This Day in History: 1920-01-02

1920: After a series of murderous leftist bomb attacks, the second Palmer Raid is ordered by the US Department of Justice and results in an additional 6,000 — of a total of 10,000 — suspected Communists and anarchists being arrested and held for deportation. Jews are a large proportion of those arrested. The deportations are mostly frustrated by a suspected crypto-Jew installed at the Wilson administration’s Department of Labor, Louis Freeland Post (his father was “a New York merchant”; he wrote articles and a book for the Zionist Organization of America). Only 556 are successfully deported. The image above is a contemporary editorial cartoon from the South Bend News-Times showing Uncle Sam stamping out “red activities” and “foreign destructive theories.” It was too little, too late: With the help of capitalist Jews in the media, the Jewish-led left would in 40 years’ time launch the “counterculture,” the “feminist” and “civil rights” revolutions, and force open borders on America.

National Vanguard