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by Dienekes Pontikos MORPHING is an image processing technique that can be used to create composite pictures summarizing a large number of individual objects. I have applied morphing to a set of facial pictures of Greek women to create an overall average. The following Greek women were used: Evelina…
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The relation of man and woman should be approached with consecration, like that of a knight, or of one taking holy orders. by William Gayley Simpson (from his Which Way, Western Man?) FOR WOMEN, the man is a means, the end is the child. And the child is the purpose of marriage. In the Orient, the social function…
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by Kevin Alfred Strom THE INNOCENCE of White people, particularly White women, sometimes astounds me. They are such easy prey for Frankfurt School-style concocted moral systems. Their natural agreeability and trusting nature, their social helpfulness — in short, their sweet and good hearts…
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THOUSANDS OF Russian girls living abroad are being forced to work as sex slaves. The United States says Russia is one of the world’s main sources of trafficked women. Tough new laws are in place to tackle the problem, but for many the living hell of sex slavery goes on. Despite living in the 21st century,…
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