipulate and seduce those around him. He is a creature of evil that is bent on deflowering the industrious innocence of the English: hence Stoker’s prescient call to arms to the English to stand up and reclaim their former racial vitality before it is too late.


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5 July, 2020 8:10 pm

Not that it means much, but in the 1931 Dracula movie starring Bela Lugosi, Dracula appears to be wearing a jewish star at the start of the movie. Later footage using a slightly different film stock, and it’s missing.

comment image


comment image

What would jews do without controversy. Dracula’s pendant as new field of study, maybe a federal grant, so even Count CHOCula’s very future was “at stake”:

Reply to  Sethmoto101
8 July, 2020 4:20 pm

Hahaha. Good one. Nice catch on the star. I wouldn’t doubt that the Jews saw the star and made him take it off. Being Jews, they probably kept the first footage, because they didn’t want to buy more film.
Have you heard of the band Bauhaus? They have a very popular song, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”. They were one of my favorite bands as a teenager.

6 July, 2020 9:00 am

I’ve read that the belief in Vampires came to Europe from China or India – via the Silk Road…….

6 July, 2020 6:40 pm

I’m shocked! What did Bram Stoker have against parasites?

8 July, 2020 4:10 pm

Sure wish I had read Hughes’ work around the time of reading Stoker’s. His work sure shines a new light on Stoker’s work, for me anyway. Dracula as a Jew seems so obvious. I feel kind of confused now, though; I loved Dracula when I was a teenager. Oh well. This is one of my core beliefs: “Stoker was concerned with the need to keep the ‘subject races’ (i.e. non-Whites) in line and in order to facilitate this he believed there was need for the English to return to their manly and ruthless ‘Viking-like’ roots.” In addition to formal education, every White adolescent should have to cross an ocean by sail and spend a month in the woods (alone, or with peers). They should all be taught how to fight,… Read more »

8 July, 2020 9:36 pm

It seems to be a recurring theme with British authors. Even JK Rowling’s goblin bankers in Harry Potter are self serving and have a stereotypical Jewish look to them.

From the Vikings to the Japanese, so many cultures have some sort of vampire like creature in their history. I find it fascinating that until Bram Stoker they were often grotesque creatures, bloated, walking dead preying on innocents. You have to wonder if the European version, both Stoker’s, and prior to, were possibly a metaphor for Jews all along. When you consider their parasitic nature, the accusations of ritual slaughter, and their disdain for Christianity (mostly Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox) it sort of fits.

Reply to  Janie
9 July, 2020 8:15 am

Wonder how the character of ‘Irene Adler’ – the only woman ever to pique the interest of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ – fits into this.

Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
9 July, 2020 11:32 pm

Good catch, I didn’t even think about Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes, though she seems more prominent in adaptations than in the original work. When I made the comment, I was thinking Dickens, George du Maurier, etc.. I used Rowling as an example because Harry Potter was fresh in my mind having just been to Universal Studios yesterday.

The basis for supernatural beings has always fascinated me. What made people of the past believe in vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, and so on? There were vampire hunting kits made in the later part of the 1800’s, humans should’ve known by then that such creatures don’t actually exist.

Anyway, thanks for the reply, I’ll now have to polish up on my British literature.

Reply to  Janie
10 July, 2020 8:13 am

If I had to guess, I’d say Mr. Stoker might have been influenced by some of the deeply cucked authors he undoubtedly grew up reading who had a soft spot for things Middle Eastern: Sir Walter Scott, whose ‘Ivanhoe’ is torn between a Saxon girl and the ‘beautiful Jewish girl’ (not many of those, most of them are much closer to the Mayim Bialik type) and whose highly fictionalized depiction of Saladin reverberates in Protescuck circles even today, Edgar Allan Poe, who waxes poetically about those ‘fine hebraic features’, etc. Shapeshifting – taking on the persona and appearance of an animal – has been part of most cultures since the dawn of time and probably stems from the fact that humans really aren’t very well adapted to life in the… Read more »

Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
10 July, 2020 10:06 am

Make that ‘authors who influenced Mr. Doyle’, sorry – but I’m sure Mr. Stoker read them, too.

Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
20 November, 2021 7:47 am

Perhaps Doyle being yet another famous Freemason.

Reply to  Janie
20 November, 2021 4:49 am

Dr.Frankenstein is a rabbi and his monster a berserk golem. Fagin is a rabbi. D’Israeli was prime minister about the same time London’s kosher Freemasons were burying Polish serial killer Kosminski in Colney hatch madhouse whose Jewish identity was exposed by Jew Ustinov in a 1987/8 TV doku…and recently by others…the witch in the Brothers Grimm Hansel and Gretel was Jewish.The Torah party in England regularly buds Jewish prime ministers, Kemal being the latest after May…funded chaos and tyranny grow as they are exposed and the latest hoaxes are hugely profitable distractions…get hold of Trilby, it snot dear and there are some films of it.

10 July, 2020 2:45 pm

Dracula was a Christard chauvinist who trashed the Turks-the character is a Jew Khazar convert bloodsucker of Gentile girls and Christian peasants…Svengali…which is basically, all Jews. And Doctor Frankenstein is clearly a Rabbi with his rampant golem…they don’t like crosses, either…nowadays they don’t like swastika’s.

19 November, 2021 9:10 pm

This was published today and it is extremely relevant to the issue discussed here:

21 November, 2021 12:18 pm

Here is something that will make you laugh. By sheer luck I found this little gem; it is a clip from a silly Mexican film from the 1990s. Funny thing is, it could have been done in Germany in 1936. It is unbelievable that the owners of JewTube did not delete it! As a bonus, it has English subtitles. Enjoy!