Now the Times Really Are A-Changing

by Val Koinen

IT’S DIFFERENT now, you ‘complicit and culpable’ Jews. We, the White people of America and other White nations of the world, are on to you and your nefarious and deadly anti-White thoughts and deeds. Just as the National Socialists of Germany were, back in the early 20th century.

You have been outed. In fact, largely as a result of your timeless, unrelenting, and unrivaled chutzpah, and in the manner of a deranged pervert, you have exposed yourselves!

As a result of:

  • your century of bloody torture and murder of tens of millions of White people (and others) in your communistic zeal;
  • your blatantly open lobbying, bribery, and usurpation of our political processes, our law, and our governance;
  • your brutally dishonest and biased press and other mainstream media;
  • your cultural despoliation via television, movies, and print advertising;
  • your promotion of homosexuality, transgender behavior, and other sexual perversions;
  • your relentlessly pushing for such things as feminism, radical liberalism, and political correctness;
  • massive disinformation/brainwashing instilled in our people, and in particular in our children, over the past several generations, regarding such things as WW II history and ‘holohoax’ nonsense, racial differences, and much more;
  • your constant resource-wasting and deadly warmongering;
  • your efforts to degrade and destroy our White DNA — our gene pool — via forced integration and race-mixing with all the alien darkies of the world;
  • your advocacy and efforts to initiate and further alien, non-White immigration, both quasi-legal and illegal, into America and other White nations;
  • and so many other evil and lethal things you have done and are doing as part and parcel of your long-term goal of genociding the White race out of existence;

…you have now been identified with crystal clarity. In this modern age of electronic and digital information availability and communications, it is now nearly impossible for any thinking, rational White person to not focus on you Jews and your crimes against White humanity.

As a result, more and more of us know who you are, what you are, and what you have done and are doing to us, our culture, our Western Civilization, and our chances of survival as a ‘people’ (a subspecies of humankind). We know the truth.

Remember this — whatever lies ahead — whatever is coming — you have brought it on yourselves, just as you have done so many times in the past, in so many places all over the world. And you will richly deserve what you get as a result of your everlasting hatred of and crimes against the White race.

* * *

Source: Koinen’s Corner

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Our enemies on the road to hell
Our enemies on the road to hell
22 February, 2017 6:20 pm

I believe your optimism is justified. Even if in the long run Trump turns out to be a disappointment, I have watched the number of White patriots grow and these people will not fall back under the spell of these nation-wrecking satanic arch-hypocrites.

From this vast majority of awakened Whites at last will come the great leaders and their patriots who will refuse ever again to become “kike slaves” but will turn their now positive energy into destroying this satanic nation-wrecking vermin for once and for all.

23 February, 2017 2:23 am

So succinctly put. Let your statement be a testament to our ultimate goal. Let NATURE be our guide and God… for they are one and the same

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
23 February, 2017 4:08 am

Lookout! You can be sure the scumbags over at NARRG
will pick up on this one! They will no doubt call “destroying
this satanic nation-wrecking vermin” a violation of RICO!

Quick! Who ya gonna call?

Reply to  Walt Hampton
23 February, 2017 7:47 pm

I totally agree with you Walt. The NARRG actually posted one of my posts, and suggested that the content of the post indicated that I was either an agent provocateur or a deranged hater. I actually enjoy the ‘ink’ they cast against me. My comments are indeed hitting a nerve or two at the NARRG – goody goody!!

I recall the immortal words of my childhood hero – Adolf Hitler; “The Jews thought it was a joke, but they are not laughing now.”

May I suggest it is very close to the time when the blast furnaces will be lit. There is much wild work to be done.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
23 February, 2017 10:23 pm

Yes. I believe that this time around, “the night of the long
knives” will be on a planetary scale.