Why the Jewish Lobby and the EU Hate Poland’s Judicial Reforms

Because the courts are a primary way for Jewish elements to wield outsize power in any society

by Thea Arian

A WISE MAN once said “only two kinds of people do not care about the law, those who break the law and those who make the law”. The law is often associated with justice which, while often true, is not always so; an important distinction that escapes many of us.

For those of us seeing the fight between Poland’s attempt at Judicial reform and the ensuing struggle with the EU over it, we might ask… why is the EU so bothered about the internal affairs of the law courts of a member country? For this we need to understand the role the judiciary plays in a country.

In a normal society, conflict is firstly resolved between people, then the local social group, then the police and as a last resort, the courts. Suing someone is expensive, time consuming and the benefits of winning a court case are not profitable compared to the expenses in money, time and emotional effort involved. A very important point is this, judges are seldom elected, they pass a few exams, practice as lawyers for a few years and then, based on their peers’ recommendations, they are elevated to the position of a judge.

This is hardly a democratic process, it is more of a bureaucratic process with internal politics as a factor. If your superiors are left-leaning, you are going to have a very tough career as a conservative judge. Again the presumption is that being a judge is a hard job requiring the correct interpretation of the law in cases where all methods of arbitration have failed.

What does all this have to do with Poland’s judicial reform? Let’s take a closer look at the judges in Poland, and the USA, over the last 20 years or so.

There is a history of judges blocking pro-citizen, pro-national laws and thus instigating endless litigation to delay any laws from passing which benefit the host nation, e.g. most of Trump’s pro-American Executive Orders being blocked by unelected judges from Democrat controlled states, ensuring a lengthy fight to the Supreme Court thus delaying implementation and encouraging further lawlessness.

The court of appeals set up by the previous administrations are almost universally Democrat-leaning. In Poland, the courts are presided over by judges from the communist regime that again, under organized Jewry, destroyed much of Poland for decades, and these communist judges are also responsible for choosing new judges. In effect, the judiciary is a shadow government used to block and stymie the democratically elected government from ever achieving anything through the favourite weapon of Jewish power … endless litigation.

As such, anything that threatens this existing power structure is a threat to control that Jewry exerts over a nation. Now you may ask, but how do they accomplish it? The answer is, like everything else, Jews plan over decades and accomplish it through patience and slow, small changes.

As has been mentioned before on Russia Insider, Jews are unique in one aspect, whenever they are put in a position of authority or exert power, they almost always use it to subvert the host society in destabilizing ways. So, the first step is to install Jews as lawyers and judges, in this aspect blending in with the native population by taking on their names is an important concept, an average citizen does not question someone who has a name that is instantly recognizable as being “Polish” or “American” or “Russian” etc as anything but his fellow citizen, thus, Jews blend in, but being dual-nationals and loyal to Jewry, subvert the host society.

The changes begin as small ones, ensuring promotion within the ranks of the host society’s judicial system, once in a position of power, Jews will actively encourage and promote similar minded people and discourage and work against dissidents or nationalists. Being a slow burn, spread over decades, the effect will spread to all levels of judiciary while the Jewish Media champions “freedom of judiciary” from the democratically elected government.

A couple of actions that are a tell-tale sign of this subversion of your nation’s court system are: suing someone is encouraged and penalties for frivolous lawsuits are abolished, civil and criminal courts can be used to harangue a person for the same crime twice, judges award outsized awards to ridiculous claimants, no-fault divorce is instituted and encouraged (profitable for lawyers and destabilizes family life), laws that are actively subversive (extending citizen rights to illegal immigrants) are upheld thereby forcing the government to abide etc.

In the end, we come to modern day life where a Finnish Supreme Court in 2018 states that a 23 year old Muslim immigrant raping a 10 year old girl is ok as it was consensual, legalization of marriage between people of the same sex (which makes no sense vis a vis reproductive rights and economic rights in the contract known as marriage), Swedish courts in 2017 letting another Muslim immigrant walk free after raping a 9 year old boy as the immigrant “could not understand it was rape and had a sexual emergency” etc etc etc. These are just the end of an egregious system of injustice that you will see as a result of a judiciary’s subversion, whereas in Israel, the Jewish homeland, the courts follow common sense policies.

In the end, the battles over Poland’s judicial reform is not a battle fought “for the people” as the bureaucrat-controlled EU loves to bleat, it is a battle to keep subversion and control of Polish society firmly entrenched in the hands of an EU which is a political body dominated by Jewish thought, individuals and philosophy.

The judiciary is supposed to complement the government, not antagonize it. The judiciary is supposed to interpret the law, not make it. The judiciary is supposed to know its own bounds and enforce it, as well as make the government know its bounds as well. When a judiciary actively doles out anti-national decisions that the government is forced to follow to the detriment of the nation, reforms are urgently and critically needed as the judiciary is basically acting as an enemy agent enshrined in law.

When the US Supreme Court was established, it had 3 rooms in the basement of a building in Washington, as the checks and balances present in a stable society made it unnecessary to wield more power and influence, today we have courts, then federal courts, then courts of appeals, then supreme courts, then another round of appeal courts, all established to block any pro-national movements and speedily advance anti-national laws through … endless litigation.

Once you realize the insidious method of control and subversion thus practiced, and learn to recognize it in any nation you care to research, is it any surprise that a Jewish contrived body like the EU would vehemently deny Poland the right to align its courts with the interest of polish people?

This IS the same EU whose ex-president (unelected) recently sang praises of that champion of peaceful democracy Karl Marx (who was also extremely effective at murdering millions of innocent people in the name of progress).

It becomes tiresome to see the Jewish influence everywhere but when it is all pervasive and all destructive, you cannot help but notice it.

* * *

Source: Russia Insider

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25 June, 2018 5:19 pm

Many years ago I knew a Supreme Court Judge very well, for you see I was engaged to one of his children. The judge told me in confidence that he was a communist, and he believed diversity and multiculturism was a good thing. During a dinner party he became very annoyed with me when I suggested that human behaviour and human intelligence was largely inherited and hard-wired. He said he would never accept that sort of nonsense.

A Swedish Man
A Swedish Man
26 June, 2018 5:28 pm

The infamous case with the subhuman relieving his “sexual emergency” by sodomizing a boy in a bathhouse was actually in Austria.