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Real Power and Fake People

How White nationalists can achieve real power, and avoid defective people

by David Sims

IN A constitutional republic such as America used to be, the law is superior to the government, and the Constitution is the supreme law.

Only an evil, corrupt government seeks to circumvent the Constitution in order to infringe on the rights of the people. Only an evil, corrupt executive head of state, uses “emergency war powers,” enacted more than 150 years ago to deal with an economic crisis, as an excuse for executive orders intended to harm the people or to reduce them to abject helplessness. Only an evil, corrupt legislature passes laws in conflict with the Constitution, with the intention that its Acts will be obeyed and the Constitution disregarded.

In a constitutional republic, there is nothing legally wrong with the idea that a county sheriff can arrest the national head of state for breaking the law. Violating the Constitution is breaking the law.

For that matter, there’s nothing wrong with a military unit going beyond refusing to obey an unlawful order and, upon being deputized by a county sheriff (to give them civil authority), going to arrest the head of state for breaking the law. The soldier’s oath puts the defense of the Constitution first, and obedience to the orders of the head of state is a lesser requirement. That’s why obeying an illegal order, even if it comes from the head of state, would make the soldier a criminal — in a constitutional republic.

Issuing an executive order in contravention of the Constitution is breaking the law, and the authority who issues it should be arrested. Anyone interfering with such an arrest becomes an accessory after the fact, to be arrested and tried along with the criminal head of state, or to be shot dead if his resistance makes such arrest impossible.

In constitutional republics, heads of state can’t just do whatever they want. They must obey the laws, too. And they are subject to the same punishments that apply to anyone else. The national constitution, as the founding document by which the country was given its legal existence, is the supreme law of the land.

One of the rights protected by the Constitution of the United States is the right to keep and bear arms. The government is precluded from enacting legislation that would deny, hamper, or burden this right by the phrase with which the 2nd Amendment ends: “shall not be infringed.” When the government does exactly this, it violates the Constitution. A gun control measure enacted by Congress would make criminals of Representatives and Senators. If the President signs a gun control joint resolution from Congress, then he is a criminal (of the big-boss kind, like the evil emperor in Star Wars) from that moment onward.

Groups in America — today and for the foreseeable future — need martial power, in the form of weapons, in the sense that a band playing in Texas needs a fiddle. It’s just how things are done here. America isn’t really civilized anymore. It once was, but the Jews and the political traitors among us changed the United States of America from a civilized nation into a greedy corporation where the bosses only want to starve to death, or else work to death, all of the little people.

That’s what the USA is now, and has been, and will remain until it dies: a corporation, not a republic. If you want to bring a republic back to the American people, you’ll have to defeat the consortium of bankers, corrupt government cliques, and complicit media institutions in a war that must, for success, end with these domestic enemies of the Constitution getting the death penalty.

But the government doesn’t have all of the power. Other groups have enough of it, as well, to hold their own and to further their interests. The government refers to these groups as gangs. Gangs are able to defy law enforcement within the United States because they are organized and have, for the most part, successfully resisted infiltration by government spies. Indeed, the gangs have infiltrated the government’s law-enforcement agencies better than the reverse.

The police will back down, and have been backing down, from armed confrontation with gangs, with the sole exception of White nationalist groups. For White nationalists, the US government brings out its tanks, its attack helicopters, its armed drones, its jet fighters, and armies of cops in battle dress with full-auto weapons and grenades. Against White nationalist groups, the government will openly do murder, including the murder of White children. But I suspect the reason is that White nationalists have never fought determinedly enough to hand the government a defeat in battle. Were White nationalists to begin winning combat engagements with government forces, they’d earn some respect — after the early surge had abated.

Treason isn’t the only crime that profits when it is successful. Terrorism is another. Meaningful terrorism, that is. The Powers That Be aren’t really harmed by someone who shoots children inside a public school. But they are harmed when they, themselves, are the targets. The powers of which I speak aren’t to be found among elementary school teachers or principals, but among the directors, shareholders, and senior executives of the banks within the Federal Reserve System, as well as the directors, shareholders, and senior executives of the major telecommunications corporations. The wise terrorist does not waste his time doing what does not truly disturb his real enemies, nor does he squander his resources in fighting armies that he can simply step around.

When government works as it should, the country is a “gang” to which every citizen belongs and for which the military forces and the police are just the “strong arm” part. In America’s early days, that’s how things were. It is characteristic of civilization that things be this way. The people didn’t fear the police because the police were good fellow gang members who had the job of enforcing the gang’s rules. It was aliens, outsiders — meddlers who interfered with the interests of the citizens — who had to fear the gang’s power.

But governments have a long track record of turning sour, of growing corrupt — especially when Jews have influence upon them. So, gradually, the police stopped being thought of as “fellow citizens” — both among themselves and among the populace. They morphed into monsters who claim the right to boss everybody else.

The problem for White groups is that they are more civilized than the government is. Despite the occasional hero-martyr like Robert Mathews or Joe Stack, White groups are, without exception, too “moral” in the Christian sense to kill and kill and kill and kill until the enemy is taught to have some respect. The Latino groups don’t have that problem. The Black gangs certainly do not have it. The organized non-White groups therefore get the respect that the White groups have yet to earn. Whites want to obey the laws, and the obedience habit persists into times when even the Whites themselves — who, typically, are the last to know — understand that the laws are being made by hostile powers. That makes White people the easiest group to oppress and squeeze for “taxes,” and it’s why White people are the losers in every Political Correctness game.

One of the greatest heroes Australia has is the late Rodney William Ansell, the rugged fellow whose life inspired the fictional character of Crocodile Dundee. He was named Australian Man of the Year in 1988 because his fame had brought hundreds of millions of dollars into the Australian tourism industry. Ansell died in a shoot-out with Australian police who came to confiscate his guns. I’m not saying that the police officers who came for the guns were evil men, but they were carrying out an evil purpose upon the orders of evil men, and they ought to have known better.

Just as a soldier should never carry out an illegal order, so likewise must a police officer never enforce any law that harms the decent citizen who would like nothing better than to obey the laws, if the laws were such that they could be safely obeyed. Policemen do have an obligation to be thinking moral agents; they can no more evade this responsibility by saying “I was only following orders” than a soldier can.

The White habit of respecting authority, combined with a lust for approval and for gain, is also why White groups, trying to become organized, must deal with so many traitors. When I was working with William Pierce in the National Alliance, I saw a long succession of young White men, mostly in their early 20s, greet Dr. Pierce with big salesman smiles, after which they applied a measure of flattery, followed by a detailed explanation of why Dr. Pierce ought to appoint him at once as his second-in-command, or at least give him some Important Job — one that didn’t involve raising a sweat — right away. When offered a job that was either tedious, such as stuffing leaflets into envelopes, or physically difficult, like pouring concrete or raising steel arches for a new Quonset building, in return for the (low) salary that the National Alliance could afford to pay them, few of these guys lasted very long. Most of them turned around and drove away, feeling quite bitter that they hadn’t been properly appreciated.

These initially obsequious fellows came to us hoping for gain, for status, or for access to rebel girls with ambiguous morals (there actually were some of those). The job applicants, after trumpeting their loyalty to their race, had been asked to do some work on its behalf. They refused, left the National Alliance’s main office (near Hillsboro, West Virginia), and some of them offered to supply antagonistic groups with “intelligence” soon thereafter.

One of these finks enabled the federals to ambush a guest who had come from Germany to help us, and who had been a far better worker than the informer had been. The German young man was wanted by the law in his country for raising his right arm in a way similar to the “Nazi” salute, which is in Germany an “illegal gesture.” The federals used that as a pretext to intercept him while he was shopping at Wal-Mart in nearby Lewisburg, West Virginia, jam a pistol barrel into his face, crack his head down upon the top of a car, and break his arm — while arresting him for deportation proceedings.

You might notice that the US government is not especially interested in nabbing and deporting illegal Chicano immigrants who are wanted in Mexico for political crimes or for drug offenses — although this does happen occasionally. You might also notice that Mexican illegals who offer no resistance to arrest aren’t treated as that German fellow was treated. I wonder why that is.

The reason is power. The Chicano organizations are a “racist” group who have no difficulty finding recruits who are truly loyal to their race, who will serve without reservation, and who won’t betray their “brothers and sisters.” The same can be said for many of the Black groups. But White people have a treason problem, which is caused by the inevitable infusion, into the ranks of any White nationalist organization, of persons who pretend to be race patriots, but who are in reality individualist self-promoters. If they can’t have a high place, they want no place at all. If they don’t get what they think they deserve, and right quickly, they will bargain with the enemy for whatever they can get.

When it comes to real criminal activity, the White groups do the least of it. Much more crime per group member can be found among the Latinos or the Blacks. But, remember, these non-White organized gangs have power enough to make the police back off. And they got that power by being racially loyal, truly so, and not merely as a pretense.

If a White person comes to a White nationalist group to join, he should not expect to be given a leadership role. He should expect, rather, to work in whatever capacity the existing leaders find him to be competent. He should not expect to be paid much money. Some of his fellows might be working for free, as volunteers. He should not expect self-promotional talk to gain him favor. The boss will have heard it all before — and disgust is his most likely reaction. You come humbly and prepared to dig ditches all the day long, or you don’t come at all.

There are few things funnier than watching a 20-year-old man trying to cajole a 65-year-old man, while simultaneously conning him with half-truths that he doesn’t believe the older guy will notice. It’s like watching a six-year-old boy “explain” to his daddy why he didn’t really break the window, even though it might look that way.

But that’s what you see at the headquarters of a White nationalist group, at least once in a while. This kind of shallowness among persons attracted to rebel causes, as White nationalism is perceived to be, is why Whites haven’t made the strides toward organized collective power that the racial groups of other races have made.

Although already only about two per cent. of people have enough perception to understand that rebellion against the establishment is necessary and that time for organizing is running out, of this two per cent., all but two per cent. are useless because they aren’t prepared to devote themselves to the cause. So what White organizations must do is carry on an non-stop effort to sort through the people they can reach, in order to find the useful two per cent. of two per cent., that one person in 2500, who is worth hiring.

* * *

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14 March, 2017 6:57 pm

A good description with common sense and undeniable criticism of the time we live. Good News is the truth is broadcast . Bad news is we are constrained, disorganized and afraid to act.

14 March, 2017 9:29 pm

In a Constitutional Republic…you would be elected president. With regard to the Second Amendment, I’ve been waiting for someone to recite it to anti-gun agents like Gabby Giffords, Nancy Pelosi or Ruth Bader Ginsburg and ask, “What part of ‘not’ don’t you understand?” It really is that simple. I’d have more respect for anti-gunners if they tried to change the Second Amendment outright, but to pretend it implies the government has even the slightest power to limit gun ownership in even the smallest way is to completely destroy one’s own credibility and argument. The Second Amendment couldn’t be more clear. That’s why it’s only 27 words long. The Founding Fathers wanted to keep it as brief and succinct as possible so no one could read anything else but their most… Read more »

15 March, 2017 4:47 am

The Constitution is a dead letter. In 1787 anti-federalist Patrick Henry called it a crazy magazine. Republics always collapse into central despotism. The Articles of Confederation was the only real chance the country had (decentralization). The federal principle destroyed statehood.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
18 March, 2017 4:52 pm

Bryant to Deckert from BLADE RUNNER: “You
know the score, pal. If you’re not cop, you’re little


20 March, 2017 6:31 pm

I remember Hendrik Mobus when Dr. Pierce called upon us to help with his legal defense. that was what, around 2000 or 2001? Anyway, I did what I could, damn shame HM ended up being deported anyway. But if you asked me to help again knowing the outcome, I would.

20 November, 2020 6:29 pm

Greetings Mr Sims.Those who are significant and those who provide service should be acknowledged somehow. As Napoleon stated, “:Give me enough medals and I can win any war.” I envisage a stainless steel medal and you should receive the largest one. Does anyone have access to a laser cutter?.