by George Mackenzie

THE GREATEST mass fear in the US is not Islamophobia. It’s not homophobia. It’s not even xenophobia. It’s Semitophobia. Fear of the Jewish Power Cabal. No other group comes close at provoking as much fear in almost the entirety of the population as Jews. Even the slightest suggestion that anyone is saying anything mildly questionable about Jews causes cold sweats, shortness of breath, hair to stand on end, muscles to clench, and all the other physical reactions that reveals the triggering of a psycho-social taboo. It’s actually a suppressed terror that amounts to a kind of paralysis.

So thoroughly has this fear reaction been implanted in the populace by means of Jewish Supremacist-owned and operated mass media, education curriculum, entertainment industries’ myth making apparatus, government propaganda, and other influences, that it is all but universal. Small pockets of people may express some ‘anti-semitism’ among themselves in private where it is relatively safe, but few dare publicly where they might be overheard. ‘Anti-semitism’ is almost thoroughly suppressed by Semitophobia.

Even plenty of Gentiles of Conservative, Liberal and of course Progressive orientation will express outrage and hate at anyone who vaguely criticizes Jews. These Gentiles are of course afraid of Jews themselves, but cover it with virtuous indignation and outrage. It’s safer that way.

A mere oblique question about the validity of the holocaust, such as that raised by Florida school principal William Latson in 2018 could lose a person his job, income, family, house, freedom (Alfred and Monika Schaefer) and sanity. Perhaps even his life. Pointing out that a particular Jew, such as Sheldon Adelson or Jeffrey Epstein, or a whole family of them such as the Sacklers behind the opiod epidemic, is responsible for causing enormous misery, cruelty and horror provokes a defensive reaction from certain Jews and their Gentile defenders of such righteous fury that fear can cause the critic to run for safety. Even pointing out the obvious atrocities the Israeli Likud Party government is inflicting on the helpless Palestinians in their Occupied Territories triggers outlashings of fury that would make a cornered bobcat proud.

It takes a strong character and profound courage to overcome Semitophobia and risk even the most gentle inquiry. Ilhan Omar as a freshman Muslim congresswoman spoke publicly about a ‘foreign lobby’ having inordinate influence on the Congress. Immediately everyone knew which Lobby she was talking about, and she was denounced as an ‘anti-semite’ and unjustly cruel on Jews and Israel, including by President Trump. Displaying more courage than most, though not sufficient for justice, she did not exactly apologize as most are forced to do, but diluted her statement by mentioning other lobbies that also have influence. This barely satisfied Jewish demands, and we have not heard any more complaints from Omar since.

In fact, perhaps no group in America is more Semitophobic than the US Congress. Such past examples as Gus Savage, James Trafficant and Cynthia Mckinney are more than enough to keep the others in line with Jewish demands. A more recent example is Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, who has been denounced as an ‘anti-semite’ and ‘holocaust denier’, even though his main outrages against Jewish Supremacist power has been speaking up in favor of White people and Western civilization. King even went on a tour of holocaust sites in Poland sponsored by a Jewish group that educates US Congresspeople on seminal Jewish suffering, but King provoked outrage by also meeting with ‘actual fascists’ and asked them if the ‘Nazis’ or Soviets were worse. King lost his ability to attend Committees, but managed to retain his House seat in the last election.

Some analysis of the Jeffrey Epstein case suggests that he was collecting the worst kind of ‘dirt’ on politicians as a form of blackmail for the Israeli Mossad and Jewish power generally. Imagine the Semitophobia such grotesque material could evoke if a mainstream media figure was foolhardy enough to discuss it in public. Short of death threats, this kind of character assassination may evoke the strongest Semitophobia.

Sheldon Adelson donated at least $100 million to the Republican party for the 2016 election and more for the 2018 mid-terms. Semitophobia in this case is little more than fear that such massive funding will not go to certain candidates, but to their in-party opponents. In both parties, fear of losing Jewish funding is so breathless that candidates line up to attend the annual AIPAC meeting and express their avid support for Israel and Jews in America. The fact that this makes Omar, Savage, Trafficant, McKinney, King and relatively few others corrrect is not enough to overcome extreme Semitophobia. That takes more courage than most Congresspeople, and indeed most human beings, possess.

This year we see what appears to be a strange aversion to attending the AIPAC meeting by Democratic candidates for President, supposedly based on leftist denunciation of the policies of the right-wing government of Israel headed by PM Netanyahu, who will be a featured speaker at AIPAC, and the resistance of Israel to forming a two-state solution. It is more likely that campaign advisors realize American liberal voters have overcome a certain Semitophobia of their own, and candidates better make a show of complying. Most likely AIPAC has coordinated this ‘boycott’ of the lobby event with Democratic candidates, and wealthy Jews will certainly donate to presumptive nominee Joe Biden who is typical of old-line Democrats in his support for Israel.

Republicans have no problem with AIPAC and actually condemn Democrats as ‘anti-semitic’ for not attending. President Trump was particularly clear in calling them ‘anti-Jewish’.

In 2017, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance produced a new five-hundred word definition of ‘anti-semitism’ with eleven examples, seven of them refering to Israel. Because of the fear of life being ruined should one be labeled an ‘anti-semite’ through making even the slightest violation of this definition, Semitophobia has most people in its clutches. To be called an ‘anti-semite’ is such a horrid fate for most that they simply will never risk it, even if they know in their minds and hearts that there are legitimate, fact-based critiques of Jewish power. Yet we are told by many Jewish sources that ‘anti-semitism’ is on the rise, and given various explanations why: Americans are increasingly discontent and looking for a weak vulnerable victim to dump it on — ironic to say the least; ‘White supremacism’ is on the rise, encouraged by the President; distorted perception of the Israel/Palestine ‘conflict’ (it is no ‘conflict’, but slow genocide) is provoking unjust criticisms and even BDS of poor Israel; and the like. The real reason for rising ‘anti-semitism’ is most likely the increasing knowledge of Jewish power and influence. Knowledge leads to outrage leads to overcoming fear and risking losses and hardship in asserting truth and justice.

The key leverage point is knowledge. Semitophobia is so acute on some online platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter that those risking ‘anti-semitism’ are using euphemisms in order to evade the thought police and avoid deplatforming, demonetization, prolonged bans and permanent banishment. We know from such heretical works as the US Lobby documentary produced by Al Jazeera, but distributed by Electronic Intifada, that Israel supporters are very well funded and diligent in hunting down ‘anti-semitism’ online and on campus using ruthless and dishonest tactics. Al Jazeera at first collapsed in Semitophobia and would not distribute the documentary (it since has posted it), but Electronic Intifada did. The more desperate one is when overwhelmed by Jewish Power, the easier it can be to overcome Semitophobia.

Two exemplars of different kinds who appear to be immune to Semitophobia (though I suspect it is partially appearances, no one is totally immune) are Pastor Charles Baldwin and tech entrepreneur and Jewish editor/producer of the Unz Review Ron Unz.

Baldwin awakened from the hypnotic influence of the Scofield Bible supplement and strives to educate Evangelicals (Christian Zionists) about US politics and how the real Bible perceives Jews. He openly denounces Jewish power in America. He expresses his gratitude for this awakening, even though it has cost him many friends, much money and certain comforts and support in his life. Perhaps it is his faith in Jesus that helps him cope with Semitophobia.

I have never read in any of Ron Unz’s many essays in his American Pravda series of his gratitude for his awakening into these hidden mysteries of the Jewish Question. He says he has faced only few and mild inconveniences for his flagrant ‘anti-semitism’. He expresses mild astonishment that the ADL has not attacked him more fiercely, and speculates that to do so might only draw more attention to Unz’s powerful articles exposing such taboo topics of Jewish Power as the JFK assassination, the Leo Frank case and origins of the ADL, 911 as an Israeli job, the holocaust, the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution, ‘anti-semitism’ as weaponization, and others. Possibly Unz is some form of controlled opposition, or is it better for Jewish Power to let him continue exposing it to a relatively small but growing audience rather than draw more attention to him with public attacks? It’s hard to see how Unz could be CO, but also hard to imagine Jewish Power letting him continue. The Unz Review has after all surpassed the iconic Nation magazine in popularity, largely due to Unz’s writings on the Jewish Question along with other authors he features. Unz certainly appears immune to Semitophobia in any case, given the taboo topics he writes about boldly. Does it help that he himself is Jewish?

Entire nations are subject to Semitophobia. It goes without saying that Germany is completely prostrate to Semitophobia, but in his book The Holocaust Industry, Jewish author Normal Finkelstein recounts how the nation of Switzerland was frightened into paying enormous reparations to ‘holocaust survivors’ for not trying hard enough to find the rightful recipients of Swiss bank accounts established before or during the war by Jews.

When the nation of Poland was targeted to pay holocaust reparations, it refused, and passed an amendment to a former law, making it illegal to say any German prisons in Poland were ‘Polish’. The Polish government had established an Institute for National Remembrance, and ‘imposed fines of up to three years in prison for those who denied or belittled German or Soviet crimes during the holocaust and subsequent Soviet invasion.‘ The 2018 amendment makes it illegal to attribute responsibility for or complicity during the holocaust to the Polish nation or state. This provoked fierce criticism and outrage, and Poland was subject to enormous Semitophobia. It resisted however and enacted its new law.

Iceland was not so staunch. It proposed a law making circumcision of minors illegal, subject to up to 6 years in prison, citing the UN convention on the rights of the child and an earlier Icelandic law outlawing female circumcision. Jewish Power around the world, including in the US Congress, expressed outrage, and indirectly threatened boycott of Iceland’s essential tourism industry among other threats, such as association with ‘anti-semites’ and ‘neo-nazis’. Even though the bill had strong support among most of Iceland’s 336,000 population, of which only an estimated 250 were Jews, and most likely would have passed otherwise, the government’s own judiciary committee advised against passage, and Iceland’s parliament dropped the bill, celebrated in Jewish media. Unfortunately but understandably, Iceland caved to Semitophobia.

Though more can be named, yet they are relatively few. All have faced hardships for overcoming Semitophobia and confronting Jewish Power. Many many more have also whose names will never be known. They suffer hardships in their own families, communities, work places, online and in real life. They feel Semitophobia, but do it anyway. These are also real heroes of our times. Courage does not mean acting without fear. It is feeling fear, and acting anyway. The Jewish Power Cabal may make examples of them, and the hypnotized masses Jew and Gentile alike may confront them, denounce them, defame and demonize them, impoverish them, dehome them, deplatform them, and even physically assault and imprison them for being cruel to innocent victim Jews, but they do it anyway. Semitophobia has been made strong in America and around the world today, but the human drive for truth and justice can be stronger. As the grotesque excesses of Jewish Power in America grow worse, so too does the will to overcome Semitophobia and stand up and speak out.

It is likely to manifest as righteous outrage. Certain Jews have provoked such outrage many times in history, and suffered the consequences of expulsion in Europe, and many times more world-wide. They seem never to have learned, but continue to think that if they can just oppress and deceive and degrade and frighten their perceived racial opponents enough, they will be safe. It should be said that this refers primarily to the Jewish Power Elite, and Not All Jews, but sometimes the distinction gets lost and innocent—or at least less criminal — Jews suffer. The Jewish Power Elite has frightened the majority of the Jewish people itself in order to control and use it (for which the holocaust story is their greatest tool today), but that is a topic for another essay. Many — no, most — Gentiles succumb to Semitophobia and don’t dare speak out.

In increasing numbers and quality, more are speaking out. It is inevitable. Some White Americans feel they must secure the existence of their people and a future for White children. More are learning that certain Jews are primarily to blame for this existential threat. Semitophobia could be a weak dam to hold back this flood as the weight of the waters accumulate. New laws ‘combatting anti-semitism’ and suppressing BDS might only make the outrage stronger. The two forces — Semitophobia and legitimate ‘anti-semitism’ — are increasing in strength and driving more fiercely against each other. Something has to give.

Or the Jewish Power Cabal could win this time. Fear, apathy, nihilism, hedonism, delusion could prevent the natural race reaction needed to protect Whites from eventual eradication. Could Semitophobia suppress that natural reaction even as excesses of Jewish power escalate beyond even today’s absurd levels? Would White people in America remain afraid and unresponsive, paralyzed by Semitophobia, as ‘White supremacists’ are herded into American gulags? Would Americans remain docile, limp with Semitophobia as their Second Amemdment rights were stripped piecemeal over time? Or would they take up arms and fight a civil war to retain that right of self-protection? Will Americans allow George Soros to fund Antifa to the point that it is a mass rampage vandalizing whole cities and marching as lynch mobs against ‘White supremacists’, a neo-communist revolution destroying America, or will they ovecome Semitophobia to take back the streets and make them safe again for right-wing Whites who love their country and people? Will Americans ever stop the subversive filthy mind rot that pours out of Hollywood and the porn industry , or stay stuck in Semitophobia and let it continue until all the youth have pink and purple hair, big gulps full of meth, sex change operations, and lack even a single thought in the head or impulse in the heart for responsibility and decency?

Semitophobia is strong, but it can’t be that strong. Surely the Power Jews will go too far at some point, and White Gentiles in America will react. It has happened in Europe 109 times before. But so did Jewish Soviet Communism for almost 75 years of mass horror.

It may be either Semitophobia forever or America 110.

Let’s end on a lighter note. Do any readers remember when ‘racism’ was more culturally acceptable, and people made little harmless jokes about the different types of folks, in an unconscious process of maintaining their ethnic, cultural, religious and racial identity? I remember my father calling himself and other Italians he knew ‘Guineas’, a racial slur. He also referred to other racial groups and individuals by common racial slurs, even though he played basketball in the schoolyard with them. It wasn’t scandalous, it wasn’t evil, it was simply honest and it served a function of identity.

So let’s recall a harmless and useful joke from a more innocent honest time:

“An ‘anti-semite’ is someone who dislikes Jews more than is absolutely necessary.” (Source unknown. Possibly printed in Hungary in the 1960, and an original variant in the US in 1939)

If we don’t at least dislike such Jews as Epstein, Soros, Adelson, Netanyahu and many others, and say so, then we don’t deserve to preserve our people. Break though Semitophobia and join the rising tide of voices confronting Jewish power. It is the honorable and decent thing to do.

* * *

Source: Occidental Observer

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9 April, 2020 9:29 am

Introducing a new word “Semitophibia” while eulogizing the predecessor , “antisemitism” betrays a “semitophobia” in the author himself. It is true, many have a self conscious fear or terror with reference to jew as anything less than humble adoration . This author reveals association to “benevolent honest ” jew and specifies the “elite jew” as if this subtlety of discrimination will make any difference. But credit for the new word of Semitophobia. Is it not this fear , which ultimately gives to them supremacy?

Reply to  Paul
2 May, 2020 5:00 am

Incoherent comment. The word does not eulogize and is definitely not meant as a replacement of “antisemitism”. You are in no position to know anything about the author himself let alone judge him. The term is fine, actually it is so ingenious, it stands any test with ease especially from …silly commenters like this. Advice: Post judiciously or do NOT post AT ALL !!!

Reply to  XwpisONOMA
2 May, 2020 9:49 am

Apologies : the comment is not final nor comprehensive but it was honest. It was approved by the moderators . It was critical but balanced with a positive conclusion . It is not incoherent. Nor is it malicious .XwpisONOMA does not like it . Your advice is accepted ; but not solicited.

9 April, 2020 8:29 pm

Well, there are probably more people than you think that dislike the jews, they just won’t speak about it because its not the right time or they see there is no point to it. I stopped speaking out because people won’t listen. It’s frustrating and honestly it’s wasting my breath. Jews are frustrating people, but if you ever met a jew its funny how some fall to the bottom of the totem pole even in their circle. I have met a few that are pathetic, trying to reach for the power and gold their leaders grovel in. Nevertheless, wouldn’t fear give jews slight power, our leaders are cowards, but they have more to lose than we do, hahaha. It’s actually amusing to watch.

12 April, 2020 4:42 am

Hunger will overcome this. I don’t know how much longer mankind can deny the inevitable conclusion as those that look down upon them are mostly Jews.
& f*** the Jews

Rockford Rick
Rockford Rick
15 April, 2020 8:31 pm

“Let’s end on a lighter note. Do any readers remember when ‘racism’ was more culturally acceptable, and people made little harmless jokes…”

Yeah, I remember those days. A few jokes that come to mind:

Why did Hitler commit suicide?
– He saw the gas bill!
What is the difference between a Jew and a pizza?
– The pizza does not scream when it gets put in the oven.
What is the difference between Santa Claus and Jews?
– Santa Claus comes from inside the chimney.
Why do Jews have such big noses?
– Because the air is free.
How do you get 100 Jews into a car?
– You throw in a nickel.
How do you get them out of there?
– Tell them that Hitler is driving the car.

Reply to  Rockford Rick
2 May, 2020 5:13 am

And these jokes are coming back soon, it is inevitable, the direction things are going, (((THEY))) are overplaying their hand, AGAIN! Btw, you “loved” those jokes so much, you even circulated them among your peers, am I right, kike? While I am at it, here’s another one: Why the jews don’t work on Saturdays? Because they are …exhausted from doing nothing the rest of the week.

Nom De Guerre
Nom De Guerre
9 April, 2023 8:57 pm

“every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. That reaction is well deserved antisemitism that (((they))) brought on themselves and now more than ever by overplaying their hand.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Nom De Guerre
10 April, 2023 12:45 am

Opportunities for us Whites approach, our needs in the National Alliance as found here is mainly to become ready to seize them as those opportunities arrive. This overplaying by Jews does indeed serve as notice that opportunities may come about soon.

Other Whites would do well to follow your example of doing the right thing and join us, Nom De Guerre.

11 April, 2023 9:26 pm

It’s not a ‘phobia’, more like a nausea.
When someone brings up the subject, I tell them that the root cause of anti-Semitism is always Semitism.