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Basic Doctrine of the NSDAP Regarding Jews

Translated by Hadding Scott

Folk and the Jewish Question

FOLK (Nation) is a community of human beings with the same descent, language, culture, history, and homeland, and the same political will. The folk is a community of blood and destiny. Shared ancestry is the most important characteristic. We Germans are all related to each other. Other characteristics of a folk, language, culture, history, and homeland are not as important.

Language is the most conspicuous sign of nationality. One recognizes the scion of a folk by his language. It can also happen however that a folk adopts an alien tongue. The Jewish folk for example speaks the language of the respective host nation.

Every true culture is bound to the folk. Art is always rooted in folkdom; it is never “international.” This does not rule out the possibility that certain masterworks acquire supranational importance. On the other hand there are peoples that are capable of no cultural achievement.

Every folk has its own history. Perhaps no people has a past so great and proud as ours. In the convoluted course of German history the German folk was indeed torn asunder again and again into separate states, but, because of the mighty, historic deed of our Leader, united Germandom now will bear a single shared destiny.

Every folk has a special settlement region, a homeland. It is one of the greatest tasks of every nation to adjust its living space to fit its population-count. Germany was for centuries a “folk without space,” while other European peoples ruled great world-empires. Because German living space was too small, hundreds of thousands of the best Germans emigrated to foreign lands, with the result that they were mostly lost to Germandom. We therefore demand living space which corresponds to the accomplishments of the German people upon this earth (cf. the Party Program, Point 3). No people has a greater right to colonies than the German people.

An important characteristic is the common political will. The awareness of belonging together, national consciousness, is of decisive importance for a people. A folk becomes a nation when it is animated by a unitary political will and unifies itself in a durable state. It was through the National-Socialist Revolution that the Germans first became a nation. Adolf Hitler has given to the German people a singular political will; he has thereby made it into a true nation. While the concept “folk” in German history often expressed something contemptible (niederes Volk, “common folk”), National-Socialism has elevated the folk to the central and most important value.

The folk articulates itself organically into tribes (Stämme), clans (Sippen), and families.

The family is the germ-cell of the folk. It is, as the smallest and most natural blood-bond, one of the most important foundations of our entire life. Every human being is decisively influenced in the house of his parents. The Jew knows very well that he can only destroy the peoples among whom he lives if he destroys the family. On the other hand the soundness of our folk is only possible through a purposeful nurturing of the family.

While one understands by “family” only the nearest relatives, one calls the broader circle of blood-relationship the clan. In Germanic prehistory the clan played a major role. It will again acquire greater importance in the folkish state.

The largest hereditary units within a people are the tribes. They define themselves through the same dialect, through the same customs and usages, and through a common homeland. In Germany we are acquainted for example with the tribes of Lower Saxony, Franconia, Swabia, Bavaria, Saxony, Silesia, etc. However great the differences between the particular German tribes may appear, the commonality which binds them all is greater by far. The tribes are only parts of the folk, a community of destiny.

Folk and race are not the same. “Folk” is a political and cultural concept; “race” is a concept of biology and natural science. The folk is a bond of destiny; the race by contrast is not a political community but the eternal spring from which the people derives its strength.

The folk is the only political community. Everything we do should be for the benefit of the German folk. We struggle and sacrifice for our German folk.

Adolf Hitler: “By fending off the Jew, I fight for the work of the Lord.”

The Jews are a folk, not a race. They are often portrayed as a race in order to emphasize their distinctness. They are a folk completely alien to us Germans, with an entirely different racial composition. The chief racial components of Jewry are the Armenoid (vorderasiatische) and Semitic (orientalische) races. In the course of their history they have mixed themselves with almost all other races of the world.

We National-Socialists are anti-Semites, i.e. adversaries of the Jews. We do not oppose Jewry as a religion. A baptized Jew remains racially and folkishly still a Jew. — We are likewise not gutter anti-Semites (Radau-Antisemiten) nor are we strictly anti-Semites (Nur-Antisemiten). Rather, we are adversaries of the Jews for the following reasons:

1. Jewry is a foreign folk. The Jew is of completely different descent, of alien blood; he has an entirely different political will. A Jew is always in the first place only a Jew, then also perhaps — when it is of benefit to him — “German,” “English,” “French,” etc. — Jewry considers itself the “Chosen People” and strives for world power.

2. The Jew is a parasite, a sponger. He always corrupts the folk in which he dwells. Jewry deliberately destroys the host people’s basic prerequisites for life. Jewry is the “ferment of decomposition” (Mommsen), i.e. the force of destruction. The Jew knows very well how to camouflage himself and to adapt himself (to “assimilate”) to the people among whom he dwells. He systematically poisons every healthy folk; for in an unhealthy folk the Jewish sponger thrives better.

Jews were most of the black-marketeers and profiteers from war and inflation. Jews were the key “leaders” of the Marxist and Liberal parties. The Jew systematically divided the German people in order to be able to govern. He corrupted art, undermined all moral and heroic strengths of our people. All of public life became more and more judaized. This alien folk pushes its way into all important positions (examples!). Almost the entire press, and thus public opinion, were controlled by Jews. Above all the economic power of the Jew escalated more and more. He prevailed not because of his greater ability but as a consequence of his brazenness, brutality, and lack of conscience. The Jew ruled the German people. (Regarding the Jewish question cf. the entire following chapter!)

Against this, National-Socialism organizes the unified defense of the German nation.

Adolf Hitler has broken the Jewish influence in Germany. All the more does World Jewry now agitate throughout the world for the National-Socialist Reich, which it hates, to be destroyed in a second World War. But this war, on the contrary, will end Jewish world power. Through the victorious campaign of the 18 days in Poland and Galicia, the core province of today’s Jews, this world plague has already been struck to the core. Furthermore the Fuehrer will eliminate Jewry in all Europe, and thereby frustrate all Jewish plans for world government.*

* * *

* This paragraph reflects the circumstances of 1940 and is totally absent from the original 1934 edition. It is an elaboration of a statement from Hitler’s speech of 30 January 1939, which said that if “international finance Jewry within Europe and abroad” succeeded in fomenting another world war, the result would be the Vernichtung of the Jewish race in Europe. The rationale given in this paragraph is that getting the Jews out of Europe gets them away from the centers of power in the world.

Also see, inter alia: Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, especially Vol. I, chapters 2, 3, and 11, and Vol. II, chapters 2 and 10; Theodor Fritsch, Handbook of the Jewish Question; Schwartz-Bostunitsch, Jewish Imperialism, Chapter 2.

* * *

Source: Politische Fibel by Hansjoerg Maennel, 16th edition (1940); translated by Hadding Scott (2009)

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user 2
user 2
29 May, 2018 10:00 am

wait it says the armenoid genotype is completely different from the german one, but in germany you have plenty of Dinarid folk, and I alwways thought the armenoid and dinarid phenotypes are closely related! This post must have been infiltrated-as its saying armenians are not aryan!

Reply to  user 2
3 June, 2018 10:34 pm

NS doctrine regarding Race was hardly rational at all… They excluded German Jews, many of them being blonde-haired, blue eyed and 99 percent genetically White…while allying themselves with shit-colored Muzzrats and Far Eastern, viciously anti-White Japanese!… Their foreign policy became so racially debased, that they even actively and secretly supported the anti-White, anti-colonial subversive activities of colored “nationalist” rebels of every shade and description, throughout the French and British Empires…and even in America itself!!…

johannes palm
johannes palm
Reply to  Marc
28 June, 2018 9:51 am

but this website supports national socialism

16 July, 2018 8:45 am

This can’t be true national socialist material! According to a poll on (which no member disagreed with)-the top contributor to national socialist philosophy and the originator of scientific racialism Christoph Meiners devised that all Europeans with no exception have Caucasian origins-he actually labelled it the beautiful Caucasian race. So here we’re dealing with armenians-a native people of the caucasus who have for years fought against turks and semites. Also if you look at the cavalli sforza charts iranians are placed together with european peoples-armenians are an iranic people as the whole of the cacuasus was part of iranian plateau until 200 years ago!

16 July, 2018 9:57 pm

The preferred word in the South is kinfolks. How are your folks? Down here folk and race is synonymous. You can’t have one without the other. The folk.

So why did German Americans fight so hard to destroy Germany in the 20th century? Not very folksy.

My kinfolks out of Georgia is the Zorn clan. Zorn — wrath/anger.

The text above is too scattered.

Reply to  cc
18 July, 2018 11:19 am

Yes but this Armenoid beings Jews needs to stop! 30-40 000 fought for the nazi’s-twoof them even won iron cross medals! Some of the oldest swastika’s are found in the armenian highlands-many quinissentially european races such as the basques and Britons actually originated from there. This is mentioned in the anglo saxon chronicles. Plus the charts of cavalli sforza place Iranic peoples somewhere inbetween Italians-Danes and Greeks. Armenians are Iranic people as the whole of the caucasus was part of Iranians soil until 200 years ago. This can’t be actual national socialist material as it degrades a quinisentially Aryan peoples by anthropology and culture. Jews are not the same as Armenians and Iranians-they are people who live off of other cultures while caucasian and iranic peoples create cultures! The nazis… Read more »

20 July, 2018 8:19 am

Plus look at the Caucasus and compare it with the deserts where Semitic-near eastern people originated from. Two completely different climates. It’s a Darwinian fact that any race or sub specie is a product of its environment not some universal jewish wizard in the sky! As Hitler was an aficionado of Darwinian laws-so by fairness this article is a hoax! Read the Anglo saxon chronicles-the british people originated from Armenia! I’m sure the national socialists did as they had high admiration for the British race! The purest remnants of the britons are today’s Welsh and the basques of northern Spain. Many have Armenian features e.g. thick eye brows, large eyes, dark hair etc! The charts of cavalli sforza- a man of over 70 years experience in the genetics field who… Read more »

30 July, 2018 9:09 pm

There was an armenian waffen ss legion for god sake. Plenty of armenians fought to their deaths for hitler. Two even won iron cross. Plus the british people originated from the armenian highlands. What more proff do you need armenians are as aryan as it gets plus the term aryan is armenian in origin as yan means son and ar is the ancient pagan sun god of the phrygians which are ancient armenoids