This Day in History: 1929-06-10

1929: E.O. Wilson, American biologist, author, and academic, and the founding father of the field of sociobiology, is born in Birmingham, Alabama. Wilson is one of the leading thinkers of evolutionary group selection theory, which has deep racial implications, and has shown that virtually all animal behavior, including that of man, is genetic in its origin and heritable. For this, he has been attacked by Marxists, “liberals,” and Jews, including in one case a physical attack. He said in 2008 that he was possibly “the only scientist in modern times to be physically attacked for an idea.” Christians have also opposed him, with Paul E. Rothrock stating that “sociobiology has the potential of becoming a religion of scientific materialism.” Wilson has called himself a scientific deist, and expressed hopes that existing religious ideas would greatly evolve or die out.

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