This Day in History: 1898-11-10

1898: After race riots, the White Government Union (WGU) ousts the Black-dominated government of Wilmington, North Carolina at gunpoint, putting into effect the city’s new White Declaration of Independence, which states in part: “Believing that the Constitution of the United States contemplated a government to be carried on by an enlightened people; believing that its framers did not anticipate the enfranchisement of an ignorant population of African origin, and believing that those men of the state of North Carolina, who joined in framing the union did not contemplate for their descendants subjection to an inferior race, We the undersigned citizens of the city of Wilmington and county of New Hanover, do hereby declare that we will no longer be ruled and will never again be ruled, by men of African origin.” The WGU, however, merely calls for White supremacy in a multiracial society (which is always doomed to failure), instead of the total racial separation which is needed.

National Vanguard