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Steve Turley

by David Sims

POPULAR CONSERVATIVE YouTuber and writer Dr. Steve Turley bemoans commenters who post “Jew-hater stuff” to his livestreams. He calls what they post “nonsense.” I wrote:

But it isn’t nonsense, Steve. The “Jew-hater stuff” is a recognition of the rise of predatory Jewish financial systems throughout the West whereby a (mostly) Jewish elite drains off the benefits of (mostly) White productivity by way of usury. Jews more or less run the Federal Reserve System and their equivalents in the UK and in Europe, either directly or by proxy.The same (mostly) Jewish elite controls the mainstream media, and has since about 1910, and from that year until about 1990, when the Internet began to rise, they created a continuous false narrative that held Americans in thrall. The Jews have run Hollywood since its beginning, have owned network television since it appeared in the 1940s, and they’ve engaged in cultural and political propaganda, with an eye toward establishing multiculturalism, for all the years up to the present.

The same Jewish elite contrived the theft and transfer of American nuclear technology to the Soviet Union in the 1950s. Indeed, Communism (or Marxist socialism [a totally different animal from National Socialism]), which is the ideology upon which modern leftism is based, was a Jewish invention. To let the Jews into your country is to set yourself up for betrayal, for the inevitable stab in the back, for a Lavon Affair, for a Hart-Celler Act, for a USS Liberty attack, for a Rachel Corrie murder.

I could go on, but that should be enough.The Jew Taboo is the one that is the most fearful to break because Jewish organizations hold such power that they can ruin the careers of just about anybody.

Sooner or later, every White pundit is put to the question of whether he will stick with the truth and risk furious Jewish retaliation, or whether he will pretend that the question does not exist in order to keep his income and a modicum of peace in his life. It is unfortunately true that a threat to the paycheck is sufficient to make most people pretend to believe every lie they ever heard.

I wish that you’d been stronger.

* * *

One aggravating (yet still amusing) example of leftist/Jewish censorship happened recently when I posted an answer to a question on Yahoo Answers (owned and run by Jewish billionaire Marc Rowan). Here’s what Yahoo wrote to me:

Community Guidelines help to keep Yahoo! Answers a safe and useful community, so we appreciate your consideration of its rules.

Question: Can gay men adopt in Melbourne, Australia?

Deleted Answer: I have no idea, but I sure hope not. Remember Jesse Dirkhising?

Violation Reason: Insulting or Ranting Content

* * *

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6 May, 2022 8:36 am

Well it (Steve Turley) is a typical christian/abrahamist aka jew slave/worshipper afterall so it will take offense to its idols being named or pointed out.


6 May, 2022 12:30 pm

“Jew-Hater Stuff”
Jew-Hater Stuff. That’s Rich. I can’t think of another group that engages in greater amount of hatred than them.

Reply to  Howard
24 June, 2022 12:30 pm

all goyim must read Henry Ford,Zion protocolls,MauriceSamuel,
Eli Ravage, Ezra Pound, WJabotinsky all as PDFon archive org
i have a lot of white-german hating jewstuff from Kissinger, Sharon,
Menachem Begin, rabbi Mendel Shneerson, rabbi Stephen Wise,
Joel Ignatiev, rabbi Ovadia Yosef, rabbi Ismael Levitt, Nitzer plan,
Hooton plan,Coudenow Kalergi plan, Th Newman Kaufman plan,
Morgenthau plan . look for yourself. i dont like writing so much .
ONESELF ! the most like to life sleepy with the lies of politics .

6 May, 2022 6:04 pm

The majority of kosher conservatives such as Steve Turley are a con-men (well-paid by Jews) whose main purpose is to distract attention from real issues and prevent the awakening of white people.

Some of them are clever enough to figure that Jews are the main promoters of mass immigration that inevitably leads to white genocide, but still work in their favor and help their destructive program. These men are consciously betraying their own race.

Other kosher conservatives, especially religious preachers are deluded and blind worshippers of Jews – the same Jews that are planning our destruction. Anyone who supports, follows and worships as God’s chosen people, these international parasites that are destroying his race and future of his children, has a serious mental issues.

6 May, 2022 8:25 pm

Well said, i recently read that “is-ra-el” “america’s best ally”, is holding $200,000,000 in cash reserves. Recently diversified away from the usd. So then all ye people who refuse to name the jews, why are they hoarding “tax dollars” and yet still receiving them? The very fact the jews have conned the German people into building them what 3? will be 8 in a few years? nuclear capable submarines. Who’s own “holy book” announces to the world they are genocidal to all races but their own. Even though they are the biggest “mixed race” on the planet. Is that not a contradiction? Most stereotyped “conservatives” do they not contradict themselves by saying we are for “israel” and america? Considering america was founded primarily by Europeans fleeing the oppression of European… Read more »

7 May, 2022 1:41 pm

Jews stole the media innovations from white genius. Also, jews do own the FED and its tentacles. The class A stockholders are all jew banks, mostly foreign, as exposed by Mullins and McFadden. However just try to get a list of them from the jew FED. Lotsa luck. That list is the most guarded secret on planet Earth. It would be easier to get the secrets of the latest neutron bomb than getting a peek at that revealing and damning list.

Natman Whyt
Natman Whyt
7 May, 2022 9:09 pm

Pretty much anything allowed a decent number of views on Youtube is either propaganda or a harmless distraction (to jews anyway)

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
8 May, 2022 11:41 am

I am not going to deny the
need of a paycheck. The
homeless encampments
from sea to shining sea are
testament to the need of a
paycheck. I have seen the
lifestyle – if you want to call
it that. I like food, shelter,
and modern plumbing.
However, the absence of
these things would not
make my hatred of Jews
any less than it already is.

9 May, 2022 9:21 am

Turley is an evangelical Christian as am I but with the essential capture of the Protestant/Evangelical Church through Jewish engineering afforded by the Jewish conquering of America´s institutions, including the federal and state governments, this ¨institution¨ has become a tool and a power base for Jewish purposes. There are no exceptions today to Jewish control of or at least strong influence on any organization on this continent. It is lock-down USA. Turley may be an aware and willing shill or just another evangelical dupe in this travesty. Either way, he is guilty of the same treachery as any other. As I wrote some time ago to some similar mouth-piece for Jewish anti-white criminality, ¨That you are a Christian, and though I also am one, if this system should ever fall… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Servenet
9 May, 2022 11:43 am

Fine speech here, Mr. Servenet, talking about making toothless accusations of treachery or treason against our race. Yet where is it going to help Whites solve our problems, especially that of having the underdeveloped institution of the National Alliance grow organically?

Former Liberal
Former Liberal
10 May, 2022 10:51 am

Off topic in a way, but not surprising.
. As an ex New Yorker, sometimes I read the “New York Post” newspaper online. Today they had an article about New York City Orthodox Jews screeching ” antisemitism” at Lufthansa after that airline kicked them off a flight since they wouldn’t comply with German government mask mandates. Oh the horror! Meanwhile, Lufthansa is standing by their decision, for now, anyway. You guys know I’m half Jewish, but I also find the behavior of many Jews, especially the Othodox ones and the Hasidim apalling. I had to laugh, too.