More Media Lies About the National Alliance

Controlled media “journalism” is usually deliberately false when it comes to reporting on the National Alliance, but perhaps we can take some solace in the fact that it is also astoundingly incompetent.

by National Alliance Chairman Will White Williams

EVERY RACIALLY conscious White person reading National Vanguard, especially members and supporters of the National Alliance, should be familiar with the Hebrew word sayan (plural sayanim). It simply means helper or assistant. It is estimated that there are tens of thousands of sayanim in the US alone, all 100% Jewish and carefully vetted by the Mossad to be, among other things, its (and the US-based ADL’s) eyes and ears, reporting anything potentially important to Jewry and Israel, especially anything perceived to relate to Jewry’s enemies. Our organization, the National Alliance, is considered an enemy of Israel and Jewry because of the truths we tell about both.

Their sayanim constitute an extraordinary secret network of Jew spies working against their Gentile hosts. The ultra-cohesive Jews are highly organized, through this intelligence network and in many other ways. We Aryans, on the other hand, are not organized in the same regard or to anywhere near the same extent, but we can learn to be; we can learn from the Jews’ example.

Any time there is information concerning Jews, especially information that could impact our people, it should be reported to our Alliance for evaluation. Our members, supporters, and followers do not do this nearly enough today. In Dr. Pierce’s day, certain resourceful members would, for example, would subscribe to and monitor closely the Jew’s various English-language publications intended mainly for a Jewish audience, reporting items of interest to our National Office. I’d like to hear from those of you willing to do that, and similar intelligence-gathering efforts. Just drop us a line via our contact form. (For those of you who prefer to use postal mail, write to us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City TN 37683.)

An Alliance member in West Virginia recently alerted the National Office to an anti-Alliance series that aired recently on the NBC TV affiliate WVVA in the Bluefield-Beckley viewing area. This is an excellent example of a member using her eyes and ears to spot something that is useful to us, and sending it along to us for evaluation. What she sent, quoted below with my commentary interspersed between sections, is not untypical of the Jew-controlled media’s smears of the National Alliance.

WVVA “multimedia journalist” Ms. Annie Moore

Being a multimedia journalist who enjoys her private life, the biography of the series’ author, Ms. Moore, is deliberately spare. It is revealed, however, that she is in a “loving marriage to attorney Dennie Morgan.” it doesn’t take much searching to discover that, when the couple married, husband “Fingers” Morgan, had had his law license suspended for a year by the West Virginia Lawyer Disciplinary Board for multiple instances of theft of his clients’ funds. More about that can be found here:

That fact is not revealed in Ms. Moore’s available biography.

As National Alliance Chairman I will not allow what amounts to a three-part smear of our organization to stand unrefuted. We do not have a TV station that can counter this Jewish propaganda in Ms. Annie’s region, but we do have National Vanguard and we will use it. I don’t wish to come off as too defensive in the following, but my justified outrage will show through as I refute the disparaging claims made in the series. The record will be set straight, point by point, by the leader of the organization that WVVA has attempted to tarnish. What follows is the three-part series by the NBC affiliate, WVVA TV that attempted to influence negatively those in its viewing area against our National Alliance.

* * *

Healing from hate part I:
Inside the rise and fall of one of West Virginia’s most notorious hate groups

by Annie Moore

MILL POINT, W.Va. (WVVA) In 1995, a bomb ripped through the FBI building in Oklahoma City. At the time, it was the deadliest attack to ever occur on American soil. Timothy McVeigh was convicted and sentenced for the crime. But it was a book being distributed from West Virginia, [T]he Turner Diaries, that prosecutors say inspired the attack.

Prosecutors (unnamed here) often lie to push their agenda; witness the disgraced prosecutor in the recent widely publicized murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The author of that book was Dr. William Pierce, the founder of a white supremacist organization in the foothills of Pocahontas County called the National Alliance. The group recently came up in discussions about the redistricting process in Pocahontas County, when questions were raised over the threat the group still poses today.

What “questions”? Dr. Pierce incorporated the National Alliance (NA) in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1974, and relocated its offices to West Virginia in 1985. The NA is a White separatist organization, not “supremacist” at all. By definition and common sense, a racial separatist cannot be “supreme” over members of other races who are not in his midst, from which he is separated geographically. See: What is the National Alliance? | National Alliance (

To learn more, WVVA News went to Pocahontas County in search of answers. Nestled into the National Quiet Zone, for most people, Hillsboro, W.Va. is a place to escape. [The sloppy writing is evident already. “Escape” Hillsboro, or escape from something else in Hillsboro? There’s no way to tell from that sentence. — Ed.] The beautiful town is the home [birthplace, actually — WWW] of Pearl Buck, the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize [actually, the The Nobel Prize in Literature, not the Peace Prize — Ed.] in literature. But the other person who made this area famous is just a footnote to locals. “As a matter of fact, when you called me last night, I figured they’re just non-existent,” said Hillsboro Mayor Gail Siers. Just a couple minutes down the road from Hillsboro is Mill Point, W.Va., an unincorporated area where Dr. Pierce purchased land and set up the home base for what was at one time considered the most dangerous white supremacy group in America. “We’re white, we’re of European ancestry, and we want to remain conscious of that,” said Dr. Pierce of the National Alliance in an interview with WSAZ in the late 90s. When McVeigh and Terry Nichols detonated a bomb that destroyed the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, 168 people, including 19 children, were killed. Copies of the Turner Diaries by Dr. Pierce were found by the FBI in McVeigh’s car.

This is sloppy reporting. Not one, nor multiple copies of William Pierce’s novel were found in McVeigh’s automobile when he was arrested.

Even the Jew’s own ADL accurately reports: “F.B.I. agents also found a copy of a passage from The Turner Diaries in the car McVeigh drove on the day of the bombing. It read: The real value of our attacks today lies in the psychological impact, not in the immediate casualties. For one thing, our efforts against the System gained immeasurably in credibility. More important, though, is what we taught the politicians and the bureaucrats. They learned today that not one of them is beyond our reach. They can huddle behind barbed wire and tanks in the city, or they can hide behind the concrete walls and alarm systems of their country estates, but we can still find them and kill them. William Pierce, who gained national prominence following the Oklahoma City bombing, repudiated McVeigh’s attack, stating, ‘it’s really shameful to kill a lot of people when there’s no hope for accomplishing anything.'”

The Turner Diaries is a novel; Dr. Pierce wrote it in 1975. It’s fiction. It no more “inspired” the OKC bombing than it “inspired” the alleged 6 January, 2021 Capitol “insurrection,” as was claimed in the 7 January, 2021 edition of the Jewish New York Times — the very next day! The Jewish New York Times should instead look into how the Hebrew Torah, aka the first five books of the “Old Testament,” has inspired so many “holy” wars.

“In [T]he Turner Diaries, the main character actually blows up the FBI building in Washington DC. The set up and travel in that book is exactly [sic] the Oklahoma City bombing.”

Wrong. Not “exactly” at all.

While Oklahoma City put Dr. Pierce and the National Alliance in the spotlight, the group showed up on the radar of authorities long before that attack. Born in Atlanta, Pierce was a bright student. He received a degree in Physics from Rice University and then a doctorate from the University of Colorado. After working as an aerospace manufacturer in Connecticut, Pierce moved to Washington, D.C. to become an associate of the American Nazi Party. “The American Nazi party was run by George Lincoln Rockwell,” explained O’Connor. “Pierce and Rockwell had a falling out. Pierce separated from the American Nazi Party and went to work recruiting younger people into the White nationalist movement.”

I’ll speak of O’Connor later. His explanation of William Pierce’s relationship with Rockwell is totally inaccurate. Dr. Pierce and Rockwell had no “falling out.” In fact, Dr. Pierce was one of the last of his associates to see him alive before Rockwell was assassinated. Nor did William Pierce leave Rockwell to “recruit for the so-called ‘White nationalist movement.'” Dr. Pierce’s history from the 1960s is thoroughly documented and accessible for anyone truly interested in reporting about it accurately. See here:

Dr. Pierce’s son, Kelvin Pierce, had a front row seat to his father’s rise to power.

In an interview with WVVA News, he described what it was like growing up in the home of one of America’s most dangerous white supremacists.

Here we go again with the “dangerous white supremacist” smear.

“He used his superior intellect to channel that toward hate. That’s why he was so successful. He was intelligent, very well read, and he had all the debate points memorized. He could debate anybody and do a good job convincing you that he was right.”

That’s because William Pierce was right. He was channeling vital truths — not “hate” — to his kinsmen with his superior intellect. Any reasonable, halfway racially conscious White person who reads his writings or listens to his speeches, can see that. See and Even Kelvin understood and believed his dad’s racial truths until he had his unfortunate mental breakdown and descent into self-loathing as an adult.

But Pierce said his father used more than talking points to get his message across. He said his father beat his family members regularly.

Unsubstantiated nonsense from a disturbed, admitted self-hater. Dr. Pierce was a gentle and patient teacher. It doesn’t follow at all that if someone disagreed with his truthful observations about race, as he saw them, that he would then beat the doubters regularly until they finally said they agreed with him. What a terrible smear of one’s dad, who’d been dead for 18 years when it was uttered and couldn’t defend himself against it.

“Unfortunately, by the time I left home at 18, I believed most of what my dad taught me. I had another essential ingredient to being a hater which was that I hated myself.”

What a revealing quote — from one whose intellectual development was arrested and reversed after 18.

The younger Pierce said a turning point occurred when his father left his mother and family in Fredericksburg, Va., to move to West Virginia to open up the National Alliance compound in Mill Point. It was around the same time Kelvin Pierce started college at Virginia Tech.

College can warp a young person’s mind. Witness the transition of Don Black’s son Derek from a bright young home-schooled man with his head screwed on right to a White-hating idiot once he went off to a liberal college. Incidentally, the elder Pierce had divorced Kelvin’s mom many years prior to relocating the National Alliance campus (not “compound”) from its headquarters in Arlington, near DC, to pastoral West Virginia in 1985.

“I had a roommate of color when I went to Virginia Tech. I ended up really liking this guy and admiring him. He was such a humanitarian. He cared so much about other people and he showed that.” The experience gave Kelvin a new outlook on the world and the people in it. “Probably the biggest aspect of all of that was realizing that the way I felt and the way I looked at others deep down felt wrong.” In Kelvin, though, there was still a little boy inside longing for his father’s love. A couple years before Dr. Pierce’s death, Kelvin invited him to come watch him hang glide in West Virginia. “I didn’t think he would come, but he did come. I had a pleasant experience with him. I had a good flight. He came down to the landing field and said I did a good job. I think it was the only time I ever impressed him and it was the last time I ever saw him.”

There are two more parts to this earth-shattering “hate” exposé. Really?

I and 30 or 40 Alliance members met Kelvin, his wife, and his two adopted Georgian daughters at that memorial service. The “turning point” in Kelvin’s life that weekend should have been how he and his family were treated so respectfully, despite doubts among some Alliance members about Kelvin’s daughters being White.

* * *

Healing from hate part 2: Death of white supremacist leader sends National Alliance in new direction

MILL POINT, W.Va. (WVVA) The road to the National Alliance compound [sic] in Mill Point, W.Va. is a breathtaking one. The long stretch of farmland has barely been touched by the industrialized modern world.

When Hillsboro Mayor Gail Siers tried to bring a store in a couple years ago, he was told by residents they didn’t want one. “There’s a lot of people from out of state that come here. It’s just a nice little town.”

But just a couple minutes down a bumpy road next door is the National Alliance compound [sic] at Mill Point, W.Va.

At the entrance, an open gate and happy pumpkins meet those who drive by. Initially, we drove right past it not realizing it was a compound [sic] or the National Alliance. Despite our wait and attempts to reach out to the organization ahead of time, no one was there to talk about the group on this day.

Not true. No attempts were made to contact the Alliance ahead of time. Kelvin has the West Virginia campus’s office phone number. The Alliance’s gate is kept locked to curiosity seekers, whether staff are on the land at the time or away. So, another lie. Even had the Alliance’s gate not been locked, it would have been closed. Anyone approaching it should be able to read the posted signage that warns that it is a private road — “no trespassing,” twice! Around anyone’s Mill Point property — not just the Alliance’s — that means a trespasser who doesn’t have permission to enter risks being shot. And your alleged trespass was after you say former neighbor Linda Thompson told you the people on the other side of the gate would not talk to you.

Through research at the Pocahontas County Assessor’s Office, WVVA News was able to confirm the property is still owned by the Cosmotheist Community Church, set up by Dr. Pierce as part of the National Alliance.

The county tax assessor would not say that. The Alliance and the Cosmotheist Community Church are separate legal entities, albeit they own parcels of land that are adjacent. One is not “part” of the other. The Alliance’s National Office in Tennessee pays the Pocahontas County property taxes on both the church property and the remaining Alliance property. WVVA News research should have revealed that. More sloppy reporting.

Up until a couple of months ago, Linda Thompson was a neighbor to the property for decades.

“This is their property. One of their members lives on the corner. But they’re pretty private about anything that goes on here. Some new people came in not too long ago. They would not want to talk to you. All I know is they are still here and they may send some books out, but there’s nothing major going on here.”

Former NA/CCC neighbor Linda Thompson, who has not been near Alliance property for at least six months, knows nothing, but she was correct in this, saying the Alliance property caretakers are not authorized to meet with, or be interviewed by, any “mainstream” media. They will not talk to Ms. Annie, or whoever else she claims to have shown up with, unannounced. Our community’s publishing arm and online bookstore is Cosmotheist Church Books and is wholly operated from the National Office in Tennessee, not West Virginia: Products – Cosmotheism ( A reporter for a junior high school paper could prepare a better piece about the Alliance than did Jew-owned NBC News reporter Annie Moore.

Kelvin Pierce is the son of the National Alliance’s founder, Dr. William Pierce. He has made two trips to the property since his father’s passing in 2002. In 2018, he was able to take a tour inside and talk to the organization’s latest leader, Will Williams, over the phone.

“I spent an hour or so walking around the compound [sic]. I went into the trailer where my dad lived and died. It’s in really bad shape now. I just tried to visualize my dad there and what it must have been like for him in his trailer dying.”

Dr. Pierce’s mobile home, and its additions, were perfectly kept when he lived and died there. It has been abandoned since he died, 16 years before Kelvin saw it. It sits on an extraordinary home site — and is currently being deconstructed for scrap.

While Pierce said he was told by Williams that the organization is working to build back, their headquarters in [sic] now in Tennessee.

“He told me he’s building the National Alliance back. He said people have counted us out and think we’re gone, but we’re back.” But Pierce cautioned “I don’t currently see them the way they are as a threat to anybody.”

The National Alliance has not been rebuilt to be a threat to anyone, but to give hope to long-suffering Whites. Jewish “hate watchdog” groups like the ADL and the SPLC, Jew-controlled media like NBC News, the Famous But Incompetent FBI and its former Special Agents like Tommy O’Connor who make a living spooking Americans with their phony “expertise” in “domestic terrorism” and “white supremacy,” are fearful of our Alliance because we expose them for what they are: anti-White. They collaborate with our nation’s and people’s enemies, and are scared spitless of the day when the growing number of dissident Whites will organize effectively.

“I had a long talk with the caretaker. He was very respectful. Obviously, we have different belief systems, but he wasn’t at all threatening. They’re basically doing their job, which is taking care of the property.”

Accurate. However our West Virginia campus custodian was too nice and accommodating to Kelvin, not realizing he would abuse our hospitality. Kelvin is our founder’s son — and was not expected to smear our organization and his dad with Jew-owned media like ABC and NBC.

WVVA News was able to obtain court records showing that Will Williams, who resides in Tennessee, was arrested in 2015 for Battery against another member inside the Mill Point compound [sic]. But outside the gates, the Pocahontas County Sheriff’s Dept. said the group has never had a single run in with law enforcement.

That’s true. I wrote a book this year for anyone interested in the five-year alleged “battery” ordeal, incarceration, and the three associated coup attempts by Alliance adversaries, including assistance from the SPLC: Pocahontas Show Trial by William W. Williams – Cosmotheism ( It will give the reader a good idea of what the National Alliance is up against when dealing with the corrupt judicial system.

Former FBI Special Agent Tommy O’Connor

According to a former FBI agent with extensive experience in domestic terrorism and white supremacy, Tom O’Connor, the group’s fall has continued following Dr. Pierce’s death.

“The next person to take over, Eric Gliebe, ran the organization into the ground. The dues paying members decided they wanted nothing to do with him and he became an outcast in the white power movement. The National Alliance is not a group anybody hears about today. It’s part of the white nationalist history.”

Alleged expert Tommy O’Connor is full of beans. Though his description of Pierce’s successor as NA Chairman, Erich Gliebe, is semi-accurate, the organization has slowly and steadily been on the rise ever since Mr. Gliebe resigned from the organization more than seven years ago, when I took over as Chairman.

WVVA News has made multiple attempts to reach Williams on their efforts to rebuild through their website. To date, no response has been offered.

That is another bald-faced lie, Ms. Annie. I would know if an attempt, or “multiple attempts” were made to contact me through the Alliance’s Web sites: Contact | National Vanguard. We received nothing from you. You prefer to contact the Hillsboro mayor, a former neighbor, and the county tax assessor to learn about how the National Alliance has rebuilt. Like I said, a seventh-grader could go to our Web site and learn about the Alliance’s recent rebuilding. For example, here: Will Williams: Building a White Future, part 3 | National Vanguard. It’s too bad a professional journalist like yourself and your go-to, self-styled expert on the Alliance, Tommy O, couldn’t figure that out.

* * *

Healing from hate Part 3: New extremist groups rise and use new methods to reach their audience

MILL POINT, W.Va. (WVVA) In Part II of Healing from Hate, WVVA News took you to the former West Virginia headquarters of what was once one of the most dangerous white supremacy groups in America — the National Alliance.

While counter-terrorism experts say the group’s influence has diminished in recent years, other groups have stepped in to pick up the message of hate and move forward. Experts say their efforts have shifted from leaflets and face-to-face meetings and are now focused on eluding law enforcement on the dark web.

“Experts” say? Are you quoting your expert Tommy again? The Alliance and its activities are perfectly legal. We do not elude law enforcement. I do not even know what the “dark web” is. We are open and above board in all of our activities. Why do you claim that what other groups are doing has something to do with the National Alliance?

Tom O’Connor, a former FBI agent with extensive experience in domestic terrorism relating to white supremacy, said the groups identified at the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol highlight an emerging threat.

While the New York Times reported in January that Amazon had stopped selling The Turner Diaries over the book’s ties to groups involved in the Capitol attack, none of the groups identified at the Capitol on that day included the National Alliance.

The New York Times articles said The Turner Diaries had “inspired” the Capitol riot, not that the novel was connected to the groups that participated in it. Those named groups are not associated with the Alliance in any way whatsoever. Most are Christian-based; and the Proud Boys’ leader is a Black Cuban. In fact, I had told National Alliance people beforehand to stay away from the Capitol demonstration, that it looked to me like another trap like the Charlottesville fiasco in August of 2017. It turned out to be just that. Nothing productive could possibly be gained by Alliance members showing up at the Capitol on 6 January.

“You can read all of the court documents and accurate reporting. They’re talking about groups like the Oath Keepers, proud boys. The National Alliance — I have not heard of as having anything to do with the white power movement today.”

Is that a quote from Tommy? If so, he is correct: The National Alliance is not mentioned in any of the alleged “accurate court documents,” and the Alliance has no association whatsoever with what is described in the quote as the “white power movement today.” Resistance Records, once owned by the NA and which sold, among other music genres, what some described as “White power music,” was sold in 2013 — eight years ago.

Do these “experts” ever refer to the “Black power movement” or the “Jew power movement” or the “queer power movement”?

He said new extremists groups on all side of the political pendulum are rising up and using new technology to reach their audience — they [sic] are apps that make it difficult for law enforcement because they require a court order or FISA warrant to access.

As I said, the Alliance does not use, and has no need to use, “apps” or anything else to elude law enforcement.

What in the world would FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrants have to do with the Alliance? Aren’t they the secret warrants that were used illegally by shady Clinton/Biden operatives to build the phony case of Russian collusion against their political rival Donald Trump? Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA): An Overview ( FISA was expanded after 9/11 and the misnamed Patriot Act to include “domestic terrorism,” with “white supremacists” somehow becoming the alleged biggest threat to America. Now we see “experts” like Tommy O’Connor lumping the Alliance in with AtomWaffen, Proud Boys,, OathKeepers, Patriot Front and others — with which we have no association whatsoever.

In healthier times, when the Department of Justice did not violate the Fourth Amendment’s protection against illegal search and seizure, law enforcement were required to submit an affidavit to a judge, given under oath, providing factual information to establish probable cause that a crime had been committed and that the suspect or his group had committed the crime. If any groups are deserving of warrants for their criminal acts these days, it’s Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the SPLC, ADL, etc.

“It used to take a period of time for someone to become radicalized. They had to go to meetings. They had to go and do things. Now you have people who are watching videos in their basement on the internet and that flash to bang can occur in a much shorter period of time.”

While the activities of these groups is difficult to monitor, he said the internet opens up more opportunities for whistleblowers.

Who in the world is Tommy describing here? “Flash to bang?” “Watching videos in their basement?” All that Whites need these days to become radicalized in matters of race is the truth. And the truth is something the National Alliance has been providing for 50 years — and something Jew-owned media like NBC and others do not and will not provide.

“People who are on white nationalists blogs and social media, there are people who will actually call and say I’m all about this and I’m anti-government, but this guy is talking about doing something. So if you put yourself out there, there’s more opportunities for law enforcement to get out in front of that and stop the event.”

True enough. National Alliance policy forbids illegal activity of any sort.

We have, (our online magazine), and a small discussion forum, All are viewable by the general public — except when blocked by Jews. That’s it. I’ve never been on any social media platforms myself, but encourage our members who enjoy them to spread links to our sites while doing so, especially which currently has 220 talks by our founder William Pierce, mirrored at

For the son of the National Alliance’s founder, Dr. William Pierce, there is a common thread connecting many of these lone actors and one the country has failed to address. “As a society, we don’t address mental illness. We should be talking about our mental wellness from the day our kids start in elementary school. But it’s a topic that we just don’t address,” said Kelvin Pierce.

So, Kelvin Pierce, an admitted depressed self-loather — presumably because his daddy spanked him when he was a child — is now consulted as an “expert” on why some Whites are loyal to their race. Really? That’s one way for him to explain away his low self-esteem and personality disorder. ‘I’ll write a book,” he says.

Kelvin Pierce said his own father’s childhood was dominated by his grandfather’s alcoholism and his grandmother’s neglect — factors that may have paved his path to hate. “Unfortunately, when my dad was eight, his father was killed. He was getting off a bus and was hit by a car and killed. His mother was just not a nurturing person at all. She was strict, hard line, and just not loving.”

Outhouse psychiatry, if ever there was. I met his grandmother a couple of times, who was as sweet a lady as one would ever want to meet, and whom William Pierce loved dearly. Kelvin, the self-styled forensic psychiatrist, never met his granddad, but is now willing to throw both paternal grandparents under the bus to explain away his own shortcomings.

Now that Kelvin is a published author and is consulted by major media and “experts in domestic terrorism and white supremacy,” perhaps he’s qualified as an bona fide expert in forensic psychiatry, able to be called upon by government prosecutors to explain why racially responsible Whites think their race is worth preserving: “They were spanked as children.”

After William Pierce was sent off to military school, his son said his father sought the acceptance he never found at home.

“One way to feel better is to identify with a group. Another way to feel better is to put another person down. You elevate yourself. It’s an adrenaline rush when you hate the other because you make yourself feel superior.”

When Kelvin Pierce became a father, he left the parenting style of his own dad in the past. He and his wife adopted two baby girls after a trip to the Republic of Georgia.

“Self-esteem was such a low point of my life. It affected every aspect of my life from the way I interacted with teachers, peers, or anybody else. I always tried to be aware of that when I was trying to parent my own children.”

Kelvin was and still is one sick person. He claims to be cured now.

Inspired by his daughters, he and his wife started the Divine Child Foundation, a non-profit which works to make a difference in the lives of the country’s forgotten children.

“My goal there is that I see a lot of children who are unwanted or unloved. So my objective was to let them know there is one person in this world who loves them completely — regardless of where they came from.”

A man who was once lost, who is now helping others find their way.

Kelvin admits to “praying a lot” in his book. He sounds like a bleeding heart Christian, so perhaps that is why he hates his dad, the founder of Cosmotheism, the thinking man’s religion.

To learn more about Pierce’s journey, check out his book Sins of my father: Growing up with America’s Most Dangerous White Supremacist.

Yes, by all means, do that. I purchased Kelvin’s book on Amazon last year and wrote a “Verified Purchaser” review of it. My review wasn’t very positive — and it was not published, though positive five-star reviews by others were.

But since we in the Alliance have our own sites that Amazon can’t censor, that review by me can be found here: Sins of My Father review – White Biocentrism.

* * *

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton(@walt-hampton)
4 December, 2021 12:33 pm

I would not put much stock in what the
FBI says. They have been here (Pontiac,
SC) twice…all at the beck and call of
Toronto homosexual Jew Brian Lambsky.

4 December, 2021 12:43 pm

Mr. Williams,

Excellent job deconstructing Moore’s three articles. Sorry, you had to waste your time rebutting her tripe. I made a cursory glance at other articles she has written and I rather suspect she had a lot of help and guidance in writing her smear of the National Alliance.

As an aside, you used the phrase, “outhouse psychiatry”. Was drinking a cup of tea as I was reading your article. Good thing I did not have a mouthful when I read that or my computer screen would now have a coating of brown liquid on it. I might have to borrow that term sometime.

4 December, 2021 3:11 pm

“It is estimated that there are tens of thousands of sayanim in the US alone, all 100% Jewish and carefully vetted by the Mossad to be, among other things, its (and the US-based ADL’s) eyes and ears, reporting anything potentially important to Jewry and Israel, especially anything perceived to relate to Jewry’s enemies. Our organization, the National Alliance, is considered an enemy of Israel and Jewry because of the truths we tell about both. Their sayanim is an extraordinary secret network of Jew spies working against their Gentile hosts. The ultra-cohesive Jews are highly organized, through this intelligence network and in many other ways. We Aryans, on the other hand, are not organized in the same regard or to anywhere near the same extent, but we can learn to be; we can learn from the Jews’ example.”… Read more »

Reply to  Howard
4 December, 2021 11:25 pm

Howard, you may mean well, but I assure you that we in the National Alliance do NOT have Jesus Christ, or any other Jew for that matter, on our side. Of course, we could not be happier that this is the case.

In that vein, let us refrain from wishing each other a merry Christmas. Let us, as proud Whites, take Christ OUT of the holiday season and instead wish each other, as our White forefathers did, a joyous Yule season. Far better to celebrate the rebirth of the sun, as our ancestors did, than the Christ-child myth!

Reply to  ntm1972
5 December, 2021 1:02 pm

!!!What a misguided comment; terrible just terrible!!!

L.B. Blakeney
L.B. Blakeney
Reply to  ntm1972
7 December, 2021 1:05 am

Especially after that arrogant jew Seth Rogen and his kosher twit Sarah Silverman went and took a big dump on a holiday that they have no business making any horrible HBO show about. I wasted a few precious minutes of my life watching that abominable preview (why are previews called trailers, a trailer is something that follows behind?). It was just appalling. And of course, jewtube disabled the downvotes.
My anti semitism has reached new heights.
Their tribe need to get kicked the hell to their ethnostate of Israel.

LH Collins
LH Collins
Reply to  L.B. Blakeney
7 December, 2021 6:36 am

I’d rather they STAYED in Israel than ran free across the diaspora. The less Jews that live across the world, the better for us.

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman(@www)
4 December, 2021 3:26 pm

To Ms. Annie: Not true. No attempts were made to contact the Alliance ahead of time. Kelvin has the West Virginia campus’s office phone number. The Alliance’s gate is kept locked to curiosity seekers, whether staff are on the land at the time or away. So, another lie. Even had the Alliance’s gate not been locked, it would have been closed. Anyone approaching it should be able to read the posted signage that warns that it is a private road — “no trespassing,” twice! A picture does say 1,000 words. A purpose of this article is to get commentators, but especially Alliance members, off the sidelines and involved in much needed activism, like our WV member who sent me this smear of NA. When I asked if we have… Read more »

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
4 December, 2021 7:06 pm

i admire the restraint in your writing where it concerns this virtue-signaling twerp Kelvin. Crusted, rusted cliches’ aside, Dr. Pierce is surely rolling over in his grave, knowing this self-hating maggot progeny has sold his racial soul to the Big Jew Machine…. People who don’t have the will, the strength and the intellectual fortitude to stand up and be one with their race, and to call out and battle the filthy , malevolent machinations of criminal Jew behaviour , have a stock pile full of Jew-authored excuses why they shouldn’t , as they wallow in the filthy faggotry of their Marxist Equality fantasies. Minimal Men like this Kelvin squid aren’t needed in this struggle. His racial soul is already thoroughly corrupted and irredeemably squalid. Let him further his traitorous disgrace,… Read more »

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
4 December, 2021 9:27 pm

Excellent work on exposing the anthropoid garbage that lies constantly about the work of the National Alliance.
I have never been a big fan of conspiracy theories, not until Covid hit the public arena, but I have read that Timothy McVeigh was a ‘sheep dipped’ stooge of the FBI. He is still alive and still working for the FBI. When one examines the bomb blast that leveled a large portion of the building in Oklahoma, it could not have been caused by the explosives in the truck. The truck was too far away from the building to cause anything but superficial damage. The damage to the building is more consistent with explosions being detonated at critical points in the buildings structure. This is really a 911 before 911 was done.

C.E. Whiteoak
C.E. Whiteoak
4 December, 2021 11:24 pm

Excellent article, Will. You did a great job in refuting the shallow garbage and outright lies of what is unfortunately a typical modern journalist. Sadly, most “journalists” these days are rather like Ms. Moore. They are not really interested in the truth, they only seek the easiest, straightest path to that big kosher feed trough where fame and fortune await.

I once knew a gentleman who taught history at the University of South Carolina. He said the the most annoyingly superficial students he encountered were almost invariably journalism majors.

Reply to  C.E. Whiteoak
5 December, 2021 11:27 am

Journalism is either midwit gossip or stealthy agitprop-or both.

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
Reply to  C.E. Whiteoak
5 December, 2021 12:44 pm

Very easy to believe. They are almost as verminous as The Jews themselves.

Empty, soulless , traitorous filth- thru and thru.

Reply to  C.E. Whiteoak
5 December, 2021 2:20 pm

“… they only seek the easiest, straightest path to that big kosher feed trough where fame and fortune await.” Well said. Straight to the point

KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
4 December, 2021 11:39 pm

I think this quote explains Ms. Moore’s “writing” perfectly. What are your thoughts on this quote?

4 December, 2021 11:54 pm

Great article, it was an interesting read to listen to a side that doesn’t bash the other. Kelvin sounds very much depressed by his own actions. I would even say, that he hates were he comes from. And that he thinks himself morally high. No Aryan that I’ve met thinks they are higher than any other. We just want peace and to able to raise a family. It’s not that difficult to see. Which is why I’ve started seeing these people as worshiping death, the destroyer and nothing else.

Reply to  Stehpenm85
5 December, 2021 11:34 am

I’ve wondered why white self-haters don’t just commit suicide and make way for another Afro tranny pundit…better yet, offer themselves to some starveling Togo cannibals.

5 December, 2021 12:13 am

How much did the Yids pay Kelvin to F over his honorable father?

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
Reply to  MichaelR
5 December, 2021 12:51 pm

This impressionable worm would have been no help in the propagation of his father’s pristine legacy. Good riddance scum. They probably payed for a plane ticket and a meal. All it took for this traitorous queer to spout his Jew-coached

L.B. Blakeney
L.B. Blakeney
5 December, 2021 12:50 am

Thank you for setting the jewsmedia smear story straight, Chairman Williams. Not that I watch the news anymore. I’d like to think of it this way: if the National Alliance is on the msm radar, however inaccurate their piece was, this means that more of the general public have been made aware of the N.A., and may take it upon themselves to do their own research and find out more about it. It means that the N.A. has become bigger and the enemy sees the alleged “hate group” as more of a threatening formidable adversary than ever. I for one, like to see jews squirm. The Pocahontas Show Trial was a big attempt to smear you, because you’re heading up the Alliance, much like Dr. Pierce’s son did a smear… Read more »

Reply to  L.B. Blakeney
5 December, 2021 11:37 am

English friends tell me it was normal for journalists to join a party and leave later, shocked to find there were ‘Racist’ members in said party…this character is just a useful idiot outlier, a nobody without his relativity to Dr.Pierce.

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
5 December, 2021 7:25 am

Thank you for the painstaking work of diagraming the work of The Jews. The reader will notice that the subject is always the work of some white guy or group contributing to the advancement of society. The Jew can make no claim to advancing society and so is parasitic on white society; riding it where he can or tearing it down where he cannot. Unfortunately, the greatest threat comes not from The Jews, but from the white folks who believe them. And The Jews are smart and they know this, and thus hitch a ride wherever they can. Israel a homeland for The Jews???? Don’t be silly, Israel is the beachhead from which they launch their assaults.

5 December, 2021 11:23 am

Sins of my father: Growing up with America’s Most Dangerous White Supremacist.

Very Gay-tons of white weaklings are made to hate their naughty relatives…happens all the time, very Christard…and very recruitable to the sad narrative of white wickedness… one would think his exemplary bad outlook fits Jews perfectly….stick together and scorn other races, not that this cretinous hypocrite would would note that obvious irony.

5 December, 2021 12:57 pm

“Kelvin, the self-styled forensic psychiatrist, never met his granddad, but is now willing to throw both ‘fraternal’ grandparents under the bus to explain away his own shortcomings.”

Don’t you mean “paternal” instead of “fraternal” ?!

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman(@www)
6 December, 2021 9:38 am

I did, and know better. I could have used a sharp-eyed proofreader like you.

Charlie: Mr. Williams, Excellent job deconstructing Moore’s three articles. Sorry, you had to waste your time rebutting her tripe….

Thanks, Charlie, and to others who think my time was well spent dealing with the attack on our Alliance. I certainly could have spent my time more productively with the workload our National Office has, but somebody had to address it and it falls on me by default. From some comments it appears that setting the record straight for our side is somewhat worth the time spent.

5 December, 2021 1:22 pm

We need to update the Who Rules America pamphlet. Is this in the works for the foreseeable future?

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman(@www)
Reply to  David
13 December, 2021 1:55 pm

David: We need to update the Who Rules America pamphlet… — Needs, needs needs! So many needs. Who is “we,” David? Me and my wife and skeleton staff here in NA’s National Office? Impossible. Dr. Pierce created WRA? in the late 60s and updated and expanded it nearly every year afterward until his death. He had competent help that would research the constant “changing of the Jews” in media.ownership and management. John Q. Publius did a yeoman’s job of bringing up to date Jewish control of media two years ago, here at Kevin MacDonald’s site: Ways of Seeing: Who Determines Your Reality? – The Occidental Observer I informed Kevin, our Media Director about this and suggested we work with Mr. Pubus to bring out a new WRA? that will include… Read more »

Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
14 December, 2021 5:55 pm

Does WRA put any responsibility on the sponsors of mainstream media, for support of anti-White or ignoring-White content? E.g.CNN:
Note that site works only once and then falls behind paywall.

Sebastian Knoth
Sebastian Knoth
5 December, 2021 2:03 pm

Hello, maybe you can help me. I come from germany and I had discoverd a unsolved murder-case in germany comparable to the Mary Phagan Case .

And since i had “problems” with the jews…

Can you help me?

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman(@www)
Reply to  Sebastian Knoth
13 December, 2021 2:00 pm

No, Sabastian. Can you help us?

13 December, 2021 2:34 am

When someone calls anyone an “anti-semite” all you have to do is answer is “which semite type” :D Then be silent after that. Let their own consciousness dwell on that for a couple decades. Considering the possible fact that more than likely “semites” are a result of PREVIOUS conquest by white people. Same as latin america, modern iran, india.

30 December, 2021 6:18 am

I find it interesting that most, if not all, the “white” mass shooters are Jewish and/or crypto Jewish but are, of course, labeled, white in the MSM media to push the BS story of dangerous “white supremacy” & “racism”. I would love to see the stats broken down further for whites to actually see the true numbers for ethnic Europeans, in which, I would bet you would fall even lower. Like the Rittenhouse show trial – they have labeled everyone white. When in reality, Rittenhouse is Hispanic and the rioters were Jewish which explains why the Jews truly were out for blood with Rittenhouse and using this as a means to try to push gun control and “show” America that we, whites, are so dangerous and hateful. I was not… Read more »